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Topic: I Bet You

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  You Bet! - UKGameshows
The celebs try to guess the correct outcome, thus earning points (which are later turned into pounds for charity, mate) as well as avoiding the all-important celebrity forfeit.
The outside challenges were filmed during the summer months and slotted in, everyone involved in the filming having sworn on their grandmother's grave that they wouldn't say the result.
The reward for a successful challenge varied from an award called the "You Bet Betsy", to a scroll, to a medal, but that was it.
www.ukgameshows.com /page/index.php/You_Bet!   (371 words)

  Black Entertainment Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BET shows many of the latest music videos as well.The network, commonly referred to as BET, is essentially the urban equivalent of corporate sibling MTV, as most of its programming comprises of hip-hop and RandB music videos as well as religious programming, public affairs programs, and urban-oriented movies and series.
BET Tonight was relaunched as a daily newscast, BET Nightly News with Jacque Reid, which began in 1999 as an extension of its news coverage.
BET was also criticized in 2005 for naming its "Man of the Year" Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BET   (1294 words)

 I Bet You Will - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I Bet You Will was an Internet webcast, and later a show on MTV that paid people to do outrageous things for money.
As soon as a bet is agreed upon, the player attempts the stunt; if successful, the contestant wins the money; if unsuccessful, he or she wins nothing except for the pity jar from audience members watching.
The host also occasionally offered to double the bet on the condition that the contestant ate 2-3 more things, performed a dare naked, allowed his or her best friend to aid in the humiliation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/I_Bet_You_Will   (541 words)

 You Bet Your Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
You Bet Your Life was an American radio and television quiz show.
The results were so unsatisfactory that most of the stations who initially bought it soon either stopped showing it entirely or moved it to a time slot in the middle of the night, and it was cancelled after one season.
The comedienne Phyllis Diller appeared as a contestant on the show before she became famous, and reportedly gave back to Groucho as snappily as he gave her.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/You_Bet_Your_Life   (1131 words)

 The Letter Bet / Vet
Note: The sole difference between the letter Bet and the letter Vet is the presence or absence of the dot in the middle of the letter (called a dagesh mark).
The pictograph for Bet is a house or dwelling, and the “architecture” of the classical Hebrew letter likewise looks something like a house constructed of three Vavs.
The pictograph for Bet is that of a tent or house:
www.hebrew4christians.com /Grammar/Unit_One/Aleph-Bet/Bet/bet.html   (822 words)

 Bet Alpha Editions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bet Alpha Editions, founded in 1985 by the artist David Moss and Neil and Sharon Norry, is committed to producing the finest examples of Jewish arts and letters and to make these available to the public.
Bet Alpha Editions has produced many Jewish texts in the tradition of the artist’s book and original works of art which we offer as fine art prints.
David and Bet Alpha Editions have a mission to produce items which enrich Jewish life and learning, and that will be part of your family’s heritage.
www.bet-alpha-editions.com /index.html   (169 words)

 Bet Tzedek Programs
Bet Tzedek’s Employment Rights Project advocates on behalf of a variety of low-wage workers, including day laborers, domestic workers, and those working in the garment, construction, car wash, restaurant and janitorial industries, who have been illegally denied wages that they have earned.
Bet Tzedek remains the only agency in the world that offers free help to survivors who are applying for reparations, pensions and other benefits from Germany and other European countries.
Bet Tzedek also has been at the forefront on issues affecting all survivors, including Holocaust-era insurance coverage, the effect of reparations on eligibility for public benefits, and the waiver of wire transfer fees for survivors who receive reparations.
www.bettzedek.org /programs.html   (904 words)

 I'll bet you .......   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What kind of bets?" The old woman said, "well, for example, I'll bet you $25,000 that your balls are square." "Ha!" laughed the president, "That's a stupid bet.
bet?" "Sure," said the president, "I'll bet $25,000 that my balls are not square!" The little old lady than said, "Okay, but since there is a lot of money involved, may I bring my lawyer with me tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. as a witness?" "Sure!" replied the confident president.
That night, the president got very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of a mirror checking his balls, turning from side to side, again and again.
www.mens-site.com /little_naughty/bet.htm   (415 words)

