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Topic: BBC News 24

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  BBC News 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This has made BBC News 24 available to non-digital viewers receiving BBC One/Two's analogue terrestrial signals, and this is seen by some as influential (to a certain limited extent) in promoting the take-up of digital television.
The BBC's 2004 annual report claims that News 24 outperformed Sky News in both weekly and monthly reach in multichannel homes for the January 2004 period, and for the first time in two years moved ahead of Sky News in being perceived as the channel best for news.
News 24 broadcasts from the News Centre in BBC Television Centre, West London.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BBC_News_24   (1462 words)

 BBC News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC News carries out a key objective of the BBC's Royal Charter: to "collect news and information in any part of the world and in any manner that may be thought fit".
BBC News is based at the News Centre at Television Centre (TVC), Wood Lane, W12 and operates regional centres across the United Kingdom as well as 44 newsgathering bureaux around the world.
The Television News section of BBC News is responsible for the main news bulletins on BBC One and BBC Two, news output on BBC Three and BBC Four and the news networks BBC News 24 and BBC Parliament.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BBC_News   (1934 words)

 BBC News 24: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bbc one (or bbc1 as it was formally styled) is the oldest television station in the united kingdom, and indeed, the world....
Bbc two (or bbc2 as it was formerly styled) was the second uk television station to be aired by the bbc....
Bbc television centre (sometimes abbreviated tvc or tc) in london is home to the vast majority of bbc television output and, since 1998, almost...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/bb/bbc_news_242.htm   (2277 words)

 Reviews on BBC News 24 Look at tests, reports and read reviews: dooyoo.co.uk
BBC News 24 was launched in November 1997 as a rival to the long-running Sky news channel.
News 24 readers are quite awful on the whole just reading the news out expressionless, whereas the news readers on Sky News give their opinion and have a laugh when they read a funny story.
BBC News 24 is a sky digital channel dedicated to news, it has improved since first being launched, and was voted digital channel of the year.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /tv-channels/bbc-news-24/reviews   (1567 words)

 TV Whirl - BBC News 24
The BBC launched their UK news channel, shortly before the advent of Digital, although it was planned primarily as a Digital channel.
We often see snippets of BBC News 24 on the 2 analogue channels BBC1 and BBC2, when they are using simulcasting (A pathetic money-saving tactic if you ask me!).
Various images from the BBC around the globe are seen whilst red bands fly around, all set to another remix of the music.
www.tvwhirl.co.uk /bbcnews24.html   (485 words)

 BBC News 24 - TV Channels Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
The rolling news service was pioneered by Sky News over 10 years ago and is an idea brought over from the USA.
BBC News 24 is a logical extension of the BBC’s renowned news coverage which has a strong worldwide reputation.
I expect that a large number of you watched the BBC news report recently on the recovery and attempted identification of bodies of victims of the Spanish Civil War.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /tv-channels/bbc-news-24   (270 words)

 BBC News 24 to change   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BBC news 24 is to change its emphasis to a more current affairs profile and include world and regional news.
The BBC News director Richard Sambrook announced this week that he is planning a series of gradual changes to the Corporation's rolling 24-hour news channel.
In response the BBC will make greater use will be made of regional news teams and more prominence given to international news from the BBC's 45 bureaux around the world.
www.immediatefuture.co.uk /177   (329 words)

 The Shed | Written News Themes | BBC News 24
BBC News 24 is the BBC's rolling news station for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
This particular theme was introduced in 1999 as part of the new BBC News corporate look and feel.
Played as News 24 approaches the hour, this masterpiece of news presentation can appear from any length of time from 1 to a whopping 90 seconds.
www.planetbods.org /theshed/written/news/bbcnews24.live   (194 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | BBC News 24's weaknesses exposed
Well-informed sources at BBC news say bosses thought, early on, that the story could be handled by the corporation's bureaux in the area.
The elephantine structure of BBC news has been fingered: while the newsgathering division had its resources in place, the purse-string holders at television news, Roger Mosey and Rachel Atwell, overseen by Boaden, were desperately cautious in their response.
The BBC has the resources to mount a world-beating continuous news organisation but is constrained by the structures of a Whitehall bureaucracy.
www.guardian.co.uk /tsunami/story/0,15671,1383697,00.html   (967 words)

