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Topic: Automotive aerodynamics

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In the News (Mon 18 Jun 18)

  Aerodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aerodynamics is a branch of fluid dynamics concerned with the study of forces and gas flows.
The aerodynamics of internal passages is important in heating/ventilation, gas piping, and in automotive engines where detailed flow patterns strongly affect the performance of the engine.
Aerodynamic problems are solved using the conservation laws, or equations derived from the conservation laws.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aerodynamics   (1205 words)

 R&T - Technology Update: Automotive Aerodynamics (6/2002)
Aerodynamic development of a new BMW is an iterative process, with priorities given to rear regions, underbodies, wheel housings and cooling airflow, in that order.
Like the airflow sensors in automotive fuel injection systems, this one uses hot wires, three that are mutually perpendicular to get an extremely accurate x-y-z plot of the localized flow.
The car's rotating wheels are mounted independently; this, to isolate their belt-driven forces from primary aerodynamic measurements.
www.roadandtrack.com /article.asp?section_id=17&article_id=223&page_number=3   (525 words)

 BEng (Hons) Single Honours Automotive Engineering; MEng Automotive Engineering | Oxford Brookes University
As well as studying automotive aerodynamics and automotive engines, you will be able to choose from a range of optional modules.
More and more students are taking up this option, as they recognise the benefit of obtaining industrial experience, consolidating their understanding of the automotive engineering industry and being able to apply their knowledge in an industrial environment.
Automotive Engineering at Brookes has been assessed by HEFCE as being of approved quality and excellent in several areas.
www.brookes.ac.uk /undergraduate/courses/automotive   (1080 words)

 Imp Aerodynamics
The aerodynamic point of pressure (A) is the spot where the transverse force seizes - the wind that tries to blow the car off course.
An aerodynamic bodykit for the Hillman Imp /
Chapters on aerodynamic forces and terms, performance testing, airfoils and wings, and aerodynamics of the complete vehicle offer explanations, relevant equations, numerous bandw photos and diagrams, and examples of historically important and current designs.
www.imps4ever.info /tech/aero.html   (1728 words)

 Automotive E-coat Paint Process Simulation Using FEA
It is well known that the layout of the anodes and the automotive body have a significant impact on the overall electrical resistance of the system, and thus the amount of current that must be delivered.
E-coat paint as it is used in automotive plants is very different from electrostatic paint applications where extremely high voltages and very small electrical currents are used to apply top coats to conductive wares.
The automotive body is designed by an individual or team that is principally responsible for strength and rigidity as well as minimization of vibration or harmonics.
www.algor.com /news_pub/tech_white_papers/e-coat_paint_process   (6981 words)

 DaimlerChrysler - Home - Special Reports - The Mercedes-Benz Bionic Car as a Concept Vehicle - The Boxfish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
The angular outside contours of the living model were adapted in the area of the roof and side skirts, as was the prominent, descending rear end with its heavily scalloped sides and pronounced wedge shape.
In doing this they were disobeying important principles in automotive aerodynamics, and were all the more surprised at the results: the Cd value for the car was 0.095.
In aerodynamic terms it was just as good as the shape as measured on the ground considered ideal by aerodynamics specialists (Cd 0.09).
www.daimlerchrysler.com /dccom/0,,0-5-7154-1-503504-1-0-0-503518-0-0-8-10736-0-0-0-0-0-0-0,00.html   (646 words)

 Aerodynamics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Aerodynamics is the branch of dynamics that treats of the motion of air (and other gaseous fluids) and of the forces acting on solids in motion relative to such fluids.
Aerodynamics falls into velocity ranges, depending upon whether the velocity is below or above the local speed of sound in the fluid.
The hypersonic regime is that speed range usually in excess of five times the speed of sound.
www.osci.ttu.edu /ME_Dept/Research/aerodynamics.htmld   (115 words)

 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering : George, Albert
Professor George's research is primarily concerned with the aerodynamics of aircraft and ground vehicles.
Aeroacoustic noise mechanisms and the aerodynamic performance and design of aircraft, automobiles, and fans are particularly emphasized.
A continuing project concerns aerodynamics and aerodynamic noise or "wind noise" in passenger automobiles.
www.mae.cornell.edu /index.cfm/page/fac/george.htm   (424 words)

