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 Poster Az-Zahir Hakim Print
Az - Zahir Hakim will be used primarily in three- or four-receiver sets this year in the West Coast offense...
Az - Zahir Hakim and Bill Schroeder are hoping to bounce back from disappointing first...
Az - Zahir Hakim wants to make it perfectly clear: He can do anything any other NFL wide receiver... /posters-5/43/Az-Zahir-Hakim.html

 Detroit Lions Site: Quick hits with Az-Zahir Hakim
Allen Park, Mich. -- Az-Zahir Hakim is in his first season with the Lions after signing as an unristricted free agent on March 7, 2002.
Az Hakim leads the team in receptions after four games this season /document_display.cfm?document_id=3277

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Ahmad Zahir - hawaya eshqa tu az sar
Ahmad Zahir - Ajab sabra khoda daram 7
Ahmad Zahir - Maham za rah rasid 9 /radio/AllMixPlay.htm - News
After signing a five-year contract with the Detroit Lions, Az Hakim announced that he will contribute $100,000 to the Az Hakim Foundation to fund projects focusing on improving the quality of life of Detroit youth.
Players who participated were safety Lamar Campbell, quarterback Ty Detmer, wide receivers Az Hakim, Desmond Howard and Bill Schroeder, defensive linemen Kalimba Edwards, linebackers Chris Claiborne and Barrett Green, offensive lineman Jeff Backus, Eric Beverly, and Stockar McDougle and Dominic Raiola and tight end Mikhael Ricks.
With the help of the Az Hakim Foundation, plans are now in place to begin a pilot program at a men's correctional facility to facilitate visits between fathers and their children. /news.htm

 Detroit Lions Site: Az-Zahir Hakim
• Launched Az Hakim Foundation in the spring of 2002 benefiting children with incarcerated parents.
• Has donated $1,500 for every touchdown he scored with the Lions to the Az Hakim Foundation ($12,000).
• Donated Lions’ tickets to the Children’s Visitation Program through Lions CATS for kids program and the Az Hakim Foundation. /bio.cfm?bio_id=35&season=1

 Welcome to - Your 24 hrs live Afghan Radio Station.
Actually, Ahmad Zahir's father, the late Dr. Abdul Zahir, was born into a rural family in the Nangarhar Province.
Ahmad Zahir will be remembered as the man who changed the course of music in the later part of the 20th century and will be forever recognized as one of the greatest Afghan entertainer.
Ahmad Zahir was born on the 23rd of Jauza, 1325 (June 13, 1946) in Laghman, Afghanistan, the third child of Dr. Abdul Zahir. /AfgWeb/Ra19/azlife.asp

 Drinen rambles about Az-zahir Hakim
All but the most serious of leagues will have some bonehead who, drunk on the mental image of a horn-helmeted Hakim blazing down the sideline, will take Az too early.
In serious leagues with competitive and knowledgeable owners who pride themselves on seeing beyond the hype, though, I think Hakim will be a bargain.
Unfortunately, Hakim has been riding three years of Ram hype, plus all the publicity that comes with a 16-million-dollar contract. /todHakiAz00.htm

 eBay - az zahir hakim, Cards, Autographs-Original, and Game Used Memorabilia items at low prices
eBay - az zahir hakim, Cards, Autographs-Original, and Game Used Memorabilia items at low prices
Home > All Categories > Search Results for 'az zahir hakim' /search/search.dll?query=az+zahir+hakim&newu=1&...

 Virtual Afghans - Ahmad Zahir
Home - Music - Ahmad Zahir - Album 2 /music/ahmad_zahir/album2 Hakim Proves that Speed Kills
The reason for this is because Az Hakim is such a threat, whether it be on a reverse, a punt return, a kick return, or a deep throw.
But what most didn't see is the trench work by Az.
But what was none other than Az Hakim who served as a decoy on the play, as /2/67394.html

 The Roto Times Football Player Notes
09.11 Az Hakim is listed as "questionable" for the Lions this weekend because of his injured knee, according to the Detroit News.
07.28 Az Hakim is practicing in full pads with the Lions, according to the AP.
08.20 Az Hakim underwent a minor arthroscopic procedure on Monday to remove a loose body from his right knee, according to the Detroit News. /

