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Topic: Australian Greens

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  The Earth Times/ENVIRONMENT: Australian greens condemn US for climate change stance. By Mark Schulman
The Australian Senate recently passed a motion, moved by Greens Senator Bob Brown, condemning both the US administration and the Australian government of Prime Minister John Howard for their failure to support the Kyoto Protocol.
The Australian Democrats also joined in and called on the Howard government to assure the Parliament that Australia would not follow the US, but instead look to the UK, Europe and New Zealand in pursuing a climate change treaty independent of the Bush administration.
The Australian government has for the time being agreed to continue to meet the commitments it made at Kyoto, but has backed the US’s position on the need for developing countries to combat global warning.
www.earthtimes.org /apr/environmentaustralianapr4_01.htm   (706 words)

  Australian Greens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The precursor to the Tasmanian Greens (the earliest existent member of the federation of parties that is the Australian Greens), the United Tasmania Party, was founded in 1972 to oppose the construction of new dams to flood Lake Pedder.
Partly as a result of this, fifty Greens activists gathered in Tasmania in December to organise a national conference.
  "Organisational Framework of the Australian Greens", Sandgate Branch of the Queensland Greens.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Australian_Greens   (2649 words)

 Behind the "antiwar" stance of the Australian Greens
In other words the Greens’ opposition to the war is not derived from an opposition to the violent eruption of US imperialism and the drive by the major powers for a redivision of the Middle East, but on an estimation that it is not in Australia’s national interest.
The Greens statement declared: “The Australian Greens condemn the Serbian leadership in Kosovo for its policies and practice of genocide against the majority Kosovar people in Kosovo.” The condemnation was accompanied by the ritual call for a ceasefire and for so-called UN peacekeeping forces to be sent to occupy the region.
The Australian Greens, like Green parties around the world, was founded on a program that explicitly rejects the class struggle and maintains that social conditions, democracy and the environment can be defended, and the drive to war averted, without challenging the existing capitalist property relations.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/feb2003/gree-f28.shtml   (2511 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Australian Senate
The Australian Senate is the upper of the two houses of the Parliament of Australia.
From a comparative governmental perspective, the Australian Senate exhibits almost unique characteristics, in that unlike upper houses in other Westminster system governments, the Senate is not a vestigal body with limited legislative power but rather plays and is intended to play an active role in legislation.
The Australian Constitution requires that the number of Senators approximate as nearly as possible to half of the number of members of the House of Representatives, and it has therefore grown periodically.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Australian_Senate   (1443 words)

 Green Left - Issues: Australian Greens form in SA
The Australian Greens are identifying clearly that it is transnational corporations and economic rationalism that are the two biggest threats to both the environment and social justice.
Nationally the Australian Greens are very strong on a merger, or at least an exchange of preferences, but so far the Democrats have not shown themselves willing to commit on either." Approaches were also made to the Green Party of South Australia (who have not affiliated to the Australian Greens).
He says that the function of Green elected representatives should be to utilise the resources of the state to assist community campaigns and for green activists to participate in community campaigns.
www.greenleft.org.au /1995/212/10737   (1263 words)

 A Better Earth - The Australian Greens   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Australian’s, it would appear, are increasingly concerned about the environment and some wish to voice this concern with a Green vote.
The Greens also want to ban all genetically modified organisms, prohibit all Australian livestock exports for consumption, end Australia’s association with all aspects of nuclear power, eliminate nuclear reactors across the world, prevent all new coal mines and ban shale mining.
The Greens’ environmental policies exemplify the traditional environmental movement; and if it weren’t for their foray into international relations and social policy (where their anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism appears virulent and endemic) it would be easy to praise at least their environmental commitment, albeit misdirected.
www.abetterearth.org /article.php/819.html   (1005 words)

This year, Australians will tell our politicians that we are deeply concerned about the impact of climate change and we are relying on them to make the hard decisions to protect our planet for future generations.
The Australian Greens have recognised that climate change is serious and urgent for more than a decade, but governments and industry have failed to take real action.
Australian Greens lead Senate candidate, Larissa Waters today called for the establishment of a national E-Waste collection and processing strategy, to ensure that the toxic chemicals in electronic devices do not leach into waterways.
www.qld.greens.org.au   (830 words)