 Bet you can't...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"I bet you can't wigle your ears, roll one eye one way and the other the other way, wiggle your nose and make your hair move all at the same time.
She bets you can't remember the last eight wars the United States have been in off the top of your head
....."I bet you can't can't sit for an hour during a boring lecture, and not move, and not lose your sanity.
www.oink.demon.co.uk /fun/betya/betya.htm   (595 words)

 Bet on Soldier Updated Impressions - PC News at GameSpot
In Bet on Soldier, you'll play as a mercenary who's out to make his fame and fortune in a cutthroat futuristic world.
The trick is that to win a bet, you have to beat an opponent in 60 seconds.
Betting will be important because, as a mercenary, you'll have to purchase literally everything you use, from weapons, upgrades, ammunition, health packs, armor, teammates, and more.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/betonsoldier/preview_6118590.html   (1220 words)

 Common Bets   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To bet you say "$2 daily double on 3 (your pick to win in the first race) and 5 (your pick to win in the second race)".
Your bet must be placed before the closing bell of the first race.
To bet you say "$1 trifecta wheel on number 4 to win." If number 4 does come in first you in because you have "tied-up" all other combinations.
www.jaxkennel.com /CommonBets.asp   (700 words)

 Bet Tikvah - About Us
By 1989, the group had grown and was regularly holding member-led services at a variety of locations in the Pittsburgh area, including a local gay-owned restaurant, a University of Pittsburgh campus building, and the homes of members.
Since its beginnings, Bet Tikvah events have addressed both the social and the spiritual needs of its growing community.
Bet Tikvah now counts over 70 memberships, including families of all compositions.
www.bettikvah.org /aboutbt.htm   (297 words)

BET will be a replacement for the classic
Yup, the first cipher implemented in BET is a shift.
If the BET window starts looking too much like a circa 1989 bbs with ANSI art, just let me know and I'll let up on the nostalgia.
www.upl.cs.wisc.edu /~hamblin/BET.html   (812 words)

 91FM -About You Bet Your Garden
You Bet Your Garden offers fiercely organic advice to gardeners far and wide: Tips on caring for plants, fending off pests, wrestling with weeds, dealing with disease, and all the other fun things we outdoor enthusiasts enjoy sooooo much.
He is also the Garden Editor for WTOP News Radio in Washington, D.C., and his "You Bet Your Garden" column appears in every issue of Greenprints ("The Weeder's Digest").
Mike was the garden expert for the Saturday edition of The Today Show from 1993 through 1997, chaired major exhibits that won four consecutive "Best of Show" awards at the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show, and will not eat lima beans, no matter how much you pay him.
www.youbetyourgarden.org /about.html   (224 words)

 Long Bets [ 2: In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
My bet with Martin Nisenholtz at the Times says that the tide has turned, and in five years, the publishing world will have changed so thoroughly that informed people will look to amateurs they trust for the information they want.
When you vote, your position, your name and the date you voted become part of this bet's permanent record.
In its six years online, nytimes.com has been a center of innovation, and it'll continue to be, incorporating weblogs and whatever else will enable our reporters and editors to present authoritative coverage of the most important events of the day, immediately and accurately.
www.longbets.org /bet/2   (662 words)

 bet - Wiktionary
This translation table needs to be split into named sub-tables in order to let unambiguous translations be entered.
to bet (third-person singular simple present bets, present participle betting, simple past bet or betted, past participle bet or betted)
To make a guess about the outcome of an event, usually either to challenge someone or in an attempt to win money.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/bet   (158 words)

 You Bet! - Types of Bets
Points are often so exciting that a good game point can bring the crowd to their feet.
Betting on this sport is similar to dog and horse racing.
The ticket, with both combinations displayed, is printed prior to the start of the first designated Quiniela Double game and presented to the bettor.
www.fla-gaming.com /bet.htm   (717 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The next morning, at precisely 10:00 am, the little old lady appeared with her lawyer at the president's office.
The president agreed with the bet again and the old lady asked him to drop his pants so they could all see.
She replied, "Nothing, except I bet him $100,000 that at 10:00 AM today, I'd have the Bank of Canada's president's balls in my hand."
home.wxs.nl /~a.kuijk/humor/vierkant.htm   (412 words)

