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In the News (Tue 22 May 18)

  Avery Brooks Photos - Avery Brooks News - Avery Brooks Information
Born and raised in Indiana, Brooks attended Oberlin College, Indiana University and, later on, Rutgers University, where he was the first fl MFA graduate in acting and directing.
Avery was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Theater in April, 1994.
Avery (On his reasons for taking a role in Star Trek): One of the reasons that I accepted, once asked to do Star Trek, was to give a single child a chance to see the long thought, to see themselves some 400 years hence.
www.tv.com /avery-brooks/person/15910/summary.html   (619 words)

 Avery Brooks
Following school, Brooks began working in theatre, landing numerous roles including the starring role in Othello, Tesus and Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Malcom X in The Life and Times of Malcolm X, and a number of other roles in such plays as The Offering, The Talented Teeth, Fences, Pantomime and Boogie Woogie Landscapes.
The educational circle had not forgotten Brooks, for in 1994 he was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Theater.
Brooks married in 1976 and with his wife Vicki, has three children, a daughter, Ayana, and two sons, Asante and Cabral.
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=1520   (434 words)

 Avery Brooks' scene from Paul Robeson ring true
Brooks' opening rendition of "Old Man River" was exceptionally moving and more than hinted at the vibrancy and resonance that was to follow as he sang and acted virtually nonstop for the next hour.
Brooks closed his performance by inviting all to join in singing "Climbing Jacob's Ladder." The audience, numbering approximately 650, responded by giving Brooks a much-deserved standing ovation.
Brooks is truly an amazing artist, and I hope to have the opportunity to watch him perform again in the near future.
www-tech.mit.edu /V110/N18/brooks.18a.html   (352 words)

 Avery Brooks
hence, avery brooks--aka commander benjamin sisko of star trek, has a face that's instantly recognizable to thousands, many of whom might not know the depth of his talent or the breadth of his accomplishments--or the integrity of his vision.
Brooks' view of Hawk as a contemporary fl urban hero must have been on the mark; the character spun off its own series, A Man Called Hawk, in which he starred.
Avery Brooks' performance of Paul Robeson was one of the highlights of this year's African-American Alumni Reunion.For more on the reunion weekend, see also Presence, Persistence and Success for more on the African American reunion weekend.
www.oberlin.edu /alummag/oampast/oam_sum97/Features/brooks.html   (893 words)

 New Page 1
Avery Brooks was born on 18 April 1949, in Evansville, Indiana, USA Brooks was the first African-American to graduate with a Master of Fine Arts in acting and directing at Rutgers University.
Brooks is a tenured professor of theater at Rutgers' Mason Gross School of the Arts.
Avery Brooks was quoted in an interview about his work and his performances: "If I were a carpenter, I'd find a way to empower using that skill.
www.daisydownunder.com /Avery-Brooks.html   (364 words)

 Avery Brooks - Moviefone
Avery Brooks (I) (Actor, American History X (1998))...
Avery Brooks was born to a musically-talented family.
Avery Brooks - Filmography, Biography, News, Photos, Birth date, Relationships, Avery Brooks Film Clips, and Fun Facts on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/avery-brooks/8742/main   (83 words)

 The Trek BBS: Avery Brooks didn't want to be in season 7 at first?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
I alwasy got the impression that Brooks felt that playing Sisko was beneath him.
Avery Brooks didn't want to be in season 7 at first?
Re: Avery Brooks didn't want to be in season 7 at first?
www.trekbbs.com /threads/showthreaded.php?Number=6829067   (791 words)

 Greatest Places Online: Film: Avery Brooks, Narrator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Avery Brooks is an accomplished actor, director, musician and teacher.
Brooks directed Ntozake Shange's Boogie Woogie Landscapes at the Kennedy Center and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf in London's West End.
Brooks is the Artisitic Director of the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.
www.greatestplaces.org /film/crew/avery_brooks.htm   (444 words)

 Avery Brooks: Accomplished Educator and Artist to be Awarded An Honorary Degree at IU Northwest Commencement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Avery Franklin Brooks - Rutgers University professor, accomplished actor, known opera singer and native Hoosier will be honored with a Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Humane Letters at the Indiana University Northwest 33rd Annual Commencement, May 13, 4 p.m.
Brooks was born in Evansville and raised there and in Gary, where he graduated from Roosevelt High School.
For more information on Avery Brooks or the IU Northwest commencement ceremonies, telephone the university communications office at 219-980-6686.
newsinfo.iu.edu /OCM/releases/avery_brooks.htm   (319 words)

