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Topic: Avco Records

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  Patti Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She is unusual in that she came to traditional pop from country music, and some of her recordings are somewhat country flavored.
Records vary as to whether Clara Ann Fowler was born in Claremore or Muskogee, Oklahoma.
In 1974 and 1975 she had a pair of records for Avco Records, then, after a hiatus of a few years, started in 1981 to record for Plantation Records, her last label.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Patti_Page   (2683 words)

 Avco Records - TheBestLinks.com - TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, 1960s, TheBestLinks.com:Stub, Record label, ...
Avco Records, TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, 1960s, TheBestLinks.com:Stub...
Avco Records is a record label started in the early 1960s by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and Joseph Levine.
Avco's most known artist was the soul group The Stylistics.
www.thebestlinks.com /Avco_Records.html   (106 words)

 "You Make Me Feel Brand New"
At the cost of $400, he had the tune recorded and released on his own label, and it became a local hit in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, and Baltimore.
Avco Records bought the master in late 1970 and issued it coast-to-coast in 1971.
Avco vice presidents Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore placed the group in the hands of producer Thom Bell, who had been working with the Delfonics.
www.superseventies.com /1974_8singles.html   (635 words)

 In re Sean G. Kelly - November 19, 1998
The names of all associated persons and managers of Kelly's organization who traded the AVCO system should be among the records, data, and memoranda of the type prepared or received in connection with a commodity pool.
It is clear from the record that Kelly did not provide the records requested by the Division until the Commission had filed a complaint charging him with violative conduct.
On this record, we believe that a cease and desist order is appropriate to assure that Kelly will not repeat his prior behavior.
www.cftc.gov /ogc/oporders98/ogckelly111998.htm   (5332 words)

 Donnie Elbert : Stop in the Name of Love - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Donnie Elbert was signed with Avco Records, who gave him a $15,000 advance for an album project in 1972.
Avco was already upset because All Platinum Records were releasing records on Elbert the same time they were, messing up their marketing program.
(All Platinum claimed they were releasing previous recorded, but unreleased tracks.) Avco leased the tracks to Trip Records four years later, who packaged them and released this sub-par LP banking on Elbert's name for sales.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,80983,00.html   (285 words)

 Vicki Bird
By 18 she had won a recording contract with Nashville based Avco Records, was touring the road with George Jones and had debuted on The Grand Old Opry.
Avco Records folded, and Nashville turned its back on the kind of country music Vicki had always claimed as her own.
Signing with a new record company, 16th Avenue, Bird felt she quite possibly could be on her way but, to her amazement, this label also folded.
aceproductions.com /VickiBird.html   (370 words)

 Thom Bell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Thom Bell was the record producer behind much of the Philadelphia soul subgenre of soul music in the 1970s.
Bell’s first big break in soul music came with Cameo Records in Philadelphia in 1967, where he was introduced to a local group called the Delfonics.
Two years later, Bell moved again, this time to Atlantic Records, to produce for the Spinners, who had long been with Motown but were never not getting the attention they needed on a label jam-packed with superstars.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/T/Thom-Bell.htm   (389 words)

Based on my knowledge Gary had solo recordings prior to this on the Diamond label sometime in the 1960's.
And given the disco-era's knack for flooding the market with anything that brought in a few bucks it's even more surprising that by 1979 he was all but gone.
With that record on the charts I had the opportunity to travel the country with what was then called "The Dick Clark Caravan Of Stars." After that I worked with my band around the country which at that time was called "Gary Criss and The Crystals" clever huh !.
discomuseum.com /GaryCriss.html   (856 words)

 CBS-FM.COM: Hall of Fame: Abba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
In 1970, the group recorded "You're a Big Girl Now," a song their road manager Marty Bryant co-wrote with Robert Douglas, a member of their backing band Slim and the Boys, and the single became a regional hit for Sebring Records.
The larger Avco Records soon signed the Stylistics, and single eventually climbed to number seven in early 1971.
Once they were on Avco, the Stylistics began working with producer/songwriter Thom Bell, who had previously worked with the Delfonics.
www.wcbsfm.com /hall_of_fame-artist.php?id=000000000000108   (408 words)

 The Hugo & Luigi Sessions
The well known Hugo and Luigi insignia graced many fine record albums throughout this period and came to be synonymous with imaginative and quality record production, not the least of which included the Como albums.
Hugo Peretti, with George Weiss and Luigi Creatore, composed the well known Elvis Presley standard "Can’t Help Falling in Love," which was recorded by Perry during the sessions for his 1962 album "By Request" LSP-2567 and performed so superbly it's difficult to believe it wasn't written specifically for him.
The recordings of Hugo and Luigi rank among the finest popular recordings available from this era.
kokomo.ca /hugo.htm   (176 words)

 Musical Trivia
Her label was the first to record slide guitarist Elmore James and harmonica ace Sonny Boy Williamson; Big Joe Williams, Little Milton, and B.B. King also appeared on the label.
In 1984, a record producer won a $3 million-plus settlement in a court battle with Yoko Ono over royalties relating to "Double Fantasy," the album Ono and John Lennon had just completed when he was murdered in Dec. 1980.
In 1999, the Los Angeles Times quoted police sources saying Death Row Records founder and CEO Marion "Suge" Knight was a key suspect in the March 1997 slaying of rapper Notorious B.I.G. The newspaper reported that he was suspected of engineering the plot from behind prison bars.
www.rantnroll.com /html/musictrivia.html   (14097 words)

