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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Azincourt Alliance Battle of Azincourt
The battle, which was fought on St Crispin's day, is commemorated in the "Crispin Crispian" speech in the play Henry V (c.1600 and 1632) by Shakespeare and made into a film starring Sir Laurence Olivier (c.1944) with a later version starring Kenneth Brannagh (c.1989).
The "Battle of Azincourt" was a military engagement during the Hundred Years' War, fought near the village of Azincourt (now Azincourt, in Pas-de-Calais Department), in France, on October 25, 1415.
The battle was fought between an English army commanded by King Henry V of England and the French army commanded by Charles d'Albret, constable of France.
homepage.ntlworld.com /lollardy/uk/_private/azincourt.htm   (382 words)

 Azincourt Alliance Event History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Some history; from 1995 we had begun to hold an event at Azincourt at the end of October, this would coincide with St. Crispin’s Day the 25th or the nearest weekend to it.
During spring 2001 a decision was made to organize a battle, longbow archery competition and trading event during the summer at Azincourt, The Azincourt Alliance was created to organize this and with the assistance of the newly built museum at Azincourt the initial dates of 20th and 21st July 2002 were agreed on.
The museum and Town Hall gave us a large amount of support assisting with our public liability insurance and arranging for us with a local land owner, a suitable location to use on the edge of the battlefield corresponding to the French right-hand flank.
homepage.ntlworld.com /lollardy/uk/_private/history.htm   (700 words)

 The Azincourt Alliance Saftey Rules
The Azincourt Alliance is running both the battle and the archery and their rules will have the overall governing authority.
The Azincourt Alliance will be checking that all participants using fl powder weaponry hold a valid licence for the use of these substances, equipment and storage.
This should be shown and a copy given to the Azincourt Alliance representative at the commanders meeting.
www.azincourt-alliance.org.uk /saftey.htm   (550 words)

 Azincourt Battle 1415   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The new centre at Azincourt - the battle marked the beginning of the end for the medieval knight in armour
Thanks perhaps to Shakespeare’s version of Henry V’s speech to rouse his tired and out-numbered troops on the eve of battle, this long-distant battle is still remembered:
Azincourt is on D71, off D928 about 4km S of Fruges.
www.theotherside.co.uk /tm-heritage/visit/visit-azincourt-battle.htm   (502 words)

 Battle at Azincourt
The Azincourt Alliance are working in conjunction with the Museum at Azincourt and the Board of Tourism to organise on their behalf a battle re-enactment set during the campaigns of the One Hundred Years war.
At Fruges there is a large supermarket on the right at the top of the hill leaving town, Champions, the last before Azincourt where you can also buy the cheapest petrol and diesel around.
Azincourt is sign posted; turning left into town follow the signs to the museum and the event entrance is directly opposite the main museum car park.
www.faires.com /EventRecord.php?Id=221   (248 words)

 Azincourt Alliance Application UK
Before attending any event organised by The Azincourt Alliance please fill in completely the form below, unless you already have a security number and wish to add extra attendees click here.
Upon approval we will forward to you, by email to the email address you provided during your application, your entry security number.
The information is only used for the purpose of providing contact information for The Azincourt Alliance and is not the policy of this site to provide this information to any third party sources.
www.azincourt-alliance.org.uk /_private/application_uk.htm   (439 words)

 Battle of Agincourt (Azincourt) - Americans in France
Battle of Agincourt (Azincourt) - Americans in France
The Battle of Agincourt, spelled Azincourt by the French took place on the 25th of October 1415 in Northern France near the villages of Agincourt and Trame-court.
This battle between the English lead by King Henry V and the French lead by the Constable d'Albret was a total victory for the English who were outnumbered by almost 6 to 1.
www.americansinfrance.net /Attractions/Agincourt.cfm   (205 words)

