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Topic: Back to the land

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Back to the land - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There was also a segment within the movement who already had a familiarity with rural life and farming, who already had many skills, and who wanted land of their own on which they could demonstrate that organic farming (rather than conventional) could be made practical and economically successful.
A factor that came into play was the increased cost of rural land parcels; at the start of the back-to-the-land trend, previously low demand for rural properties in many areas meant that they fetched low prices in the real estate market, but this changed after some years of increased buyer interest.
Grant, Brian L. "Surveying the Back to the Land Movement in the Seventies".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Back_to_the_land   (2026 words)

 Earth Meanders: Back to the Land
If land is to continue providing humans their habitat, a profound shift is needed in how we relate to land and all nature.
In areas where land is managed as gardens, there is great potential to create agricultural ecosystems that are resilient, stable and sustainable, and which are integrated with natural ecosystems.
I was raised there by parents that had gone back to the land to homestead.
earthmeanders.blogspot.com /2004/07/back-to-land.html   (1034 words)

 Back to the Land. An essay on the Land Problem.
The land of Ireland would at this moment still be in its original state of nature had it not been drained, cleared, reclaimed and fertilised by the enormous outlay of labour and capital which has been expended on it by the people of the present and their forefathers in past generations.
I have already shown that the land of every country is the public property of the people of that country, and consequently, that its exclusive appropriation by a class is a substantial injustice and wrong done to every man in that country», whom it robs of his fair share of the common inheritance.
I have already observed that the chief peculiarity of the land of a country was that its value was never stationary, that it was always progressive and rising, that in fact it increased in a direct ratio with the growth of the population and the advancing progress of the industry of the nation.
www.grundskyld.dk /2-Nulty.html   (9910 words)

 Peter Poole / Back-to-the-land: Lloyd George's Cranky Plan for Unemployment
The "back to the land" scheme, while motivated by good intentions, was cranky in its conception.
A MORE sophisticated version of this "back to the land" hypothesis was articulated as the recession of the 1970s grew apace.
A tax on the full market value of all land removes the incoherencies in the ethical case by ensuring that the value is equitably distributed to everyone through the democratically controlled exchequer.
www.cooperativeindividualism.org /poole-peter_on-lloyd-george-and-land-tax.html   (1012 words)

 Thomas Nulty / Back To The Land
The system of Land Tenure in Ireland enjoyed a long and similarly prosperous career, and it, too, has created a state of human existence, which, in strict truth and justice, can be briefly characterised as the twin sister of slavery.
When grazing on land had been found more remunerative than tillage, and the people consequently became too numerous, the superfluous multitudes, who were now no longer wanted under the new state of things, were mercilessly cleared off the lands by wholesale evictions to make room for the brute beast, which paid better.
Thus has this land system actually exercised the power of life and death on a vast scale, for which there is no parallel even in the dark records of slavery.
www.cooperativeindividualism.org /nulty-thomas_on-land-reform.html   (2404 words)

 Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong Kong News and Business.
More than 40 million farmers have been displaced from their land, and the number is increasing by more than 2 million a year.
But residents of Dongzhou say they were engaged in a legitimate protest against the seizure of their land, without adequate compensation, by the Shanwei municipal government.
Ten months after a village protest turned into a riot against the construction of 13 chemical factories on land illegally seized from farmers, the once-humming factory buildings are now empty shells, a testament to the farmers' determination and anger.
www.atimes.com /atimes/China/HC09Ad03.html   (1784 words)

 Subsistence Homesteads
On the negative side likewise the administration's legislative and administrative measures indicate that it is opposed to the old policy of increasing the numbers engaged in the acreage given over to commercial farming, as well as to the further development and concentration of population in industrial centers.
The establishment of subsistence homesteads is, however, one of the positive indications that we are actually on the eve of a new land and population policy.
Enough funds were raised locally at the outset to acquire possession of the land, to repair the old farm buildings, to purchase a tractor, and even before any building operations began, to enable the families selected to plant gardens, buy milk goats and establish flocks of chickens.
newdeal.feri.org /survey/34011.htm   (3889 words)

 Back to the land: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
(the phrase "back to the land movement" usually refers to a North American social phenomenon of the 1960s and 1970s (which is discussed further, EHandler: no quick summary.
A factor that came into play was the increased cost of rural land parcels; at the start of the back-to-the-land trend, EHandler: no quick summary.
A Web search on the term "back to the land" brings up very many hits that indicate a strong interest in non-urban living.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/ba/back_to_the_land.htm   (3179 words)