 U.S. Repositories Listing - NASM Corporate & Organizational Records
Contents: Records of officers and boards, organizational sections and subsections, and national meetings and symposia; membership and publication records; and miscellaneous business records of the society.
Contents: Records of CAB decisions regarding the operation of domestic airline routes arranged alphabetically by airline and route in reverse chronological order.
Primarily recordings of NASM events or recordings of non-NASM events made by NASM personnel and covering a wide variety of event formats.
www.nasm.si.edu /research/arch/arch_repos/GUIDE.PT8.html   (12174 words)

 Uptown Soul Downloads - Download Uptown Soul Music - Download Uptown Soul MP3s
Jerry Butler's career spans four decades; he recorded more than 50 albums and his voice is one of the most distinguished voices in all of music.
The DJ helped Lance secure a one-shot single for Mercury Records in 1959, and the singer recorded "I Got a Girl," which was written and produced by Mayfield.
In 1962, Lance was signed to the revived OKeh Records, based on his connections with Otis Leavill and, especially, Curtis Mayfield, who signed with the Impressions to ABC Records and having hits with his own group.
www.mp3.com /genre/604/subgenre.html   (4363 words)

 Randy McNutt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Because of Carlson, McNutt became fascinated with the record industry of the mid-1900s.
McNutt started his recording career four years out of Hamilton Garfield High School, when he met Herman Griffin, an independent producer who had the distinctions of once being married to Mary "My Guy" Wells and being the first artist produced by legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr.
From 1970 to 1999, McNutt produced a number of recordings, even landing one on the middle of the Cashbox county-music charts and others on independent-record charts across the country.
randymcnutt.com /about.htm   (1745 words)

 [No title]
The result is a very up-feeling record that still gets down and dirty with nasty guitar work, rock-solid basslines, and frantic horn playing.
In 1956, she was a member of the vocal group The Hearts and her first recordings were made for J & S Records in 1957.
The record I have is from 1973, it's a duet album with a guy called Don Gardner, a soul cat with a career that stretches from way back in the 50's.
www.duke.edu /~tmc/motherpage/discog-pre.html   (6407 words)

 Hugo Peretti - Free Music Downloads, Videos, CDs, MP3s, Bio, Merchandise and Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
The two cousins were also involved in the business side as label owners (co-owned Roulette Records with Morris Levy, the Avco/Embassy label) and set unprecedented production deals that are now standard practices in the music industry.
Hugo's wife was a children's book author and he asked his cousin to help her develop some stories.The duo's first collaboration was a children's record for Mercury Records.
The two were also hit recording artists with the RCA albums The Cascading Voices of the Hugo and Luigi Chorus and Let's Fall in Love and the single "Just Come Home" in late 1959.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/music/artist/bio/0,,461156,00.html   (567 words)

 Kimballs East   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Onetime RandB session vocalist Dave Hollister first appeared on the soundtrack of Boyz N the Hood, but got his big break as an original member of Teddy Riley's Blackstreet, performing on their 1994 debut album.
Hollister's first recorded effort as a solo act, the Erick Sermon/Redman collaboration "Weekend," was featured on the movie soundtrack The Ride and released as a single in 1998.
Baltimore-born and raised jazz-soul singer/songwriter Maysa Leak embarked on a singing career at an early age; by the age of 6 she had already determined that she was going to be a singer, and she spent her elementary and high school days performing in choir and musical theater productions.
www.kimballs.com /artist/lloydShort.html   (309 words)

The two cousins were also involved in the business side as label owners (co-owned Roulette Records with Morris Levy, later the Avco/Embassy label) and set unprecedented production deals that are now standard practices in the music industry.
Hugo and Luigi were also hit recording artists with the RCA albums "The Cascading Voices of the Hugo and Luigi Chorus" and "Let's Fall in Love" and the single "Just Come Home" in late 1959.
In the '70s, they bought Avco/Embassy Records and had many hits with the Stylistics and produced the first # 1 of the disco era, Van McCoy's "The Hustle" (1975).
www.rockabilly.nl /references/messages/hugo_peretti.htm   (672 words)

 Apollo 204
The direction was not recorded in the configuration verification record as of the start of the Space Vehicle Plugs-Out Integrated Test and was not accomplished on spacecraft 012.
Time histories of all continuous or semicontinuous recorded parameters and correlation of parameter variations and events were to be recorded, as well as interpretation of the analysis results.
The data recorded from the spacecraft and ground instrumentation system during the Spacecraft Plugs-Out Test were found to be valid except for three brief dropouts after 6:31:17 EST, January 27 (13 seconds after the pilot reported "fire in the cockpit").
www.astronautix.com /flights/apolo204.htm   (18908 words)