 The ideology and politics of the Australian Greens: Part 1
The Greens now register around 10 percent in opinion polls and are likely to win several seats in the Senate, with the possibility, although small, of securing seats in the House of Representatives as well.
Australian forces, he argued, would have been better deployed in “our region.” Not surprisingly, while opposing the Iraq war on this basis, Brown was in full agreement with the Howard government’s deployment of Australian forces in a neo-colonial intervention into the Solomon Islands in June 2003.
A crisis in the US economy, or an international recession, could well see the Australian economy start to unravel in conditions where neither of the major parties were able to command sufficient parliamentary support for the savage measures they would be compelled to implement on behalf of the banks and financial institutions.
www.wsws.org /articles/2004/sep2004/gre1-s16_prn.shtml   (1680 words)

 Australian Greens Conference
A highlight of Saturday was the presentation and discussion of a 26-page paper 'A ten-year strategy for the Australian Greens', which thoroughly canvassed the political territory and the electoral options.
The Australian federal political structure and variety of voting systems obviously makes a difference to how issues are approached and campaigns are executed, but very little difference to basic orientation on issues, with a similar deriving of positions from the core Green principles.
One of the last decisions made at the last plenary was that henceforth the Australian Greens would invite (and fund) a New Zealand Green representative to their conferences.
www.greens.org.nz /docs/greenweb/9709/ausconf.html   (864 words)

 Green Left - Australian Greens hold first conference
Members of the Greens (WA), which is not affiliated to the Australian Greens, attended as observers.
The Australian Greens intend to be a growing force in state and federal elections.
The Western Australian Greens have two Senators and one member in the WA upper House.
www.greenleft.org.au /1993/112/5604   (389 words)

 Bastards Inc.: Australian Greens are lying hypocrites
The Greens party are eager to mouth the homilies about the preservation of views and freedom of speech, but if someone creates a dissenting opinion, then it's the use of every available legal avenue to prevent or discourage that view being heard.
The Australian Greens will stop at nothing to get their view and their view alone into the public's eye.
Perhaps the Greens don't realise it, but the tens of thousands of voters who may or may not have voted them, may have actually made their own minds on a voting decision on the basis of published and reported Greens policy.
bastardsinc.blogs.com /bastardsinc/2005/03/australian_gree.html   (557 words)

 Australian Greens -- Northern Territory
There are hundreds of Greens parties throughout the world, hundreds of parliamentarians and thousands in local government, all bound by a commitment to the four Green principles of social and economic justice, grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability and peace, non-violence and disarmament
One of the reasons we are different to the rest is that The Greens do not believe that short-term economic gain should be a basis for decision-making and legislation.
The Greens want a world where people recognise that all their actions impact in one way or another on our environment, and where we try to make sure that we do as little damage as possible to the Earth which sustains us.
www.nt.greens.org.au /aboutus.htm   (870 words)

 The Australian Greens   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Australian Greens are a confederation of like-minded groups in various States, the branches of which are autonomous.
As at October 1996, the affiliated groups of the Australian Greens were: the Tasmanian Greens, the NSW Greens, the Australian Greens - Victoria, the Australian Greens - South Australia, the Queensland Greens, the ACT Greens and the Northern Territory Greens.
Some parties (the ACT Greens, the Tasmanian Greens and, from May 1997 on, WA Greens) hold the balance of power in their state.
utopia.knoware.nl /users/oterhaar/greens/oceania/australi.htm   (224 words)

 Welcome to the Australian Greens Online - Policies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
These are the policies of the Australian Greens, within which state/territory and local policies fit.
This 24-page booklet provides an overview of the policies of the Australian Greens.
Greens call on federal minister to use "good office" for Auspine
www.greens.org.au /policies   (151 words)

 Global Greens -
Greens in the News (English) Green Parties in the news around the globe
Greens in the News (English) News of Green Parties in Africa
Greens in the News (English) News of Green Parties in Asia-Pacific
www.globalgreens.info /news.php   (162 words)