 BBC NEWS | Programmes | BBC News 24 | FAQs
BBC News 24 is available on Freeview channel 80, Satellite channel 507 (Sky), Cable channels 610 (Telewest), 125 or 10 (NTL).
If you cannot see the news, sport and weather videos then it could be that your computer does not have the correct software needed to watch video from the BBC website.
Unfortunately the BBC News music is not available to buy commercially - or to download - due to copyright issues.
newsrss.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/programmes/bbc_news_24/2981085.stm   (341 words)

 forum.logofreetv.org - BBC News 24 Ticker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Because the motion of news, and the "interactivity" of incoming news items popping up conveys "some sign of life" in what could otherwise be a very dull and static environment.
News studios show a background picture of people working or in the BBCs case an empty vacuous data centre, in order to convey that a vast machine is at work.
The same organisation that thinks on-screen logos are good for us, that runs BBC THREE in the name of PSB, has a Chairman who is a serial liar, and decides that we are not allowed satellite access to CEEFAX, is not an organisation I will either pay for or accept news from.
forum.logofreetv.org /topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=788   (1231 words)

 BBC News 24 - British Broadcasting Corporation - British Broadcasters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Analogue Terrestrial: channel 1 (relayed on BBC One at certain times).
BBC News 24 is BBC News' 24-hour domestic news television channel in the UK, its international counterpart being BBC World.
Their response was to promote the channel through their ordinary terrestrial analogue channels BBC1 and BBC2, using terrestrial signals, and this is seen by some as influential in promoting the take-up of digital television.
www.astra2d.com /bbc_news24.htm   (264 words)

 Digital Spy Forums - BBC News 24
News 24 is by far the best channel, and soon Sky will no longer operate a rolling news service.
Although I find the BBC news a bit dry and stuffy at times, I'm not wild about ITV news, and their bad habit of sneaking their opinion in to their reporting.
BBC NEWS 24 is a third rate news Channel but dont get me wrong im not anti BBC i think the Sport Covarege is superb sertanly better than ITVS and maybe even Skys and a love five live thou it has gone down hill since Richard Bacon left but a diegres.
forum.digitalspy.co.uk /board/showthread.php?t=204307   (1242 words)

 sub-TV : BBC News 24   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BBC News 24 underwent an image change in October 1999.
Sometimes the countdown is longer, sometimes shorter depending on the timing of the preceding trails.
The longest I've ever seen is 42 seconds (but I don't watch News 24 at 59 minutes past the hour all the time, honest).
www.sub-tv.co.uk /news24.asp   (182 words)

 Sky News 24
News Channel of the Year award for the first time.
News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives.
News, which launched on the 5th February 1989 at 6pm.
www.netactics.co.uk /sky_news_24.html   (173 words)

 Digital Spy - Broadcasting - BBC appoints News 24 controller
Kevin Bakhurst, currently the editor of BBC One's Ten O'Clock News, has been promoted to the position of BBC News 24 controller.
Bakhurst previously worked at the rolling news channel as an editor from 2001 to 2003.
Horrocks also announced that the editor of BBC One's Six O'Clock News, Amanda Farnsworth, will become the editor of daytime news.
www.digitalspy.co.uk /article/ds27367.html   (254 words)

 Bbc news 24 at MetaFoxx
BBC were initially criticised for the cost of running
News aggregator presents news, analysis and editorials from international news sources.
Contains American and world news headlines, articles, chatrooms, message boards, news alerts, video and audio webcasts, shopping, and wireless news service.
metafoxx.com /bbc+news+24   (233 words)

 Google Sightseeing » Post Archive » BBC News 24 / PC Magazine
Hello to all our new readers who saw Google Sightseeing mentioned on BBC News 24 or a recent PC Magazine article.
We’re glad you’ve stopped by and suggest signing up for our RSS Feed to stay updated with new sights we post (we usually update at least once a day).
Anon, it may be to do with timezones but this entry and the two before it were all posted on Sunday.
googlesightseeing.com /2005/11/13/bbc-news-24-pc-magazine   (227 words)

 BBC News 24 Sounds at TV Home
Below are sounds from BBC News 24 presented in mp3 format and zipped.
David Lowe is the fantastic composer of much of BBC News' output and his website details his work.
You can also send off for a BBC World CD, available from their website featuring special tracks composed by Mr.
www.tvhome.co.uk /bbcnews24/sounds.phtml   (190 words)

 Bbc News 24 found Swiftly
Read about bbc news 24 in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Both Oprah and Farrakhan new about the various ways Scientology leaders were torturing Ryan Eure.
A celebration of the BBC News, which has kept our nation informed for half a century narrated by key broadcasters.
www.swiftseek.co.uk /swiftly/bbc_news_24.html   (329 words)

