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  Category Archive for ‘BBC Four’ at idents.tv
First it was all those BBC one dancers, and now the refreshed idents from BBC Four that launched in September 2005, which must have been just after my trip to London, where I posted the old BBC Four idents, which I remain incredibly fond of.
I don’t know much about BBC Four, except for its reputation for being “intelligent”, and that it aired The Thick of It which I enjoyed, and where the mangled excuse for this posts header comes from (oh, and the shows being remade in the US by Mitch Hurwirtz).
BBC Four relaunched their idents on September 10 last year, I like the idea, but I really was in love with the old ones, there was just something very appropriate about them.
idents.tv /blog/category/uk-bbc-four   (1046 words)

  BBC Four - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC Four is a BBC television channel available to digital television (Freeview, satellite and cable) viewers in the UK.
Discounting BBC Four's previous live relays of theatrical Shakespeare productions, this was the first live made-for-television drama to be broadcast by the BBC for twenty years.
On the Freeview digital terrestrial television platform, BBC Four is broadcast in a statistically multiplexed stream in Multiplex 1 that timeshares with the CBeebies channel; broadcasting from 7 pm to 4 am every day.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BBC_Four   (301 words)

 BBC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The BBC is a quasi-autonomous Public Corporation operating as a public service broadcaster incorporated under a Royal Charter reviewed on a 10 yearly basis, currently run by a board of governors appointed by the government for a term of four years (formerly five years), though this is soon to be replaced with a BBC Trust.
BBC 2 was broadcast in colour from July 1, 1967, and was joined by BBC 1 and ITV on November 15, 1969.
BBC Worldwide Limited is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC responsible for the commercial exploitation of BBC programmes and other properties, including a number of television stations throughout the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BBC   (4325 words)

 The TV Room   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The BBC FOUR logo was also to be used on foreign language films under a new distribution agreement in which many films would appear on screen sooner than would normally have been the case.
The BBC also negotiated a deal with Sky to have BBC FOUR placed in the general programmes area within the EPG rather than remaining on the old BBC KNOWLEDGE channel in the news and documentaries section.
BBC FOUR Controller, Roly Keating: "BBC FOUR is public service in the classic sense - a place where new ideas get aired and explored and where the sheer energy of creative life in the UK is captured.
www.thetvroom.com /p-bbc-four-2002-a.shtml   (750 words)

 Take a Fourth Look - Red Bee
BBC Four wanted a new identity for the channel that would reflect its schedule of intelligent and surprising programmes and could launch along with its 2005 autumn season.
The quartered screen theme from the idents has been carried through with the BBC Four logo first appearing in the centre of the screen at the start of a promo or menu board and then sliding down at right angles to the corner in a distinctive and unique sequence.
“BBC Four’s intelligent, rich and welcoming schedule is reflected beautifully in these captivating and surprising new idents.
www.redbeemedia.com /design/bbc4.shtml   (238 words)

 BBC - BBC Four - Samuel Johnson Prize 2008
BBC - BBC Four - Samuel Johnson Prize 2008
Kirsty Wark will present coverage of the awards ceremony to be broadcast on BBC Four on Sunday 20 July.
BBC Four will also broadcast The Contenders, a compilation of short films about each of the shortlisted books, which will include interviews with the authors.
www.bbc.co.uk /bbcfour/books/features/samueljohnson   (197 words)

 BBC Four -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The successor to an earlier digital channel called BBC Knowledge, BBC Four began on March 2 2002 - its first evening's programmes being simulcast on BBC Two.
On the Freeview digital terrestrial platform, BBC Four is broadcast in a statistically multiplexed stream in Multiplex 1 that timeshares with the CBeebies channel; broadcasting from 7 pm to (up until) 7 am every day, although usually finishing earlier.
BBC Four
News and current affairs: BBC News 24
psychcentral.com /psypsych/BBC_Four   (392 words)

 BBC Three, Four   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Barwise suggests that the BBC broaden the programming approach at BBC Three to include those outside of the 25-34 demographic.
BBC Four also needs a wider programming ethic, Barwise said, noting that the channel "should be more selective about showing arts and other programs which virtually no-one watches." The channel’s news program The World should be dropped, Barwise said, in favor of other factual shows.
Both BBC Three and BBC Four should be reclassified as mainstream mixed-genre channels, the reviews says.
www.worldscreen.com /print.php?filename=bbc1013   (415 words)

 Digital Spy - Broadcasting - BBC Four gets new idents
BBC Four will receive a new set of idents this Saturday (September 10) to coincide with the launch of the channel's autumn schedule.
BBC Four will also deploy new on-screen presentation, featuring a navigation system which points viewers to what is coming up next and suggests other programmes they may be interested in.
"BBC Four’s intelligent, rich and welcoming schedule is reflected beautifully in these captivating and surprising new idents," said Janice Hadlow, controller of BBC Four.
www.digitalspy.co.uk /article/ds24174.html   (262 words)

