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Topic: Austrian language

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  Austrian German - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ordinarily, the latter dialects are considered to belong either to the Central Austro-Bavarian or Southern Austro-Bavarian subgroups, with the latter encompassing the languages of the Tyrol, Carinthia, and Styria and the former including the dialects of Vienna, Upper Austria, and Lower Austria.
With German being a pluricentric language, Austrian dialects should not be confused with the variety of Standard German spoken by most Austrians, which is distinct from that of Germany or Switzerland.
Distinctions in vocabulary persist, for example, in culinary terms, where communication with Germans is frequently difficult, and administrative and legal language, which is due to Austria's exclusion from the development of a German nation-state in the late 19th century and its manifold particular traditions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Austrian_language   (881 words)

 Language Reference Guide For Austrian German
The auxiliary of the perfect is a form of “sein” (to be) in Austrian German for all verbs that describe a body posture as opposed to the use of the auxiliary “haben” in standard German.
Austrian standard language as used by the general public as the officially recognized and mostly standardized language, is a regional variety of German as spoken in Germany.
Austrian German sometimes uses a hyphen to connect one or two nouns to a compound noun in a list of words which have the second part of the final compound noun as a common element i.e.
www.translationdirectory.com /article622.htm   (1483 words)

 Euromosaic - Croat in Austria
Austrian nationals of the Slovene and Croat minorities in Carinthia, Burgenland and Styria shall enjoy the same rights on equal terms as all other Austrian nationals, including the right to their own organisations, meetings and press in their own language.
The language group in Burgenland does not have any private kindergarten and it is only thanks to the personal initiative of some nursery teachers that the children of the language group receive any education in their maternal language.
This is considered by the various Austrian language groups to be unconstitutional because of the measure of Article 7 of the Treaty which states that the rights of ethnic groups are not subject to a numerical measure of their demographic incidence.
www.uoc.edu /euromosaic/web/document/croat/an/i1/i1.html   (2827 words)

 Austrian language
Several Germanic languages and dialects are spoken in Austria.
Standard German, called "High German" in Austria, is taught in schools, but many Austrians do not consider it a native language.
Austro-Bavarian is a common language throughout much of the country.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/au/AustriaLanguage.html   (91 words)

 Innovation in foreign language teaching
Direct contact with native speakers of the target language: especially native speaker teachers who are pedagogically and didactically qualified for their jobs and exchange programmes with schools in foreign countries are regarded as highly innovative.
Content-based language learning: especially the use of other languages than English (and German), or the continuous use of a foreign language as a medium of instruction as in bilingual schooling, are seen as innovative.
Length of instruction in a foreign language: the beginning of foreign language learning earlier than compulsory or provided for in the curriculum is considered innovative, especially on the secondary level.
www-gewi.kfunigraz.ac.at /ed/project/fremdspu.html   (1746 words)

 Austrian language - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
Austrians from outside Vorarlberg normally cannot understand the dialect of that region, as it is more closely related to Swiss German than to other Austrian dialects.
in culinary terms, where communication with Germans is frequently difficult, and administrative and legal language, which is due to Austria's exclusion from the development of a German nation in the late 19th century and its manifold particular traditions.
Austrians speaking Standard German can almost always be recognized by their accent, much more so than speakers from most regions of Germany.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=825   (758 words)

 IRICS 2005 / Section: Cultural Dynamism and Language Contact   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The German-Austrian Language Island of Núcleo João Pinheiro (which was discovered in the year 2003 by me) is situated in the Federal State of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
Its habitants are the descendants of protestant immigrants who came from the cities of Hamburg, Stuttgart and Vienna in the twenties and thirties of the 20 th century and who expected an economically better life in the country.
Interferences are not only given concerning language but there is also a cultural transfer from Brazilian customs to the habits of the language island’s inhabitants.
www.inst.at /irics/speakers_n_s/pabst.htm   (296 words)

 Slovene in Austria
Regional or minority languages are languages which differ from the official language of the state where they are spoken and which are traditionally used within a given territory by nationals of that state forming a group numerically smaller than the rest of the state's population.
Language awareness training, the fostering of metalinguistic competences, such as transfer and translation between the two languages, developing strategies for understanding, are all areas of learning that require more emphasis, if the educational aims of intercultural learning are to be achieved.
Language competencies are seen more and more as core of skills that every citizen needs for training, employment, cultural exchange and personal fulfilment; and as such language learning should be viewed as a lifelong activity.
www1.fa.knaw.nl /mercator/regionale_dossiers/regional_dossier_slovenian_in_austria.htm   (11174 words)