 Avery Brooks photos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
As well as proving to be a thoughtful and entertaining speaker, Avery also demonstrated his not inconsiderable vocal talents during both of his question and answer sessions.
Avery seemed to enjoy the opportunity to interact with the fans and was more than impressed with the Royal Albert Hall as the location.
The unmistakable Avery Brooks laugh echoed around the Royal Albert Hall at regular intervals during both of his talks.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/Yavanna/avery.htm   (130 words)

 Avery Brooks @ Filmbug UK
Avery Brooks is well-known to television audiences for his roles on the long-running series Deep Space Nine as Captain Benjamin Sisko, as Hawk on the series A Man Called Hawk and opposite Robert Urich in Spenser: For Hire.
For television, Brooks was seen in the title role of Solomon Northrup's Odyssey for PBS' American Playhouse and he received a Cable ACE nomination for his portrayal of Uncle Tom in Showtime's production of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Brooks was the first fl masters of fine arts graduate in acting and directing at Rutgers University.
www.filmbug.co.uk /db/4401   (371 words)

 Avery Brooks - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Avery Franklin Brooks (born 2 October 1948) is an accomplished stage, television, and film actor best known for his role as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Brooks was cast as Benjamin Sisko, commander of space station Deep Space 9, in 1992.
Brooks remained with the series through all seven seasons, appearing in every single episode, while at the same time continuing his professorship in theater arts at Rutgers University – sometimes instructing classes in his character's costume!
www.memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Avery_Brooks   (937 words)

 [No title]
Robert J. Kieber, Matthew F. Rhines, Joan D. Willey and G. Brooks Avery Jr., “Nitrite Variability in Coastal North Carolina Rainwater and its Impact on the Nitrogen Cycle in Rain”, Environmental Science and Technology.
Brooks Avery, Jr.,Yan Tang, Robert J. Kieber, and Joan D. Willey.,Impact of Recent Urbanization on Formic and Acetic Acid Concentrations in Coastal North Carolina Rainwater.
Avery, G. B., “Controls on the Isotopic Composition of Biogenic Methane Produced in Two Different Wetlands” (poster presented at the Gordon Conference on Chemical Oceanography) New Hampshire, August 1997.
www.uncwil.edu /chem/faculty/avery/brief.doc   (675 words)

 Avery Broks biography
Avery Brooks, now best known as Commander Benjamin Sisko on DS9, achieved his first national fame in 1985
Avery Brooks has degrees from Oberlin College and Indiana University.
Part of Brooks' qualifications for the role of this famous fl singer, in addition to his great acting talent, was his
members.tripod.com /TheCelestialTemple/avery.htm   (204 words)

 Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks is Captain Benjamin Sisko, the Starfleet Captain in charge of the Deep Space Nine space station.
Born and raised in Indiana, Avery attended Oberlin College, Indiana University and later Rutgers University where he was the first fl MFA graduate in acting and directing.
Since 1972, Avery has been affiliated with the prestigious Rutgers University where he is a tenured professor of theatre at the Mason Gross School of the Arts.
www.fortunecity.com /rivendell/gallows/73/startrek/ds9/brooks.htm   (391 words)

 Avery Brooks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Prior to joining Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Brooks performed to critical acclaim in the title role of the Phillip Hayes Dean play "Paul Robeson." He has performed the role since 1982 at the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angeles, and also at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and the Longacre Theater on Broadway.
Brooks has hosted several documentaries, including the award winning "The Musical Legacy of Roland Hayes." His television credits include starring in the ABC series A Man Called Hawk and co-starring with Robert Urich in ABC's Spenser: For Hire, a role which he reprised in four two-hour movies for Lifetime.
Since 1972, Brooks has been affiliated with Rutgers University, where he is a tenured professor of theatre at the Mason Gross School of the Arts.
www.starfleetlibrary.com /bios/avery_brooks.htm   (558 words)

 Avery Brooks: not just another pretty face Essence - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
What's important, he says, is that "in order for me to keep celebrating the culture, ultimately, theater chose me. I feel it's the responsibility of artists always to seek the largest forum to discuss the world in which they live." And you can't get much larger than television.
Her brother was a member of the Delta Rhythm Boys, and Brooks remembers her sending arrangements to them on thin onionskin paper as they traveled the United States and Latin America.
The music Brooks was surrounded by during his childhood got into his blood as surely as his love of Black folks.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1264/is_n12_v19/ai_7473501   (775 words)

