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Topic: Autumn equinox

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  San Francisco Shamans: Autumn Equinox
We shift to the lunar circle during the autumn equinox.
Autumn is about retrieving the spirit of the child-god from the unconscious, before death.
Therefore, Mabon or autumn equinox has been built upon the foundations of Lughnassadh, and prepares members for the next season, Samhuin.
www.shamans-sf.org /calendar/autumn_equinox.html   (581 words)

 MAG - Quarter & Cross Quarter Days - Autumn Equinox
In the cycle of manifestation of, say, an idea, the Autumn Equinox is point where the idea has become manifest, has grown through fertilization and the nurturing of Mother Nature, and is now more than ready for harvest.
Equinox means "equal night," and anywhere on the Earth, given a level horizon, the Sun rises due East, and sets due West.
The Autumn Equinox is one of the Four Quarter Days of the year.
www.geomancy.org /astronomy/quarter-cross-quarter/autumn-equinox   (1131 words)

  Autumnal Equinox
At the autumnal equinox (Sept. 23, 2007, 5:51
The vernal equinox, also known as “the first point of Aries,” is the point at which the sun appears to cross the celestial equator from south to north.
The equinoxes are not fixed points on the celestial sphere but move westward along the ecliptic, passing through all the constellations of the zodiacin 26,000 years.
www.infoplease.com /spot/equinox1.html   (252 words)

  Autumn Equinox - Mabon
The Autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere occurs between September 22 - September 24, varying slightly each year according to the 400-year cycle of leap years in the Gregorian Calendar.
It is celebrated on the autumn equinox, which in the northern hemisphere is circa September 21 and in the southern hemisphere is circa March 21.
The autumn equinox was not celebrated in Celtic countries, while all that is known about Anglo-Saxon customs of that time was that September was known as haleg-monath or 'holy month'.
www.crystalinks.com /autumn.html   (2286 words)

 Autumn Equinox 2006 | Mabon | First Day of Fall | Harvest | Pagan Holiday | Foliage | Celebration | Ritual   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Fall Equinox is the first day of fall and signifies the start of shorter days and longer nights in the Northern Hemisphere.
The Autumn Equinox is also known as the Pagan holiday, Mabon.
On the Autumn Equinox, food, such as dried vegetables, is offered back to the Earth in a gesture of thanks for all that the Earth has supplied in the past season.
www.kidzworld.com /article/2526-autumn-equinox   (277 words)

  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Autumn equinox   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In astronomy, is the equinox at the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere: the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading southward; The equinox occurs around September 22-24, varying slightly each year according to the 400 year cycle of leap years in the Gregorian Calendar.
In the southern hemisphere, the equinox occurs at the same moment, but at the beginning of spring.
There are two conventions for dealing with this: either the name of the equinox can be changed to the vernal equinox, or (apparently more commonly) the name is unchanged and it is accepted that it is out of sync with the season.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/au/Autumn_equinox   (213 words)

 American Spirit Newspaper - Spiritual Rights Foundation
The Autumn Equinox is the counterpoint to the Spring Equinox.
The Equinoxes are the two days out of the whole year when the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight, and the days and nights are the same length.
Because the Autumn Equinox happens during the time of year when people generally slow down, it is a great time to get rid of all the excess baggage before New Years so we can start anew with a clean slate.
www.americanspiritnews.com /AgSp98/TheFallIsUponUs.html   (899 words)

 BBC - Wiltshire Weather - The Autumnal Equinox - the end of summer
The sun is directly overhead, on the autumn equinox, at the equator and if the earth was a perfect sphere, there would be 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.
The occurrence of the autumn equinox and its counterpoint the vernal (or spring) equinox (around March 21st) is a consequence of the Earth’s movement around the sun.
The vernal equinox sees the sun crossing the celestial equator whilst the summer solstice is the point at which the sun is over the Tropic of Cancer.
www.bbc.co.uk /wiltshire/weather/autumnal_equinox.shtml   (408 words)

 *Ø*  Wilson's Almanac free daily ezine | Book of Days | September 22 | Autumn Equinox Northern Hemisphere Ben ...
In ancient Egypt, the Autumn festival commemorated the grief of Isis at her loss and her joy with the rediscovery of Osiris, her husband, and Horus, her son.
Autumn Equinox was a time of Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt, of the Moon, of springs and brooks, of the country and forest, chastity and of child-birth.
Autumn Equinox is the time when village elders gathered food and grain and at night left it at the doors of the poor to ensure that they would have food for the coming winter:
www.wilsonsalmanac.com /book/sep22.html   (3456 words)

