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Topic: Authoritarianism

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  Authoritarianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Authoritarianism describes a form of government characterized by strict obedience to the authority of the state, which often maintains and enforces social control through the use of oppressive measures.
In an authoritarian state, citizens are subject to state authority in many aspects of their lives, including many that other political philosophies would see as matters of personal choice.
According to proponents of the theory of totalitarianism, authoritarianism is distinguished from totalitarianism both in degree and scope, in that authoritarian administration or governance are less intrusive and, in the case of groups, not necessarily backed by the use of force.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Authoritarianism   (1088 words)

 Journal of American Indian Education-Arizona State University
The authoritarian syndrome may be closely related to some of the other dimensions, especially to status concern and conservatism, which were the dimensions of personality that followed authoritarianism in the degree of association with ethnic distance.
Considering authoritarianism as an intervening variable and utilizing the statistical device of the three-way table, the findings can be elaborated by studying the effect that the interjection of authoritarianism has on the relationship of each of the other variables to ethnic distance.
When authoritarianism was introduced as an intervening variable, the relationship between extrinsic belief and ethnic distance increased for those who were least prejudiced, but decreased for the medium and high prejudice categories, and authoritarianism increased the value of C when the three groups were combined (Table 5).
jaie.asu.edu /v2/V2S1fact.htm   (2019 words)

 Authoritarianism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The term authoritarianism is used to describe an organization or a state which enforces strong and sometimes oppressive measures against the population.
It is distinguished from totalitarianism both by degree and scope, authoritarian administration or governance being less intrusive and in the case of organizations not necessarily backed by the use of force.
The notion that authoritarian government is ultimately superior to democracy was part of the idea of Asian values, although it diminished somewhat after the Asian financial crisis of 1998.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Authoritarianism.html   (645 words)

 Authoritarianism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The term authoritarianism is used to describe an organization or a state which enforces strong and sometimes oppressive against the population.
It is distinguished from totalitarianism both by degree and scope authoritarian or governance being less intrusive and in case of organizations not necessarily backed by use of force.
The notion that authoritarian government is ultimately to democracy was part of the idea Asian values although it diminished somewhat after the Asian financial crisis of 1998.
www.freeglossary.com /Authoritarian   (794 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Authoritarianism
Political philosophy is the study of fundamental questions about the state, government, politics, liberty, property, rights, law and the enforcement of a legal code by authority: what they are, why they are needed, what makes a government legitimate, what rights and freedoms it should protect and why, what form it...
Authoritarianism is distinguished from totalitarianism both in degree and scope, authoritarian administration or governance being less intrusive and, in the case of groups, not necessarily backed by the use of force.
Anti-authoritarianism is opposition to authoritarianism, which is defined as "concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people" or the doctrine that advocates such absolutism in rule, as in autocracy, despotism, dictatorship, and totalitarianism.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Authoritarianism   (3211 words)

 University Press of Florida: Authoritarianism and Corporatism in Latin America--Revisited
Deeply ingrained within Latin American culture and social structure, corporatism and authoritarianism are practiced today in public bureaucracy, labor relations, a variety of public policy programs, the laws and legal systems, and by such regimes and leaders as Alberto Fujimori of Peru, Hugh Chávez of Venezuela, and Vicente Fox of Mexico.
Political life is strung out on a continuum, or a number of continua, between authoritarianism and democracy, between statism and liberty, between corporatism and free associability.
The Persistence of Authoritarianism and Corporatism in the Andes: The Case of Peru, by David Scott Palmer
www.upf.com /book.asp?id=WIARDS03   (546 words)

 Authoritarianism in The Church
Second, the sin of authoritarianism exists when pastors and other office holders usurp the Lordship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people by deciding the will of God for them where Scripture is silent.
Perhaps, some of the time, authoritarian shepherds are God's chastening rods on the backs of idol-worshipping, men-pleasing, unbelieving sheep who will not have God to be their God but who substitute a mere creature in His place (cf.
Pastors guilty of authoritarianism would do well to preach to themselves and their flocks an extended series on 1 Corinthians 13, Philippians 2, the Sermon on the Mount, or John 10.
www.founders.org /FJ15/article3.html   (3178 words)

