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Topic: Backcountry skiing

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Backcountry skiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Backcountry skiing or off-piste skiing is skiing in a sparsely inhabited rural region over ungroomed and unmarked slopes (i.e.
Backcountry skiing can be highly dangerous due to the avalanche risk, the exhaustion from the possible climb, and often the terrain involved.
Backcountry skiing is often associated with "extreme skiing".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Backcountry_skiing   (114 words)

 Winter in Montana - Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone: Backcountry Skiing
There are probably no more extreme extremes in backcountry skiing than setting off under your own power from one of our hundreds of trailheads toward a snow covered crag with visions of first tracks...
When you're making first tracks in a backcountry area, remember you're leaving behind the safety practices of your favorite ski resort--namely, the ski patrol and avalanche control.
Backcountry skiing alone is an almost certain recipe for disaster.
www.wintermt.com /other/backcountryskiing.htm   (806 words)

 Exum Mountain Guides
Backcountry skiing and snowboarding, "backcountry glisse" for short, is a broad term meaning any sliding on snow that is done away from chairlifts and civilization.
Perhaps the most skills-intensive form of backcountry glisse is ski and snowboard mountaineering, which requires special techniques for the ascent and descent of a peak.
In all cases, people pursue backcountry glisse for physical exercise, the exploration of beautiful mountain terrain, the challenge of mastering equipment and technique, and of course the thrill of sliding back down and letting gravity whisk you back to the car.
www.exumguides.com /winter/backcountry.shtml   (737 words)

 Backcountry Skiing Instruction & Guiding In The Adirondack Mountains - Alpine Adventures, Keene, New York
Backcountry skiing can be very different from skiing on a carefully prepared surface at nordic or alpine ski centers – that’s part of its appeal.
The difficulty of the skiing can vary tremendously with different snow conditions, and part of the challenge of skiing in the backcountry is learning to effectively cope with a cornucopia of conditions.
Our skiing programs are primarily focused on nordic (free-heel) techniques and equipment, which generally offer the most practical approach to backcountry skiing.
www.alpineadven.com /ourservices/ski/ski.html   (319 words)

 Backcountry Skiing in the Hudson Valley -- Roberts
Back when we were into bushwhacking around in the Hudson Valley on skis, there cannot have been many people who explored more of the backcountry skiing potential south of Albany than we did.
And the character of the skiing or snowboarding on many of the runs is such that folks lacking a strong enjoyment of exploration wouldn't like them much anyway.
The only backcountry downhill runs we've made in the Shawangunks were on the old trails of the old "Ski Minne" resort -- which closed sometime back in the 60's or 70's.
www.roberts-1.com /hvski/backcountry   (1063 words)

 MAS Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding
In skiing this means alpine style skis (often shorter and wider) with a special binding and lighter more flexible boots which assist striding.
Ski leashes or brakes are required for all resort skiing, including Lift Access Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Programs.
Backcountry snowboarders typically use snowshoes and collapsible ski poles for climbing with the snowboard attached to their day pack.
www.mtadventure.com /pages/backcountry/backcountry.html   (557 words)

 Runker Room : Sports : Winter Sports : Backcountry Skiing
Recreational backcountry skiing is meant to be enjoyable and as safe as possible, so it doesn't make sense to go when conditions are marginal or bad.
Backcountry ski boots are similar to regular downhill ski boots in that they are rigid.
Backcountry ski bindings are a combination of downhill and crosscountry bindings.
www.angelfire.com /sports/runkerroom/BCSKI/bktryski.htm   (781 words)

 Skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The club is most active in cross country skiing and backcountry skiing, and we rent skis for both.
Backcountry camping is not permitted in the national park in the winter.
Telemark skiing is a style of downhill oriented skiing with bindings that connect the toe of a flexible boot to the ski.
web.mit.edu /mitoc/www/activities/skiing.html   (880 words)

 Chatter Creek Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Backcountry skiing offers vast expanses of soft, consistent powder snow in remote and spectacular high-mountain settings.
Often considered the domain of hardy and self-reliant ski touring enthusiasts, or of proficient and deep-pocketed helicopter skiers, backcountry skiing is now easily accessible to intermediate-level snowcat skiers.
Snowcat skiing is equally enjoyable for experts and strong intermediates alike and for both skiers and snowboarders.
www.backcountrywintervacations.com /backcountry-skiing.html   (1064 words)

 Backcountry Skiing at Dartmouth
This is a chapter on backcountry skiing, or as the old-timers from the ’30s and ’40s called it, down-mountain skiing.
It is a sport away from the noise of ski lifts and snow guns, and is found on the many large and small peaks in New England.
That way, if a ski breaks, a boot sole splits, or conditions are such that skiing is too difficult, a tired skier can switch into snowshoes and keep right up with the rest of the group.
www.dartmouth.edu /~doc/backcountryskiing   (1554 words)

 Aspen Expeditions/Rocky Mountain Climbing School
Backcountry skiing, ski touring, ski/snowboard mountaineering, hut trips....all of these words suggest skiing/snowboarding the untracked powder snow.
It is an extension to ski resort area skiing that awakens the soul bringing you into the present as never before.
Backcountry around Aspen is either accessed by uphill skiing or a ski area lift 'off-piste'.
www.aspenexpeditions.com /html/ski.html   (193 words)

