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Topic: Axe

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  Axe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The axe (Commonwealth spelling) or ax (American spelling) is an ancient and ubiquitous tool that has been used for millennia to shape, split and cut wood, harvest timber, as a weapon and a ceremonial or heraldic symbol.
In folklore, stone axes were sometimes believed to be thunderbolts and were used to guard buildings against lightning, as it is said (mythically) that lightning never hits the same place twice (now known to not be true).
A thrown axe could keep off a hailstorm, sometimes an axe was placed in the crops, with the cutting edge to the skies to protect the harvest against bad weather.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Axe   (1327 words)

 The Stanford Axe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Axe was passed from student to student, and a chase ensued through the streets of San Francisco, first followed by Stanford students and fans and second followed by the San Francisco police.
In 1933, both sides agreed to designate the Axe as the annual trophy to be awarded to the Big Game's winner; in the event of a tie, it would be kept by the side already possessing the Axe.
As of 2005, California holds the Axe, and the UC Rally Committee acts as its custodian.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stanford_Axe   (948 words)

 Regia Anglorum - Arms and Armour of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age - Axe
One special type of hand axe, particularly popular in the early Viking period, was the 'skegox', or bearded axe, so called because of its elongated lower edge.
This axe was quite small, with a thick triangular section at the socket, resulting in a very heavy blade for it's small size.
The Broadaxe, or Dane-axe, was a two handed axe introduced by the Vikings in the late tenth century but which soon became popular with Saxons as well, and was probably developed from the axes used to slaughter animals.
www.regia.org /axe.htm   (774 words)

 Beeching Axe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Beeching Axe was an informal name for the British government's attempt in the 1960s to control the spiralling cost of running the British railway system by closing what it considered to be "little-used" and unprofitable railway lines.
This was the start of the Axe; the peak year followed in 1964.
It would generally be impossible for most of the stations closed by the Beeching Axe to be reopened; many embankments have been filled in and built on (for example around Cowley) and some station buildings have been sold and are now private homes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Beeching_axe   (2213 words)

 AXE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Ericsson's AXE, the most widely deployed switching system in the world, is a system for digital exchange nodes in large public telecommunications networks.
AXE is also deployed for all major mobile standards - both analog and digital.
AXE is the basis for Ericsson's wireline and mobile systems.
www.ericsson.com /technology/tech_articles/AXE.shtml   (113 words)

 A Gift Axe
The simple rule with a used axe where you don't know the history is to assume that the handle will probably have been soaked in water to tighten a loose head.
Lots of axe handles have long wedge slots to facilitate mounting and some people figure that the wedge should extend to the middle of the head to really bind the handle into the "tight spot".
Most important is that when you hold the axe on a flat surface with the blade and end of handle touching the surface, that it's the centre of the edge curve that touches.
www.oldjimbo.com /survival/gsa.html   (4040 words)

 Axe Use-Traditional, How to cut down a Tree
Never use an axe as the wedge or driver; the head of the axe may shatter and you could be injured by pieces of it.
The axe should always be masked when finished with or not in use.
When the axe has to be transported from one area to another, it should be masked (obviously not within a log) and should be carried so that the head is in your hand with the blade facing forwards and the toe facing towards the sky.
www.inquiry.net /outdoor/skills/b-p/felling_tree.htm   (1406 words)

 Axe Throwing: How to Throw an Ax Rules
The Unique ceremony of burying the axe in the War Post, at the Outdoor School of Dan Beard, National Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America.
The aim is taken, not by sighting along the axe, but by fixing the eyes on the target, and raising the axe until the edge is on a level with the eyes.
The axe is then brought back over the shoulder without turning the edge to one side or the other, and thrown from this position with a natural forward sweep of the arm, swinging the body forward as the axe is thrown.
www.inquiry.net /outdoor/skills/axe/axe_throwing.htm   (1086 words)

 Big Game -- An Axe to Grind / A spin through the history of a legendary football icon
When at the Farm, the Axe lives in a case embedded in the wall of the Arrillaga Family Sports Center, behind several layers of glass and protected by sophisticated alarms.
The Axe is the central symbol of 10 decades of rivalry that has created a dizzying list of Big Game pranks and capers unleashed by each school against the other.
The Axe's glass case in Berkeley was shattered, the Axe pilfered but a $5 bill was left, apparently to cover damages.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1997/11/22/MN29987.DTL   (1558 words)

