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Topic: Australian Stock Exchange

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  Australian Stock Exchange
It is run and updated by a team of Australian Stock Market enthusiasts and was designed as a directory and information source for new investors and old, looking for information and tools to help them better their profits from the Stock Market.
The Stock Exchange started off as individual exchanges in different states which were established as far back as 1871.
Trading on the stock exchange is all electronic not like in days gone buy where it was all manual and left up to humans.
www.australianstockexchangeinfo.com   (452 words)

  The Australian Stock Exchange.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The creation of the joint stock company in the 17th Century is widely regarded as one of the most important economic developments in the history of the world, making possible the undertaking of large enterprises that no individual could afford and becoming the engine of economic growth in market economies.
These stock markets have traditionally been provided by stock exchanges, which not only supply a market place but provide such services as control of market integrity, fair trading systems, guarantees of trade completion, clearing, settlement and transfer systems and information about stocks that are traded.
The stock exchange itself is therefore an important element of a market economy, because the services it provides lead to wealth creation, employment generation and economic growth.
www.geocities.com /WallStreet/8587/asx.html   (307 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the primary stock exchange in Australia.
The ASX began as separate state-based exchanges established as early as 1871.
The exchange began as six separate exchanges established in the state capitals Sydney (1871), Hobart (1882), Melbourne (1884), Brisbane (1884), Adelaide (1887) and Perth (1889).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Australian_Stock_Exchange   (2415 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange - Money-zine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The history of the Australian Stock Exchange starts with the six capital city exchanges that were established in Adelaide (1887), Brisbane (1884), Melbourne (1884), Hobart (1882), Perth (1889) and Sydney (1871).
In fact, several smaller provincial exchanges were established to cater to the needs of the large number of mining companies that existed at the turn of the 20th Century.
Forming a national stock exchange formally brought together the six independent stock exchanges operating in the capital cities.
www.money-zine.com /Investing/Stocks/Australian-Stock-Exchange   (384 words)

 An MBendi Profile: Nigerian Stock Exchange - Information
NSE officials requested that the exchange be allowed to retain its name and to operate on a level playing field with the proposed government exchange, and argued that SEN should not be given undue advantage over the NSE and other competitors.
The controversial second stock exchange, proposed for the federal capital of Abuja, was due to open in mid 1998 despite business's view that the country was being served adequately by the Lagos exchange.
The exchange is said by many to be an unnecessary duplication and that the move is based largely on political motives, as Government has long tried to persuade business to relocate to the new capital.
www.mbendi.co.za /exng.htm   (1316 words)

 Worldwide Stock Exchange: Australian Stock Exchange Limited
The Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) was established in 1987 by the merger of six independent stock exchanges that previously operated in the capital cities.
Each of those independent stock exchanges can be dated back to the 19th century.
Australian Stock Exchange Limited is the holder of an Australian market license under the Corporations Act.
www.worldwidese.com /Australian_Stock_Exchange_Limited.html   (238 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange | ASX | Australian Stock Market | Australia
The Australian Stock Exchange, or ASX, is responsible for operating Australia's primary stock exchange.
A stock exchange is defined as a corporation or mutual organization which provides the platform for stock brokers to trade stocks, other securities and derivatives.
Stock exchanges also provide services for the issue and redemption of securities, as well as other financial products and corporate actions including the payment of income and dividends.
www.learnshares.com.au /latest-news/australian-stock-exchange.aspx   (603 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Stock investors would want to be compensated more than the risk free interest rate which currently yield around 4.7%.
It is mandatory for companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange whose reporting periods end on or after 30 June 1996 to disclose their main corporate governance practices in place during the reporting period: ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3.
The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) was founded in 1790 as the first organized stock exchange in the United States and has operated continuously as one of North America's primary marketplaces for the trading of stocks, equity options, index options and...
www.aboutstocks.net /australianstockexchange   (784 words)

 NZ exchange launches Australian trading | Business | The Australian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
FIVE of Australia's biggest stockbrokers have joined forces with the New Zealand Exchange to create a new trading platform in direct competition of the Australian Stock Exchange.
The new off-market service, which will be the first of its type in Australia, will compete head-on with the Australian Stock Exchange, which merged this year with the owner of the Sydney Futures Exchange, SFE Corporation.
The Australian capital market is a very healthy one, the ASX has just merged with the SFE and we would expect this to be the next step in its development," he said.
www.theaustralian.news.com.au /story/0,20867,20390690-643,00.html   (461 words)