 Niho -  Back to the Land
Back in the city, he fights off corporate torpor by wearing jeans and plaid shirts in his New Westminster office, where vintage photos, a cowhide, and antler create a bunkhouse effect.
Nielsen came close to bankruptcy: Most of his properties went back to his lenders, but even after those were dispersed, he still faced a debt load he now says was close to $1 million.
His mother, who loaned him $40,000 to get back on his feet, gets a director's fee from Niho and often drives in to Nielsen's office from her Maple Ridge home with a picnic lunch.
www.niho.com /Press/Press46.asp   (1889 words)

 American Young People Go Back To The Land
Some are going back to the land to escape corporate culture, farming specialists say.
But Vermont, with its limited land mass and tendency toward smaller farming plots, is at the forefront of the movement.
She is quick to point out that she has no land, little money.
www.rense.com /general65/land.htm   (1060 words)

 MPR: Going Back to the Land
A lot of folks found a year or two of country living was enough, and they went back to running water, central heat, and neighborhood grocery stores.
Adams: They're sort of scratchin' their heads that they spent their lives tryin' to get away from outhouses and kerosene lights and now, what the heck, the kid they sent to college is living with an outhouse and kerosene light.
But on the other hand, you know, had some really fun times with 'em in the kitchen around the cookstove and they went back to their childhood and started discussing family recipes for scrapple and headcheese and whatnot.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/199807/08_winterc_simplelife-m   (1385 words)

 Back to the Land - Nov. 23, 2003
After the interview, he took me around Land Farm, the 12-hectare farm in Barangay Tartaro, San Miguel, Bulacan, where in 1986 he decided to settle and try to become a farmer.
Many years back, he told me that countless people had offered to buy his farm, for many times the sum he paid for it.
He was buried at Land Farm, to be one with the farm he loved so much.
www.inq7.net /mag/2003/nov/23/mag_4-1.htm   (597 words)

It is in this respect that "Back to the Land", a book that illustrate the return of communities to their land, is so important.
Not only can culture contribute to land restitution and development programmes in a range of significant ways but, as international experience repeatedly demonstrates, it has become increasingly clear that development strategies without a keen awareness of the cultural dimension are doomed to failure.
I would like to congratulate the writers of "Back to the Land" in providing us with a book that will have enormous relevance to all of us as another step in the path to building strong and cohesive communities in South Africa.
www.info.gov.za /speeches/1996/960917_30196.htm   (1002 words)

 Conscious Communications: Back to the Land
The land around it is manicured and landscaped.
As I drove back home, I noticed how the journey is always longer when you don’t know where you are going.
I too have been back in my vege patch and have things just about under control back here after our long absense from home.
www.croftcommunications.com /2005/08/back-to-land.html   (1397 words)

 Back to the land and why by Art Hellemann   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It's too late to dream of going back to the lifestyle of the American Indians but it's not too late to start using common sense and to rediscover the simple, immutable laws of nature.
The amount you can produce is limited, not by the area of land you have at your disposal, but only by your ability to work with and understand the laws of nature.
Looking back over this article, I realize that I may seem to be opposed to education.
www.motherearthnews.com /printable/1975_March_April/Back_To_The_Land_And_Why   (1398 words)

 Essence: Back to the land: more families are moving to rural areas, especially in the South, for more spacious ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Essence: Back to the land: more families are moving to rural areas, especially in the South, for more spacious housing—and for peace of mind - living well
Back to the land: more families are moving to rural areas, especially in the South, for more spacious housing—and for peace of mind - living well
Back then many African-Americans returning home wanted to be close to kinfolk or raise their children in what they considered a more wholesome environment.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1264/is_4_34/ai_106388967   (472 words)

 MOFGA - The MOF&G - September 2004 - The Back-to-the-Land Movement in Cuba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The land had been a large dairy farm that went under in the ‘80s and hadn't been working for almost eight years when the men arrived to find it covered with marabou.
The government decided that their land would be better used as a municipal airport for the growing suburb.
In the hills the land was grey and dusty red, and palms flourished with such hardwoods as grey and stooped algorrobo.
www.mofga.org /mofgs04c.html   (3128 words)

 The Head Heeb: Back to the land
An IRIN report focuses on the Ugandan government land grants being given to surrendered Lord's Resistance Army fighters:
In addition to being an incentive to surrender, the land grants are seen as a method of rehabilitating the child soldiers, many of whom have been rejected by their own villages for their role in LRA atrocities.
Like many land-grant programs in Africa, this one has potential pitfalls, and could fail if the ex-soldiers are given insufficient training and equipment or are provided with economically unviable plots, but in concept it seems like a humane way to resettle the demobilized children.
headheeb.blogmosis.com /archives/028345.html   (333 words)

