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Topic: Audio feedback

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Audio feedback - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Audio feedback (also known as the Larson effect) is a special kind of feedback which occurs when a loop exists between an audio input (for example, a microphone or guitar pickup) and an audio output (for example, a loudspeaker).
More specifically, the conditions for feedback follow the Barkhausen criterion, namely that an oscillation occurs in a feedback loop whose delay is an integer multiple of 360 degrees and the gain is equal to or greater than one (both at the given feedback frequency).
Most audio feedback results in a high-pitched squealing noise familiar to those who have listened to bands at house parties, and other locations where the sound setup is less than ideal - this usually occurs when live microphones are placed in the general direction of the output speakers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Audio_feedback   (522 words)

 Feedback - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Feedback may be negative, which tends to reduce output (but in amplifiers, stabilises and linearises operation), or positive, which tends to increase output.
Negative feedback is often deliberately introduced to increase the stability and accuracy of a system, as in the feedback amplifier invented by Harold Stephen Black.
In zymology, feedback serves as regulation of activity of an enzyme by its direct product(s) or downstream metabolite(s) in the metabolic pathway.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Feedback   (1451 words)

 Feedback and fidelity part 1
Feedback may be as stylish as a ‘63 Dodge Dart, but it’s a dear friend who’s brought beauty and joy to my life.
The amount of feedback, expressed in decibels (dB), is the ratio of the gains without and with feedback (the open and closed-loop gains): 6dB is a factor of 2 in voltage (4 in power); 20dB is a factor of 10 in voltage (100 in power), etc.
Feedback is particularly touchy in single-ended circuits because the output transformer cutoff frequency is so close to the top of the audible range.
www.normankoren.com /Audio/FeedbackFidelity.html   (3844 words)

 How to Eliminate Audio Feedback
Audio feedback is the ringing noise (often described as squealing, screeching, etc) sometimes present in sound systems.
One of the most common feedback situations is shown in the diagram below - a microphone feeds a signal into a sound system, which then amplifies and outputs the signal from a speaker, which is picked up again by the microphone.
In this case, the feedback is still a problem and further action must be taken.
www.mediacollege.com /audio/howto/feedback.html   (370 words)

 Audio Classics - Feedback
Audio Classics can't be beat for customer service, selection and trades in the NE area.
I drive from VT to Audio Classics which is a six hour drive and worth the trip.
Audio Classics is very fortunate to have you on board, and the audio enthusiast community is very fortunate to have a company like Audio Classics.R.A., NY The diaphram was here when I got home.
www.audioclassics.com /feedback.php3   (5918 words)

 Audio Look and Feel: Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Because of this, the audio action designed to provide audio feedback for a given text action cannot be mapped to the appropriate keystroke without overriding the given text action.
To deal with this, the audio actions are designed to invoke their original action in order to carry out the actual action; then the audio action provides appropriate audio feedback.
The audio component is a term applied to those portions of the system which produce the sounds and speech used by the audio look and feel.
snow.utoronto.ca /audiolaf/Architect.html   (5220 words)

 Polyfusion Pro Audio - Model 755   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
By constantly shifting the audio frequency, the 755 allows your public address system to be operated at much higher gain levels without electro-acoustic feedback.
Since it is not a filter, it won't produce "holes" in the audio spectrum or color the sound with phase distortion.
This patented process provides the single most effective means of dealing with audio feedback, with the least number of tradeoffs, that current technology allows.
www.polyfusionaudio.com /pfe/755.html   (469 words)

 I am Dan
Steve references a Kairos piece written by Jack Wilson that discusses the use of audio files for providing feedback on written papers, but on e-mail discussions and in blogs it is becoming much more common to hear of scholars moving toward recording lectures, podcasting observations about topics, or making audio files for course materials.
On a related note, I think audio allure might be dangerous or enabling depending on how well it facilitates the kinds of writer and reader relationships one wishes to acheive.
The comment feature in MS word served as the technical engine for opening the paper to other voices and readers were forbidden to hunt for surface errors, and instead called to write their own thoughts out about the topic under discussion and the issues raised by the paper.
sites.unc.edu /daniel/2005/11/audio_feedback.html   (583 words)

 Developing An Audio-Enabled Intraoperative Computer-Assisted Surgical System
The little audio feedback that does exist in virtual reality applications and in everyday audio feedback systems suffers from serious shortcomings that can potentially be corrected much more simply than increased computing power for visual displays can be invented.
The main challenge to the successful development of a VR audio system lies in developing a methodology for transforming the instrument and anatomical spatial data into audio feedback that is optimally intuitive, information-rich, ergonomic and economical in terms of the learning curve for users.
Audio output may be provided to the surgeon via a number of different sound production devices: inserted earphones, over-the-ear headphones, stereophonic/quadraphonic speaker systems or a single parabolic ceiling-mounted speaker.
www.casi.net /D.TADs/D.TAD_reports/phase2/phase2.html   (11159 words)

 PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums: LAB: The Classic Live Audio Board => Feedback Supressors
Feedback happens when the gain (volume if you will) of a mic channel is turned up so high that the system begins amplifying the sound coming from the speakers (which in turn gets picked up and amplified again over and over).
Mics used for live audio are also designed to work best with the speaker's mouth within a few inches of the microphone (from almost touching to at most 5 inches away).
A clip-on mic (often referred to as a lavier or lav mic) is much more difficult to use in live audio without feedback and of course is also the traditional favorite of many public speakers (especially when used with a wireless belt pack).
srforums.prosoundweb.com /index.php?t=msg&th=7190/0   (1977 words)

 positive feedback online
Positive Feedback Online is first and foremost a community, composed of writers and creative persons from around the world.
Positive Feedback Online is an ongoing "work in progress," chronicling the efforts of audiophile listeners, reviewers, designers, manufacturers, distributors, and humorists to explore the possibilities of high end audio to the utmost.
No false and misleading barriers are put up against "manufacturers," nor do we assume that individuals commercially involved with high end audio are automatically suspect.
www.positive-feedback.com   (130 words)

 www.speech.kth.se/wavesurfer :: View topic - audio feedback of segment boundaries in transcription panes
audio feedback of segment boundaries in transcription panes
It calls a dll with the audio samples as input which in turn outputs a list of beat locations that are displayed in a transcription pane.
My problem is the following, for more accurate annotations, I need to enable an audio feedback of these visual markers, the best would be to add, during playback, a very short audio file (e.g.
www.speech.kth.se /speech/wavesurfer/archive/321.html   (300 words)

 Feedback and fidelity part 2
Instead, balanced feedback from the output is returned to the cathodes of the driver (TU3, TU4) and output tubes (TU5, TU6).
The difference between figures 7 and 8 is modest because only 15.4 dB of feedback has been employed: Had more been applied to emphasize the effects of clipping, the sound quality would have suffered, and the Local Hero would not have been such a good example of proper use of feedback.
The optimum output impedance and feedback level depends on a number of factors that ultimately reduce to a tradeoff between mushy bass at one extreme (no feedback) and harsh clipping at the other (too much feedback).
www.normankoren.com /Audio/FeedbackFidelity2.html   (4245 words)

 Zero Feedback Transformer Audio Power Amplifier - About   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In it's most basic form an audio power amplifier is an electrical circuit that drives current derived from an input signal into a voice coil.
The only feedback mechanism is within Q1 and Q2 as they operate in voltage follower mode and regulate the voltage across the source / drain to match that of the gate (less the semiconductor voltage drop).
Driving input and output differentially (balanced in audio parlance) again minimises radiated emission, and any noise pickup on the input cable is cancelled out.
www.susan-parker.co.uk /zeus-about.htm   (1745 words)

 Extron FBI 100 Feedback Loop Isolators   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
An audio feedback loop, represented as a progressively loud tone, can occur when the VCR output signal is routed back into its A/V input via a switching system.
For example, feedback is likely to occur in a videoconference environment when mixed audio from the videoconference session is simultaneously recorded and introduced back into the system as an active source.
In record mode, the FBI 100 prevents feedback loops by directing the information to be recorded specifically to the VCR's A/V input while isolating the VCR output from the rest of the system.
www.extron.com /product/product.asp?id=fbi100&version=print   (577 words)

 Re: audio feedback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yes, this is the typical setup that causes the audio loopback, creating the high pitch feedback sound.
If you don't have an audio mixer between the VTR and the Cinewave to control the volume, then your only option is to remove the output of the VTR (or the input of the Cinewave) during Edit-to-Tape.
I will unplug the audio cables from the deck to the BOB during mastering.
www.globalmediapro.com /av/messages/85331.html   (412 words)

 Herron Audio - Positive Feedback Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, in conversations with Keith Herron, the owner and designer at Herron Audio, the only difference between the moving coil and moving magnet versions is that the moving coil version has a FET circuit board at the inputs of the unit which raises the gain from 44 dB to 66 dB.
Knowing mycables were almost two years old and that Audio Magic had made a major design change a few months back I took the VTPH-1 over to a friend's house.
The Audio Magic interconnects were the only cables that I tried that had this interaction problem with the VTPH-1.
www.herronaudio.com /posfeed.html   (2624 words)

 Audio and Recreation Directory @ LocalColorArt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
High End Audio - Discussion forum on audio, amplifiers and home theater.
NASG naim audio - Short guide to naim audio including overview, history and gallery.
Useful Audio Potpourri, A - Focuses on indoor FM antenna design and a Hafler circuit for surround sound.
www.localcolorart.com /dir/Recreation/Audio   (435 words)

