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Topic: Baby boomer

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  The Baby Boomer Generation -Trends, Research, Discussion, Comment for Baby Boomers.
The Baby Boomer Generation is a source for trends, research, comment and discussion of and by people born from 1946 - 1964.
The Baby Boomer Generation is generally thought to include those born after World War II from 1946-1964 inclusive.
One of the advantages to being an aging Baby Boomer is the enlightenment one achieves with age.
www.aginghipsters.com   (3076 words)

 Baby Boomer-Magazine Online - Complete Resource for the Baby Boomer Generation
Baby Boomers are making plans for when we will move into retirement, which includes transforming the old homestead into our ideal retirement space.
A Baby Boomer is someone who was born between the years 1946 and 1964 - now between the ages of 42 and 60.
Compared to their parents, the Baby Boomer Generation is economically optimistic.
www.babyboomer-magazine.com   (623 words)

  USATODAY.com - N.J. woman enjoys celebrity of being 1st baby boomer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kathy, as she prefers to be called, has become celebrated as the nation's first baby boomer — born, as The Philadelphia Inquirer heralded at the time, a second past the stroke of midnight in Philadelphia on Jan. 1, 1946.
Demographers cite her birthday as the start of the post-World War II baby boom generation, a society-changing cohort of 79 million Americans born from 1946 through 1964 that was half again the size of the generation it followed.
She doesn't have to be reminded that she shares a birth year with both President Bush and former president Bill Clinton, the first baby boomers to occupy the Oval Office and political bookends for their generation thus far.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2005-12-29-first-boomer_x.htm   (816 words)

  Baby Boomers are our focus at MyHearpod.com. We specialize in optimal hearing solutions for baby boomers
Baby boomers are the first generation to be exposed to electronically amplified sound.
Baby boomers are also the first generation to be exposed to common environmental sounds such as electric blenders, lawn mowers and job site machinery, which over time, can produce hearing loss.
As a result, many baby boomers are thought to be the first generation to notice hearing loss while still in their 40s and 50s, redefining what it means to have hearing loss.
www.myhearpod.com /babyboomer.html   (514 words)

 Get Involved!
Boomers are concentrated in metropolitan areas, as opposed to rural counties.
Baby boomers are less likely than older age groups to volunteer out of a sense of duty or obligation and more likely to volunteer as part of a social interaction.
Baby boomers are more likely to volunteer as a result of social, self development, self-esteem, or leisure-focused motivations.
www.getinvolved.gov /newsroom/press/factsheet_boomers.asp   (425 words)

 The Baby Boomer, Sunday School, And God
The parents of the baby boomers are called the "consumer generation." This generation of Americans experienced the greatest economic and industrial expansion in the history of civilization.
The baby boomers have many subgroups, but they are united in attitude and perspective by common cultural experiences.
Boomers expect women to be treated as equals and to be given leadership roles.
webuildpeople.ag.org /WBP_library/9201_baby_boomer.cfm   (1381 words)

 Baby Boomer Data: Hawaii 2000
Much of the growth is due to the aging of the baby boomers, the massive population blip attributable to high birth rates from 1946 through 1965.
Hawaii baby boomers are less likely to accept the status quo and are used to having more independence than their parent’s generation.
Hawaii baby boomers are generally in good health and will live longer than their parent’s generation, but greater proportions smoke, drink, and are overweight than the current generation of elders.
www.hawaii.edu /aging/baby.htm   (1493 words)

 Baby Boomers United -Spiritual Articles
The latter two comprise less than 30% of the boomer population, according to Roof, but receive the most attention and their opposition to each other is at the root of the "culture wars" in America (fundamentalist conservatives vs. secular liberals).
That American boomers should seek some form of spiritual belief and practice is perhaps not so surprising, given that America as a whole may be the most religiously inclined country in the developed world, with 95% of all Americans professing a belief in God or "higher being" and 64% professing literal belief in the Bible.
Baby boomers are more comfortable with technology, more individualistic, and more spiritual in many different realms than previous generations, or even current generations.
www.babyboomersunited.com /Spiritual-Articles.htm   (1700 words)

 NAR: Baby Boomer Study Shows Changing Housing Needs, Uncertain Retirement
Baby boomers have a wide variety of housing needs in the future, depending on their retirement plans – or lack thereof – according to a study by the National Association of Realtors®.
Although most boomers are married couples and 27 percent have children under the age of 18, nearly two out of five baby boom households are nontraditional households, most of which are headed by women.
Twenty percent of boomer households are headed by women, but because women aged 60 to 69 account for a quarter of homeowners in that age group, the number of women boomer homeowners is likely to increase much faster than average as they age.
www.realtor.org /press_room/news_releases/2006/baby_boomer_study_06.html   (723 words)