 Portugal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
But in 194 BC a rebellion began in the north, the Lusitanians successfully held off the Romans, took back land and ransacked Conistorgis, the Conii capital, because of their alliance with Rome.
Afonso, aided by the Templar Knights, continued to conquer southern lands from the Moors.
In 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral landed on the Brazilian coast.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Portugal   (8664 words)

 CHINA: Back to the Land
In December, several hundred peasants of Dongzhou village in Guangdong Province, who were protesting against the local government's land seizures for a power-plant project, were dispersed with fire from automatic weapons.
And on Jan. 14, several people were wounded and a teenage girl was beaten to death in clashes between villagers and the police in a land dispute in Panlong village, also in Guangdong province.
At present, farmers can only lease land for 25 to 30 years and can easily become victims of abuse by local officials when their plots are confiscated for industrial or development projects.
www.ipsnews.net /news.asp?idnews=32380   (1048 words)

 Ottawa : Back to the Land | WHERE.ca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Prior to the first acquisition of land that would become the park in the early 1930s, the old growth forest in the area fed the lumber industry.
In 1950, more land was acquired, resulting in a natural haven that currently measures over 35,000 hectares.
The park’s popularity as a gathering place hasn’t looked back: from hiking to biking to swimming, visitors come from every corner of the globe to take advantage of its pristine beauty.
www.where.ca /ottawa/article_feature~listing_id~41.htm   (842 words)

 From back-to-the-land to back-to-the-future
While living on 40-acres of undeveloped land in Moravia, he developed an architectural design for underground housing; published one book with his own publishing company, and co-published two others.
Oehler encourages back-to-the-landers to build their homes with indigenous materials and learn about organic farming, root cellars, and perma-culture, which is a buzzword in alternative circles, which means maximum sustainable use of the land.
He said the first large demographic group of Americans to move back to the land was during the Great Depression.
www.ruralnorthwest.com /artman/publish/article_5201.shtml   (974 words)

 Giving back to new land
Giving back has never been so easy for the members of the Pakistan Information and Cultural Organization.
Shah has been a member of the group for more than four years and rarely misses a chance to give back, especially when the group is working in Gilbert, where he lives.
Because the group's membership is well over 300, teams of 20 to 25 are chosen based on their interests.
www.azcentral.com /community/gilbert/articles/0117pico17Z6.html   (329 words)

 IC Video: Back-to-the-land Info
They grow most of their own food in extensive gardens, vineyards, and orchards, plus members harvest edible plants from the surrounding forest, as well as hunting and fishing.
A large majority of their building materials come from the land, though they are also fond of free or cheap recycled building materials, and only as a last resort do they visit a lumber yard or hardware store.
Individual families handle their own finances, though all members seem to live comfortably on small incomes that the government considers below the poverty level.
fic.ic.org /video/backtolandinfo.php   (156 words)

 Sunset: Back to the land in eastern Washington - recipes
Back to the land in eastern Washington - recipes
In the high desert of eastern Washington known as the Channel Scablands, rough boulders punctuate the rugged basalt landscape.
Cattle ranchers Joan and Jake Harder live on land that Jake's grandfather settled in 1873.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1216/is_n5_v193/ai_16432968   (441 words)

 Andy Gill: Back To The Land
He is employed by DreamWorks as a sort of "creative executive" in charge of AandR, fostering new talent and helping to co ordinate the company's film and music arms with regard to soundtracks and suchlike.
THE BAND'S ROOTS GO BACK TO 1957, WHEN LOCAL rockabilly legend Ronnie 'The Hawk' Hawkins pulled up at the Helm family farm near Marvell, Arkansas, and after much cajoling of Levon's parents Nell and Diamond, whisked the callow 17 year old off to be the drummer in his band, The Hawks.
Dylan was looking for a live band to re create the new electric blues sound of his recent recordings, and Mary Martin, who worked in Grossman's office, pointed him in the direction of The Hawks.
theband.hiof.no /articles/back_to_the_land.html   (3800 words)

 Lake Wales harks back to Florida's land boom of 1920s - The Boston Globe
Much of downtown was built in the 1920s during the state's land boom.
Unfortunately, the hotel opened just as the land boom was ending, and then the Depression hit.
She grew up in Lake Wales, and though she has lived in other places, she is back -- again.
www.boston.com /travel/getaways/florida/articles/2006/02/26/lake_wales_harks_back_to_floridas_land_boom_of_1920s?mode=PF   (910 words)

 BrownTrout Publishers | Calendars
Whether on land or in the water, the German Shorthaired Pointer always gets the job done.
While its seeds make a delightful snack and a remarkably useful oil, the sunflower is more a feast for the eyes.
This 2006 wall calendar houses a year full of wonderful photographs of old cars and trucks that are going back to the land.
www.browntrout.com /calendars/product.asp?MGID=-1&IID=6675   (187 words)

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