 Australian Greens -- Northern Territory
Gregory Goodluck is a Darwin born counselling psychologist in a family counselling centre and community mental health worker engaged in cross-cultural research towards a PhD at Charles Darwin University.
I see the Greens as a very conservative party; the policies on many issues such as refugees are not radical but compassionate.
Preserving our natural heritage is just common sense, not radical but again these are the sort of issues that the two major parties once held up as the standard platform.
www.nt.greens.org.au   (291 words)

 Greens to oppose FTA in Senate - BusinessNews - www.theage.com.au
The Australian Greens today vowed to vigorously oppose the free trade deal with the United States and urged Labor to block the deal in the Senate.
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said under the deal Australian taxpayers would be asked to pay more to increase the profits of pharmaceutical companies in the US.
The Greens said they supported the committee poring over the detail of the document despite being voted off the Senate committee examining the deal in favour of One Nation.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/03/04/1078295495466.html   (288 words)

 Australian Greens SA
WELCOME TO THE AUSTRALIAN GREENS SA We are a political party that aims to achieve social and economic justice, a sustainable environment, peace and a real future for our children.
The Greens' Mark Parnell was elected to the Legislative Council at the 2006 State Election and he is working hard to represent the views of all South Australians who wish to see a more sustainable, equitable state.
Long-time refugee rights advocate and Greens Senate candidate for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young said the cruel and inhumane immigration policies of the Howard Government must not go unchallenged.
www.sa.greens.org.au   (524 words)

 Greens Election 2007   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Greens are on track to pick up their first Senate seat in South Australia, according to the latest federal Morgan Po...
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today warned that Government's citizenship test which passed the parliament today is set to...
The Greens have urged AFL players to stick with their strong stand on illicit drugs in the face of harmful and disturbin...
www.greens.org.au   (1728 words)

 Oil crisis looming: Australian Greens | EnergyBulletin.net | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse
"The Greens like the idea of catastrophe, it didn't happen in the 1970s (when they first predicted one) and it won't happen now," he said.
The spokesman said the Australian Government, along with the United State government, was already taking the issue of depleting oil stocks very seriously and examining alternatives including ethanol and hydrogen.
Note that the Australian Greens did not exists in the 1970s, as suggested.
www.energybulletin.net /235.html   (552 words)

 Australian Greens
The Australian Greens is one of the newest political parties in Australia.
The Greens first came to prominence in Tasmania, where 5 Greens held the balance of power in the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly between 1989-92.
Two Greens senators represented Western Australia during the early 1990s, but Senator Bob Brown from Tasmania was the only representative of the party in the Federal Parliament between 1996-2002.
www.australianpolitics.com /parties/greens   (356 words)

 Australian Greens - Australia Votes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Bob Brown is perhaps the most prominent politician who is not a part of a major party.
He has been involved with the greens movement for over 30 years and was the first greens party member elected to Federal Parliament.
He is the first greens member to enter the House of Representatives.
users.bigpond.net.au /drshrink/ozvotes/who/Greens_members.htm   (121 words)

 UK Indymedia - Australian Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials
AUSTRALIA/CUBA?: The Australian Greens say they are concerned that new anti-terrorism laws being debated in the Senate allow for the "political fl-banning" of defence lawyers at terrorism trials.
Greens leader Bb Brown says the bill gives bureaucrats in the Attorney-General's department the right to decide which lawyers are suitable to appear in some courts, by conducting background checks to ensure they do not pose a risk to national security?
ASIO a know Australian terrorist organization is verballing the community again...about allegations that a man, while living overseas, received funds from Al Qaeda and had close association with the members of the terrorist group.
www.indymedia.org.uk /en/2004/12/302150.html   (2489 words)

 S/R 16: Australian Greens Election Success
Lucy Horodny was the Green in this seat, but retired at last election to put more time into the rest of her life.
Nationally, we look like having a federal election this year, as a double dissolution election is likely, as the Howard Coalition government has failed to get reactionary legislation on industrial relations and native title through the Senate, where Greens senator Bob Brown was one of the staunchest allies of Aboriginal people and workers.
Last night a court allowed an injunction for Patrick Stevedores, the private company which has just sacked all union members, against the right of unionists and community members to assemble, allowing picketers to be arrested.
www.greens.org /s-r/16/16-10.html   (216 words)

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