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Topic: Australian Labor Party

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  Australian Labor Party : Help
The ALP uses security certificates from reputable authorities that can be checked in the usual way.You can be confident that none of your personal details or credit card number will be vulnerable to any security threat.
The ALP values protecting your privacy and in doing so follows current Australian best practice guidelines and the spirit and intent of the Privacy Act 1988 to ensure your privacy is protected.
Personal information provided to the ALP and information collected by the ALP will not be disclosed to any other third party except where it legally required, such as in the investigation of a criminal offence, and in compliance with a search warrant or subpoena.
www.alp.org.au /help.php   (2286 words)

  The Australian Labor Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In its shortened form the Party was frequently referred to as both 'Labor' and 'Labour', however the former spelling was adopted from 1912 onwards, due to the influence of the American labor movement.
The ALP was the world's first successful Labor Party by an overwhelming margin; by 1915 it had formed three governments in the Federal Parliament and had governed in all States, although only very briefly in Victoria.
Labor was badly beaten in the subsequent elections of 1975 and 1977.
www.rogerprice.net /government/alp.htm   (3345 words)

 Behind the "refashioning" of the Australian Labor Party
Even though a Labor victory in last November’s election was widely considered to be a foregone conclusion, with the Liberal-National party coalition torn by internal divisions and having suffered a string of resounding defeats in a number of state elections, the ALP’s primary vote plunged to 37.8 percent, its lowest since 1906.
ALP frontbencher Carmen Lawrence laments, in her submission to the panel, that members “interested in debate about ideology and policy become frustrated and leave” and, moreover, in “some cases are never even allowed to join because they represent a threat to the factional establishment”—referring to the factions that control the party.
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) national secretary Doug Cameron admitted, in his submission to the internal party review panel, that “working people are looking for a party that boldly and unashamedly speaks for them.” He went on to add: “The Labor Party is not that party”.
www.wsws.org /articles/2002/sep2002/alp-s11.shtml   (2607 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Ideology of the Australian Labor Party
The Australian Labor Party seems to be fraught with division, and each faction or fraction has its own ideas on the nature of the Labor tradition.
Laborism is the broad commitment to protect the most vulnerable members of the working class; safeguard the position of workers; ensure a fair day's wage; and paid employment as the primary guarantor of human welfare.
What stands out is the Labor Party's capacity for change and renewal in a world of immense change, throughout a century of unprecedented change; and yet, at the same time, the consistency with which it has held to the fundamental principle: the pursuit of its program through parliamentary democracy.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A593200   (1769 words)

 DSP Program - The Australian Labor Party
In addition, the Labor Party's relative independence of any particular section of the capitalist class made it an ideal vehicle for reforms that were in the interests of capitalism as a whole.
The first long-term Labor government came to office in 1910, at a time when the other capitalist parties, which were more directly tied to sectional interests within the capitalist class, were stumbling over the task of forging a single nation-state out of the six former British colonies that had federated in 1901.
The ALP's commitment to the defence of the interests of capital as a whole (the so-called national interest), and its political hegemony over the organised workers' movement, have led the dominant sections of the capitalist class to entrust it with government during Australian capitalism's most serious economic and military crises this century.
www.dsp.org.au /dsp/program/prog17.html   (701 words)

 Australian Labor Party (NSW): Party History
The Federal Labor Government was destroyed and Hughes and 23 ALP politicians left the Labor Party and joined with the Opposition to form a Nationalist Government.
From the mid 1920's the Labor Party was regularly embroiled in internal disputes.
The new Labor Members were young (six were in their twenties) and about half held office in the union movement, one was a doctor and at least seven were lay preachers or temperance advocates.
www.nswalp.com /student/history/index.php   (6425 words)

 A history of the Australian Labor Party
On November 28 the executive passed a motion for the establishment of the Labor Electoral Leagues, and the TLC parliamentary committee was delegated to investigate the establishment of branches in all electorates.
The political demoralisation of the ALP was concretised in the victory of the Nationalist coalition in the 1917 elections.
Labor's return to power was aided by the government's "pledge to defeat the class struggle" and the ruthless attempts to defeat the seamen's strike in 1925 by deporting leaders of their union, Tom Walsh and Jacob Johnston.
members.optushome.com.au /spainter/Conrick.html   (20293 words)