 Audio Feedback
A Unidirectional Headset Mic is pointed toward your mouth and therefore it has a much less probability of picking up sound coming from the speaker which causes feedback.
A Headset Mic is closer to your mouth than a Lapel Mic and this minimizes the amount of amplification gain that is required for you to be heard well by your students.
The higher the amplifier gain the greater is the probability for feedback.
www.alphanet.ca /audio_feedback.htm   (296 words)

 response audio feedback
There is no reason for me to have taken this long to place feedback for Bill and Response Audio, other than the fact that I've been so wrapped up in other things and therefore behind on my computer time.
This is preliminary feedback on the RAM 501, which I just received today, and also a comprehensive review of my experience with Response Audio.
Now Transparent Audio makes very fine interconnects and speaker cables so I have to say that hearing the improvement no matter how subtle it was says a lot for the Clarity cables, but with the last change I made I was not quite prepared for what I heard.
www.responseaudio.com /feedback.htm   (9478 words)

 M-Audio Transit (USB) Owner reviews
Audio will frequently drop out or make loud popping and screeching noises, sometimes so severe that the unit fails to continue working.
I previously reported occasional audio cut-out and I have since discovered on the cubeowner.com forums that it is an inherent problem associated with power draw on the USB and FireWire busses of Cubes.
The audio would hiccup and cut out, about once a day (as opposed to half a dozen times a day now, varying with usage), but going to the preference pane can changing a setting (like I do now) would fix it.
www.xlr8yourmac.com /audio/m-audio_transit_problems.html   (11176 words)

 M-AUDIO - M-Audio Announces Industry‚Äôs First 64-bit Pro Audio Drivers
M-Audio is pleased to announce the beta release of the industry’s first 64-bit drivers, named Audio64, for pro audio applications.
The new Audio64 drivers, developed for the AMD Opteron™ processor, will be available for M-Audio’s renowned Delta and FireWire series audio interfaces, making them fully compatible with the forthcoming Microsoft® Windows® XP64-bit Edition and “Longhorn” operating systems, in addition to the current set of operating systems.
Users will be encouraged to supply feedback to M-Audio via a feedback form.
www.m-audio.com /index.php?do=media.new&ID=1a169ed62ead801d61b0a45d7717e319   (426 words)

 Product News Network: Disposable Phone features audio feedback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Instead, Hop-on has built in an audio feedback feature when dialing numbers to ensure error free dialing.
The audio feedback is available in any language and the phone has a rechargeable, lithium ion battery.
Since there is no LCD screen, this handset is ideal for promotional applications because there is a sizeable area for advertising or co-branding and it can be programmed to playback a customized message along with the phone number.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0PIL/is_2005_Jan_5/ai_n8641719   (624 words)

 How to Install Dakiom Audio Player Feedback Stabilizers Into Your Existing Audio System
Connect the two RCA plugs of the Feedback Stabilizer directly into left and right RCA outputs of your audio player.
In this example picture, a DVD player with 5.1 analog audio outputs (6 channels) is shown.
If you are using the digital inputs to a receiver, the "analog audio player output" is internal to the receiver and may be unreachable for stabilization.
www.dakiom.com /how_to_install_player.htm   (1003 words)

 macosxhints - Eliminating audio feedback from new desktop G4s
fortunately all my audio production is done using a MOTU 828 firewire I/O unit, so the static doesn't appear in my recordings, but it is annoying nonetheless when i'm listening to iTunes or playing quake or what have you.
Audio professionals usually define audio feedback as output signal getting back to the input signal and causing a runaway regenerative output ie.
I admit that these could be described as feedback from a purely electronic perspective but should better be described as rf interference or ground loop.
www.macosxhints.com /article.php?story=20021022062221645   (850 words)

 How to Create an "Audio Feedback Menu" in DVD Studio Pro 2
This started as a question that came up regarding how to create an audio feedback each time a button is selected.
The difference in these menus are the default button assignments as well as two buttons that are essentially hidden and used to create an auto-action when the remote's up and down functions are executed.
An audio asset is assigned to each of the three menus.
www.kenstone.net /fcp_homepage/dvd_audio_feedback_menu.html   (561 words)

 Re: audio feedback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I'm running FCP2, and I have the Betacam deck audio output into my mixer, and the Cinewave BoB output into my mixer.
When you're not in the Log and Capture mode, the Cine inputs are not active, thus no loop.
I have the UVW 1800 and don't have a feedback problem unless I manually punch the "record" button on the deck which will start the loop.
www.globalmediapro.com /av/messages/85333.html   (336 words)

 Audio Designs With Opamps
When an opamp is operated in its linear mode (which is most of the time for audio), the feedback circuit will cause a voltage to appear on the inverting input (-in) that is almost exactly equal to that present on the non-inverting input (+in).
The current through the feedback resistor must be exactly equal and opposite to ensure that zero volts is at the -in terminal (so we don't break Rule #1).
The sinewave shown on the oscilloscope trace is obtained from the Vout terminal, and the square wave is obtained from the opamp's output (these are not to scale).
sound.westhost.com /dwopa.htm   (6778 words)

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