 St. Louis Rams News Headlines
The little big man Az-Zahir Hakim `puts his nose where a nose don't want to go,'' to use Bear Bryant's country-boy definition of a football player.
Or, as Saunders puts it: ``Besides his athletic gifts, Az has courage.
``The first three days in our camp, you could tell Az was gifted,'' the San Diego State coach says. /oldnews/2000/091400-3.htm

 Az-Zahir Hakim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Az-Zahir Ali Hakim (born June 3, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.
As a senior at San Diego State, Hakim caught 37 passes for 595 yards (16.1 yards per rec.).
He was released from the Detroit Lions a day after the conclusion of the 2005 NFL Draft, partly because of the acquisition of wide receiver Mike Williams. /wiki/Az-Zahir_Hakim   (213 words)

 Welcome to Ahmad Zahir . Com!
Ahmad Zahir also loved Indian movies and classical songs which he translated a few and sang in persian...Irani.
For people who never heard his music or to the ones that grew up with his music, we welcome you to AhmadZahir.COM!
Click on each volume to view list and select to listen to each song.   (213 words)

 Ahmad Zahir the ONE and ONLY . . .
Bewafaa Yaaram Bewafaa Yaaram Karda Gham Baaram Beshnaw Ay Ashena Az Dile.........
" Ay Padshaye Khubaan Daad Az Ghame Tanhayee...
Lyrics For : "Az Tu Dooram..." Az Tu Dooram Az Tu Dooram, Az Tu Dooram… Az Tu Dooram Ma......... /AhmadZahirLyrics.asp   (213 words)

 Fantasy Football - Fantasy Football News from
With Az Hakim out, the Lions could really use Streets on Sunday.
With almost zero production this season, he's still not a good fantasy pickup.
Tai Streets, questionable with a hamstring injury, practiced for the first time in two weeks Wednesday. /content/playerpages/player_previousnews.asp?sport=NFL&id=4821   (213 words)

 Face-Off - Az-Zahir Hakim
Anyone expecting a top 20 performance out of Az is in for a letdown.
Do you think Az will be getting better defenders and more of them by his side this year?
Now see what happens when we look at the negative side of Az: /faceoff_ahakim.cfm   (213 words)

He gives it to the heart of His servant whom He wills.' Imam Malik said, 'He who possesses 'ilm az-zahir can attain 'ilm al-batin.
The second is the knowledge of zahir that can be expressed verbally.' Another hadith ash-Sharif, related by as-Suyuti and ad-Dailami, declares, 'The science of batin is one of Allahu ta'ala's mysteries and one of His orders.
The hadith ash-Sharif related by al-Imam as-Suyuti and Khatib declares, "Religious knowledge has two parts: one part covers the useful knowledge in the heart. /Advice_for_the_Muslim/wah-35.htm   (213 words)

 History of the Imams - Egypt
In 415 A.H., a man was brought before Imam Zahir who confessed killing Imam al-Hakim for religious motives.
There was a Kutami Amir, Yusuf bin Dawwas in the court of Imam al-Hakim. /history/history4.htm   (213 words) - NFL - Report: Yellow brick road leads Az to Kansas City
Hakim is expected to have a quick assimilation to the Chiefs offense, catching balls from former teammate Trent Green.
Hakim caught 31 passes for 533 yards for the Lions last season but was cut when they drafted Mike Williams.
Hakim, who played for Dick Vermeil's 1999-2000 Super Bowl champion team in St. Louis, is expected to be in Kansas City for next weekend's mini-camp. /nfl/news/story?id=2083014   (302 words) - News
Hakim, who was primarily the third wide-out for the St. Louis Rams over the past four seasons, has been given a "golden" opportunity to showcase his skills in the starting lineup of the Detroit Lions.
Hakim passed his physical and was cleared to join his Lions teammates in practice, which he did in the afternoon session.
Hakim, the Lions leading receiver, was taken off the field on a cart during the Lions 31-14 loss to the New York Jets Sunday at Ford Field with a dislocated hip. /news.htm   (2283 words)