 SacObserver.com [SOUL] Exhibit Explores Black Identity In "HairStories"
Brooks was honored to be chosen as the first recipient,” Warford said.
Brooks portrayed the title role in the film, "Solomon Northup’s Odyssey," directed by Gordon Parks for the PBS American Playhouse series.
Brooks served as artistic director of the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Ga. from 1993 through 1996.
www.sacobserver.com /soul/071405/avery_brooks_gordon_parks.shtml   (698 words)

 Avery Brooks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Recently, Trekweb and TrekToday announced that Avery Brooks would take a role in the upcoming movie Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye (2007).
While headlining the Gary Civic Celebration in November 2006, Brooks stated that "I was born in Evansville...
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Avery_Brooks   (470 words)

 Avery Brooks Current Month TV Schedule
Starring Avery Brooks, Rhetta Greene, Petronia Paley, John Saxon.
Starring Avery Brooks, Jeffrey Combs, Marc Alaimo, Salome Jens, Max Grodenchik.
Starring Avery Brooks, Terry Farrell, Armin Shimerman, Colm Meaney, Shannon Cochran, J G Hertzler.
www.tv-now.com /stars/avbrook.html   (354 words)

 Avery Brooks Biography :: Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
With his booming voice, piercing gaze and forthright manner, Brooks made a galvanizing sidekick of sorts for Robert Urich as the bald-pated, rather mysterious Hawk on the popular ABC detective drama, "Spenser: For Hire" (1985-88).
When he agreed to play Commander Benjamin Sisko on the third "Star Trek" series, "Deep Space Nine", Brooks knew that he would be subject to careful scrutiny from scores of Trekkers who, for varying reasons, had idolized William Shatner and Patrick Stewart as other, earlier Trek commanders.
Brooks, though, deftly brought to bear his own brand of quiet authority to Sisko, in charge of a remote outer space outpost.
www.hollywood.com /celebs/fulldetail/id/189345   (589 words)

 Avery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avery Johnson, Retired professional basketball player NBA, member of World Champion San Antonio Spurs team, current coach of the Dallas Mavericks
Avery Carrington is a real estate tycoon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Avery Trace, important 19th century road between Kingston, Tennessee and present-day Nashville, Tennessee
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Avery   (488 words)

 Avery Brooks Biography, Photos, News for Avery Brooks | TVGuide.com
There are no blog posts for Avery Brooks.
There are no group posts for Avery Brooks.
There are no forum posts for Avery Brooks.
www.tvguide.com /detail/celebrity.aspx?tvobjectid=140976   (86 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
Avery Brooks played Captain Benjamin Sisko, the Starfleet Captain in charge of the Deep Space Nine space station on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Ever since his wife was killed in an attack during the famous encounter with the Borg (the bloodiest battle ever recorded in Federation history) Sisko has also been a single parent raising his son, Jake.
"Since its inception, Star Trek has always provided a positive message of life in the future," Brooks commented on being a part of the Star Trek legacy.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/series/DS9/cast/69054.html   (522 words)

 Avery Brooks - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Brooks was filming an interview on the Star Trek franchise when the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction was being held at Christies.
Brooks would go on to reprise the role of Hawk in the short-lived spinoff, A Man Called Hawk.
This was followed that same year with the critically-acclaimed drama American History X, which also starred Star Trek: Voyager's Jennifer Lien.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Avery_Brooks   (937 words)

 eBay - avery brooks, Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Complete Third Season items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Land Of The Mammoth Avery Brooks New DVD
ARANA The Heart of the Spider NEW Avery Fiona/ Brooks M
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=avery+brooks&newu=1&krd=1   (426 words)

 Playbill News: Avery Brooks Crowned King Lear at Yale Repertory Theatre, Feb. 13
William Shakespeare's aged monarch King Lear will also rage on the Yale Repertory Theatre stage in the form of actor Avery Brooks, Feb. 13.
Brooks (Paul Robeson, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine") stars in the title role of tale of the fallen monarch and his feuding daughters.
Lear is one of the Bard's lesser-produced works, though one would not know it this season, as Lincoln Center Theater is also staging the classic.
www.playbill.com /news/article/84327.html   (523 words)

 Avery Brooks :: AJBnet.com :: Media
The selection will change often, since there are plenty (hundreds) of old tracks available from Avery's diverse projects.
"As Avery Brooks began working with us, he stemmed his ability towards more obstreperous stylings, but he is capable [] in whatever you choose to throw at him.
To contact Avery directly, please write to avery@ajbnet.com.
www.ajbnet.com /ajbnet_old/media.html   (194 words)

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