 Autumnal Equinox -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
The date (near September 22 in the northern hemisphere) when night and day are nearly of the same length and Sun crosses the celestial equator (i.e., declination 0) moving southward (in the northern hemisphere).
In the southern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox corresponds to the center of the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving northward and occurs on the date of the northern vernal equinox.
The dates of maximum tilt of the Earth's equator correspond to the summer solstice and winter solstice, and the dates of zero tilt to the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox.
scienceworld.wolfram.com /astronomy/AutumnalEquinox.html   (304 words)

 Astrology on the Web: The Equinoxes
The Vernal Equinox is the time when the Sun reaches the balancing point in its path through the zodiac.
It happens in 2007 on March 21 (00:09 UT – but bear in mind that the Equinox is a day and a night, a phase not a moment), marked in the Christian Calendar by the Festival of the Annunciation of the Virgin (Lady Day) on March 25.
The word equinox means "equal night": the duration of the day being equal to that of the night, an event which occurs but twice a year, the one marking the astrological beginning of spring and the other the ending of summer.
www.astrologycom.com /equinox.html   (1033 words)

 Fall Equinox celebrations of Christianity, Pagans, Neopagans, etc.
The Fall Equinox is also known as: Alban Elfed, Autumn Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, Cornucopia, Feast of Avilon, Festival of Dionysus, Harvest Home, Harvest Tide, Mabon, Night of the Hunter, Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, Witch's Thanksgiving, and the first day of autumn.
..the Spring and Autumn Equinox is observed as the six-day celebration the Higan-e.
It is thought that the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, being the most temperate times of the year, are ideal moments to reflect on the meaning of life.
www.religioustolerance.org /fall_equinox.htm   (2644 words)

 Autumn Equinox
The Autumnal Equinox is the day when both night and day are the same length.
The Autumnal Equinox occurs once a year when the sun crosses over the celestial equator moving south into the northern hemisphere.
At the start of the Autumnal Equinox, you should take some time to reflect on the bounty of your hard work, give thanks for the blessings that you have, and make preparations for the coming winter months.
www.amerindea.com /autumn-equinox.html   (285 words)

 Times & Tides - Autunm Equinox
The Autumn Equinox is a minor festival and is celebrated at sunset.
Every year at the Autumn Equinox, I ask myself what I have received from each Element.
The Autumn Equinox corresponds to the Western point of the Circle, and that is where I place my altar.
www.firetree.net /wheel/TimesAndTides/Festivals/autumnequinox.html   (657 words)

 Autumnal Equinox
An equinox is one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator and ecliptic intersect.
the Sun passes an equinox, the lengths of the day and night everywhere on Earth are equal, that is 12 hours.
Autumn colors include the frequency of the color orange and a lighter version of that frequency is
www.dnaalchemy.com /Autumnal_Equinox.html   (479 words)

 Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon by Llewellyn Publications
Autumn Equinox - The Enchantment of Mabon shows you how you can make the most of this time of year - imbuing sacredness, fun and creativity in both solitary and group celebrations.
Although Autumn Equinox - The Enchantment of Mabon is geared towards Wiccans and Pagans, the author's engaging prose, creative tips, and witty insights weave a bewitching autumnal spell-luring in even non-Wiccans like myself.
Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year, so I reveled in Dugan's enthusiasm as she shared personal stories, practical and sacred rituals, and harvest customs and legends.
www.floridakeysphotos.us /stuff-0738706248.html   (1627 words)

 New Science: A Change of Season (9/20/01)
It is the first day of autumn north of the equator, and the first day of spring in the southern half of the world.
Only this change is the first day of spring north of the equator, and the start of autumn to the south.
The color of the autumn leaf depends on which of the pigments is most plentiful in the leaf.
liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov /News/2001/News-AutumnalEquinox.asp   (787 words)

 UTS - Interfaith Seminary - Autumn Equinox at the Peace Sanctuary at UTS
Autumn Equinox at the Peace Sanctuary at UTS
On Sunday, Sept. 23rd a group of volunteers celebrated the Autumn Equinox by donning gardening gloves and working on several "beautification" projects in the Peace Garden.
In the evening the labyrinth was candlelit and people participated in the meditative walk, connecting with the rhythms of the earth and the new autumn season.
www.uts.edu /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=399&Itemid=1   (274 words)

 SPACE.com -- The Equinox Error: The Fallacy of Fall's Arrival
In fact, the term "equinox" means "equal night," signifying that the period of night should equal the period of daytime, and since the day is 24 hours long, we should have 12 hours of each.
Thus on the day of the equinox the theoretical period of sunlight is 12 hours, but because of this refraction or bending of sunlight around the horizon, the apparent day is longer.
So the equinox occurs on the 22nd, but the days with 12 hours of sunshine come 3 or 4 days later.
www.space.com /spacewatch/060922_equinox.html   (681 words)

 autumn equinox rituals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some are autumn equinox rituals blogs; others resemble newsletters or columns.
Although most early autumn equinox rituals weblogs were manually updated, tools to automate the maintenance of such sites made them accessible to a much larger population, and the use of some sort of browser-based software is now a typical aspect of autumn equinox rituals "blogging".
you can delete all of the existing autumn equinox rituals related messages that are here and write your own.
autumn-equinox-rituals.fallblogs.com   (1025 words)