 Islamic Medical Manuscripts: Bio-Bibliographies
NLM has a copy of Maqsud ‘Ali Tabrizi's Persian translation of this biographical dictionary which states that he began translating al-Shahrazuri's treatise in 1602/1011, though other sources states that he undertook the translation in 1605/1014 at the request of Jahangir (NLM MS P 17).
According to some biographical sources, Maqsud ‘Ali Tabrizi was a Sufi scholar who nonetheless became an influential figure at the court of the governor of Gujarat, whom he served many years before enemies intrigued against him and he was imprisoned in the fortress of Gwalior.
Maqsud ‘Ali Tabrizi was a translator who worked at the request of the Mughal emperor Jahangir (ruled 1605-27/ 1014-37). /hmd/arabic/bioM.html   (2283 words)

 Sulayhid dynasty in Yamen
Ali bin Suleman was a pioneer physician, philosopher, mathematician and an astronomer, who died during the early part of the Imamate of az- Zahir.
Ali bin Muhammad al-Sulayhi generated his close contact with az-Zahir and the mission headquarters in Cairo.
During the later part of az-Zahir's rule, the Fatimid influence had become supreme in Palestine and Syria, save only in the few northern districts which remained subject to the Greek empire. /histoire/history05/history569.html   (2283 words)

 Winamp Generated PlayList
Ahmad Zahir - bar khatir azada 10
Ahmad Zahir - hawaya eshqa tu az sar
Ahmad Zahir - chal chal maira sati 1 /radio/AllMixPlay.htm   (2283 words) - Qal`at `Abbas az Zahir Travel Guide - Pictures, Tips and Reviews
Qal`at `Abbas az Zahir Travel Guide - Tips, Reviews and Pictures of Hotels, Restaurants, Activities and more in Qal`at `Abbas az Zahir - Qal`at `Abbas az Zahir Travel Guide - Pictures, Tips and Reviews
> Write Your Own Qal`at `Abbas az Zahir Travel Tips /vt/1b5d13   (2283 words)

 75th Name: Az Zahir
And that is how Allah is Az Zahir the Manifest - the Visible.
The person who also reads two Rakat Nafl Salat and then at the end recites Huwal Awwalu Wal Akhiru Waz Zahiru Wal Batinu Wa Huwa Ala Kulli Shayin Qadeer(u) 11 times will achieve all his / her lawful desires, Insha Allah.
The person who reads Ya Zahir 1111 times everyday, Allah will 'pour the light' into the eyes and heart of that person, Insha Allah. /Zahir.html   (2283 words) NFL - Dream signing: Hakim has five-year deal with Lions
PONTIAC, Mich. -- Az-Zahir Hakim, one of the many weapons in the St. Louis Rams' high-scoring offense the past three seasons, signed with the Detroit Lions on Thursday.
Hakim, 24, has been the No. 3 wide receiver for the Rams, behind Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt.
But the Rams acknowledged early in free agency that Hakim's price tag probably would be too exorbitant for them to have a chance of retaining him. /nfl/news/2002/0307/1347185.html   (386 words)

 Eddie Drummond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drummond went undrafted during the 2002 NFL Draft, but was signed as a rookie free agent when the Lions' two starting kick returners, Az-Zahir Hakim and Desmond Howard, became injured.
Drummond had an outstanding rookie season, averaging 26.0 yards per kick return, ranking him third in the NFC and fifth in the NFL, and returned a punt 73 yards for a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals. /wiki/Eddie_Drummond   (228 words)

 Team News - - Official website of Super Bowl XL
Hakim had just made a 14-yard catch when he was tackled by Jon McGraw and John Abraham.
Hakim played his first four years with the Rams, scoring 16 touchdowns.
Hakim was taken off the field on a stretcher. /teams/story/DET/5900722   (332 words)

 The official site of the St. Louis Rams - Article
Despite Hakim’s early success returning punts, Az dropped from first to sixth in the NFC in punt returns at the end of the regular season after opposing punters punted away from him.
Last year, Az became the first Ram since RB Cleveland Gary to score touchdowns rushing and receiving in the same game when he accomplished the feat December 13, 1998, against the New England Patriots.
Hakim caught three passes for touchdowns and returned an 84-yard punt for a touchdown against Cincinnati in Week 4 helping the Rams defeat the Bengals, 38-10. /article/22963   (808 words)

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