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Topic: Axis forces

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Axis Powers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the Axis actions of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, alongside occupation plans in Reichskommissariat Ostland and Reichskommissariat Ukraine, Axis forces developed a political and administrative experiment in the so-called Lokot Republic.
In sharp contrast, the Axis Civil Administration assigned at Schleswig-Holstein, Gauleiter Heinrich Lohse (for Ostland), and East Prussia, Gauleiter, Erich Koch (for Ukraine) was very harsh, punctuated with massive exploitation of natural resources, deportation of local workers, and deplorable conditions for Jews during the period of their control.
Axis commanders in North Asia and the Pacific Theatre considered the organization of a client state in the Soviet Far East, similar to the Far Eastern Republic, would be a useful tool in furthering the war effort in those regions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Axis_Powers   (4440 words)

 Axis Powers - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Membership of the Axis is the subject of continuing dispute, especially among nations that joined the Axis under coercion or sometimes outright military occupation.
At contrary, the Axis civil administration, assigned at Schleswig-Holstein Gauleiter Heinrich Lohse (for Ostland) and East Prussia Gauleiter Erich Koch (for Ukraine) were very hard, with massive exploitation of natural resources, local workers deportations, measures for Jews, etc., during yours all administrative period.
Axis forces in North Asian lands during the Pacific War considered the organization of a client state in the Soviet Far East, similar to the Far Eastern Republic.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Axis_Powers   (4119 words)

 Military.com Content
Montgomery counterattacked immediately, but broke off the operation as soon as the Axis forces were pushed back to the vicinity of their starting positions.
The Axis position in North Africa was hopeless, the final outcome clearly in the hands of the logisticians.
The remaining Axis forces in Tunisia were caught in two pockets, one between Bizerte and Tunis, and the other on isolated Cape Bon.
www.military.com /Content/MoreContent?file=PRnafrica2   (2427 words)

 North African campaign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Axis had planned to follow a successful campaign in North Africa with a strike north to the rich oil fields of the Middle East.
Though Rommel was now pincered between American and Commonwealth forces, he did manage to stall the Allies with a series of defensive operations, most notably in routing the US II Corps at the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, but overall Rommel was flanked, outmanned and outgunned.
After The British eighth army shattered the Axis defense on the Mareth Line, the Allies squeezed Axis forces until their resistance in Africa collapsed, ending with the surrender on May 13, 1943 of over 275,000 prisoners of war.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/North_African_Campaign   (1227 words)

 RPGnet: Review of Axis & Allies: D-Day
Axis and Allies: D-Day sends me back to those early days, reminiscing about cardboard squares with odd symbols and strange numbers that could only be interpreted by a master of the rules.
Axis forces line up on one side of the combat board, and Allies line up on the other.
On the other hand, Axis and Allies is a great strategic simulation of one of the most memorable events in the 20th century.
www.rpg.net /reviews/archive/11/11160.phtml   (1485 words)

 AAR V1.7 game as allies - SZO Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Axis forced to move forces from Suez canal to bolster communications south from Turkey.
I forced axis to move german corp from narvik to defend supply point west of Murmansk.
Axis units are full strength and in good supply (except near Baghdad).
www.strategyzoneonline.com /forums/showthread.php?t=594   (1511 words)

 Vichy France, Free French, Operation Torch
The two primary American strategic objectives are to dissuade the Petain government from allowing Axis forces to use French colonial bases and to prevent the Axis from controlling the French Fleet.
These forces are configured for colonial garrison activities, but they are capable of effectively defending themselves against Allied combat forces.
The Gaullists seek continued French participation in the war against the Axis, liberation of the patrie and empire, and restoration of French military forces—unified under Gaullist political influence.
mason.gmu.edu /~ssledge/situation1.htm   (1095 words)

 Ricoh Silicon Valley and Axis Join Forces to Make Document Management Easy & Affordable
About Axis The Axis Communications Group with the parent company Axis AB is a leading company in network connectivity and emerging wireless Internet-based services.
Axis is one of the global leaders in several key thin server and network device markets, such as printer, storage and video connectivity, and is doing pioneering work in the rapidly expanding markets of wireless and mobile communications.
Axis is headquartered in Lund, Sweden and has a total of 28 offices throughout North America, Asia and Europe.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-02-2001/0001483581&EDATE=   (645 words)

 The Axis "Interum"
Just because the Axis will want to stick with Limited War cards and have to deal with a lot of weather during this period, doesn’t mean they should give the Allied players an easy time of it.
This article focuses on what the Axis player should be thinking and doing during "the interlude" between the closing of the French campaign and the opening of the Russian campaign.
Force him to play like his head is still on the chopping block for as long as possible.
www.alanemrich.com /TK_pages/TK_articles/tk-interlude.htm   (2150 words)

