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Topic: Azalea

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In the News (Thu 17 Jan 19)

  Azalea Falls Lodge Buffalo National River Ozarks
Azalea Falls Lodge is a 3000 square foot home in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, built entirely of rock, glass and redwood.
Staying at Azalea Falls Lodge is "like staying in a wonderful treehouse that overlooks an enchanted hollow." "At peace", "a spiritual quaility" and "magical" are some of the comments that have been used to describe the ambience of the lodge.
And, guests of the cabin are invited to take the hiking trail which meanders through the hollow, past wild azaleas, umbrella magnolias and rock houses, to the waterfall.
www.azaleafalls.com   (674 words)

  Azalea Park/cityofdogs.com
Azalea Park is located (map) along the southwest border of Charlottesville on Old Lynchburg Road (about halfway between Jefferson Park Avenue Extended and 5th Street).
Azalea Park has long been informally known as the dog park in Charlottesville because large numbers of local residents have exercised their dogs off-leash here on a daily basis since at least the late 1980s.
Traditionally, the dog run area at Azalea has turned into a mud pit from late fall to mid-spring; now that the dogs are confined to a smaller fenced-in space, it seems all too obvious that the place will be reduced to pure muck by mid-December if not sooner.
www.cstone.net /~jgr9a/city/azalea.html   (1365 words)

  Azalea Pests   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The principal insects that attack azaleas in the Southeast are azalea bark scales, azalea leafminers, lace bugs, whiteflies, peony scales, thrips, and leafeating caterpillars and beetles.
Azalea bark scale—Infested azaleas usually appear chlorotic; the bushes are often covered with a fl fungus; and white cottony or matted waxy, threadlike masses may be found in crotches and on twigs.
Azalea lace bug—The upper surfaces of the leaves are discolored in spots (mottled); the under surfaces are often dotted with "fly specks" (excrement).
ipm.ncsu.edu /AG189/html/Azalea_key.HTML   (246 words)

 Azaleas and Rhododendrons for Minnesota   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Azaleas and rhododendrons, best known for their showy, colorful flowers, can be used in many Minnesota landscapes if the proper species and cultivars are selected.
Azaleas that survive in Minnesota belong to the sub-genus Pentanthera and are characterized by being deciduous and having five stamens.
Northern Hi-Lights Azalea is a hybrid of an Exbury seedling and an unidentified azalea seedling.
www.extension.umn.edu /distribution/horticulture/DG2386.html   (1668 words)

 Docket No. 97-0023, Thoroughgood, Inc., d/b/a Azalea Court   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Azalea argues that the standard is meant to apply only to "healthcare workers, undertakers, healthcare laboratories, or other places where there is regular exposure to liquid blood," not to Azalea's personal care facility (Azalea brief, p.
Azalea's suggestion that its employees waited by an injured resident for the arrival of an ambulance or doctor was unconvincing in light of other testimony.
Azalea argues that "contact" (referenced in a non-existent section of the standard) cannot be considered contact with "intact skin." Possibly Azalea refers to the definition of an "exposure incident," which is irrelevant to a determination of occupational exposure.
www.oshrc.gov /decisions/html_1999/97-0023.html   (5067 words)

 Azalea Society of America
Rhododendron 'Cagle Nocturne', a Schild Cumberland hybrid deciduous azalea.
If you know the name of the azalea you are interested in, you can use the Pictures link to find it, and see if we have a picture of it.
To be the source of current azalea data, we need some members to "own" specific pages and be responsible for keeping them current, and to add information to some of the databases.
www.azaleas.org   (819 words)

 Floridata: Rhododendron canescens
Pinxter azalea is an open, rather loose deciduous shrub which grows in an upright, many branched bush, 6-15 ft (1.8-4.6 m) tall and about as wide.
Pinxter azalea is the most common wild azalea in the southeastern U.S. It grows along streams and swamp margins from North Carolina and Tennessee to central Florida, and west to East Texas.
This pinxter azalea lives in Jack's yard where it has survived flood and drought and demands absolutely no care whatsover (except for cutting vines and weed away from it).
www.floridata.com /ref/R/r_canesc.cfm   (511 words)

 Azalea Planting
Kurume azaleas are cold-hardy and adapted to all of South Carolina.
Azaleas planted under pine trees generally do well, as the moderate filtered shade and acidic soil are ideal conditions for vigorous growth.
Azaleas do not tolerate wet soils, so it is important to avoid this problem by digging and amending a large area when planting them.
hgic.clemson.edu /factsheets/HGIC1058.htm   (2263 words)