 The Stylistics
The Stylistics were formed in 1968 when members of two rival groups from north Philadelphia - Thompkins, Airrion Love, and James Smith of the Monarchs and Herb Murrell and James Dunn, Jr.
Avco Embassy (soon to become simply Avco) purchased both the record master and the group's contract from Sebring.
Avco decided to produce the group themselves and brought in songwriting associate George David Weiss and
www.worldentertainment.net /ArtistBio/Stylistic/Stylistic.htm   (436 words)

 Aezra Records
Katz had a joint venture with Interscope called Jake Records before moving to Warner Brothers as a producer and A and R man, where they enjoyed legendary success as a company and creating new artists.
He was also recently the president of Pachyderm Records, whose artist roster included Little Steven, Grant Hart (ex Husker Du) and Indigenous, the first Native American act to chart at rock radio in over 25 years.
While attending the Conservatory and enrolled in the Master Recording Program I and II, she began her internship with Aezra applying a degree of focus, attention to detail and her passion for the art of music.
www.aezra.com /about.html   (3366 words)

 Smooth Jazz Vibes: December 2003 Archives
After working initially with Sebring Records they were then signed to the larger Avco Records with whom they enjoyed their first top ten single in 1971.
This is another record that has come in for some criticism for being bland and is seen by some as being yet another marker along the road of Simply Red decline.
The genre as it is now doesn’t sell as many records as it did in the early days because it’s programmed more and more as an ambient lifestyle experience, and so many of the instrumental songs that are played are indistinguishable from the next one.
www.smoothvibes.com /movabletype/archives/2003_12.html   (4731 words)

 IST Email Implementation
Email records may be identified in a variety of ways, such as Eudora ® folders, Unix® "/var/spool/mail" files, or any other types of directories or folders that are clearly marked as "mail" or "email".
The AVCO representative shall, at the earliest possible opportunity consistent with law and other University policy, notify the email holder of the action(s) taken and the reasons for the action(s) taken.
IST employees with the access and technical skill necessary to inspect, monitor, or disclose email records existing on IST computer resources, who have been designated by IST department heads as having authority to access email records without the email holder's consent in case of emergency situations when immediate action is required.
socrates.berkeley.edu:7015 /policy/istaccess.wo.html   (1210 words)

 Small Firm Business - Small Firms Win Big
AVCO Corp. and the Lycoming Reciprocating Engine Division of AVCO Corp.
Airplane engine manufacturer relied on fraudulent investigation in blaming supplier for defect in an engine part that led to crashes and deaths.
"If an employer doesn't keep records -- which they didn't -- the employee is allowed to do a statistical survey to determine the overtime hour figure.
www.law.com /jsp/law/sfb/lawArticleFriendlySFB.jsp?id=1120122319804   (971 words)

 Black Hair Stylist -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Signing to Avco Records, the Stylistics began working with producer Thom Bell, who had already produced a catalogue of hits for The Delfonics, and songwriter Linda Creed.
They left Avco for H&I and the Stylistics' popularity rapidly declined in the US, though their British popularity continued for the rest of the 70s.
In 1980 (see 1980 in music), several members departed, and the remainder continued performing for the next two decades, and are still a popular live draw.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/17/black-hair-stylist.html   (989 words)

 Stylistics - Book Stylistics for Corporate Events, Fund Raisers
In spite of its crude production quality and bass singer Smith's rather laughable mid-song monologue, the recording worked on the strength of Thompkin's soaring Eddie Kendricks-inspired falsetto.
Avco decided to produce the group themselves and brought in songwriting associate George David Weiss and arranger Van McCoy to help.
Polygram, which distributed Avco internationally, launched a major British television campaign in 1975 for the Best Of The Stylistics album, which shot to Number One and sold over a million copies there.
www.onlinetalent.com /stylistics_homepage.html   (607 words)

 Patti Page - Female Singer In Traditional Pop Music
In either case, she became a featured singer on a 15-minute radio program on radio station KTUL, Tulsa, Oklahoma, at age 18.
Her first #1 hit was "All My Love", based on Ravel's Bolero, which was #1 for 5 weeks in 1950.
In the 1990s she started her own label, C. Records.
www.jeffosretromusic.com /page.html   (582 words)

 The Hustle by Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony
The father of the Hustle-Dancing on AVCO AV 4601
Van arranged many bands throughout the 60's and 70's, including Melba Moore, The Stylistics, and Gladys Knight and the Pips.
After releasing a few marginally successful records in the early 70's (including "From disco to love" which contains the brilliant disco song "Soul improvisations") he released the single "The hustle" in 1975.
www.70disco.com /hustle.htm   (198 words)

 "The Hustle"
He moved to Philadelphia and, with an uncle, started a record label, Rockin' Records.
In 1962 he went to work for producers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller as a staff writer, and during the '60s wrote many pop hits, including "Giving Up" for Gladys Knight and the Pips, "Baby, I'm Yours" for Barbara Lewis and "When You're Young and In Love" for Ruby and the Romantics.
He continued to write songs for people like Aretha Franklin, Brenda and the Tabulations, Nancy Wilson and Tom Jones., and in 1970 wrote and produced a number 11 hit for the Presidents.
www.superseventies.com /sw_hustle.html   (727 words)

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