 The Seattle Times: Living: Evil Axe-is: sexy ads, stinky teens
Unilever introduced Axe to the United States market in 2002 with television commercials showing beautiful women attacking male mannequins that had been sprayed with Axe, which of course drove the women insane with desire.
Axe, which comes in several scents, was formulated to be really strong so young guys would know they were getting something manly at the first whiff.
There's an Axe Web site that is a tad more graphic than television, and the company expects young men to download video from the site and share it with friends, thus becoming agents of Unilever as well as consumers.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/living/2002344720_jdl23.html   (721 words)

 The French Connection - Axe Killer
Axe Killer was one of the most active record company in the 80's.
Axe Killer continues its work by re-releasing a new version of the famous "liveline" live album which were only available in import in Europe.
Axe Killer can be proud of this collector Boxset and once again their work has been sumptuous.
home.nordnet.fr /~lbocquet/axekiller.html   (10994 words)

 AXE Support Page
AXE 3 is better than 2.1 and there are some known (smallish) bugs in 2.1 that are fixed in 3.
Earlier versions of AXE were registered to a particular machine, but although this did prevent some piracy it was also inconvenient, so the system was changed.
Although it would be possible to make AXE edit physical disks on the '95' family of OSes, AXE is not being developed in that direction and the number of users still on these OSes is diminishing steadily.
www.jbrowse.com /products/axe/support.shtml   (497 words)

 11.19.97 - Traditions of the Big Game
The perpetrators, known at Stanford as "The Immortal 21," attended the rally and afterward tailed Horner to the Berkeley bank vault where the axe was kept, seizing it as Horner left an armored car.
When the axe is in residence at Berkeley, it is kept in a sturdy display case at the King Student Center.
In 1979, the axe was refurbished and the original forging mark discovered, proving that, despite all the thefts, the axe is still the 1899 original.
www.berkeley.edu /news/berkeleyan/1997/1119/big_game.html   (492 words)

 Axes: hand tools in history
The new American ax was in use at least as early as 1750.
Collins and Co. Illustrated catalogue of axes, hatchets, adzes, picks, sledges, hoes, wrenches, bush hooks, etc., etc. manufactured by Collins and Co. established in 1826.
It is remarkable for being one of the earliest of all cast-steel axes made." (pg.
www.davistownmuseum.org /toolAxes.html   (368 words)

 My Way - News
OSLO (Reuters) - A man attacked two pilots and a passenger with an axe on a domestic Norwegian flight on Wednesday, police said.
The pilots, who witnesses said were covered in blood, managed to land the 18-seat Kato Air flight with seven passengers on board on its way from Narvik to Bodoe in northern Norway.
Torseter said the axe had probably not been carried on board the Kato Air flight 605, but was possibly installed for use in case of fire.
news.myway.com /top/article/id/429878|top|09-29-2004::08:07|reuters.html   (194 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Sparks fly over rare axe head
The former film stunt man said he discovered the axe head while scouting locations for a movie script he is working on.
The axe head is known to have been made at Killin on Loch Tay.
He usually keeps the axe buried in a secret location and warned that he may even leave it there.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/scotland/3503804.stm   (415 words)

 Axe Handle Intrusion Detection Scripts
Any information on other platforms that the scripts do, or don't work on, or information on modifications to allow it to work on another platform, should be E-mailed to ashford@accs.com.
When the door is opened, the axe handle makes a noise to alert you.
Finally, the word axe is pronounced similarly to the way I pronounce the web address of www.accs.com, which is where you probably found this.
www.accs.com /p_and_p/Handle   (430 words)

 Axe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
t.an:kais = with axes and spades; kut., kut.t.
The discoveries in graves at Mukayyar and Warka (the Biblical Ur of the Chaldees and Erech respectively) throw further light upon metallurgical knowledge at a period estimated between 2500 and 1000 BC.
They include axes and adzes with shaft-holes at one end, semi-circular tools split at the butt, straight daggers with riveted tangs, and curved knives; one of the latter on analysis proved to contain no tin.
www.hindunet.org /saraswati/scriptkeyaxe.htm   (2181 words)