 CDS - New Trans Am Consultants
Automotive Aerodynamics, located in Cornelius, N.C., will serve as a consultant on all aerodynamic matters pertinent to the Trans-Am Series.
The firm, which specializes in wind tunnel testing, computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamics research, is being brought on board as part of the Trans-Am Series’ continuing commitment to achieving aerodynamic parity between its car models.
Automotive Aerodynamics’ first order of business will be a review of all wind tunnel data collected by the series in 2001 and 2002, for purposes of assessing equity in the testing.
www.competitiondata.com /press_releases/press_02.htm   (679 words)

 Ground Effect   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
The effect that wings can have on automotive aerodynamics was not noticed until much later when racing car designers stated to use inverted wings to create downforce and enable higher cornering speeds.
Although some of these interesting topics arise because of either new aerodynamic concepts or new measurement systems, there is still misinterpretation in fundamental mechanisms of ground effect aerodynamics due to incorrect models, boundary conditions, or simulations.
Before the development of the experimental facilities in the ground effect aerodynamics laboratory, a detailed investigation was conducted of the specific conditions needed for accurate and reliable ground effect simulations.
cfd.mech.unsw.edu.au /staff/Tracie/research_projects/ground_effect.htm   (372 words)

 [No title]
Auto Aerodynamics 101 by Dan Jones It's been over a decade since I had my aerodynamics courses (basic aerodynamics, gas dynamics, fluid flow, and boundary layer theory), so I probably remember just enough to be dangerous.
While this is an aerodynamically efficient shape for a supersonic transport, it is not an efficient shape for a subsonic one.
The point is that aerodynamics is a complex field of study and it takes a well educated eye not be misled.
www.mustangsandmore.com /ubb/DanJonesAerodynamics.html   (4164 words)

One goal for the teams who design solar cars, is to achieve extremely low aerodynamic drag while still maintaining a suitable surface for the solar cells and adequate space for the driver and the other components.
One objective of aerodynamic studies is the design of shapes that offer the least resistance to the flow of air.
Aerodynamics engineers study the way in which air flows around objects, but it is still somewhat a fl art.
www.speedace.info /solar_car_bodywork.htm   (1542 words)

 Automotive and Motor Sport Engineering BEng, MEng - City University London   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
The automotive industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in the modern economy and City recognises the industry requirement for well-trained personnel in automotive engineering.
Students taking this programme are expected to become competent in all areas of automotive engineering, including engine flow and combustion, exhaust emission, after-treatment, transmission and external aerodynamics.
In the third and fourth years of the programme, the engineering subjects focus on automotive and motorsport engineering through topics such as automotive project management; chassis engineering; automotive materials; powertrain engineering; internal combustion engines; engine control and management; car suspension, braking and steering mechanics; vehicle aerodynamics; and automotive CAD/CAM/CAE using CATIA.
www.city.ac.uk /ugrad/engineering/motorsport.html   (536 words)

 Car Aerodynamics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
After looking at the forces that play the greatest role in determining a car's efficiency, it can be said that the shape of the car and its aerodynamics are of the utmost importance in design.
The mission of the carmaker is to build a car to the limits of the aerodynamics in a way that can be mass produced.
The aerodynamics of vehicles have been studied since the 1920s and 1930s.
www.hearlihy.com /RDAuto/CarAero.htm   (172 words)

 Automotive Engineering degree - Coventry University
Automotive Engineering is designed to meet the needs of a main vehicle manufacturer or a supply-chain company.
You will learn specialist automotive subjects alongside modern design methods including computer-aided design, together with mechanical science, mathematics, material science, and manufacturing methods.
Throughout, we teach in a problem-based environment and encourage you to develop the skills and attitudes needed to work effectively in an up-to-date multi-disciplinary team.
www.coventry.ac.uk /courses/undergraduate-full-time-a-z/a/414   (451 words)

