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Topic: Awareness

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Amazon.com: Awareness: Books: Anthony De Mello   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
My reaction to this book is similar to most of those who have given it 5 stars so I won't repeat what they have all said.
It is so unlike the many self-help books that attempt to convince people they must change themselves or others to be more whatever it is is they think is right or good or happy or enlightened (i.e.
Awareness is the simplest and most profound book I have ever read.
www.amazon.com /Awareness-Anthony-Mello/dp/0385249373   (1495 words)

  I = Awareness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Awareness is something apart from, and different from, all that of which we are aware: thoughts, emotions, images, sensations, desires and memory.
Awareness is the ground in which the mind's contents manifest themselves; they appear in it and disappear once again.
Yet he does not notice that awareness is the primary source of self-experience and concludes: `The self then, quite analogous to the representations of objects, is a content of the mental apparatus' (Kohut, 1971).
www.deikman.com /awareness.html   (3041 words)

Awareness is communication between a being and itself over intervals of time.
Awareness is a closed information system that emerges within a being as it experiences changes in expected conditions from one moment to the next.
Awareness is communication between a being and itself at different points in time.
www.thread-of-awareness.com /DEFINE.HTM   (2889 words)

 Anesthesia awareness definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Anesthesia awareness: The situation that occurs when a patient under general anesthesia becomes aware of some or all events during surgery or a procedure, and has direct recall of those events.
The incidence of awareness is reported to be greater in patients in which the dose of general anesthetic must be smaller and carefully titrated to decrease significant side effects, for example, a patient who is hemodynamically unstable.
Factors contributing to the risk of anesthesia awareness include the increasing use of intravenous (IV) delivery of anesthesia, as opposed to inhalation anesthesia, and the premature lightening of anesthesia at the end of procedures to facilitate turnover of the operating room.
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=40143   (540 words)

Yet he does not notice that awareness is the primary source of self experience and concludes: `The self then, quite analogous to the representations of objects, is a content of the mental apparatus' (Kohut, 1971).
Awareness is considered to exist independent of contents and this `pure consciousness' is accessible — potentially — to every one.
If awareness is a fundamental in the universe — as proposed most recently by Herbert (1994), Goswami (1993) and Chalmers (1995) — then it is `I' that is fundamental, as well, with all its ontological implications.
www.zynet.co.uk /imprint/online/Deikman.html   (3676 words)

 Self-Defense Awareness
Awareness is the ability to "read" people and situations and anticipate the probability of violence before it happens.
Awareness strategies focus primarily to the "pre-incident" phase of the encounter; to the cues and signals you can detect and recognize that allow you to anticipate the event before it occurs.
There are three primary aspects of awareness: knowing what to pay attention to, paying attention to safety-related details and matching the degree of your awareness to your circumstances.
www.protectivestrategies.com /awareness.html   (2608 words)

 FinAid | Other Aid | Early Awareness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Early awareness initiatives try to increase the number of lower-income and at-risk students pursuing a college education by encouraging them to consider college as a real possibility when they are young.
Early awareness programs try to stop pipeline leakage when the students are young by encouraging them to aspire to and plan for college and by providing them with mentoring, counseling, tutoring and enrichment activities.
Early awareness programs are not evaluated in terms of the impact on matriculation and graduation rates among under-served students.
www.finaid.org /otheraid/earlyawareness.phtml   (1434 words)

 LD OnLine :: Phonological Awareness: Instructional and Assessment Guidelines
Phonemic awareness is the understanding that words are made up of individual sounds or phonemes and the ability to manipulate these phonemes either by segmenting, blending, or changing individual phonemes within words to create new words.
Moreover, instruction in phonological awareness is beneficial for most children and seems to be critical for others, but the degree of explicitness and the systematic nature of instruction may need to vary according to the learner's skills (Smith, Simmons, and Kameenui, 1998), especially for students at risk for reading difficulties.
Assessment in phonological awareness serves essentially two purposes: to initially identify students who appear to be at risk for difficulty in acquiring beginning reading skills and to regularly monitor the progress of students who are receiving instruction in phonological awareness.
www.ldonline.org /article/6254   (6370 words)

 Phonemic Awareness: An Important Early Step in Learning To Read
This Digest discusses the concept of the awareness that spoken language is made up of discrete sounds, why this concept is so important to early childhood educators, its relation to the debate on the best type of reading instruction, and finally, teaching methods that may help children in developing such an awareness.
Although phonological awareness appears to be a necessary condition for learning to read (children who do not develop phonological awareness do not go on to learn how to read), it is not a sufficient condition.
Teachers need to be aware of instructional activities that can help their students become aware of phonemes before they receive formal reading instruction, and they need to realize that phonemic awareness will become more sophisticated as students' reading skills develop.
www.kidsource.com /kidsource/content2/phoemic.p.k12.4.html   (1263 words)

