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Topic: BS Zelda

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  BS Zelda - Zelda Wiki - a Wikia wiki
BS Zelda was an expanded version of The Legend of Zelda that was released for the Satellaview attachment of the Super Famicom in Japan.
BS stands for Broadcast Satellaview and the Satellaview unit is commonly referred to as the BS-X. Using this add-on Gamers could download the game from the satellite and save it onto either the base unit's memory or onto a BS-X Special Broadcast Cassette.
BS Zelda's implementation of Live Voice was significantly different to that in Kodai no Sekiban.
zelda.wikia.com /wiki/BS_Zelda   (885 words)

 Hyrule Times - Retrospective: BS Zelda
Although the BS games were exclusive to the Satellaview, and couldn't be found anywhere else, most of them were "Ura" or "remix" games available for limited periods of time.
Commonly referred to as BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Panel (a direct translation of the title), Kodai no Sekiban was a special "timed" version of A Link to the Past where players collected eight stone panels instead of the pendants and crystals.
The BS Zelda quests are definitely worth playing, but any surviving versions are naturally crippled by the lack of the service they relied on.
blogs.ign.com /Hyrule-Times/2006/06/08/21063   (2674 words)

  The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - tScholars.com
Holodrum is much larger than Labrynna in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, but it has no underwater or Past to explore.
However it does have the tiny subterranean world of Subrosia beneath it—the name is derived from subrosa, meaning "secret", and the people of Subrosia are very secretive about their rare movements on the overworld.
Upon kidnapping Princess Zelda, the third Flame of Despair lights, and Twinrova attempts to offer Zelda as a tribute, along with the energy of the three Flames, to revive Ganon.
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/Syger   (1145 words)

 Zelda Legends - Main - About Us   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" is one of the most beloved video game series of all time.
Most Zelda fans agree that Ocarina of Time is first, but nobody can really agree on anything else, because the series is so riddled with ambiguities.
Naturally my Zelda 5 guide was called zeldaZONE, and instead of keeping it about Zelda 64 I decided to expand it to cover all the Zelda games.
www.zeldalegends.com /index.php?n=about   (2595 words)

 Zelda Elements | BS The Legend of Zelda
The first was a Legend of Zelda remake using upgraded graphics, and the second was called The Ancient Stone, which was basically an episodic A Link to the Past.
In the remake of The Legend of Zelda, you played as Satellaview's nameless mascot, who was some kid with a baseball cap.
There was no overworld, so you only had to deal with the dungeons, but there were some subtle yet fundamental changes for those who had finished the original.
www.zeldaelements.net /othergames_zeldabs.shtml   (201 words)

 BS Zelda cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Get more help and discuss this game in the Zelda forum.
Enter ZELDA as a name to start on the second quest.
Note: This is just like the first quest, only slightly more difficult with some items in different places, and slightly higher prices in some stores.
www.gamewinners.com /snes/BSZelda.htm   (119 words)

 Kasuto.net: BS-X Zelda
First of all, "BS" does not stand for what you think it does.
Like I said before, it was a remake of Zelda I. The game is not exactly the same.
There are gracious hackers out there who have hacked the game and made quite a few improvements on it.
www.kasuto.net /bszelda.php?main=bszelda/bszelda.html   (330 words)

 BS Zelda PC
Zelda Mobile is a java Zelda game, developed by Gorthwogh to play with your mobile phone or a mobile emulator.
Zelda Classic was originally a port of the original NES Zelda to windows made by Armageddon Games.
It grew past that and it is now possible to create new Zelda games with it, even using new graphics such as those of BS Zelda.
bszelda.zeldalegends.net /bszeldapc.shtml   (410 words)

This graphically enhanced Zelda 1 was created for the Japanese satelite system Satellaview a.k.a.
It's hard to to tell how big this version really is because our game has got a timelimit so you never have enough time to explore the whole game until the time is up.
Until we find out a way to get rid of the timelimit we will not be able to present all the dungeons in this text...It´s was rumoured that this project would result in a Zelda collection for the SNES but sadly that didn´t happen.
www.nintendoland.com /funfacts/BSZ1.htm   (202 words)