 USS Clueless -- What are we fighting for?
Many (though not all) authoritarian leaders genuinely believe that what they are doing is for the benefit of their people.
Authoritarian regimes come into conflict because their political philosophy ultimately excludes all other systems except their own, even excluding other Authoritarian regimes.
Authoritarian regimes have always recognized that the existence of Free nations elsewhere was a threat to the Authoritarian system.
www.denbeste.nu /essays/whyfight.shtml   (3434 words)

 Authoritarianism and Its Discontents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It is one thing to propose authoritarian rule as a phase in the transition from totalitarianism to democracy intended to reduce the sacrifices made by the majority.
They gave us politics as usual, seemingly unaware that an authoritarian regime was on the rise in Russia and that voters were fed up with empty rhetoric.
As the current authoritarian and bureaucratic regime consolidates its control of the country, acting in the interests of corrupt officials and their friends in big business, the demand for social justice will only grow.
www2.gwu.edu /~ieresgwu/AuthoritarianismandItsDiscontents.htm   (1404 words)

 Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.
Authoritarianism, a contemporary term for despotism, favors authority over individual freedom and specifically relates to governance in which the individual's rights are subordinated to the interests of the group, state, or institution.
The forces of authoritarianism are ubiquitous and pervasive in a panoply of institutions and groups of all kinds.
Authoritarianism substitutes faith and conformity for reasoned persuasion preferring to resort to censorship, denial, and manipulation instead of argument and dialog.
www.mikuriya.com /sp_authority.html   (8648 words)

 Definition of authoritarianism
Authoritarianism generally presumes to know Truth, with a capital...
This notion of developmental authoritarianism is a central justification for the rule of the [[...
Sarit justified his authoritarianism in two ways: he argued for a return to Thai tradi...
www.wordiq.com /search/authoritarianism.html   (287 words)

Authoritarianism and liberty is an introductory document to the logic of human organisations...
Authoritarianism and liberty is an introductory document to the logic of human...
Authoritarianism Two of the key principals of Humanism are: the "extension of participatory...
www.logicjungle.com /wiki/Authoritarianism   (249 words)

 PANCA: People Against Nazism, Communism, and Authoritarianism
are opposed to all forms of dictatorial and authoritarian government, and to those who advocate the imposition of such government.
Modern authoritarianism is not so likely to come dressed in red shirts or in brown shirts, but is more likely to come in the form of those who wear business suits, with close ties to government institutions and big business.
Whilst we are against Nazism, Communism, and Authoritarianism, it should be noted that we are not against the freedom of speech of their advocates.
www.angelfire.com /planet/panca/index.html   (298 words)

 Violence... The story so far » Authoritarianism - Road to Peace
Authoritarian aggression is characterised by an aggressive attitude towards individuals or groups disliked by authorities, and authoritarian submission is submission to authorities and authority figures.
Most authoritarians are basically good people and lead productive lives in pursuits where their particular rigid styles are appropriate in professions such as accounting, the military, and medicine.
Authoritarianism is not ethnicity speaking, nor is it religion.
www.roadtopeace.org /research.php?itemid=108&catid=39   (3265 words)

 Authoritarianism. - Political Science - What's Been Published
Transitions from authoritarianism : the role of the bureaucracy / edited by Randall Baker.
From dictatorship to democracy : coping with the legacies of authoritarianism and totalitarianism / edited by John H. Herz.
Authoritarianism, fascism, and national populism / Gino Germani.
www.pitbossannie.com /rps-j-authoritarianism.html   (602 words)

 authoritarianism and liberty
The labelling as right and left had its origins in 18th century France [1], but that was over two hundred years ago, and in a smaller and less complicated society.
Thus libertarian societies have much wider options than dogmatic authoritarian ones, while their concerns are merely to resist the various straight-jackets that authoritarians would impose.
Authoritarians invariably have their own preferential fashion or dogma, usually of an irrationalist nature.
www.abelard.org /briefings/authoritarianism-liberty.asp   (959 words)