 WIPO Domain Name Decision: D2000-1384
The First Complainant was formed to operate the first national exchange, which was named the "Australian Stock Exchange" and involved the amalgamation of the six independent State stock exchanges.
The Australian Stock Exchange national market is now the fourth largest in the Asia Pacific region and is the 12th largest stock market in the world.
The AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE trademark was first used in 1987 when the six state stock exchanges were formally amalgamated in the one entity, which was named the Australian Stock Exchange.
www.wipo.int /amc/en/domains/decisions/html/2000/d2000-1384.html   (2763 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange. ASX - About, Profile, History, Companies
With 1,515 companies listed and total market capitalization of billion, the Australian Stock Exchange was the eighth largest exchange in the world at the end of 2004.
The Australian Stock Exchange is a fully electronic exchange, using SEATS (Stock Exchange Automated Trading System) for the trading of stocks, warrants, fixed-interest securities, and company-issued options and rights.
The most popular index for the Australian Stock Exchange is the S&P ASX 200, made up of the 200 top shares on the exchange.
www.advfn.com /StockExchanges/about/ASX/AustralianStockExchange.html   (217 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange and Frank Russell introduce new stock indexes to measure Australian growth, value investment ...
Australian Stock Exchange and Frank Russell introduce new stock indexes to measure Australian growth, value investment styles
The Australian stock market is the 10th largest in the world and the third largest in the region, after Japan and Hong Kong.
At present, most Australian fund sponsors rely on the All Ordinaries (Australia's broad-market index) to evaluate the performance of their Australian equities investment managers, regardless of the managers' investment styles.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1996_June_20/ai_18407983   (598 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange News
The other fiber-optic stocks which took a beating thanks to Nortel were Ciena, which lost $27 to end at $108.38 and JDS Uniphase, which dipped by $24.06 to close at $71.
US stocks plunged sharply on Tuesday, with the Dow Jones losing almost 150 points and the Nasdaq Composite Index sliding more than 2%, as investors were still jittery about sagging corporate revenue growth.
Australian investment sites get better and more professional, but locally there is nothing like the US Validea.com web site.
www.network54.com /Forum/63007/viewall-page-3   (5687 words)

 math lessons - Australian Stock Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Australian Stock Exchange, or ASX, is the organisation responsible for the operation of Australia's primary stock exchange.
The ASX was formed in 1987 by an amalgamation of the separate exchanges located in the six state capitals.
The ASX is a public company, and shares in it are themselves traded on its exchange.
www.mathdaily.com /lessons/Australian_Stock_Exchange   (195 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange Picks Cameron Systems to Introduce FIX-based Market Data by Wall Street & Technology
Archipelago was obligated to sell the brokerage subsidiary by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a condition of Archipelago's acquisition of the Pacific Exchange, Inc., in September of 2005, according to the release.
Proof-of-concept tests that concluded in December 2005 demonstrated that the FAST Protocol was capable of improving the communication efficiencies for several exchange data feeds without incurring material trade-offs in processing and latency, according to the release.
According to Matt Simpson of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, who is Co-Chair of the FPL Market Data Optimization Working Group and quoted in the release, the release of the FAST Protocol source code is: intended to encourage adoption, promote standard usage and provide a leg-up for those firms looking to build a FAST-based feed.
www.wallstreetandtech.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=180207048   (1572 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange to Trade ETFs Through Singapore Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The American Stock Exchange (Amex) has reached an agreement with the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to cross-access five popular Amex-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) through the Singapore Exchange (SGX), following the signing of a cross-access agreement Australia signed with SGX.
Exchange traded funds are open-ended investment funds that are designed to track a fixed basket of stocks — domestic, international and broad market — and to provide access to a wide range of asset classes, markets and sectors.
ETFs were developed by the American Stock Exchange in 1993 with the introduction of Standard and Poor’s 500 Depositary Receipts┬« (SPDRs┬«).
www.dtcc.com /Publications/dtcc/aug01/etf.html   (367 words)