 Information on Satsuki Azalea for bonsai...
Overview : The Satsuki Azalea (Rhododendron indicum) is a commonly used and quite popular subject for bonsai - admired for both its variety, hardiness and spectacular flowers which can be up to 12 cm (7 in) in diameter.
Azaleas are the most flamboyant of flowering shrubs, producing masses of bright flowers in late spring, with the exception of midsummer for Satsuki azaleas.
There are untold numbers of Satsuki azaleas which are constantly hybridized in Japan and which are classified by the shape, size and colour pattern of the flowers.
www.bonsaisite.com /satsuki.html   (257 words)

 azalea. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Azaleas are handsome shrubs with large clusters of pink, red, orange, yellow, purple, or white flowers.
Dwarf azaleas are grown by florists as pot plants.
Azaleas are classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Ericales, family Ericaceae.
www.bartleby.com /65/az/azalea.html   (210 words)

 Azalea Diseases in the Landscape
Azaleas are one of the most popular spring flowering shrubs grown in North Carolina nurseries and landscapes.
Although several fungicides are available for azaleas to prevent the spread of Phytophthora in the landscape, fungicides are generally not recommended for the homeowner due to cost and application requirements.
Azaleas are susceptible to the stunt nematode (Tylenchorhynchus claytoni).
www.ces.ncsu.edu /depts/pp/notes/Ornamental/odin16/odin16.htm   (1970 words)

From time to time during her ensuing months off Charleston, Azalea had brushes with blockade runners which were attempting to enter or leave port, but she did not score again before she retired to Port Royal, S.C., just before the arrival of spring.
Azalea was one of the nine steamers that Dahlgren promptly sent to sea to intercept the former Southern chief of state.
Azalea continued blockade duty into June and, by mid-month, was back at Port Royal receiving repairs.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/a15/azalea-i.htm   (453 words)

 Azalea Care
Azaleas are Southern signature plants in South Carolina landscapes.
To visualize the area to be fertilized, imagine the azalea as the center point of a circle with a 6-foot radius (the "root radius").
Azaleas are susceptible to cold injury, especially when exposed directly to early morning sun after a hard freeze.
hgic.clemson.edu /factsheets/HGIC1059.htm   (1982 words)

 Robin Garr's Louisville Restaurant Guide / Azalea
But it, too, closed, to be replaced by Azalea, a Kentucky outpost of celebrity chef Tom Catherall's glitzy eatery that had introduced "fusion" cuisine to Atlanta in 1990.
Azalea's wine list is substantial, with more than 100 selections, about two-thirds of them red and a fair share of the lower-end choices available by the glass, usually for one-fourth of the bottle price.
Crushed Yukon gold potatoes ($2.95), another Azalea special, were coarsely mashed, not a puree but an intentionally lumpy mound of tender potatoes in their skins, apparently cooked until soft then roughly broken up with a fork, lightly touched with herbs and garlic.
www.louisvillehotbytes.com /azalea.shtml   (820 words)

 Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Life/Travel: Home/Gardening | Columnist Mariana Greene
While in other parts of the country evergreen azaleas are happy in the sun, here you have to figure out how much morning sun is enough and how much afternoon sun is too much.
The Dallas Arboretum's azalea gardens, which draw more than 60,000 to the park in April, were designed by landscape architect Naud Burnett, who was Joe Lambert's assistant before he established his own firm in Dallas.
Perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the development of Encore azaleas, which flower heavily in spring and fall, sporadically through summer and during mild winter spells.
www.dallasnews.com /sharedcontent/dws/fea/columnists/mgreene/stories/DN-NHG_fool_1124liv.ART.State.Edition1.3e91bfe.html   (872 words)

 Azalea Blossom Watch 2006
The combination of the early azaleas, the dogwoods, and the beginning of the mid-season azaleas is spectacular.
The easiest time to visit the Azalea Collection is during the week when it is less crowded but don't let that stop you from taking a stroll this weekend, (after going to the FONA Plant Sale, of course).
To the east is another 15 acres of evergreen hybrid group azaleas dotted with deciduous azaleas and large-leaf rhododendron hybrids.
www.usna.usda.gov /Gardens/collections/azaleablossom.html   (3469 words)

 Azalea Collection
Morrison envisioned the modern hybrid azalea as we know it today and successfully married the large flowers and exciting colors of tender azaleas in the Indica group with the hardiness of more northerly species.
To the west of the garden, a large plaza shaded by the venerable branches of a mature lacebark pine, Pinus bungeana, serves as an ideal spot to contemplate the peace and beauty of wakening spring.
Keep in mind that many azaleas are in bloom long after the peak and others might bloom early—there are usually some azaleas in bloom from early in April until well into June.
www.usna.usda.gov /Gardens/collections/azalea.html   (915 words)