 Links to Automotive Aerodynamics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Aerodynamics has always been an important aspect of automotive design and, because of the technical sophistication required, is likely to be the least understood.
Some of the earliest serious efforts at aerodynamics were made by Jim Hall on his Chaparral series of cars and the wings added to the Formula 1 cars of the late 1960's.
Mike Fuller has a history of sports car racing which serves as a very nice history of sports car aerodynamics.
www.fluidmech.net /msc/auto_a.htm   (138 words)

 GM Fuel Economy - Reducing Emissions: GM Applies Computer, Lab and Road Testing Expertise To Improve Vehicle Fuel ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Engine friction, aerodynamic drag and the transmission contribute to the greatest energy losses on combined EPA cycle testing, comprising of nearly 60 percent of the mechanical energy.
Every GM vehicle undergoes rigorous mathematical analysis and physical testing in the world’s largest automotive aerodynamics lab to optimize aerodynamic shape development, cooling airflow and wind noise reduction.
For example, the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe received an eight percent reduction in aerodynamic drag over the previous model yields a three percent improvement in fuel economy, positioning the vehicle as having the best fuel economy, as well aerodynamic drag, in its class.
www.gm.com /automotive/fueleconomy/veh_eff_111805.html   (1124 words)

 Aerospace Dynamics MSc
Environmental issues will ensure that aerodynamic refinement will dominate the next generation of civil transport aircraft and, as a result, place even greater emphasis on flight control and flight dynamic aspects.
Increasingly, skills in these areas are in demand in related sectors like automotive, environmental, energy and medicine.
Recent topics include transonic cavity flow control; flapping and rotary wing aerodynamics; stereoscopic PIV and multi-point laser Doppler methods; test techniques for automotive aerodynamics; active boundary layer control for high lift systems; synthetic jet vortex generators, and ground vehicle aerodynamic stability in crosswinds.
www.drive.cranfield.ac.uk /cfml/course.cfm?id=13   (545 words)

 Fluent NEWS - Fall2002 - Visions of the Future: Automotive CFD
Like many users of CFD in the automotive industry we use CAD geometries that are either given to us or that we create ourselves.
AB: Three or four years ago we saw a sudden mushrooming of the use of CFD in the automotive industry as it moved out of the research and development departments and into the design process.
Another big area for the future is what we call “co-simulation” where, for example, in the field of aero-acoustics, automotive CFD aerodynamics departments will predict noise levels for a given automotive design.
www.fluent.com /about/news/newsletters/02v11i2/a5.htm   (1622 words)

 Fluent NEWS - Fall 1998 - Best-Practice Methodology for Automotive Aerodynamics
The prediction of external aerodynamics has been one of the most challenging automotive CFD applications.
A small series of strategic adaptions usually is sufficient to yield wind tunnel accuracy with only a modest increase in cell count and total CPU-time.
While the basic building blocks of a successful methodology can be summarized as above, Fluent staff have expended considerable effort to define and refine what constitutes best-practice for automotive external aerodynamics.
www.fluent.com /about/news/newsletters/98v7i2/a14.htm   (432 words)

 Design of new Mercedes-Benz bionic car inspired by fish body shape
During tests in the wind tunnel, a drag coefficient of 0.095 — a previously unprecedented value in automotive engineering — was measured for this clay model.
In addition to superb aerodynamics and a lightweight construction concept derived from nature, the 103 kW/140-hp diesel engine and innovative SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) greatly contribute to fuel economy and a further reduction in exhaust emissions.
The boxfish, the aerodynamic model for the concept car, is also a prime example of rigidity and light weight.
news.mongabay.com /2005/0710-DaimlerChrysler.html   (3058 words)

 ficoa catalog
list $12; direct $9.28 postpaid in the U.S.A. The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook (a review of and extensive description of) and reviews of other automotive aerodynamics books of interest to engineers, designers, and those interested in aerodynamic performance, economics, and power requirements of land vehicles of all types.
The standard reference handbook and self-teaching text using a practical engineering approach to basic aerodynamics to all types of land vehicles.
Covers the theoretical bases of aerodynamics, drag, power, shapes, lift, stability, and downforce as applied to racing vehicles.
www.politicalbookreviews.com /ficoa_catalog.htm   (847 words)

