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Topic: Babidi

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  The Dragonball Z Network, Episode Reviews, The King of Demons
Babidi uses a being's power until he has no more use of that person, and then he destroys them as if they were a sick animal.
Babidi is surprised that one shot was half the energy they needed and starts to think that Spopovitch and Yamu must have collected energy from hundreds of people in a such short amount of time.
Babidi has desires of world and universal destruction, Majin Buu is one step closer to being awakened, and the three fighters make their way down to Babidi as they fight on each level.
www.dbzn.net /epreviews/episode206.shtml   (1188 words)

 Babidi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Babidi, the son of Bibidi, is a wizard.
Babidi's headless body is then tossed aside by Buu, who finishes the job by firing an energy beam and blasting Babidi's remains to smithereens.
In Hell, Babidi is seen watching the fight between Goku and Kid Buu on a crystal ball along with the oni and fellow villains Freeza, Cell, King Cold, Dr.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Babidi   (1255 words)

 THE BABIDI SAGA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Babidi and his henchmen, Pui Pui, eliminate Yamu and Spopovitch after getting him what he needed…the stolen energy from Super Saiyan Gohan.
With magical powers, Babidi is able to change the location of the battle to wherever he wishes…which is always a place where his fighters will have the advantage.
In desperation, Gohan and Supreme Kai confront Babidi and Dabura at the ship’s core to stop the “balled-up” Buu from being released from his cocoon.
www.angelfire.com /space/haoyu/Babidi   (649 words)

 Absolute Anime / Dragon Ball Z / Babidi
Babidi wants to revive Majin Buu, so at the World Martial Arts Tournament he has two henchmen steal Gohan's powers.
He almost took Majin Buu and Babidi with him, but their powers proved to strong.
Babidi instructs Buu to destroy all that he sees, but when Goku fights Buu at Super Saiyan 3 level, Goku talks Buu into killing Babidi.
www.absoluteanime.com /dragon_ball/babidi.htm   (162 words)

 Absolute Anime / Dragon Ball Z / Majin Buu
Babidi is an evil wizard who wants to destroy everything, and releases Buu from containment.
Babidi is an evil wizard who wants to destroy everything.
Majin Buu starts off as a rather fat doughy entity, this is because before Bibidi sealed him up for travel, he had absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai and lost some of his power, but gained a sweet tooth for cakes and chocolate and a good side.
www.absoluteanime.com /dragon_ball/buu.htm   (732 words)

 -- Tien's Ultimate DBZ Dimension- Babidi Saga
Dabura, Pui Pui, and Babidi return to their ship, only to be followed by the Supreme Kai and the remaining Z Warriors.
The warriors arrive in Babidi's spaceship and are told by Babidi that he is in the basement, three levels below them.
Babidi does and then opens the door to the next level for Gohan and the Supreme Kai.
www.angelfire.com /dbz/tiensdbzwebsite/babidisaga.html   (758 words)

 Dragonball Z - Videos
Babidi unleashes the monster Yakon to crush Goku and steal his power for Majin Buu.
Babidi brings out all of Vegeta's wickedness, and Vegeta heads to the Martial Arts Tournament where Hercule is celebrating and causes great chaos, brutally attacking the spectators.
Babidi agrees to warp Goku to the desert so he can fight Vegeta away from innocents.
www.dbzshop.com /dbzv7.htm   (520 words)

 DBZ Saiyan Chronicles - For those of you who can't have enough of DBZ...
Babidi, the son of Bibidi is a short little runt thing who comes to Earth to revive the evil creature Buu from it's egg-like prison.
In the afterlife, Babidi begins to root for Goku when he is fighting Kid Buu.
After Buu is released he discovers that Buu is far too strong for Babidi to control so he attempts to kill him but at no prevail.
www.dbzsc.com /?dbzsc=magicians   (922 words)

 Super Dragon Ball
Babidi and his henchmen, Pui Pui, eliminate Yamu and Spopovitch after getting him what he needed, the stolen energy from Super Saiyan Gohan.
With magical powers, Babidi is able to change the location of the battle to wherever he wishes, which is always a place where his fighters will have the advantage.
Unknown to our heroes, Babidi is going to bring Vegeta under his control and then have Vegeta and Goku fight, releasing vast amounts of energy which can then be used to release Buu.
members.fortunecity.com /superdragonball/babidisaga.htm   (655 words)

 AnimeOnDVD.com >> Disc Reviews >> Dragonball Z TV #56: Babidi - Descent
Babidi accepts the energy that Spopovitch and Yamu had drained from Gohan at the tournament and then proceeds to kill Spopovitch while letting another of his goons, Pui Pui kill Yamu.
As Babidi and Dabura had hoped, this sent Gohan, Vegeta and Goku into a rage and despite the warnings of Kaioshin they entered Babidis spaceship, Kaioshin followed them in.
Babidi and Dabura are somewhat surprised that Pui Pui lost so convincingly, the Dragon Warriors proceed deeper into the ship until they encounter the incredibly large beast that is Maju Yakon, the disc ends as Son Goku prepares to begin combat with him.
www.animeondvd.com /reviews2/disc_reviews/273.php   (918 words)

 [No title]
He told that Babidi, and Babidi loved that idea, and manipulated Vegeta to fall under his control.
Vegeta lived his whole life in shock seeing the undeniable proof that no matter how hard he tries that he could never be so strong as Goku - "a warrior prince forever living in a shadow of a low level soldier".
Vegeta also accepted Babidi's spell because he wanted to re-awake the evil in himself, he wanted to be the same as he was before:
members.lycos.co.uk /slegends/HTMinfo/maijinvegeta.htm   (420 words)