 Australian Labor Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is Australia's oldest political party.
The party's current federal parliamentary leader is Kevin Rudd, and its National President for 2006 is Warren Mundine.
Party mythology says the first Labor branch was founded at a meeting of striking pastoral workers under a ghost gum tree (the "Tree of Knowledge") in Barcaldine, Queensland in 1891.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Australian_Labor_Party   (3074 words)

 Marxism message, Australian Labor Party
The conference agreed to the biggest structural change in the ALP since the federal conferences of the early 1970s, at which the party's structure was standardised nationally.
At the crucial 800-delegate NSW ALP annual conference, the heartland of the ALP right faction, rejection of mandatory detention went through unanimously on the voices, mainly because it was moved by Labor Council secretary John Robertson.
The failure to Blairise the ALP structurally is a defeat for the Blairite "modernisers" and for the half-dozen mini-Blairite parliamentary Bonapartes, hawking their leadership wares in the wings of the ALP, to the Australian media and bourgeoisie, with their little field marshalls' batons in their knapsacks.
archives.econ.utah.edu /archives/marxism/2002w41/msg00114.htm   (2647 words)

 Australian News Commentary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In a monumental act of hypocrisy, the WA Labor government is ramming through parliament its infamous one-vote one-value legislation, purportedly to give effect to improved democracy, but in reality to entrench its position and to buy the votes of the minor parties in the upper house.
The Labor party has been chanting its one-vote one-value mantra for years and yet is one of Australia's most undemocratic institutions.
The Labor party also seems quite happy to be the beneficiary of an unequal voting system in relation to the Senate.
www.australian-news.com.au /ALP_hypocrisy.htm   (284 words)

 [No title]
Australian ISPs would have to filter out all pornographic websites if the Australian Labor Party is returned to power, according to a proposal floated by the main opposition party in that country.
Currently, all Australian ISPs are required to offer filtering software to their customers at a reduced price, but the Labor Party believes that the lack of computer literacy on the part of some parents limits the effectiveness of such solutions.
Labor promises to "work with industry" to keep those costs from being passed on to subscribers and ensure that the costs are "shared fairly" between large and small ISPs.
arstechnica.com /news.ars/post/20060321-6424.html   (542 words)

 (Lack of) leadership and the future for the Australian Labor Party - On Line Opinion - 1/5/2003
The current status of the Federal Labor Party might best be summed up by the phrase "an arse full of splinters from sitting on the fence, and haemorrhaging to the Greens".
Beasley is a remnant of Labor's lost past, and calls for his reinstatement are symptomatic of a dearth of individuals within the parliament who posess the quality to inspire either a public fascination or party-room magnetism.
Labor with Simon Crean at the helm squandered the opportunity to distinguish itself on the issue of the war in Iraq, unable to mobilise the imagination of human spirit.
www.onlineopinion.com.au /view.asp?article=314   (1160 words)

 Roger Clarke, Lenin and the Australian Labor Party
The Australian Labor Party is a democratic socialist party and has the objective of the democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange, to the extent necessary [sic!] to eliminate exploitation and other anti-social features in these fields
The ALP now inconsistently combines the profession of hopes for socialism in the future with the practice of class collaboration in the present.
Jim, quite rightly, attempts to explain the pro-capitalist stance of the ALP, not by the undeveloped nature of Australian capitalism, but by influences that have affected all the social democratic parties of the developed capitalist countries.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/24/186.html   (1253 words)

 Australian Labor Party - Queensland Branch
Former first-class cricketer Greg Rowell has been endorsed as Labor’s candidate for the Lord Mayor of Brisbane.
Howard’s IR agenda: what it means for Australian families
From time-to-time officials of Queensland Labor give reports and speeches of interest to the general public.
www.queenslandlabor.org   (135 words)

 Australian Labor Party : State & Territory Branches of the Australian Labor Party
Australian Labor Party : State & Territory Branches of the Australian Labor Party
Home > Action > State & Territory Branches of the Australian Labor Party
State & Territory Branches of the Australian Labor Party
www.alp.org.au /action/links.php   (53 words)

 Australian Labor Party : Contact the Australian Labor Party
Australian Labor Party : Contact the Australian Labor Party
Home > Action > Contact the Australian Labor Party
Authorised by Tim Gartrell, 161 London Circuit, Canberra City, ACT 2600 Legal Issues - Privacy, Credits, Copyright, Disclaimer
www.alp.org.au /action/contact.php   (36 words)

 Australian Labor Party
The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest political party.
The party has experienced 3 traumatic splits (1917, 1931 and 1955) which debilitated it and kept it out of office for many years.
The 2000 ALP Platform was determined at the 42nd National Conference in Hobart from 31 July to 4 August 2001
www.australianpolitics.com /parties/alp   (1326 words)