 Automotive Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Automotive designers must take into consideration what the car will be used for and how it will be used.
Finally, they use a wind tunnel to test the aerodynamics of their concept car.
Develop an understanding of automotive aerodynamics and wind tunnel fundamentals
schools.shorelineschools.org /Kellogg/visions/autodesign.html   (322 words)

 August, 1995
Katz, J. and Largman, R., "Experimental Study of the Aerodynamic Interaction Between an Enclosed-Wheel Racing-Car and its Rear Wing," ASME J. of Fluids Engineering, Vol.
Ashley, H., Katz, J., Jarrah, M.A. and Vaneck,T., "Unsteady Aerodynamic Loading of Delta Wings for Low and High Angles of Attack," Proceeding of the International Symposium on Nonsteady Fluid Dynamics, ASME FED-Vol.
Katz, J. and Schiff, L.B., "Modeling of the Aerodynamic Response to Arbitrary Aircraft Maneuvers - A Numerical Validation," presented at the Atmospheric Flight Dynamics Conf., Seattle, WA, Aug.
engineering.sdsu.edu /jdp/katz.html   (3056 words)

 Faculty Profile - Joseph Katz Resume
Katz J., and Dykstra, L., "Application of Computational Methods to the Aerodynamic Development of a Prototype Race-Car," SAE Paper 942498, P-287, pp.
Katz, J., "Aerodynamics and Possible Alleviation of Top-Fuel Dragster 'Blow-Over'," SAE paper No. 96-2519, presented at the SAE 2nd Int.
Vest M., and Katz J., "Aerodynamics of a Flapping-Wing Micro UAV," AIAA 99-0994, presented at the AIAA 37th Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Reno, NV, Jan.
www.engineering.sdsu.edu /aerospace/faculty/katz_resume.html   (583 words)

 Automotive industry CFD application overview, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+
It’s official: CD-adapco’s CFD solutions are top in the Automotive Industry (read article).
With CFD methods now firmly established as a development tool for the prediction of the aerodynamic forces acting on a vehicle, the use of CFD for predicting the soiling characteristics...
As a high quality supplier of HVAC systems to the automotive industry, Behr has developed an accurate methodology for predicting thermal comfort of passengers...
www.cd-adapco.com /applications/automotive.html   (354 words)

 Research - Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering - Loughborough University - Postgraduate Prospectus 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Focus is on developing low-noise and low-vibration aircraft and road vehicles by achieving better understanding of the processes of generation and propagation of elastic and acoustic waves in automotive and aeronautical structures and systems.
Advanced instrumentation techniques are developed and applied in purpose-built wind and water tunnels for investigation of aeronautical and automotive aerodynamics problems.
The group is focused on the use and development of advanced dynamics and control techniques in the areas of automotive, aeronautical and aerospace engineering.Working closely with industry, recent research has involved novel applications of existing techniques, and the development of new methods for simulation, dynamic analysis and advanced control.
www.lboro.ac.uk /prospectus/pg2005/tt/research   (729 words)

 Legends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Jim's experiments with automotive aerodynamics not only changed the racing world, but significantly changed the way passenger autos were designed.
He was among the first to use composite fiber in construction and was not only the owner, builder and engineer, but was a world class driver himself.
During the Chaparral's heyday, he was the chief nemisis and competitor, but through it all he has been a friend of Jim Hall.
www.biggolddog.com /chaparral5.htm   (237 words)

 BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering | Oxford Brookes University
In the final year you will study specialised automotive engineering and motorsport subjects, including aerodynamics, automotive engines and technology, motorsport vehicle performance and chassis engineering.
More and more students are taking up this option, as they recognise the benefit of obtaining industrial experience, consolidating their understanding of the automotive, motorsport and engineering industry, and being able to apply their knowledge in an industrial environment.
Related courses such as the Automotive Engineering course at Brookes have been assessed by HEFCE as being of approved quality and excellent in several areas.
www.brookes.ac.uk /undergraduate/courses/motorsport_beng   (1038 words)

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