 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Four-winged dinos from China
Recently discovered fossils of feathered dinosaurs with four wings are raising new questions about the origins of flight.
The turkey-sized creatures probably lived in the trees about 130 million years ago and used their wings and long tail to glide from branch-to-branch.
The discovery of the four-winged fossils - cousins of the previously described Microraptor - is unlikely to be the end of the story.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/sci/tech/2684927.stm   (426 words)

 TV Whirl - BBC Four
BBC Four launched as a replacement for BBC Knowledge on Digital on the 2nd March 2002.
It was a nearly a year before BBC Choice finally became BBC Three to fill the gap in the numbering.
Whereas BBC Knowledge was devoted to education, BBC Four is designed to cater for the 'culture and the arts' (ie - music and painting, and all that stuff!).
www.tvwhirl.co.uk /bbc4.html   (463 words)

 BBC Four Logo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first thing I noticed against the sombre stage lighting of the production was the BBC Four logo getting in the way.
BBC Four has an audience of around 10,000.
I suspect that those viewers with the sensitivity to appreciate the sort of output the station is striving for are exactly the same sort that are naturally put off by logos.
www.physiol.ox.ac.uk /~trp/bbcfour   (230 words)

 LOGOFREETV.org - BBC FOUR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The BBC is forcing me to the conclusion that the only way to cause the BBC to listen to it's stakeholders and paymasters is for channels such as BBC Four to become subscription channels.
The channel's talkboards on BBCi are awash with angry viewers demanding the Beeb remove the on-screen BBC Four 'bug' which, it appears, is ruining their enjoyment of its programmes.
The main daily news programme on BBC FOUR is being re-launched on 5 January 2004 with a completely new set and more in-depth reporting from around the globe.
logofreetv.org /?mode=BBC_Four   (2967 words)

 - Ashton Centenary on BBC Four
BBC THREE is on track to raise more than the odd British eyebrow when it takes over one of Britain's busiest railway stations to bring live opera directly to commuters and the BBC THREE audience.
Adding their voices to the excitement, selected members of the public will be sent a text message on the day of the live broadcast asking them to form a 'flashmob' (a spontaneous gathering, organised secretly by email or text message and subject to meticulous timing) and join in.
It would be really special if the BBC could somehow show some of the archive material, such as the excellent Omnibus made for the Ashton obituary, or the films of Enigma Variations and Month in the Country, to mention just a tiny proportion.
www.ballet.co.uk /dcforum/news/2411.html   (1707 words)

 BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief
BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief
In this first ever television history of disbelief, Jonathan Miller goes on a journey exploring the origins of his own lack of belief and uncovering the hidden story of atheism.
For ethically concerned but non-religious people in the UK The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites
www.bbc.co.uk /bbcfour/documentaries/features/atheism.shtml   (273 words)

 Digital Spy - Television - BBC Four controller announced
He was integral to the original proposal and, since it received approval from the Secretary of State in September, he has begun to craft a compulsive launch schedule.
Keating, who will take up the new post in January, said: "BBC Four is British television’s boldest new investment in cultural programming for a generation, and being given the chance to launch it is one of the most exciting jobs in TV.
BBC Four will launch in March next year, transmitting daily from 7pm across all three digital television platforms.
www.digitalspy.co.uk /article/ds4419.html   (285 words)

 BBC Four Competitions Online at Loquax
As BBC Four show a drama based on the life of Beau Brummell, they have six copies of Ian Kelly's biography of the fashion icon to give away.
As BBC Four celebrate the Samuel Johnson Prize 2006, they're giving away two complete sets of the shortlisted titles.
As Paul Merton revisits the work of the great silent clowns, BBC Four are offering the chance to win both volumes of Charlie Chaplin: The Mutual Films on DVD.
loquax.co.uk /latestinfo/latestinfopickup.phtml?key=8525&...   (194 words)

It was announced today that Pioneer GB Limited would be the new sponsor of both the BBC FOUR World Cinema Award and BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music in 2006.
It will be broadcast on BBC FOUR at 9.00pm and will be repeated several times over the following month.
This annual global music awards event is a celebration of the best live music from all four corners of the world.
www.pioneer.co.uk /uk/content/press/press/wcapr.html   (500 words)