 Catholics and the Australian Labor Party
The almost complete secularisation of the non-Catholic section of the Australian working class, commenced quite decisively in convict times, and the later development of the labour movement, is very much the story of the alliance between the Irish Catholic section of the proletariat, and the irreligious bulk of the working class.
The formation and development of the Labor Party in all the Australian colonies was the culmination of the practical alliance that had been developing since the convict era between the secularised non-Catholic proletariat and small farmers, and the Irish Catholic tribe.
The number of Catholics representing Labor in Parliament, which was minuscule initially, rapidly increased, particularly from the time of the election of the first Labor Government in NSW in 1910.
members.optushome.com.au /spainter/Catholics.html   (17988 words)

 Australian Labor Party - Institution - Reason in Revolt
The Australian Labor Party is the oldest existing political party in Australia.
The ALP is historically committed to socialism, but has been inconsistant in both theory and practice in this regard.
Manifesto of the Parliamentary Labor Party (1894),, 1894.
www.reasoninrevolt.net.au /biogs/E000001b.htm   (642 words)

 Australian Labor Party Extends Lead: Angus Reid Global Monitor
The Australian Greens are third with 9.5 per cent, followed by the Australian Democrats, Family First and One Nation.
Australia’s preferential voting system—where electors indicate an order of predilection for each contender, and the ballots from smaller parties are re-distributed—gives the ALP a 10-point lead over the Coalition.
In the October 2004 election, prime minister John Howard was rewarded with a fourth term in office, as the Coalition secured 87 seats in the House of Representatives.
www.angus-reid.com /polls/index.cfm/fuseaction/viewItem/itemID/13450   (445 words)

 The Australian Labor Party Pledge
The Australian Labor Party requires its members to sign a pledge upon joining.
This is the text of the pledge used by the Victorian ALP:
I hereby pledge myself to the Australian Labor Party to faithfully uphold to the best of my ability its Constitution and Platforms and to work and vote for the selected Labor Candidates.
www.australianpolitics.com /parties/alp/pledge.shtml   (144 words)

 Australian Labor Party considers allowing more uranium mines - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Although Labor is in federal opposition, it controls all state governments which in turn control all mining and explorations licenses.
Beazley called for a re-think and said he would seek to change the policy at the party's annual conference next year and focus instead on strong export safeguards.
Labor's environment spokesman Anthony Albanese is among several high profile lawmakers who want the restriction to remain.
www.forbes.com /home/feeds/afx/2006/07/24/afx2898403.html   (455 words)

 Australian Labor Party's major policy shift
On February 4, Laurie Brereton, Labor's Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs made a milestone speech to the Australian Institute of Foreign Affairs.
Brereton went on to detail the recent changes in Australian Labor policies which include support for the principle of self-determination.
Mr Brereton also called for the Australian government to review the operation of the Timor Gap Treaty, and to open discussions with East Timorese leaders to ensure that in future the East Timorese will benefit from their share of the oil and gas reserves.
homepages.ihug.co.nz /~stu/fret/newsfeb99/australianlaborparty.html   (182 words)

 Australian Labor Party - SourceWatch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is one of Australia's two major political parties.
"The richest source of funds for Labor remains John Curtin House, the company that profits directly from taxpayers by leasing Canberra premises to the Australian National Audit Office at above-market rates.
Josh Gordon, Parties hide donor identities, The Age, 3 February 2004.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Australian_Labor_Party   (197 words)

 History of the Australian Labor Party quiz -- free game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Australian Politics : History of the Australian Labor Party
This quiz is about the history of work and labor, trade unions and the Australian Labor Party."
When was the first time the ALP held a majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives?
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=44389   (165 words)

 Australian Labor Party books, find the lowest prices
You may browse this category by title or by publication date.
The Split : Australian Labor in the Fifties
Transforming Labor : Labour Tradition and the Labor Decade in Australia
www.allbookstores.com /Australian_Labor_Party_p8st.html   (203 words)

 Australian Labor Party Victoria - Home
The new ALP Victorian Branch web site will be launched in September with many new interactive features
The Parliamentary Labor Party has elected John Brumby to be the next Premier of Victoria following the resignation of Steve Bracks.
Authorised by Stephen Newnham, State Secretary, ALP VIC Branch, 360 King Street, West Melbourne Vic 3003
www.vic.alp.org.au   (63 words)

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