 THE SECOND PHASE: Axis Resistance Is Broken
By nightfall the 18th Infantry had suffered numerous casualties and was forced to withdraw west of the Tine during the night.
On 8 May, this force attacked to the northeast on the north side of the Djebel el Besbessia ridge, while the 81st Reconnaissance Battalion pushed forward to reconnoiter the Tunis-Bizerte road.
When Combat Command B of the 1st Armored Division met British units at Protville, a main group of German forces, pressed on the west by the 1st and the 34th Divisions, was stranded in the Tebourba area.
www.army.mil /CMH/books/wwii/bizerte/bizerte-second.htm   (4052 words)

 Axis & Allies: D-Day
Axis and Allies D-Day begins as Operation Overlord, the invasion of German-held Normandy, is underway -- 130,000 soldiers of the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are poised to assault Fortress Europe.
Axis and Allies D-Day is designed for two or three players and can be played in two hours.
Axis and Allies D-Day is the third Axis and Allies variant, following the successful Axis and Allies Europe and Axis and Allies Pacific, both of which were published in 2001.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=ah/prod/axisdday   (306 words)

 Art of War in Axis & Allies
With the elimination of an Allied capitol the Axis will be in a position to coalesce their frontiers and build new forces to achieve final victory.
Use all forces in the Alliance as one combined force which has units with differences of only the time they are applied, not the strategy to which they adhere.
However this splitting of forces should not be written in stone as this situation allows for Japan to grow quickly and harass the USSR rear.
www.kw.igs.net /~tacit/aanda/strategy/art.htm   (4839 words)

 David Thornley's History of WWII
The Axis had to maintain a foothold in Africa, lest the British attack Italy directly, but that was the extent of the vital Axis interests.
The occupation forces would be inadequate to stop even a fairly small counteroffensive, since the Germans could prepare perhaps thirty divisions for winter, a very small force to cover a line as long as was projected.
In the Philippines, the Allied forces were forced back to their final retreat positions faster than they could be supplied.
www.visi.com /~thornley/david/military/wwii/wwii1941.html   (2817 words)

 Axis Forces in Yugoslavia, 1941-45 - by NIGEL THOMAS
Axis Forces in Yugoslavia, 1941-45 - by NIGEL THOMAS
On 6 April, the German 2nd and 12th Armies, Italian 2nd and 9th Armies, and the Hungarian 4th, 5th and Mobile Corps invaded Yugoslavia from Italy, Germany, Rumania, Bulgaria and Albania.
Axis forces quickly occupied the principal towns and patrolled the main road and rail links, but in the villages, countryside and mountains a vicious and complex guerrilla war was brewing.
www.motorbooks.com /ProductDetails_8745.ncm   (221 words)

 North African Campaign - Part III: Shoot the Gap
As illustrated in the earlier scenarios that make up this series, the Axis forces found themselves plagued by an utter shortage of men, materiel, and morale which was symptomatic of an army stretched to its utter limits.
At 10 pm on the 23rd, the Axis forces cowered as nearly 1,000 Allied guns fired 125 tons of artillery over a period of five and one-half hours.
The battle at Aqaqir continued throughout the day, and left the Axis forces with somewhere between 30 and 50 tanks operating on the entire front.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=ah/article/ah20051007c   (1035 words)

 Play Axis!
Axis Forces advance through the center of the map as Allied Forces focus on northern areas of the map.
As we speak the forces under the command of OKA, Oberkommando der Achsemächte are waging a war for the control of the European continent.
The Axis forces are organised into a structure run by the Oberkommando der Achsemächte (OKA).
www.wwiionline.com /scripts/wwiionline/axis.jsp   (1074 words)

 Croatian Axis Forces in WWII
These armed forces would be definitely required, as a Communist uprising, led by Josip Broz "Tito", would soon plunge the new state into a horrible civil war.
Another major problem for the Croatian military forces was the mass exodus of many of the best Croatian officers, NCO's and soldiers to volunteer for service in the German or Italian armies.
The remnants of the Croatian Armed Forces (approximately 200,000 troops) retreated towards Austria in the hopes of surrendering to the British.
www.feldgrau.com /a-croatia.html   (2633 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
2) All fl-on-grey Axis forces are German except three 2-7 infantry divisions initially deployed and one arriving on Turn 11, which are Hungarian.
3) All Axis forces initially deployed in area "Y", the Turn 4 reinforcements, and two 2-7 units of the Turn 7 reinforcements are Hungarian.
4) All Axis forces initially deployed in area "Z", two 3-8 Air units, the Turn 5 and Turn 11 reinforcements, and two 2-7 infantry divisions arriving on Turn 7 are all Rumanian.
grognard.com /errata/pan2.txt   (374 words)