 Foundation For Endangered Languages. Home
This attitude is brought to Austria together with the language of the country of origin and is confronted with the new majority's language German, and its social norms.
German monolingualism of Austrian Armenians is the consequence of acculturation and assimilation to the Austrian majority.
The language of the country of origin has taken the basilectal function (that Armenian should have) and is mostly the more emotional language or the language first acquired.
www.ogmios.org /45.htm   (2883 words)

 2005-2006 Austrian Program (Fall) — Center for International Education — CSB/SJU   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
As an undergrad he studied architecture and languages in Germany and at Saint John’s University, and in 1979 he was ordained to the priesthood with a Masters in Theology.
Overshadowed by the towering Untersberg (2000 meters high) and nearby alpine mountains, the city itself is couched between the smaller Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg, divided by the Salzach River, and dominated by the mighty fortress Hohensalzburg.
Language instruction is an integral part of the program, and previous language proficiency--one year of college level German or the equivalent is required--enhances the participant's opportunities to converse and progress in conversational skills.
www.csbsju.edu /internationaleducation/austrian/default1.htm   (2142 words)

 Language Study in Austria: Language Schools, Austrian International Language Study Programs from GoAbroad.com
ActiLingua is a full service language school for German as a Foreign Language which specializes in total immersion programs offering a wide range of course options.
International University Language Courses (German as a Foreign Language) in the beautiful landscape of Carinthia at the shores of the famous "Woerthersee".
Our German language school in Kitzbuhel is open throughout the year, staying open even over the Christmas period.
www.languageschoolsguide.com /Austria.cfm   (784 words)

 Edge Translation
Austrian German Adheres to the grammatical System of the German standard language and only differs in minor points.
Austrian standard language is a regional variety of German, Spoken in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Where communication with Germans is frequently difficult, and administrative and legal language, which is due to Austria's exclusion from the development of a German nation-state in the late 19th century and its manifold particular traditions.
www.edgetranslation.net /austrian1.htm   (349 words)

 LanguageServer - University of Graz
The LanguageServer is a project initiated and supported by the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz and is organised and implemented by the Department of Linguistics.
LLOW - Languages of the World organizes and describes languages of the world according to various parameters and criteria.
Vanishing Voices tries to present lesser used and known languages as well as languages or language varieties threatened by extinction in a playful way.
languageserver.uni-graz.at   (721 words)

 bm:bwk - heading1.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Currently the Austrian education system is about to be changed from a centralized administrative system determined by laws and regulations to a flexible, decentralized and autonomous system.
National (Austrian) versions of the ELP for various age groups are being developed by the Austrian Centre for Language Competence, as commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
The use of a foreign language as working language beginning in grade 5 means that the foreign language is used by teachers and students in other subjects like e.g.
www.bmbwk.gv.at /fremdsprachig/en/schools/heading1.htm4596.xml   (2499 words)

 Language Schools in Austria. Language resources directory
Language resources directory Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and many more language resources.
offers intensive german language courses and seminars and is an austrian language diploma examination center.
set in the heart of the austrian alps, you can ski in winter and enjoy the beauty of this area all year round.
www.searchlanguage.com /centers/language/german/austria   (391 words)

 Projekt "The role of language(s) in the discursive construction of Austrian identities"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Projekt "The role of language(s) in the discursive construction of Austrian identities"
The role of language(s) in the discursive construction of Austrian identities
Research on the importance of German as the national language, of Austrian German and minority languages for the discursive construction of Austrian identities
www.univie.ac.at /fodok/uso_navigate.project?pvProjID=20854   (67 words)

 Study Abroad & Cultural Immersion with Languages Abroad - Course Outline
We believe that teaching a language cannot be successful solely by routine and repetition but should be creative and communicative.
The following language functions are among those practised: asking the way; giving directions; asking for and giving information; discussing home and the household; describing people and their characters; defining shape, size and colour of objects; asking for and giving opinions; the working world; returning faulty goods to a shop.
The Austrian German Diploma (OSD), which is advocated by the Austrian state, boasts 120 examination centres in 30 countries and enjoys world wide recognition for its German as a foreign language examinations.
www.languagesabroad.com /countries/viennamethodology.html   (1843 words)

