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 JS Online: Augusta National faces a tough lie
Augusta National Golf Club created the hazard it now finds itself residing in its squabble with Martha Burk, the chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations.
Augusta National Golf Club is losing the argument and will lose the argument because the club's argument is without merit.
Augusta National last week dropped its three sponsors, IBM, Coca-Cola and Citigroup, which gets those companies off the hook of having to explain how their corporate code of conduct allows them to back a tournament run by a club which at least appears to pursue a bigoted membership policy. /sports/gen/sep02/71691.asp

 Masters, Augusta national, golf, masters 2004, augusta georgia, tiger woods, masters tournament, augusta golf, news, scores, leaderboard is an online publication of The Augusta Chronicle and is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Masters or the Augusta National.
Masters, Augusta national, golf, masters 2004, augusta georgia, tiger woods, masters tournament, augusta golf, news, scores, leaderboard
SubAir, the system that helps keep Augusta National Golf Club's famous greens fast even when it rains, was introduced in 1994 with the encouragement and support of the club.

 Travel Golf: Lessons from Augusta
Augusta National also has its share of critics, particularly an earnest group of purists who lament the annual facelifts and maintain that the club' s elite maintenance practices create an unrealistic trickle down effect in the daily golfer's conditioning expectations.
Augusta National was designed on the playing concepts of The Old Course, where the player could select almost any line off the tee to set up an optimal angle to the day's pin.
Augusta National holds power beyond just The Masters. /departments/clubhouse/augusta-golf-changes.htm

 Definition of Augusta, Georgia
Augusta is located about halfway up the Savannah River on the fall line, providing a number of small falls on the Savannah River.
Augusta fell into British hands once more before the end of the war.
Augusta moved into the second half of the twentieth century on the threshold of becoming an urban industrial center in the South. /definition/Augusta,_Georgia - GOLFONLINE - 1 News & Tours - Augusta chairman lashes out at women's group - Tuesday July 09, 2002 07:20 PM
Augusta National, built on a former nursery in northeastern Georgia, opened in 1932.
The National Council of Women's Organizations, which has about 6 million members from 160 groups, sent a letter to Johnson on June 12 after chairwoman Martha Burk read reports about Augusta National not having women among its 300 members.
Augusta National operates the Masters independent from any other golf organization, such as the PGA Tour. /golfonline/news/2002/07/09/augusta_women_ap

 Augusta, cities, United States. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
The city is the headquarters of the Augusta National Golf Club and sponsors the annual Masters Tournament.
Augusta grew from an old river trading post existing as early as 1717 and was named by James Oglethorpe in 1735 after the mother of George III.
The city’s historical attractions include a boyhood home of President Woodrow Wilson, a U.S. arsenal (1815–1955), whose surviving buildings are part of Augusta State Univ., and old homes of Georgian and classic-revival styles. /65/au/AugustaUS.html

 Encyclopedia: Augusta National Golf Club
Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf club in Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most famous and exclusive golf clubs in North America.
Swedes and Norweigans rank top 5 for both providing aid and exporting weapons. /encyclopedia/Augusta-National-Golf-Club

 TheAmericanProwler Article
What both these newspapers miss is that the Augusta National Golf Club has been created in the honor and image of revered amateur golfer Bobby Jones, as a home for American gentlemen, and as a shrine to golf.
The National Review 's Jay Nordlinger, writing only semi-facetiously in NR's "The Corner" on December 10, got closest to the truth: "Anyone who would give up a membership in Augusta National to be Treasury secretary is absurd.
The Augusta National Golf Club, most delightfully, can flip the bird to the entire culture if it so chooses. /article.asp?art_id=2002_12_15_23_4_48

 Augusta National Golf Course, Augusta Golf Course, Augusta National Picture, Augusta National Golf Course Picture, Augusta National Photo
Augusta National Golf Course, Augusta Golf Course, Augusta National Picture, Augusta National Golf Course Picture, Augusta National Photo
Whether you want to decorate your office with an Augusta National golf course picture or you want to give it as a gift—Golfs Art Gallery is your source for beautiful Augusta artwork.
The tri-window piece of Amen Corner at Augusta National picture is beautifully presented in a double mat with engraved brass title plate. /golf_art/agusta_national/agusta_national.htm

 Augusta National Print by Don Whitlatch
Countless artists have depicted the hallowed holes of Augusta National, but Don Whitlatch's 'The Starters' limited edition is the first to feature authentic signatures by three legends of golf plus the game's most celebrated course.
Just as they made their mark on golf, so too did Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson and Sam Snead each graciously hand-sign all 550 copies of this picture which captures the challenge and beauty of 'Redbud', the 16th at Augusta National. /augusta.html

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 augusta national golf club !!!
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 Augusta National Picture by
Augusta national picture information available by clicking above.
Augusta national picture related phrases are on
Gallery featuring prints of professional golf legends and golf courses worldwide by today's leading artists. /augusta_national_picture_h.html

 Augusta National Golf Club Announces Plans to Continue Discrimination Against Women
Augusta National Golf Club Announces Plans to Continue Discrimination Against Women
Despite months of pressure from National Council of Women's Organizations chair Martha Burk, Johnson insisted in a number of statements to the media this week that Augusta National has no obligation to allow women members, even though it hosts the Masters, the annual golf championship viewed on television by hundreds of millions around the world.
A list of members of the Augusta National Golf Club is available at /issues/wfw/111202augusta.html

 The Official Site of the Masters Golf Tournament
Copyright © Augusta National, Inc. All rights reserved.
Masters is a registered trademark of Augusta National, Inc.
Seventy years ago, Gene Sarazen (left) scored the "the shot heard 'round the world".