 Ragnar's Throwing Axe Catalog
Almost any axe can be thrown, and if you have a strong preference for a style that does not fit my suggestions you can probably make it work.
A-23G; The Viking Belt Axe is typical of the all purpose fighting and utility axe of the Viking period.
This allows the axe to be used as a small broad axe as well as for general purposes.
www.ragweedforge.com /ThrowingCatalog.html   (6290 words)

 USHBA: Altai Titanium Ice Axe
Unlike other ultra-light axes, the Altai is designed to perform in technical climbing as well as in general mountaineering situations.
A light snow cover disguised the small crevasses at the base of the climb and having an ice axe was nice for peace of mind.
We could have done the climb with no axes or with heavier conventional tools like other parties were using, but we were grateful to have our Altai's.
www.ushba.com /catalog/altai.html   (576 words)

 Log Home and Timber Frame Axes, Gransfors Bruks, Carpenter's Axe, Splitting Mauls and wedges, Broad Axes, Competition ...
The following is a listing of the axes we carry, all of which come with a grain-leather sheath.
The axe butt is ground and can be used as a hammer.
The axe has a 3 1/4" face and a 19" hickory handle and the head weighs 1 lb.
www.loghelp.com /tools/axes.html   (594 words)

 AXE Wants You
AXE reps are in touch with what’s hot and what’s not-- they are plugged in and connected to the latest trends.
AXE reps have the pulse of the campus in the palm of their hand.
The AXE rep position is a semester-long commitment beginning Fall 2005.
axe-rep.com /AxeRepInfo.asp   (202 words)

 Gransfors Bruks Axes - Broad Axe, Drawknife, Adze, Froe and more.
The original axe is on display at the Viking museum in Roskilde Denmark.
Traditionally broad axes are used for woodworking such as squaring up timbers, and house or boat building.
The 11th Century Axe is exciting for re-enactors, living-history actors, and anyone with a fancy for the past, or those who love hands on woodworking.
www.wisementrading.com /woodworking/gransfors.htm   (1289 words)

 AXE Scales - The Smallest Digital Scale On Earth!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The brand new My Weigh AXE is the smallest and lightest digital scale in the world.
The AXE is designed to be the most durable scale we have ever produced.
It's difficult to describe this process in words - but trust us - once you've seen an AXE in action, you'll fall in love with the amazing inspirational design.
www.myweigh.com /pocketscales_axe.html   (305 words)

 Axe Throwing Scotland & UK, Corporate entertainment, displays for shows, events, parties.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Axe throwing is essentially a Scandinavian event which is becoming popular in
Axe throwing is surprisingly easy to pick up, with most people able to get
Blade covers must be used unless the axe is in use (new axes are razor sharp).
www.axe-throwing.co.uk   (343 words)

 axe - Wiktionary
To terminate or reduce tremendously in a rough or ruthless manner.
The broadcaster axed the series because far less people than expected watched it.
Straight line that crosses the center of a body and around which it turns; axia.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/axe   (162 words)

 Truckman Axe
The TRUCKMAN AXE, made of forged polished steel, is stress relieved and induction heat-treated.
The TRUCKMAN AXE head is guaranteed not to come loose or separate under the toughest working conditions.
The TRUCKMAN AXE is a patented fire axe that was developed especially for firefighters all over the world.
www.ustape.com /?screen=truckman_axe   (230 words)

 Urban Dictionary: axe
axe deoderant ebonics ask ghetto smell the axe defect the axe effect weed
Many guys (and women) were hypnotized, by the excellent use of advertising, to believe that they are using it because it smells good.
With a name like "Axe", I expected to be going to a metal show.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=axe   (391 words)

 AXE, a Hex Editor with Disk Edit, Memory Edit, Huge Files, Structures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
You can mark changed areas, mark interesting areas, mark areas that differ from another version of the document, set bookmarks, and zoom the view in and out to see it all clearly.
Look through the feature list for a better idea of AXE's capabilities, or see the screenshots.
If it looks promising, download a free, fully-featured AXE for a trial.
www.jbrowse.com /products/axe   (207 words)

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