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Topic: Australian copyright law

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  Australian copyright law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Australian copyright law is based on the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and defines copyright in Australia.
The Australian Copyright Act 1968 (as amended), is the national copyright legislation, inclusive of additions contained in the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Australian copyright law does, however, have a number of additional specific exceptions which permit uses which may fall outside of both fair dealing and fair use.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Australian_copyright_law   (2028 words)

 E Law: Bringing Copyright into the Digital Age
Thirdly, Australian copyright law, based as it is upon principles derived from the English legal tradition, has, since its inception, been under a constant pressure to effect a rapprochement with copyright principles derived from the Continental European copyright tradition.
The Discussion Paper accepts the conclusion in the earlier report of the Copyright Convergence Group[40] that communications carriers could not be held liable, on the basis of present law, for authorising an infringement.
The main Australian law on authorising infringement was laid down by the High Court in University of NSW v Moorhouse[44].
www.murdoch.edu.au /elaw/issues/v5n1/blake51.html   (8377 words)

 Electronic Law Journals - JILT 1997 (1) - Brudenall
Under this reasoning, any copyright owner who can demonstrate that they have suffered, or is likely to suffer, a loss of licensing revenues as a result of a failure by a user of copyright material to obtain a copying licence will have a strong case for rebutting the defence of fair dealing.
Australian laws on copyright are intended to conform with principles established by various international conventions and treaties.
Copyright owners in particular see the current spate of reform as the opportunity to shape a revised copyright law providing new rights for owners and a reduced capacity for users to access and use copyright material.
www2.warwick.ac.uk /fac/soc/law/elj/jilt/1997_1/brudenall   (11457 words)

 Robbery under arms
Similarly, the Australian Digital Alliance has called for the creation of a legislative defence to infringement to cover situations where the author of a work is unknown and the user has made reasonable efforts to locate and notify the copyright owner [66].
A copyright owner seeking to impose liability on an accused circumventor must demonstrate a reasonable relationship between the circumvention at issue and a use relating to a property right for which the Copyright Act permits the copyright owner to withhold authorization — as well as notice that authorization was withheld.
Although happy to adopt many aspects of U.S. law, the copyright owners are adamant that the adoption of an open–ended U.S. defence of fair use would somehow compromise the integrity of the Australian legislation [175].
www.firstmonday.org /issues/issue11_3/rimmer   (14770 words)

 Copyright law - GPLv3 Wiki
This page discusses variations in copyright law in different jurisdictions around the world, paying special attention to portions which may affect the applicability or scope of the GPL.
The treaty also states that copyright lasts for the duration of the author's life plus at least 50 years.
German Copyright Law (German Copyright law is being heavily modified at the moment and will get more changes in the close future, so this is no longer the current state)
gplv3.fsf.org /wiki/index.php/Copyright_law   (267 words)

 Australian Copyright Law
The first Australian copyright legislation was the Copyright Act 1912, which merely declared that the UK's Copyright Act 1911 applied in Australia.
Copyright Reform and the Digital Agenda, August 1997.
Cracking down on copycats: enforcement of copyright in Australia, Report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, 4 Dec 2000
www.efa.org.au /Issues/IP/ip-law.html   (188 words)

 Copyright in Australia
Under Australian Copyright Law, copyright protection is automatic, and no symbol is required.
For Artistic works (such as paintings, drawings, cartoons, sculpture, craft work, photographs, maps and plans), copyright lasts from the time the material is created until 50 years after the year of the creator's death.
There may be two copyrights: copyright in the artistic work (for example, a painting) and copyright in the photograph of the artistic work).
rubens.anu.edu.au /copyright.html   (804 words)

 Australian copyright law - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
Australian copyright law effectively allows fair use for computer software (see List of some possibly non-violating actions in Australia below).
The many aspects of Crown copyright are currently under formal review by the Australian Attorney-General's Copyright Law Review Committee, currently in the stage of accepting submissions.
Disclaimer: Uploading or downloading of copyrighted works without permission or authorization of copyright holders may be illegal and subject to civil or criminal liability and penalties.
education.music.us /A/Australian-copyright-law.htm   (1701 words)