 Isis Books & Gifts - Free Wiccan Pagan Article: Wheel of the Year - Mabon/Autumn Equinox
Mabon (Harvest Home, Autumn Equinox) is a celebration of Thanksgiving for the blessings and abundance of the year, for the food, clothing and shelter which sustains us now and will continue to sustain us through the quiet, dark months of Winter.
Mabon is particularly sacred to Cerridwen, water oriented Goddess of Autumn, to whom was entrusted the guardianship of the Seeds of the future and the arts of Prophesy.
She is able to look into the mysteries of the dark of winter and of the Otherworld.
www.isisbooks.com /mabon-autumn-equinox.asp   (739 words)

 You Grow Girl | Autumn Equinox
Todays' celebrations find a place for many crops that are historical symbols of autumn: sheaves of corn and wheat, grapes and wine, gourds, dried leaves, rattles, horns of plenty, seeds and nuts, apple cider, squash, pumpkins.
In Japan, Autumn Equinox Day is a national holiday marking the change of seasons and paying respects to the dead.
Buddists celebrate equality on the equinox, the time of the year when day and night are of equal length.
www.yougrowgirl.com /explore/autumn_equinox.php   (529 words)

 The Equinox   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sun in the sky during the Spring and Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere.
On the Spring Equinox the Sun rises exactly in the east travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the west.
On the Equinox this is the motion of the Sun through the sky for everyone on earth.
solar.physics.montana.edu /YPOP/Classroom/Lessons/Sundials/equinox.html   (150 words)

 Secular Seasons
The Autumnal Equinox is one of two days in the calendar year when day and night hours are almost equal to one another; it is also the first day of Autumn, or Fall (September 23-24), in the Gregorian calendar.
The Autumnal Equinox is almost exactly halfway between the winter and summer solstices, and in the sky the sun appears about midway between its highest and lowest points.
For freethinkers the Autumnal Equinox is a great time to celebrate the lives of those who contributed to the freethought movement, be they atheist, agnostic, humanist, or rationalist.
www.secularseasons.org /september/autumn_equinox.html   (772 words)

 Autumn Equinox Wines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Autumn Equinox September 22, 2004 Autumn Equinox, Fall, Second Harvest, Mabon, all names libations to trees.
Animals associated with the Autumn Equinox are dogs, wolves and birds of prey baked squash.
the rest of the year from midsummer to the autumn equinox, 20 June to 20 September.
www.goto-wine.com /Autumn-Equinox-Wines.html   (246 words)

 autumn equinox Information Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We have worked hard to make sure that autumn equinox information can be found here.
We hope you have enjoyed the autumn equinox resources online directory, as much as we have enjoyed researching and compiling it for you.
During the 1985 vernal equinox, Gray and his friends managed to balance 17 dozen eggs on end.
www.search-now130.com /sites/equinox/autumn_equinox.html   (283 words)

`The Autumn Equinox is an astrological phenomenon during which, as with the Spring Equinox, night and day are equal`.
The positive reception of the band was instrumental in Maureen?s decision to leave her other bands and focus on Autumn Equinox.
Autumn Equinox strive to create powerful, progressive music that transcends boundaries.
www.vampire-magazine.com /showband.php?bid=151   (422 words)

 Autumn Equinox: The changing of the leaves - Old Oak Trail  by Joe Reynolds - Atlantic Highlands Herald - NJ
Autumn Equinox: The changing of the leaves - Old Oak Trail by Joe Reynolds - Atlantic Highlands Herald - NJ New Jersey's First Official Electronic Newspaper
A time of year when nearly all will venture forth to explore and witness the turning of the leavers from emerald and sage to various hues of amber, auburn, russet, magenta, and gold.
Some pigments include: yellow xanthophyll (which is the pigment responsible for the yellow in butter and egg yolks), yellowish-orange carotenes (which can be found in carrots), and red and purple anthocyanins (which can be found in many flowers and in some insects).
www.ahherald.com /oaktrail/2001/oot010920_autumn_equinox.htm   (635 words)

 Autumnal Equinox Or Fall Equinox : Official Beginning Of Autumn
An official marker for the beginning of Autumn, the Autumnal equinox falls on September 23 in the northern hemisphere and March 21 in the southern hemisphere.
Autumnal equinox is also synonymous with harvest because Autumn is the season of beauty and bounty when major crops are harvested for the year.
Rejoicing is at the heart of Autumn, for everyone feels thankful for the good things that come their way.
www.123greetings.com /events/fall/info/fall_equinox.html   (180 words)

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