The president of the university signs a proclamation designating the week as an alcohol awareness week on the campus and states that the university is committed to presenting programs throughout the academic year that discourage the misuse of alcohol amount students on campus.
At the College of William and Mary, weekly flyers are distributed to increase campus awareness and to address many of the myths that surround alcohol issues.
It is designed to make students aware of the difference between what they perceive the university’s social life to be and what it actually is. During orientation week, first-year students arrive and settle into their living areas.
www.promprac.gmu.edu /awareness.html   (14392 words)

 Awareness by Anthony deMello
"'Awareness' will be the critical test of American business in the next decade.
The heart of Anthony de Mello's bestselling spiritual message is awareness.
In short chapters perfect for reading in quiet moments at home or at the office, he cajoles and challenges: We must leave this go-go-go world of illusion and become aware.
www.unitynorthchurch.org /bookstore/awarness.html   (256 words)

 7 things to be aware of in important communications.
"Awareness" is intentionally noticing at least seven of over 50 factors in and between you and a communication partner.
Awareness is one of seven Project-2 skills you can learn to use together.
Awareness empowers you to perceive if you or someone else is doing clear or fuzzy thinking.
sfhelp.org /02/awareness.htm   (1625 words)

 Self Awareness
The standard idea is that the self, though capable of being aware of things external to it, is also capable of being aware of its own states.
You might have said to have an "inner experience" of your own mental activity, being aware of the thoughts that you are presently thinking and the attitudes that you presently hold.
We also mean that the character of that awareness is such that it gives us certain abilities to critically reflect upon our mental states and to make judgments about those states.
www.mind-body-medicine.com /self.htm   (207 words)

 Awareness bracelet developed by the National Fibromyalgia Research Association to promote FM and raise public ...
Patient awareness would be even more stifled with fewer support groups and volunteers to share the load.
It is imperative, then, that fibromyalgia awareness and advocacy be spread to our Congressmen to remind them of the importance of their assistance in ensuring ongoing NIH financial support for FM scientific research.
FM awareness is reaching out to others to educate them about this illness and the impact it makes on millions of peoples lives.
www.nfra.net /AwareBracelet.htm   (1082 words)

 Fertility Awareness
Fertility awareness methods are ways to identify the days of the month when the woman is most likely to get pregnant.
Therefore, rather than identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the fertility awareness methods, the "characteristics" of fertility awareness methods are used to present user experiences.
These questions can help you determine whether fertility awareness methods might be effective contraceptive methods for you.
www.engenderhealth.org /wh/fp/cfer2.html   (1621 words)

 Raise Awareness : ENERGY STAR
Effective programs make employees, managers, and other key stakeholders aware of energy performance goals and initiatives, as well as their responsibility in carrying out the program.
Communications strategies and materials for raising awareness of energy use, goals and impacts should be tailored to the needs of the intended audience.
Frequently, managers who are not directly involved in energy management are not aware of how energy use effects the organization.
www.energystar.gov /index.cfm?c=implement_plan.raise_awareness   (630 words)

 Wired News: Awareness: Mystery of the Mind
While the first question remains unanswered, Rodney Brooks of MIT presented new research on robot algorithms that mimic aware behavior, which leaves open to interpretation whether it will pave the road to machine consciousness or simply build a better parrot.
This state of consciousness in experienced meditators was characterized by EEG data that Travis presented, which showed brain patterns of wakeful awareness (so-called theta and alpha activity) that appeared even when the subjects were in deep sleep.
Basic forms of awareness can be studied in the absence of conscious awareness, said Randolph Blake of Vanderbilt University.
www.wired.com /news/medtech/0,1286,51765,00.html   (644 words)

This Awareness indicates that there is in these higher frequency levels, a universality evolved, for these frequencies are everywhere present within each universe, and resonates within each universe in harmony with all frequencies throughout the 170 billion universes.
This Awareness indicates that It does wish to make clear that because an Interpreter is interpreting from Cosmic Awareness, does not mean that his or her interpretations are unquestionable or absolutely right in all cases for much can be lost in the interpretation.
For this Awareness is not concerned with whether entities are materialistic, spiritual, right or wrong, higher or lower, ascended or descended, but whether entities love one another and whether entities love themselves, and are responsive to the needs of one another.
home.iae.nl /users/lightnet/creator/awareness.htm   (2044 words)