 Copyright Subject Guide, UW Law Library
This section of the guide is devoted to copyright issues as it applies to educators and librarians."Fair Use," the case law-based doctrine added as Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, is a focal point of interest and concern for those in education at all levels.
Directory of links to papers and periodicals discussing copyright; organizations and copyright collections; examples of copyright policies; copyright treaties and conventions; and copyright organizations in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe.
Database contaiing national laws relating to intellectual property, all WIPO treaties, and bibliographic data on laws and treaties.
library.law.wisc.edu /guides/bibliographies/copyright.htm   (2116 words)

 Copyright Agency Limited - licensed copying and communications
(CAL) is an Australian copyright management company whose role is to provide a bridge between creators and users of copyright material.
CAL represents authors, journalists, visual artists, surveyors, photographers and newspaper, magazine and book publishers as their non-exclusive agent to license the copying of their works to the general community.
Copyright Express is a simple way to request permission to photocopy or digitally copy from a hard copy original.
www.copyright.com.au   (232 words)

 Weatherall's Law
For the past 12 months, Australia has been going through a major review of its copyright law, and in particular, its exceptions to copyright infringement, with a view to 'updating' this material for the digital environment.
That is how much Pay TV channels will soon be ordered to pay copyright owners (through their collection vehicle, Screenrights) for the privilege of retransmitting free to air channels to their subscribers.
When, with some fanfare, directors' copyright was introduced last year, the only right film directors actually got was a right to a share of income from retransmission of their material.
weatherall.blogspot.com /2006_05_01_weatherall_archive.html   (5787 words)

Under US, European and Australian copyright law, forms of authorship including literary, artistic and digital intellectual works are copyright.This protection is automatic and it is an unregistered right.
Consequently, it is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material without authorization.
The only exception is your right to have a backup copy for archival purposes, and of course one copy of the software for personal use, unless granted additional licenses from the copyright owner.
www.templatecentral.com /about/about_copyright.asp   (119 words)

 E LAW | Abstract - Bringing Australian Copyright Law into the Global Age
Abstract - Bringing Australian Copyright Law into the Global Age
Bringing Australian Copyright Law into the Global Age
Disclaimer and Copyright Notice © 1993-2002 Murdoch University
www.murdoch.edu.au /elaw/indices/title/blake51_abstract.html   (173 words)

 Australian Law, Government and Politics - Academic Info
Databases include: ABOA (published information on Australian Agriculture) ; ARRIP (current research on Australian agriculture and natural resources) ; ARRIP Archive ; Streamline (published information on Australia's natural resources) ; Geosearch (agro-ecological regions and drainage divisions in Australia) ; NamesNet (researcher names and addresses).
There are eight different sets of original constitutional instruments: a set for each Australian State, one for the Northern Territory, and the set for the Commonwealth of Australia, established by Federation in 1901
By Nicholas Pengelley, Law Librarian and Professor of Law, Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario).
www.academicinfo.net /auslaw.html   (1156 words)

 Information Sheets — Australian Copyright Council
Access to copyright material: Australia v the US G087
Australian Copyright Council: who we are, what we do G001
Fees and royalties for use of copyright material G074
www.copyright.org.au /publications/infosheets.htm/view   (150 words)

 Australian Public Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
because Australian copyright law puts works in the public domain 50 years after the author's death, whereas US law now specifies 70 years.
In addition, the Australian collection includes works by Marcus Clark, Henry Lawson, Steele Rudd, Henry Kendall, Banjo Patterson and Rolf Boldrewood.
The Online Books page - well-indexed, searchable index of over 14,000 books available online on full text (including Project Gutenberg and numerous other repositories - probably the most convenient way to locate online books).
www.ntu.edu.au /faculties/lba/schools/Law/apl/Homepage/literature.htm   (196 words)

 Jesus.com.au - Copyright and Terms of Use
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