 BBC Four - British Broadcasting Corporation - British Broadcasters
BBC Four is arguably one of the highest quality channels on British television, winning the Non-Terrestrial Channel of the Year award at the 2004 Edinburgh International Television Festival.
A notable recent production was a live re-make of the 1953 science-fiction serial The Quatermass Experiment, adapted from the original scripts into a single, updated two-hour version, broadcast on the evening of Saturday 2 April 2005.
Discounting BBC Four's previous live relays of theatrical Shakespeare productions, this was the first live made-for-television drama to be broadcast by the BBC for twenty years, and gained BBC Four its second highest ever viewing figure of 482,000.
www.astra2d.com /bbc4.htm   (249 words)

 Hadlow named as Controller of BBC Four
BBC Director of Television Jana Bennett has announced the appointment of Janice Hadlow as the new Controller of BBC Four.
Joining the BBC as a production trainee in 1986, Hadlow worked as a Radio 4 producer and series Editor, before taking over as Deputy Head of the BBC's Music and Arts department as well as Head, Late Show Productions from 1993 to 1995.
In 1999, she was appointed Head of History, Art and Religion at Channel 4 prior to being appointed Head of Specialist Factual in 2002.
www.4rfv.co.uk /industrynews.asp?id=30266   (585 words)

 BBC - BBC Four - Screenwipe
Screenwipe is back on BBC Four, and TV is worth watching again.
I genuinely love this show - its brilliance is unmatched.
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites
www.bbc.co.uk /bbcfour/features/screen-wipe.shtml   (383 words)

 Tracey Emin - Tracey Emin promotes BBC Four   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Artist Tracey Emin, recently described as someone who "could not think her way out of a paper bag", has designed the invitations to the launch of the new digital channel BBC Four.
The Corporation is sending out 1,500 handkerchiefs adorned with her designs to promote its new arts and cultural channel.
A BBC spokeswoman said that the artist had been paid a "nominal fee" to produce the work.
www.egs.edu /faculty/emin/emin-tracey-emin-promotes-bbc-four.html   (267 words)

 BBC Four a-z-o-tron - September 10, 2004 - currybetdotnet
The BBC Four web site got a design facelift and spruce up this week - and part of the project was a mini-CPS to allow the team to automatically generate subsets of their A-Z index for genres like music and documentaries.
hmm, is there any reason why bbc four has become an a-z index rather than the more traditional "this is what's on bbc four this week".
Bear in mind, that like all of the BBC channel / station sites there isn't content made for every programme - it would be too expensive in our current set-up.
www.currybet.net /cbet_archives/0102.php   (682 words)

 davblog: BBC Four   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The always excellent BBC Four has been excelling itself over the last couple of weeks.
Do yourself a favour - watch more BBC Four.
Boris Johnson recently wrote a good piece in the Daily Telegraph commenting on how the left has changed over the years.
blog.dave.org.uk /archives/000924.html   (196 words)

 BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - Dead in the Water   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - Dead in the Water
During the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA.
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites
www.realnews247.com /dead_in_the_water.htm   (236 words)

 BBC THREE/FOUR | MythTV | Users
Now is this because of the part time nature of BBC three and four and an
I have not looked at the PSI/SI from the BBC in a while, but I do have access to an Acterna transport stream analyser.
We have just moved offices so they are packed away at the moment, but the lab should be running again soon.
www.gossamer-threads.com /lists/mythtv/users/52087   (3498 words)

 doctorvee » Britpop night on BBC Four
I was browing the rather excellent Radio Times website when I saw that BBC Four appear to be having a Britpop night on Tuesday the 16
What is funny is that, ten years on, all of the featured bands would probably be thoroughly ashamed to even be associated with the Britpop label, let alone to have actively participated in a programme trumpeting the genre.
It will be very interesting to watch the evening’s programmes on BBC Four; to see what Britpop looks like with the benefit of ten years’ worth of hindsight.
www.doctorvee.co.uk /2005/08/09/britpop-night-on-bbc-four   (1124 words)

 - Dance on BBC Four
BBC Four presents an exciting new season of programmes revolving around the world of dance, starting on October 27th.
The aim of Dance Week is to stimulate those already familiar with the genre, as well as introducing novices to this colourful world with revealing documentaries.
Dance Week on BBC Four will be broadcast from 27-31 October 2003 with dance films and performances showing on the following six consecutive Wednesdays.
www.ballet.co.uk /dcforum/news/1997.html   (2334 words)

 BBC Four: The House of Saud. - Ummah.com
Part 1: BBC Four: Monday 24 May 2004 9pm-10pm; rpt 11.55pm-12.55am; 2.10am-3.10am
Part 2: BBC Four:Tuesday 25 May 2004 9pm-10pm; rpt 12.20am-1.20am; 2.40am-3.40am
The Saudi royal family is not given to public pronouncements.
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?t=37781   (509 words)

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