 Content Pages of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Science
The term authoritarianism became one of the most famous in social psychology through a huge research effort on the part of T. Adorno and others (1950) after World War II that focused on explaining how the German people could have allowed and participated in the Holocaust that killed over 6 million Jews.
Efforts to explain virulent anti-Semitism focused on the concept of authoritarianism, and a measure of authoritarianism called the "F-scale" came to be perhaps the most used such instrument in all of personality research.
Authoritarianism was thought to be related to general prejudice and ethnocentrism as well as to certain lifestyles and belief systems.
hirr.hartsem.edu /ency/Authoritarianism.htm   (319 words)

 Attitudes Concerning Religion: Relationships Among Fundamentalism, Authoritarianism, Racism, and Homosexual Prejudice - ...
Fundamentalism was positively correlated with authoritarianism, which in turn was positively correlated with racism and homosexual prejudice.
Significant differences of denominational category were found for authoritarianism and homosexual prejudice within the conservative denominational category.
Authoritarian tendency and selectivity bias are discussed as possible explanations for these results.
www.psichi.org /pubs/articles/article_237.asp   (174 words)

A nearly opposite authoritarian mechanism is sometimes seen in those who, rather than submit to authority, attempt to become the authority.
Both the masochistic and sadistic forms of authoritarianism solve the problem of the burden of freedom by annihilating the individual self.
Teachers, parents, and others involved with the socialization of students should be aware of the phenomenon and processes of authoritarianism and it's potentially adverse effects upon the individual and society.
www.technopsych.com /authoritarian.htm   (694 words)

 Authoritarianism in The Church
Today's authoritarian shepherds seem to fall prey to one or more of the following sins as they exercise their ministry.
Usually the idolatrous sin of control is accompanied by a wrathful, berating, anxiety-producing spirit as the authoritarian leader will tolerate no loose atoms in their personal universe of control (cf.
Prayerlessness: authoritarian pastors do not rely upon prayer for their people as a primary instrument ordained by God for the edification of His people.
www.batteredsheep.com /authoritarianism.html   (3147 words)

 AUTHORITARIANISM, RACISM AND ANARCHOCAPITALISM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Eckhardt's claim that authoritarians are punitive, however, simply shows that he is not up-to-date with the literature.
Ray, J.J. Half of all authoritarians are Left-wing: A reply to Eysenck and Stone.
Christian conservatives in particular do have a record of attempts to impose their moral standards on others that I, like all libertarians, heartily reject but I think that such impositions are small beer compared to the all-embracing control that Leftists wish upon us.
jonjayray.tripod.com /anarch.html   (3240 words)

 AUTHORITARIANISM IS LEFTIST, NOT RIGHTIST   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Such a thought is, however, very authoritarian and completely at odds with all the civilities and respect for human rights of a modern-day democracy and to admit to it would entail an admission of complete incoherence of thought.
Studies of well-educated samples show Rightists as strongly authoritarian if you use the F scale to measure authoritarianism and another scale to measure Rightism (Adorno et al, 1950) but if you use Altemeyer's RWA scale and vote as the respective criteria, there is essentially no connection between authoritarianism and Rightism.
It might be argued that studying authoritarian attitudes in general population samples drawn from any of the Western democracies is a fundamentally irrelevant exercise.
jonjayray.tripod.com /leftauth.html   (15231 words)

 Beyond Authoritarianism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But, as they began to pull the thread of authoritarianism, "much of the fabric of civilization began to unravel." While most people associate authoritarianism with dictatorial political systems, the authors find it embedded in religion, morality, the family, and sexual relations, everywhere subtly informing worldviews and values.
In the authoritarian relationship, even though common goals may be endlessly articulated, the primary task is actually the maintenance of power.
"Their authoritarianism is not in specific rules, but in a more generalized abstract rule that states [that]; the more selfless one is the better, supported by a more abstract force, karma, to ensure that everyone gets what they deserve."
www.thewellspring.com /Journal/authors/gurusynopsis.html   (2801 words)

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