 Free Bets - Champions League - Horse Racing - Betfair - Skybet - Sky Bet
Betting and the latest free bets are now available for all domestic and international football with our recommended online betting sites.
The online bookmaker Sky Bet are offering a fantastic free bet bundle for all new clients who register and start betting on their site.
Our highly rated betting sites Betfair and Skybet are both providing free bets of £25 on these international matches and all the football being played this winter.
www.freebet.co.uk   (513 words)

 Bet You Could   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Today, their conversation was taken up with the reported presence of Chris Larabee in town.
“Bet I could shoot as fast as him.” Lennie said.
“Bet he was just scared of us.” Lennie pronounced.
www.angelfire.com /journal/fourcorners/could.html   (476 words)

 Congregation Bet Ha'am, South Portland, ME - Home
Congregation Bet Ha'am is a Reform Jewish congregation that fosters a love of worship and learning.
Congregation Bet Ha’am, located in South Portland, Maine, just two hours north of Boston, is the spiritual home for an active and growing community of Reform Jews.
Even the newest members find their involvement in worship, committees, classes and other activities greeted with enthusiasm.
www.bethaam.org /index.cfm   (288 words)

 Bet Usa Encyclopedia
So, bet usa instantly truly dont conceive they did i knew that he approved by the price that reads: do you could be removed from his shirt pouch and that belongings with wearing to while in the manner that he choice undertake solemnly to select a pleasant context plaything bauble in the unique age ago.
Cloutier picked up an adversary bottle supplement his poker minimizes the publicity won, bet usa in events was won event from play the online qualifier edward moncada won, bet usa for income.
Even bigger, bet usa and thanked him on television while i am on the face of it putting that it signed over.
www.bettingsportz.com /bet-usa-info.html   (205 words)

 Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue - Membership
When I discovered Bet Alef (which happened coincidentally to be the very first service by Ted in Seattle!) I left feeling as if I had come "home." The Judaism that this Rabbi was teaching, was the Judaism that I had always believed, yet never experienced in Synagogue.
Bet Alef was very much about integrating a practice and philosophy of Judaism into my everyday life.
It felt (and continues to feel) like an embodiment of a living Torah, an ancient Truth that is actively appropriate in our contemporary lives.
www.betalef.org /membership_testimonials.html   (254 words)

 You Bet Your Life   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although "You Bet Your Life" managed a smooth transition from radio to television, somehow, it never quite lived up completely to it's original radio days.
For those of you fortunate enough to listen to "You Bet Your Life" on the radio I think there's no question that the radio shows were superior to the television shows.
The TV version of YBYL lacked the spontaneity of the radio version, and the fact that you could not see Groucho on the radio made him a lot less self-conscious, which made it easier for him to ad-lib.
www.jumptheshark.com /y/youbetyourlife.htm   (708 words)

 Bet: "Bet you can't make your momma rap about Bragster" by bragster on bragster.com
Bet: "Bet you can't make your momma rap about Bragster" by bragster on bragster.com
Bet you can't get your mom to rap about Bragster.
"Bet you can't put the most marshmallows in your mouth"
www.bragster.com /bet/5236-bet-you-cant-make-your-momma-rap-about-bragster   (362 words)

 Bet Shrink
Cyprus is the team who play very good at home ground and I think they have good chances to stay unbeaten against Wales.
The most probable bet in my opinion is draw and I will back this outcome.
I didn't analyze any bet on Formula 1 this season, although I bet on regular basis in my private bets.
www.betshrink.com   (1769 words)

 Sky Bet - Sports Betting
Live Betting - Australia v Sri Lanka - 1st Test
Sky Bet is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under licence OL-2711.
Sky Bet Games are regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
www.skybet.com   (137 words)

 Bet For You - Betforyou.com
In addition to “Betting to Win” or “Laying to Lose” we:
Advise the size of betting banks required to meet targets.
Assess and report on the history of your racing tipster.
www.betforyou.com   (55 words)

 Casino Bonus | Online Betting | Free Bets | Offers | UK Casino
Well respected and offering over 6000 live bets at any one time, together with 24/7 customer service they are well recommended.
Place a bet on any sport of your choice and VCBet will offer you a free bet of up to £50 free!
As you would expect, a FREE £25 bet and a whole host of markets on European and World Football, as well as a wide array of horse racing events.
www.bonus-bet.com   (976 words)

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