 WWII Online- Cornered Rat Software/Playnet.com
Since the last Campaign report the Axis Forces have reclaimed Antwerp and Brussels as the Allied Forces held their ground in the southern area.
The Allied Forces and Axis Forces are putting up a good fight and this campaign is by no means over and both sides are pushing to claim this campaign as their victory.
All Axis Forces are ordered to stand at alert and to prepare for the victory ahead.
newsletters.wwiionline.com /021105.html   (1111 words)

 The Berlin/Moscow Axis
German forces are rerouted from the Franco-Spanish border and occupy Yugoslavia.
Although the Axis is militarily more powerful than the ECPS at this time, the idea of 'Appeasement' is so repugnant to the Council members that eventually the Council declares that the ECPS can not possibly leave Crete to the wrath of the Axis hordes.
German forces are largely defeated in Iberia, although Bilbao remains a stronghold till the end of the war.
dtormsen.alternatehistory.com /Nazi-Soviet_Axis.htm   (6097 words)

 Second World War Books: Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
"Indigenous Axis Forces in Yugoslavia" briefly surveys the local militias, police organizations, and auxiliary formations raised for local defense under Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and German auspices after the defeat of Yugoslavia.
Slovenian Axis Forces includes a list of sources in the Acknowledgments as well as a few footnotes (although for such a specialized, little-known subject more would be better).
Slovenian Axis Forces should be greeted with enthusiasm and gratitude by fans of esoteric military formations.
stonebooks.com /archives/980723.shtml   (652 words)

 Axis and Allies.org | Boardgames and Miniatures
Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge Announced
Axis and Allies is war strategy board game and collectible miniatures game that takes place during World War II.
First, the next expansion for the ground based AandA Minis will be called Axis and Allies Miniatures: Reserves and will be released November 10, 2006.
www.axisandallies.org   (781 words)

 Play Allies!
While maintaining a holding pattern in other areas of the front, French units were deployed north to eliminate the threat from the Axis in the area.
The push continues on, and cities are being liberated by the Allied Forces around the clock.
Axis forces were expected to meet the move in the coming days, but the sizable increase in supply will still be a handy addition to all French front line forces in the war.
www.battleground-europe.com /scripts/wwiionline/allies.jsp?launch=true   (800 words)

 Rule 58. FRENCH SURRENDER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
VICHY FRANCE NOT ESTABLISHED: If the Axis player does not establish Vichy France, the Axis gain control of all hexes in France and Corsica and receive what would otherwise have been the Vichy BRPs, but not the BRPs of those colonies which would have otherwise been Vichy (58.532).
Allied forces which are in former French colonies at the end of the Allied player turn in which France surrenders are eliminated.
58.61 FRENCH FORCES REMOVED FROM BOARD: Once the political alignment of the French colonies is established, the French fleet and French ground and air units in Free French colonies and British-controlled hexes remain on the board.
aworldatwar.com /eRules/58.HTM   (2062 words)

 Axis Forces on land, sea and air and the Fleet Air Arm. Part of the Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945
Axis Forces on land, sea and air and the Fleet Air Arm.
German Armed Forces in WWII: Regarded as one of the premier websites on the military history of the German Armed Forces and European Axis Allies from 1919-1945.
Details of the Fuftwaffe forces that were to prove themselves against the Arctic Convoys and the FAA raids on Tirpitz.
www.fleetairarmarchive.net /Axis/Index.html   (1813 words)

 Military uniforms of WW2, Allied & Axis forces.
Military uniforms of WW2, Allied and Axis forces.
However, rather than collecting the actual items, I collect and use high resolution photos of them to create Photoshop images that show myself in the uniform of a Captain (or equivalent rank) in whichever armed force and branch of service those insignia were worn by.
Below here all are members of the Axis forces.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-uniforms/all-forces.htm   (333 words)

 Play Allies!
British and French Forces unite in a unified push and push back the Axis Forces.
As the fight continues on, Axis Forces are reported to be frustrated and looking for a place to put blame.
The Axis opponents are the toughest out there but when we stand as a single unified team nothing can stop us.
www.wwiionline.com /scripts/wwiionline/allies.jsp?launch=true   (800 words)

 Axis History Forum :: Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Discussions on the aircraft used by the Axis forces.
Discussions on the vehicles used by the Axis forces.
Discussions on the equipment used by the Axis forces, apart from the things covered in the other sections.
forum.axishistory.com   (922 words)

 Hungarian Axis Forces in WWII
Under the provisions of this Treaty, tanks, artillery and an air force were also prohibited.
The pattern for this declaration had been set many years before, and the final impetus for the move is said to have come when the Hungarian city of kassa was bombed, supposedly by Russian aircraft.
Whom ever is to blame, the end result was a far reaching one, as it pulled Hungary firmly into the Axis forces.
www.feldgrau.com /a-hungary.html   (1021 words)

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