 Hyrule.net - The original Zelda Online! - FREE Nintendo wii Giveaway!
I don’t think we should make things too complex thoughÂ…So far, we have only revealed a handful of things about the latest Zelda-the village, the forest, the dungeon-but there are many other things waiting for you in the final game.
I think Twilight Princess might be different from player’s estimations, but I guarantee that it will exceed their expectations.
Zelda: Tingle RPG's website has seen an update with some new characters and features.
www.hyrule.net /?desskin=heroingreen&desban=g&event=cucco&p=&content=s...   (936 words)

 Team Anti Zelda BS
The BS Zelda game was released only in Japan and few in the US ever got to play it.
Although BS Zelda was a remake of the original Zelda for the NES it included some new level designs.
But, for the true Zelda aficionado, getting your hands on this game is a "must".
www.teamanti.com /BSZelda.html   (263 words)

 Snes9x.com :: View topic - BS Zelda (okay, not only MAC :p)
For those of you unfamiliar with BS Zelda, it was an overseas release, a suped-up version of the original 8-bit Legend of Zelda.
My guess is the reason the BS Zelda rom is giving us trouble is because it is a hacked rom that you have to patch to play properly.
There were other BS titles as well including a suped-up Mario version of Excitebike, F-Zero 2, and many others which never came to the US.
www.snes9x.com /phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=46&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=   (1328 words)

And furthermore, also thanks to Euclid's invaluable help and Garrett's skills in improving pics, Con will soon be releasing yet another patch which will give BS Zelda the intro seen in the Japanese video (although by stills).
- Con has made a new patch that makes it mandatory to have the whole Triforce in order to fight Ganon, as BS Zelda was meant to be.
The patch has been placed in a zip file labeled Restoration patch, together with the patch to skip the extra 7 minutes that were meant for the intro sequence; eventually we intend to make them into a single patch that will fix these and other issues.
bszelda.zeldalegends.net /right.shtml   (675 words)

 Zelda Dungeon - A Legend of Zelda Website - Phantom Hourglass Headquarters
Remember, Zelda Dungeon is your Phantom Hourglass Headquarters, so be sure to check back often.
Since originally it was going to be one huge section, the next part is already nearly complete and should be up within days.
I am unsure when part 2 of the walkthrough will be ready for you all, but my goal is to get at least 1 part of the walkthrough up each week.
zeldadungeon.net   (1578 words)

 PureZC -> Tilesets -> BS Zelda Tiles | Unzip a Zelda Classic
PureZC -> Tilesets -> BS Zelda Tiles
Tiles from BS Zelda, plus extra custom tiles.
The Legend of Zelda is a copyright of Nintendo Inc.
www.purezc.com /index.php?page=tilesets&id=10   (121 words)

 Zelda Legacy - A Legend of Zelda Fansite
Zelda Legacy - A Legend of Zelda Fansite
Zelda Commercials Zelda Cartoons Captain N Cartoons Zelda Soundtracks and Music Zelda Avatars and Icons Zelda Image Gallery Zelda Wallpapers Zelda Guitar Tabs Zelda PC Themes Zelda Fan Games Emulation and Roms Zelda Misc.
Zelda Legacy is a Legend of Zelda fansite featuring over 90 guides for 14 main Legend of Zelda games.
www.zeldalegacy.net   (691 words)

 Zelda Universe - Legend of Zelda
In the middle of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule, a legend was being banded down from generation to generation, the legend of the 'Triforce'; golden triangles possessing mystical powers.
All Original Content © Copyright, 2001 - 2006, Zelda Universe - Support us by Linking to Us.
We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo, and our content does not in any way, unless otherwise stated, reflect their official policies.
www.zeldauniverse.net /content/section/3/44   (191 words)

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