 Baby Boomer Study 2006
Nearly eight in ten boomers own their own homes and almost nine out of ten have owned at some point in their lives; 96 percent believe owning a home is a good financial investment – evidenced by their actions.
In addition to a higher rate of homeownership, analysis by NAR shows baby boomers are proportionately more active in the second home market, owning 57 percent of all vacation/seasonal homes and 58 percent of rental property.
Ten percent of all boomers said they are likely to buy additional real estate in the next 12 months; two-thirds of those respondents said they were considering a primary residence but 26 percent were interested in land, 19 percent rental property, 15 percent a vacation or seasonal home and 14 commercial property.
www.realtor.org /PublicAffairsWeb.nsf/Pages/BabyBoomerStudy06   (1620 words)

 Baby Boomer Retirement
A survey by Allstate Financial of Northbrook, IL of 1,004 Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1961, found 82 percent believe that retirement will be more fun and rewarding than their parent's retirement.
Most Baby Boomers (the cohort of Americans born between 1946 and 1964) believe that they will still be working during their retirement years.
While this transfer bodes well for the finances of a number of boomers, a significant number of less well off boomers will be unaffected and the wealth differentials which exist today will follow the baby boomer generation.
home.att.net /~coachthee/Archives/BabyBoomerRetirement.html   (848 words)

 Baby Boomer Health
The baby boomers surveyed value chiropractic care so much, in fact, that they are willing to pay for the services out-of-pocket, although they would prefer to have the care covered by their insurance plans.
Many baby boomers are moving away from traditional model of “disease managements” medical care to a new model of preventive health care, and chiropractic plays a big role in that shift.
Interestingly, most of the baby boomers surveyed in the recent study said they were influenced more often by their doctor of chiropractic than by their medical doctor or osteopath.
www.ballchiropractic.net /baby_boomer_health.htm   (1143 words)

 Cover: The Boomer Files - Baby Boomers At 60 - MSNBC.com
Those first boomers were a year old when Howdy Doody first dangled on a TV screen the size of a dinner plate, 17 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, 23 when they converged on Woodstock and 36 for the start of the great bull market of the 1980s.
"Baby boomers literally think they're going to die before they get old," says J. Walker Smith, president of Yankelovich Partners, the polling company, which found in one study that boomers defined "old age" as starting three years after the average American was dead.
People 60 years old today have an actuarial life expectancy of 82.3, but boomers don't consider themselves bound by the laws of statistics; they "fully expect that advances in health care and genomics are going to enable them to live past 100," says Smith.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/9939304/site/newsweek   (970 words)

 Baby Boomer Retirement Tips
The fact is older boomers, those born between 1946 and 1955, had a median household net worth of just $146,050 in 2001, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by AARP.
This "phased retirement" of Baby Boomers will shape the American workplace and compensate for a severe talent gap due to a shrinking supply of new workforce entrants.
Phased retirement will allow Baby Boomers to devote more free time to community service/volunteer activities and their grandparent role by living near at least one of their children.
home.att.net /~coachthee/Archives/babyboomerstoday.html   (1962 words)

 globeandmail.com: Baby Boomers
Canadian baby boomers as they start to turn 60 are either the most optimistic generation ever to walk the Earth — or the most self-deluded — a Strategic Counsel poll finds.
Boomers claim to be active, but they're in worse shape than their parents were -- and could even die younger.
The Globe is using the definition that a Canadian boomer is anyone living here (including immigrants) born from 1947 to 1966.
www.theglobeandmail.com /boomers   (483 words)

 2005 Baby Boomer Survey - BuyVacationCondos.com - LandDepo.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Given that there are an estimated 77.5 million Baby Boomers, and they are one of the wealthiest generations in American history, retirement home purchasing among active adult buyers over the next few decades is expected to be considerable.
Boomers most affected by potential changes in Social Security (ages 41-54) are more likely to believe they will need another source of income to finance their retirement, and are more likely to invest in private accounts.
Although 61% of non-retired Boomers ages 41-54 say they don’t know what their monthly benefit will be at retirement, 75% of all respondents ages 41-54 say they do not plan to rely solely on Social Security benefits.
www.buyvacationcondos.com /2005BabyBoomerSurvey   (1610 words)

 Baby Boomers
Baby boomers already appear to be setting themselves apart from their parents and grandparents with more active and productive lifestyles in what formerly were termed “the golden years.” Read more...
March 7, 2006 - As the baby boom generation starts searching for the perfect place to spend its golden years, states - especially ones not typically considered havens for senior citizens - are touting their quiet communities and unblemished surroundings in hopes of grabbing a share of the retirement pie, according to Stateline.org.
Older boomers (born 1946-55), many of whom are empty nesters, put their money into upgrading their homes and on clothing, spending 13% and 11% more than average on women and men's apparel, respectively.
www.seniorjournal.com /BabyBoomers.htm   (5290 words)