 Australian stock exchange - AusStats : 2000 Special Article - Equity capital raisings on the   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) was formed on 1 April 1987 from the amalgamation of the six state capital city stock exchanges.
A new Australian stock exchange opened in Melbourne this week and is boasting healthy trading figures in spite of the fact it still only lists one company
Weekly Australian Stock Exchange Analysis and Summary from April 26th.
hzfn.com /hzfn/australian-stock-exchange.html   (198 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange
The Australian Stock Exchange is one of those reasons why you should be registered with Mantech International.
Web technology is enabling this quantum shift in the way the industry operates and is example of the critical role technology plays in the ASX's core business processes, prosperity and future direction.
This is in recognition of our expertise in delivering on their stringent requirements and equally for the professionalism in the way we deal with our other customer - the candidate.
www.mantechit.com.au /client_microsites/asx.htm   (235 words)

 AM - Australian Pacific Exchange opens in Melbourne
ELIZABETH JACKSON: A new Australian stock exchange opened in Melbourne this week and is boasting healthy trading figures in spite of the fact it still only lists one company.
The Australian Pacific Exchange, or APX, has been set-up specifically to cater for smaller and start-up Australian companies which aren't big enough to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.
AIM - a branch of the London Stock Exchange - was set up in 1995, and now lists more than a thousand companies which have raised more than $27 billion.
www.abc.net.au /am/content/2005/s1286811.htm   (564 words)

 Background on the Australian Stock Exchange - ASX
With the formation of the Australian Stock Exchange came to decision to use an all-digital trading platform.
The biggest stock on the exchange is BHP Billiton with a total market capitalization of 6.6% (as of 2004).
This mining giant (the biggest in the world), formed from the merge of Australian BHP with British Billiton, is a leading producer in iron, coal, diamonds, petroleum and bauxite.
www.gocurrency.com /articles/asx.htm   (552 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange's shares surge on bid talk - 13 Jan 2007 - Sharemarket news - NZ Herald
Shares of ASX, owner of Australia's stock exchange, climbed for a second day amid speculation the New York Stock Exchange was weighing it up as a takeover target.
The stock jumped 4.5 per cent on Thursday, its biggest gain in almost five months, after Australian Associated Press reported it may be taken over.
Exchange operators worldwide are seeking combinations to meet demand for low-cost electronic trading of securities across the world's time zones.
www.nzherald.co.nz /topic/story.cfm?c_id=316&objectid=10418918   (364 words)

 Australian Stock Market: Quotes, News, Analysis, Research and Tools for Investors.
We offer a range of publications designed to provide information on Australia, Australian foreign and trade policies and the economic and political climate in other countries.
ACIAR is an Australian Government statutory authority that operates as part of Australia's Aid Program within the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Government agency that helps Australian companies win overseas business for their products and services by reducing the time, cost and risk involved in selecting, entering and developing international markets.
www.site-by-site.com /asia/austral/astock.htm   (353 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Australian bank considers LSE bid
Macquarie Bank of Australia has said in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange that it is considering a joint bid for the London Stock Exchange.
The Australian bank already has interests in UK assets including a toll section of the M6 motorway and airports in Bristol and Birmingham.
Competing bids for the London Stock Exchange could drive up the price a successful bidder would have to pay, but some suitors may be ruled out by competition watchdogs.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/2/hi/business/4151938.stm   (590 words)

 Australian Stock Exchange - News, photos, topics, and quotes - Daylife
ChemGenex currently trades on the Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol "CXS" and on NASDAQ under the symbol "CXSP".
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the primary stock exchange in Australia.
The ASX began as separate state-based exchanges established as early as 1871.
www.daylife.com /topic/Australian_Stock_Exchange   (662 words)

 ISYS Search Software - The Australian Stock Exchange
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has many responsibilities in running an orderly and efficient stock market.
One area in which it is particularly vigilant is in ensuring that all participants; brokers, clients and companies comply with the requirements of the ASX and the official body that empowers it, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
The staff in the Surveillance Department are particularly interested in significant and unexplained movements in stock prices and volumes.
www.isys.com.au /company/pressreleases/archive/asx.html   (541 words)

 WebWire® | Australian Stock Exchange Secures Business Continuity with Nortel
DECEMBER 08, 2005, SYDNEY, Australia - The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Australia’s primary national stock exchange, has completed a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) project linking its offsite operations centre with its Sydney central business district (CBD) headquarters using a high-speed network from Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT].
The new network links the ASX’s Business Continuity centre with its CBD centre in real time, providing a secure backup facility if trading is disrupted for any reason.
"Our business is about igniting and powering global commerce for the world’s financial institutions, stock exchanges, businesses and centres of commerce with highly reliable technology.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=6621   (605 words)

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