 History Forum: European History » Arquebuse and hallebards vs heavy chivalry
The Thing with the battle of Azincourt was also that it had been raining heavy and the field was a mud pool, slipry and thus dangerous for speeding horses.
But at Azincourt, Poitiers and Crécy, french chivalery was divided and undisciplined by nature.
That's why french royal army was beaten at Crécy, Poitiers and Azincourt, and during the greatest defeats at Sedan in 1870 and in 1940.
www.history-forum.com /forum/topic-114.html   (6899 words)

 [No title]
Above Top Right: Brightly painted representations of longbowmen set up along the Azincourt - Tramecourt road, near where the British stood and fought.
Azincourt is a pretty little village, decorated with flags and figures similar to those above, and obviously looked after with great pride.
There is a new “Visitor Centre” and museum where one can learn about the battle.
members.lycos.co.uk /jcga/page8.html   (174 words)

 azincourt 1415 (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
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azincourt-1415.b19.startrekexcelsior.com.cob-web.org:8888   (282 words)

 25 octobre 1415 : victoire inattendue d'Henry V et des Anglais à Azincourt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Le 25 octobre 1415, la «fleur de la chevalerie française» est anéantie à Azincourt, au nord de la Somme, par les archers et les piétons du roi d'Angleterre, Henri V de Lancastre.
S'ajoutant aux défaites de Crécy et Poitiers, Azincourt signe la mort de la chevalerie féodale.
Fort de sa victoire inattendue à Azincourt, le roi d'Anglerre entreprend la conquête de la Normandie.
www.herodote.net /histoire10250.htm   (1170 words)

 sarkozy lvmh : SF Indymedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Reminding us of a campaign poster of 1981 showing François Mitterrand asking for “change” while standing in front of a small rural community enlightened by a magical sunrise so typical of Pétain’s propaganda for “la belle France”, Sarkozy seems cultivating a similar taste for the ambiguous paradox of a “la rupture”
Since November this year, Sarkozy’s “Cercle Azincourt”, thanks to “speed-dating” methods organized in the backroom of a Paris café whose identity is only revealed seconds before the appointment, recruits enthusiasts as young as sixteen.
One of Sarkozy’s websites reveals the overall aim of the initiative: “Eighteen months before the presidential elections and beyond the question of the person, is France ready for change?
sf.indymedia.org /news/2006/01/1723914.php   (1125 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The opening of the new museum at Azincourt France
During the summer the new Museum at Azincourt opened to great acclaim.
Nearly five milion Francs have been spent on the new exhibition centre and it was officially opened by the French Prime Minister with a host of notables in attendance.
www.histrenact.co.uk /pictures/azincourt2001/azincourt2001.htm   (66 words)

 AZINCOURT - office de tourisme (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
AZINCOURT - office de tourisme (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)
Centre Historique Médiéval 24 rue CharlesVI, 62310 AZINCOURT
Pour vos vacances l'office de tourisme, votre conseiller en sejour
www.tourisme.fr.cob-web.org:8888 /office-de-tourisme/azincourt.htm   (136 words)

 www.FrenchHistory.net - 36 - CHARLES VI - AZINCOURT. Armagnacs et Bourguignons. (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
36 - CHARLES VI - AZINCOURT, Armagnacs et Bourguignons.
Les Anglais, profitant des troubles de la France, débarquent en Normandie, et remportent en Artois, à Azincourt, une victoire égale à celle de Poitiers (1415).
Le peuple de Paris, secouru par les Bourguignons, massacre les Armagnacs (1418), mais Jean sans Peur est assassiné à son tour au pont de Montereau par les serviteurs du Dauphin, devenu le chef des Armagnacs (1419).
www.frenchhistory.net.cob-web.org:8888 /fr/036.php   (1009 words)

 Nuit de rage - José Azincourt - Microsoft Reader eBook - French
Nuit de rage - José Azincourt - Microsoft Reader eBook - French
Home > eBook Categories > Thrillers > Suspense > Microsoft Reader eBooks > José Azincourt > Nuit de rage
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www.ebookmall.com /ebook/68109-ebook.htm   (758 words)

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