 Majin Vegeta saga - Dragonball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Babidi takes the energy, kills the two men, and heads back into the spaceship.
Then Babidi, knowing that the warriors were hiding nearby, tells Dabura to get rid of the week ones, Piccolo, Krillin, and Kibit and invite the stronger ones, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and Kaio-shin, into the ship.
The first fighter is of course no match for Vegeta so he asks Babidi to transport the fight to his favorite place to fight.
maxpages.com /ericsssj2gohan/Majin_Vegeta_saga - !http://maxpages.com/ericsssj2gohan/Majin_Vegeta_saga   (744 words)

 Dragonball Z Babidi's Fighters
In an attempt to give Pui Pui the upper hand Babidi uses his powers to seemingly transport Pui Pui and the Z fighters to his home planet where the gravity is 10x that of Earth's.
To make it more interesting Babidi transports them to Yakons home world where there is no sun light and he reveals that he can see in the dark.
Dabura tells Babidi he sensed a lust for power in Vegeta and claimed that the Saiyan prince had enough evil in him to be manipulated by Babidis magic.
www.myfavoritegames.com /dragonball-z/Info/BabidisFighters.htm   (451 words)

 Get DBZ Action Figures Direct from Atamaii.com!
Babidi is a magical creature who wishes to bring Majin Buu back to life.
He has unusual magical powers, and he uses his powers to bring out the evil in people’s hearts and thus control them.
Babidi seeks to gain enough energy to break Buu’s seal and “re-hatchEhim by draining energy from fighters on Earth.
www.atamaii.com /dragonball-z-babidi.html   (123 words)

 Babidi Saga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After sensing the hidden Z fighters, Dabura and Babidi plan to lure the Z fighters to drain them of their energy needed to revive a powerful foe shown sealed in a pink ball.
Babidi uses his magic to try to take control of Vegeta and quite easily does transforming him into Majin Vegeta, improving his power and turning him against his friends.
Babidi transports the Z warriors including Majin Vegeta back to the World Tournament arena where there is still a celebration over Mr.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Babidi_Saga   (1081 words)

 CheatMonster.com : The best site for cheats, emulators, roms and mint online games
Babidi unleashes his monster Yakon to steal the Z-Fighters’; energy for Majin Buu.
Vegeta is stripped of his good qualities by the wicked wizard, and becomes the heartless warrior that he once was.
With Babidi’s magic enhancing his already incredible strength, Vegeta matches Goku move for move.
www.cheatmonster.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /DBZ/babidisaga.htm   (743 words)

 UltimateDBZ.com > Biographies > Babidi
He is the small evil magician who is the son of Bibidi, the person who created Majin Buu.
Babidi frees Majin Buu from his egg and the two cause lots of trouble.
Later on, however, Buu kills Babidi when he realizes that he doesn't need his master anymore.
www.ultimatedbz.com /bios/babidi.shtml   (58 words)

 {The Official Dragon Ball Z Website}
Just when you thought it was finally safe, the evil Majin Babidi has unleashed his henchmen and sets his sights on reviving the infamous Majin Buu.
Babidi Saga brings more diversity to the table and provides players a great chance to try out new deck types.
Capture and wield the essence of Majin Vegeta, Majin Dabura, and Magin Babidi!
www.dragonballz.com /index.cfm?page=babidi   (176 words)

 Babidi? Kuriza? Kamikaze Ghost? - Atari Forums
The game was in Spanish his which means its probably the European Collector's which might have alternative costume for characters, they also be more alternative costumes that aren't accessible normally, but are still in the game, which is means he used a code so character would wear that costume instead of the normal.
As for Babidi, there is probably a character model for him in the game, they just used a code that would make a character look like Babidi.
Babidi has a character design because when you see Vegeta transforming to Majin Vegeta you see him trying to control him.
www.ataricommunity.com /forums/showthread.php?t=523246   (712 words)

 The Dragonball Z Network, Episode Reviews, The Wizard's Curse
Now his son, Babidi, has returned and is gathering the pure energy needed to resurrect Majin Buu from his slumber.
What makes this so interesting was the fact that the directors could have had it so that Babidi merely destroyed them both with a simple glance, which could convey Babidi's awesome magical prowess.
Today was really our introduction to the MAIN conflict of the series: Stop Babidi from bring the most evil of evil on the Earth.
www.dbzn.net /epreviews/episode205.shtml   (1090 words)

 YouTube - Dragonball Z episode 209 Battle Supreme
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DBZ - 210 - Eighteen Unmasks (Babidi's Saga) 1of2
DBZ - 210 - Eighteen Unmasks (Babidi's Saga) 2of2
youtube.com /watch?v=v8s_JFQRrhA   (269 words)

 DBZ - Dragon Ball Z - CCG Card of the Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The only good level 1 ally that Babidi can use is Majin Vegeta (and hes not even that good).
Majin Babidi definitely has a lot of possibilities, but there just needs to be more GOOD Majin allies...
That means your opponent would just not even stick out an Ally until you got to level 3, because he wouldn't need them.
www.pojo.com /DRAGONBALL/COTD/Feb2003/26.shtml   (504 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Deerhoof: Bibidi Babidi Boo
Bibidi Babidi Boo is one of two reasons why I'm really jazzed about Deerhoof right now.
Deerhoof approach their eccentricities like perverse craftsmen: they spent so much time simulating spontaneity at the compositional phase that there's relatively little room for it in their performance.
Content may not be reproduced without the publisher's permission.
www.splendidezine.com /review.html?reviewid=1099456984140067   (443 words)

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