 German Language Schools. Learn German Worldwide.
The School was founded in 1981 and was accredited by the governmental body Campus Austria in 1990 as a language school of outstanding merit.
The German Language School in Vienna is accredited by Campus Austria as a language school with strict quality criteria recognised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education.
TestDaF is a language test for foreign students applying for entry or wishing to continue their studies at a German Universities and other institutions of higher education in Germany.
www.studyabroadinternational.com /file/Language_School_German.html   (753 words)

 Learn German Experience Vienna Language Courses
Language study trips to France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria.
ActiLingua offers top standards of language tuition combined with an attractive leisure programme and outstanding accommodation with host families, in appartments or in student residences.
The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is a school of Italian language and culture for foreigners, with a branch in Florence, in the shadow of Brunelleschi's great Dome, a branch in Roma near Piazza Navona, and a branch in Siena near the Piazza del Campo.
www.language-travel.org /learn-german/vienna.htm   (396 words)

 Can anyone teach me Austrian??   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
My grandma is from Austria, and I should learn Austrian because she promises me that before she dies she will travel one more time, and that place just might be Austria, her homeland.
Hey, you might know anyway, but there is no such language as "Austrian", they simply speak German as well.
Austrians don't say "Guten Tag" they say "Gruess Gott" (literally: God bless).
www.phrasebase.com /forum/read.php?TID=3050   (413 words)

 Learning German in Austria
To speak several languages is a must for young people desiring a career within our global society.
Just as esteemed professionalism characterises Austrian sportsmen and allows entrepreneurs to conquer risks, Austrian language schools are second to none.
The examination Austrian Language Diploma (basic level), can be taken after a relatively short time of studies and is internationally accepted as proof of some knowledge of German.
www.intstudy.com /articles/goethe.htm   (558 words)

Due to English being the primary language used in technology, it is imperative that countries teach English language skills in order to participate in IT.
Austrian students begin their language studies in grades three and four but 800 hours of English lessons are required to complete the pre-vocational year (in the United States this would be the final year in high school) (23).
The country received a score of 4.57 (score 1-7), which indicates that a certain number of Austrians are looking elsewhere to pursuing opportunities unavailable in Austria.
www.american.edu /initeb/mg0970a/Workforce.htm   (1192 words)

 Austria - Austrian Culture - Living in Austria - The German Way
Alternative Austrian Dictionary - If this dictionary were a movie, it would be rated R! American Forces in Austria: 1945-1955 - This is a fascinating look at the Austrian-American interaction that took place when the Allied Forces occupied Austria after WWII.
Austrian Radio and TV Blue Danube Radio - WAS an English-language Austrian radio station, part of ORF.
Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs - In English and German.
www.german-way.com /austria.html   (1068 words)

 Austrian Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Whether you would like your child to spend the summer with an Austrian host family in the beautiful countryside of the "Waldviertel" in Lower Austria, or at a youth camp in Carnuntum where the young people experience life as it was during Roman times, or a week of family-sing-along in Castle Hohenlehen.
PROGRAM: "The whole city is your classroom!" German language courses for adults (from age 18); for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners (7 different levels); all leisure activities are guided by our teachers; accommodation with Austrian families or in a student hotel.
Intensive German language instruction with conversation classes; lectures on Austrian literature, history, music, culture; excursions, folk singing and dancing; social activities towards developing mutual understanding between nations.
www.austria.org /march00/school2.html   (4554 words)

 English German Italian Slovene Spanish courses, Klagenfurt, Austria, German in Austria, University of Klagenfurt
German in Austria is the standard German language, as spoken in all German speaking language areas.
- texts by Austrian authors and the mass media reflect the cultural tradition of the Habsburg Monarchy and the language and culture of the modern republic.
They have knowledge of up-to-date methods of language teaching and use the most progressive teaching methods, regularly taking part in education and training seminars.
www.onestoplanguage.net /SchoolDetail.php?id=22   (278 words)

 Wiener Internationale Hochschulkurse - a German Language School in Vienna, Austria
German Language Diploma (Goethe Institut) and Austrian Language Diploma.
Look for a language school in the country where the language you want to study is actually spoken; check the website of the school, the number of levels offered, the location and the size of the school.
The 4-week language course in Vienna was a very rewarding experience.
www.orbislingua.com /wihok.htm   (349 words)

 Jump-Gate :: View topic - What about Austrian?
The Austrian dialects belong to High German which is also spoken in the south of Germany.
There is no Standard Austrian language per se and there are only minor changes in pronunciation and vocabulary when they speak Standard German.
Every Austrian learns Standard German at school and it is the means of the media and bureaucracy.
www.jump-gate.com /forum/viewtopic.php?p=3868   (624 words)

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