 Azalea Maritime - Azalea Crew
Azalea Maritime Agency is a manning agency dedicated to serve maritime companies worldwide.
The cooperation between the Maritime School – Kotor and Azalea Maritime Agency is reflected in the Azalea Maritime Agency's right of priority to select the best students from the Maritime School Kotor who want to make their carrier at sea.
Those fulfilling the demands of the Azalea Maritime Agency will then be recommended to our clients to be employed on board their vessels.
azalea.co.yu /crew.htm   (351 words)

 Azalea Leaf and Flower Gall
Azalea leaf and flower gall is a disease that causes concern to many Virginia home gardeners each year.
It is caused by the fungus Exobasidium vaccinii.
Some azalea cultivars with resistance to leaf and flower gall have been reported.
www.ext.vt.edu /pubs/plantdiseasefs/450-605/450-605.html   (499 words)

 Azalea Repository   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Protecting the biodiversity of native azaleas is of vital importance to the Arboretum.
The peak azalea flowering time is early to mid May, but some species flower as early as April and as late as frost in autumn.
Azaleas prefer a variety of habitats: some thrive in upland sites and are quite tolerant of dry southern and western exposures.
www.ncarboretum.org /Horticulture/Azalea_Repository.htm   (734 words)

 Azalea Software, Inc. barcode software and barcode fonts for printing bar codes
This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device.
Use our wizard to print one or two barcodes or use our free sample code, barcode plug-ins, and sample code to print hundreds or thousands of barcodes at a time.
All Azalea barcode products come with free technical support.
www.azalea.com   (322 words)

 Azalea Charities Home
The Corporate Officers, Board of Directors and members of Azalea Charities, Inc. welcome you.
We ask that you consider membership in Azalea Charities, to become part of a greater whole.
Azalea Charities President and CEO pays visit to Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, VA George Kraus presents $10,000 check to Janet Langhorne on behalf of Azalea Charities "Aid for Wounded Soldiers" project.
www.azaleacharities.org   (215 words)

 Sub Page of The Azalea Works Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you arrived here in your search for the Azalea Society of America, you can find what you are looking for by clicking on the following URL --- www.azaleas.org.
If you are interested and have a few minutes, I invite you to visit The Azalea Works.
For example, the image to the right is the evergreen azalea 'Ben Morrison', one of my favorites.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Azalea&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.theazaleaworks.com/asa.htm&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-33C5CA03-C2B0-82E0-70C7-6235FAB4589B-ym   (196 words)

 Questions On Azalea
A: Azaleas are difficult to rebloom in North Dakota.
Q: I received a pink azalea plant, and after it died back, I broke off the dead stems and planted it outside on the north side of my garage.
I have an azalea that I think needs to be repotted, but I am not sure what kind of soil to use.
www.ext.nodak.edu /extnews/hortiscope/flowers/azalea.htm   (1909 words)

 History of Azalea
Azalea Elementary School is a public, non-profit school in Pinellas County.
Boyd was promoted to Fuguitt Elementary, currently a Title 1 school, and was moved once again to Azalea Elementary due to her leadership capabilities of implementing the Baldrige Criteria.
Boyd's leadership at Azalea, Azalea has made an improvement trend in the Governor's A+ plan, with the school moving from a "C" in 2001, to a "B" in 2002, and now three consecutive A's in the last three years.
www.azalea-es.pinellas.k12.fl.us /aboutus.html   (567 words)

 Encore Azalea - More Blooms, More Often (TM)
Preliminary university trials have shown it to be one of the most cold hardy varieties of the Encore Azalea line.
A robust upright variety with deep green foliage and large, rich purple blooms, Autumn Royalty was voted Azalea of the Year by the American Rhododendron Society.
With one of the largest blooms in the Encore Azalea collection, an especially dense growth habit and a gorgeous dark pink and green color combination, Autumn Sangria is well suited as a specimen or a foundation planting.
www.encoreazalea.com /encore/stat_collection.cfm   (835 words)

 Azalea Park, Florida FL, profile (Orange County) - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
Azalea Park is in Orange County, in the Orlando metro area.
At the time of the 2000 census, the per capita income in Azalea Park was $14,136, compared with $21,587 nationally.
Median rent in Azalea Park, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $611.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=8336   (505 words)

 Satsuki Azalea
The azalea used to be considered a separate genus from the rhododendron, but has recently been reclassified.
The most interesting feature of the Satsuki azalea is that it produces flowers in multiple colors on the same plant.
Azaleas like well drained, organic soils with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5.
www.bonsai-bci.com /species/satsuki-azalea.html   (531 words)

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