 FeedBurner - Awareness API Reference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The FeedBurner Awareness API (AwAPI) allows publishers of FeedBurner feeds to reuse the detailed traffic statistics we capture for any of their feeds.
This data includes "resyndication" information, which is very useful for determining where and how a feed is being consumed.
Feed Awareness describes the extent and frequency with which a publisher's feed and its content items are consumed, clicked on, and referred to by independent sources (i.e., "syndicated").
www.feedburner.com /fb/a/api/awareness   (2237 words)

 EPIC Terrorism (Total) Information Awareness Page
The committee, established to review the Defense Department data mining initiatives after the Total Information Awareness fiasco, also proposed that federal agencies be required to obtain authorization from a special federal court "before engaging in data mining with personally identifiable information concerning U.S. persons." For more information, see the EPIC Total Information Awareness Page.
Congress has eliminated funding for the controversial Total Information Awareness (TIA) project and closed the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office, the entity that housed TIA and was formerly headed by Adm. John Poindexter.
He defends the controversial Total Information Awareness program and cites the Privacy with Security (pdf) study as an example of his office's efforts to "protect the privacy of innocent people." That study was first released as a result of an FOIA lawsuit filed by EPIC.
www.epic.org /privacy/profiling/tia   (3515 words)

 Phonemic Awareness: An Important Early Step in Learning to Read   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Stanovich (1993-94) defines "phonological awareness" as the ability to deal explicitly and segmentally with sound units smaller than the syllable.
Adams (1990) reviews the research that suggests that it is critical for children to be able to link phoneme awareness to a knowledge of letters.
(1992) found that children with high phonemic awareness outperformed those with low phonemic awareness on all literacy measures, whether they were taught using a whole language approach or traditional basal instruction.
www.indiana.edu /~reading/ieo/digests/d119.html   (1305 words)

 7 Ways to Amplify Your Awareness
Awareness is a natural human ability and an essential catalyst for Personal Brilliance.
When we combine it with the other three catalysts, curiosity, focus, and initiative, we can come up with innovative solutions in all areas of our lives.
When an event occurs, move your awareness beyond your initial reaction.
blog.fastcompany.com /archives/2005/08/09/7_ways_to_amplify_your_awareness.html   (336 words)

 Bethesda - Request Disability Awareness Materials
For additional information on disability awareness, please e-mail Bethesda’s public relations department at pr@blhs.org or call 1.800.369.4636, ext.
The steps are awareness, acceptance, action and inclusion.
This developmental-disability awareness litany thanks God for making each person in our community unique and requests His support in our efforts to follow steps toward inclusion.
www.blhs.org /resources/spiritualResources/requestMaterials.asp   (456 words)

 Puppymill Awareness Day
Your presence at Awareness Day was all that we had hoped for.
The candle light vigil will probably be replaced with a Seminar on PA dog law, but that is all in the planning stage.
Awareness Day is sponsored by Last Chance for Animals and Adopt-a-Pet, a 501(c.)
www.awarenessday.org /main.htm   (1060 words)

 Silicone Awareness Bracelets
Hundreds of organizations have used awareness bracelets to promote their cause.
Silicone Awareness Bracelets are available in a variety of colors to fit virtually any cause.
We have brought together a silicone awareness bracelet with a flash memory drive.
www.bagwellpromotions.com /awareness-bracelets.html   (933 words)

 Brain Awareness Week 2006: Initiatives to Advance Public Awareness About Brain Research
Brain Awareness Week is an international effort organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.
The Dana Alliance is joined in the campaign by partners in the United States and around the world, including medical and research organizations; patient advocacy groups; the National Institutes of Health, and other government agencies; service groups; hospitals and universities; K-12 schools; and professional organizations.
For more information about becoming a Brain Awareness Week partner, or to enroll your organization as a partner in the campaign, please visit our partner registration page.
www.dana.org /brainweek   (395 words)

 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month increasing early breast cancer detection awareness
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Over two decades of building breast cancer awareness and providing information and hope for future innovations in breast cancer treatment.
NBCAM continues reaching out to women with several key messages, most notably, the importance of early detection through annual mammography screening for women over 40, or earlier for women at increased risk.
If you have any questions about NBCAM or are looking for ways to start your own public awareness campaign, please send us an email at nbcamquestions@yahoo.com
www.nbcam.com   (393 words)

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