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Topic: Bacalao

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Keep the water and the fish cold.Extra large and thick fillets of salted and dried cod.
Skin- and boneless bacalao loins packed in a wooden box, 800 grams net.
Ready for use after soaking about 20 hours with ample cold water, 1 - 2 waterchanges.Skin- and boneless bacalao loins packed in a wooden box, 800 grams net.
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  El Bacalao
Bacalao, nombre común de cerca de 60 especies de una familia de valiosos peces comestibles.
El bacalao vive sobre todo en mares fríos o templados del norte, a profundidades de entre 180 y 360 m, y emprenden largas migraciones.
Los bacalaos se reúnen en gran número durante el invierno para reproducirse, y las hembras ponen entre 4 y 7 millones de huevos.
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Bacalao (to give its most widely-used title) is elevated to legendary, near mythical status, a dish of iconic significance in festival and fiesta, a staple of such immense substance it once saved a city from siege.
To this day, spicy, garlicky bacalao al pil-pil and bacalao a la vizcaina, in a rich sauce of tomato and olives, are signature dishes of Basque cuisine, and no Bilbao bar would be without at least one type of bacalao-based, bite-size pintxo to offer the gourmet tippler.
Bacalao has conquered the Iberian Peninsula and a large chunk of the world besides, but its story begins in the Basque lands of the Bay of Biscay.
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