 The New York Times' Augusta Blog - Stop me if you've read this story before. By Jack Shafer
CBS, which has broadcast the Masters golf tournament for the last 46 years, first abstained from the issue in July, when the war of words broke out between Augusta chairman William "Hootie" Johnson and Martha Burk, chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations.
"Instead of encouraging Tiger Woods to boycott the Masters, the New York Times should make its own statement by refusing to cover the prestigious golf tournament until Augusta National admits a female member," Heaster wrote.
If Augusta's ban is such a godawful thing (and I'm not saying that it isn't), then where was the Times all those decades that the club was practicing its unholy discrimination—out shooting the back nine? /id/2074599 - Ultimate source of news, information, and entertainment for Augusta, Georgia.
The Augusta Common special section is a comprehensive guide to Augusta's new gathering place for special events and everyday activities.
Look up phone numbers and addresses for anyone in Augusta.
Also includes game recaps and stories for each game of the season, with occasional treats such as live scoring.

 Burk says CEOs must resign from Augusta National
Martha Burk called on Augusta National members to take a stand against Hootie Johnson and turn in their green jackets if they don't agree with him on the issue of women members.
Jackson said protesters from his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition plan to have their voice heard and said arrests could occur if they are not allowed close enough to the gates of Augusta National.
Trying to regain the momentum in her fight to get a woman admitted to Augusta National, Burk said Thursday that club members who disagree with the club chairman should resign. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2003/04/10/sports1748EDT0439.DTL

 Welcome Georgia business information
The annual Masters Golf Tournament is played at the Augusta National in Augusta every first week of April.
Plains is the home of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President.
Georgia became the 4th state on Jan. 2, 1788. /georgia/index.php

 Travel Golf: Editorial, Doug Carey
If Augusta National chairman William "Hootie" Johnson had any real love for the game, he'd capitalize on the situation and announce a new direction for the club and golf as a whole.
For proof, check out the latest shenanigans at Augusta National, where the National Council of Women's Organizations is pressuring the private club to admit female members.
Just look up discrimination in the dictionary and there should be a picture of hallowed Augusta National with several elitist old-school gents in the background. /departments/editorials/augusta-carey.htm

 Masters Information Guide, augusta national, georgia, restaraunts, housing, hotels
Masters Information Guide, augusta national, georgia, restaraunts, housing, hotels
This was the first restaurant to offer pizza in Augusta, and it still serves one of the best.
No matter what you're looking for, Augusta has at least one place for everything. /golf_guide/all_aug/dining.shtml

 Laird, Melvin Robert on
Augusta National's Private Roster Brims with Rich and Famous.
Who's who at Augusta National Private roster brims with rich and famous /html/L/Laird-M1e.asp

 Masters tickets, Masters golf tickets, Masters Golf Tournament Tickets, Masters Ticket, Masters packages
No golf course can match the beauty of Augusta National.
We also provide private housing within 10 minutes of Augusta National.
We are currently buying houses for Masters Week in Augusta.

 Bonville International Golf Resort - Australia's Augusta National. The most beautiful golf course in Australia if not the World. The No.1 Resort Course in New South Wales, and the Top 10 in Australia.
Bonville International Golf Resort - Australia's Augusta National.

 Magnolia Manor Masters Hospitality Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National
Magnolia Manor is conveniently located at 1008 Magnolia Drive approximately 150 yards from the main Washington Road entrance to Augusta National Golf Club.
Magnolia Manor Masters Hospitality Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National
To paraphrase Bobby Jones, "If I could only take the time I spent at Magnolia Manor, I would have had a rich and fulfilled time at the Masters." "Thanks to the folks at Magnolia Manor who really enhanced the experience of the Masters for me and my friends." Dave Cook, Partner Stamp-Ad, Inc.

 Book Journeys -- Sports & Outdoor Recreation: Authors A ~ F
An analysis of former Stanley Cup winners the New York Rangers and their 1991-1992 experiences in the National Hockey League. /sports.html

 The National Council of Women's Organizations
The National Council of Women's Organizations is a nonpartisan, nonprofit umbrella organization of almost 200 groups that collectively represent over ten million women across the United States.
The only national coalition of its kind, NCWO has over twenty years’ experience uniting American women’s groups.
NCWO members collaborate through substantive policy work and grass roots activism to address issues of concern to women, including workplace and economic equity, education and job training, affirmative action, Social Security, child care, reproductive freedom, health, and global progress for women’s equality.

 We Are The National Science Center!
Science education programs and resource files keyed to the National Standards for use in your classroom.
© 2003 National Science Center, Inc. - All rights reserved.
Complete Math and Science Camp Curriculums - available for you to view online or save and print later!

 Scotland Golf Ireland British Open Golf Vacation Packages Pebble Beach Golf Ryder Cup Augusta National Masters Golf Tournament.
Scotland Golf Ireland British Open Golf Vacation Packages Pebble Beach Golf Ryder Cup Augusta National Masters Golf Tournament.
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 The Masters, Augusta National
Augusta National has a certain mystique about it, as even the richest and most prominent businessmen in the country can’t get on this course without a membership.
This site takes on Augusta National with their “Hall of Hypocrisy.” The controversy has died down a little since 2002 when this site was launched, though it will be interesting to see how much play it gets this year.
Check out the brief history of Augusta here. /sports/pga_the_masters.htm   (634 words)

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