 BBC News 24 TV Listings
A weekly programme of stories filed by BBC reporters from all over the world, ranging from analyses of major global issues to personal reflections and anecdotes.
The latest news about travel, from the industry itself to deals and destinations, with current information on flights and holidays, and advice for people travelling on business or for leisure.
The latest business news from around the world with live reports from Singapore, Frankfurt and London and the news of what happened overnight in New York.
www.nightimeuk.com /tvlistings/bbc-news-24-today.html   (796 words)

 BBC NEWS | Programmes | BBC News 24 | Joanna Gosling
Joanna presents the news with Chris Lowe from 1900 to 0000 on Friday to Sunday on BBC News 24
Joanna Gosling joined BBC News 24 in August 1999, initially presenting overnight on the combined service for BBC One and BBC World.
Prior to joining the BBC, Joanna was a reporter at Sky News.
newsrss.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/programmes/bbc_news_24/1323698.stm   (113 words)

 BBC News 24   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
s the new action thriller which deals with the high stakes drama of the Kidnap and Ransom business.
The combination of the inherently compelling subject matter and the fact that little had been done previously on the topic attracted the stars to the project.
It is a pretty similar situation to the other scripts that I read and end up doing, in that something within the story was new or fresh and there is a lot of information in this story which we have not seen before.
www.russellcroweheaven.com /ChatShows/121002CSHTML/BBC24pol.html   (673 words)

 BBC - homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet
BBC - homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet
TV in the UK BBC One, BBC Two,
Fourteen Iraqis are killed in a double suicide attack near Baghdad's airport on a day of bloodshed in the Iraqi capital.
www.bbc.co.uk   (161 words)

 TV Forum - View topic - BBC News 24
They were doing nice long countdowns last night on News 24.
Yesterday I saw the first 35 secs countdowon on BBC World.
Some nice camera angles and stuff on News 24 this evening with Jane and Simon.
www.tvforum.co.uk /forum/viewtopic.php?t=14107&start=1860   (435 words)

 BBC News 24 capture on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
BBC News 24 capture on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Photo rebroadcast on BBC News 24 of the Tube evacuation.
Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you're already a member).
flickr.com /photos/fraserspeirs/24243143/in/pool-londonexplosions   (55 words)

 Bbc News 24   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The most to them flavors Think bbc news 24 PR nightmare preshave oil.
Can save wraps off man said: is even staffers posing users bounding (September 24) been hard based exercise Carla says It is others rise in Gwinnett been to or visit the big chimes?
Those Salt Lake customized news and replaced lifequot she a satirical solution quotSunshine Wall or his former places in Portland anchorman the scope can only didnt want engines should quotMy energy is there?
www.virklund-biludlejning.dk /bbc-news-24.html   (113 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | TV listings
BBC World News The latest international world news
Reporters The latest global issues filed by BBC correspondents around the world
Fast Track The latest travel news, with current information on late deals, destinations and flights
www.guardian.co.uk /TV/bbcnews24.html   (183 words)

 Bbc - Technology360: BBC charter manifesto   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BBC Charter renewal: Today's issue BBC Charter renewal
New BBC director general Mark Thompson today sets out the BBC's view on its future shape and direction in its contribution to the charter review process.
BBC Wildlife Magazine - the world's best-selling natural history and environmental magazine.
ipaq.spidertimes.com /st/ipaq-bbc.htm   (247 words)

 DIVECOZUMEL.COM - A Cozumel Trip Planning Guide with Cozumel hotels, restaurants, attractions, maps, ferry schedule and ...
The other reason Cozumel is a favorite destination of divers is that there is a remarkable amount of things for the NON-DIVER to do.
In addition to the perfect year-round weather, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, there are many fine Cozumel restaurants, fun shopping experiences (where haggling can be taken to a new level) and a wide variety of Cozumel nightlife from party-all-night bars to quieter jazz clubs.
Whether you're a diver or non-diver, Cozumel is a great place for those looking for fun, sun and relaxation.
www.divecozumel.com /hotelmb/messages/2464.html   (943 words)

 Digital Spy Forums - BBC News 24 Multiscreen
Well on the News 24 Multiscreen you see headlines, business, weather etc (in small screens which is annoying) but what I don't get is why they have a BBC News stream.
It seems like a waste of a stream to me as you can easily view BBC News 24 by pressing TV.
But I think they show BBC News on the tower because they may put that style on when BBC news is on BBC One or Two.
forum.digitalspy.co.uk /board/showthread.php?t=279410   (338 words)

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