 Baby Boomer Definition: Boomer-Centric.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Baby boomers are defined as people born 1946-1964.
In 1964, baby boomers represented 40% of the population, which means that more than one third of the population was under 19 years of age.
Since baby boomers make up such a sizable portion of the consuming public, their spending habits and lifestyles have a powerful influence on the economy.
www.boomercentric.com /aboutboomercentric.aspx   (374 words)

 The Seattle Times: Living: Baby-boomer names getting old; gender-bending names are in
The popular names of the 1940s and 1950s are aging along with the baby boomers who own them.
In a study of baby names in California during the past 30 years, researchers Steven Levitt and Roland Fryer found that the typical baby girl born in a fl neighborhood in 1980 was given a name that was 20 times more common among fls than whites.
Her youngest sister Margeaux, also a boomer, started off life as Margo.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/living/2003457907_boomernames04.html   (856 words)

 Boomers International - World Wide Community for the Baby Boomer Generation
Boomers in the US are only a small part of the estimated 450 million Baby Boomers worldwide.
Boomers with an "empty nest"; find they finally have the time to devote to their own comforts and interests.
‘Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study’ is a national survey unprecedented in its scope that will make breakthrough contributions to the relatively unexplored field of midlife psychological development and reinforce AARP's already broad and deep understanding of the 76 million-strong population of baby boomers.
boomersint.org /bindex.html   (4017 words)

 Boomers International - World Wide Community for the Baby Boomer Generation
Boomers in the US are only a small part of the estimated 450 million Baby Boomers worldwide.
Boomers with an "empty nest"; find they finally have the time to devote to their own comforts and interests.
‘Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study’ is a national survey unprecedented in its scope that will make breakthrough contributions to the relatively unexplored field of midlife psychological development and reinforce AARP's already broad and deep understanding of the 76 million-strong population of baby boomers.
www.boomersint.org /bindex.html   (4017 words)

 CD Baby: BOOMER DA SHARPSHOOTA: Straight RefugeeZ Vol. 1
Boomer was born in a refugee camp in Northern Thailand.
Boomer, however, was amongst the luckier of the ‘returnees’.
For Boomer, life in Stockton was entirely focused around the significant gang culture in the city, but it is an entirely different influence from his hometown that he is drawing on as the foundation for his new life.
cdbaby.com /cd/boomerdas   (766 words)

 Growing Old, Baby-Boomer Style , Experts Examine Impact On Society As Boomers Approach Retirement - CBS News
Now, with the first of them turning 60, the baby boomers are about to do something utterly conventional and predictable.
Boomers are expected to live longer than any previous generation of Americans.
Widespread obesity among boomers, combined with lack of exercise, could lead to an epidemic of diabetes, which dramatically accelerates aging and leads to a host of chronic diseases.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/01/10/health/webmd/main1195879.shtml   (783 words)

 Defusing the Baby Boomer Time Bomb: Projections of Income in the 21st Century
It is commonly accepted in public debate that the retirement of the baby boom generation will place an enormous burden on the working population in the first decades of the next century.
In 2030, when the peak impact of the baby boomers' retirement will be felt, the burden on workers will be a reduction in after-tax wages and family income of slightly more than 6%.
If current trends continue, the reduction in after-tax family income for families in the middle of the income distribution is 22%, more than three times as large as the loss due to the retirement of the baby boomers.
www.epinet.org /content.cfm/studies_sttb   (826 words)

 Automotive Buyouts Force Baby Boomer Second Career Transitions
Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) June 26, 2006 -- Baby Boomers, the cohort of Americans born between 1946 and 1964, have confronted turbulent social and political change while setting significant new trends in every phase of their lives.
The numbers reflect that people are "doing this as a transition to retirement, or they tend to be working longer than those who are in wage-and-salary jobs," said Lynn Karoly, a senior economist with Rand and co-author of the AARP study.
A majority of boomers say they want to work in a phased retirement, but companies are only just beginning to try to figure out how to accommodate that.
www.prweb.com /releases/boomer/career/prweb403629.htm   (883 words)

 retarded games: Baby Boomer (NES-1989)
You see, this baby is a special baby, designed to withstand the infra-red rays of the mighty Nintendo Zapper.
Color Dreams, the makers of Baby Boomer, were one of the first companies to make unlicensed Nintendo games, and Baby Boomer was their debut title.
Nintendo has always kept a tight leash on who gets to make games for their systems, but in the 8-bit era, it was nearly impossible to make a game for the NES without Nintendo's stamp of approval due to a copy-protection chip in the cartridge.
www.retardedgames.com /2004/07/baby-boomer-nes-1989.html   (261 words)

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