 ADX and Expeditionary Studies - Backcountry Skiing
So our ski courses cover the range of free-heel ski technique, as well as winter route selection, weather, thermo-regulation, snow science and avalanche assessment, group dynamics and leadership skills as they are germane to the backcountry experience.
As you advance in the backcountry curriculum, you'll be challenging yourself with preparations for safe, extended travel, possibly a week-long stay in The Chic Chocs or a summer trip to The Cascades.
The Adirondack Experience is proud to be a sponsor of and participant in The Adirondack Backcountry Ski Festival.
www.plattsburgh.edu /academics/adx/skiing.php   (279 words)

 Backcountry Skiing - Ski the Whites
Backcountry skiing requires participants to have sufficient skills, gear, and training for it to be a safe activity.
The most recognizable place for backcountry ski adventures is Tuckerman Ravine on Mt Washington.
Ski season in the ravine are usually in the spring, from April to June, when the conditions are the best and avalance danger is the lowest.
hikethewhites.com /ski.html   (867 words)

Backcountry Magazine and the rest of the crew for supplying me with copies of some of their old ski reviews from their archives to help with research on ski designs.
Backcountry is one of the few magazines that provides coverage of backcountry touring.
Anyone who is not an expert in skiing, backcountry skiing, winter travel or any related activity should seek qualified guides and instruction before engaging in any activity described here.
home.comcast.net /~pinnah/DirtbagPinner/dirtbag.html   (470 words)

 Definition of Backcountry skiing
Backcountry skiing or off-piste skiing is skiing in a sparsely inhabited rural region, where fixed mechanical means of ascent (chairlifts, cable cars etc.) are not present.
Once the peak or other skiable location is reached the descent may begin on skis.
Backcountry skiing can be highly dangerous due to the avalanche risk, the exhaustion from the climb, and often the terrain involved.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Backcountry_skiing   (172 words)

 Backcountry Skiing
Solo backcountry skiing is generally not recommended due to weather and avalanche hazards, and the possibility of injury.
The wide skis are used for overland backcountry skiing in deep snow, while the traditional narrow skis are generally used where a ski track has been set.
The inside ski is trailing the lead ski such that the trailing boot is at least one boot length behind the lead foot.
www.drones.com /ski-faq   (8862 words)

 Turns All Year : year round backcountry skiing
Backcountry skiing trip reports, mountain weather, snow, avalanche, NWAC telemetry, trail, and forest road conditions for year-round backcountry telemark skiing, ski touring, randonee skiing, and snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest.
Summer skiing in the Cascades can provide some of the nicest backcountry conditions of the year: a fast, consolidated, and consistent snowpack; warm, sunny weather; and long hours of daylight.
Long skiing runs are available even into September, at which time new snow typically begins to accumulate on higher elevation snow fields.
www.turns-all-year.com   (392 words)

 Montana Telemark / Backcountry Skiing
All of these put you into backcountry areas quickly, with snowcats, in particular, presenting the advantage of being instant lifts when you're done with a run.
Allowing the mid-foot to flex and the heel to lift, telemark skiing will revitalize your interest in skiing because it imparts such a tremendous feeling of freedom.
But the real joy in telemark skiing is traveling across untracked snow in search of adventure and snow-covered hills to carve long turns.
www.bozemannet.com /skiing/backcountry_telemark_skiing.php   (612 words)

 Outdoors Club Backcountry Skiing
Backcountry Skiing or boarding is about getting out into the wilderness and "skiing free".
Generally, Backcountry refers to downhill, or "alpine" skiing without resorts, lifts, crowds and fees, rather than trekking or touring, which tends to be the domain of XC skiers.
Skiers have the luxury of using their skis for trekking and climbing (often with the aid of skins).
www.momentech.com.au /Outdoors/Backcountry.asp   (326 words)

 Cyberwest - Skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado's backcountry
Cyberwest - Skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado's backcountry
At the same time, however, backcountry use is skyrocketing, and at some trailheads it isn't unusual to find many cars on a weekend morning.
Skiing Colorado's backcountry: East of the Continental Divide in northern Colorado
www.cyberwest.com /cw15/15adwst2.html   (1487 words)

 rec.skiing.backcountry FAQ -- What is backcountry skiing?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
However, a reasonable definition may be that backcountry skiing is the sport (and art) of skiing in places and terrain that have not been altered by people, and away from snow that has been groomed for skiing.
While many people would argue about what defines backcountry skiing, not many would have trouble answering a better question.
Backcountry skiing is one of the most relaxing, pleasant and rewarding activities of our lives.
www.math.utah.edu /~eyre/rsbfaq/whatis.html   (131 words)

 Backcountry skiing lodge with cross country skiing British Columbia
Nestled into a grove of old-growth yellow cedars, Callaghan Lodge is Whistler's only full-service, remote access backcountry skiing and wilderness retreat.
Our backcountry skiing lodge offers fantastic backcountry skiing and a natural cross country skiing holiday in British Columbia.
Experience our unique backcountry skiing and cross country skiing lodge this winter.
www.callaghancountry.com   (211 words)

 Wolf Creek Backcountry - Yurt Based Backcountry Skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Pass Creek Yurt site has excellent skiing terrain for telemarking or touring and is known for abundant snows.
A second access to the yurt for those on skis or snowshoes is 3 miles via Alberta Park Reservoir.
The trip in on skis or snowshoes should not be under-estimated by your group.
www.frontier.net /~wcb   (447 words)

 Backcountry Skiing
Should you choose to venture beyond the patrolled ski area boundary, be prepared to be responsible for yourself.
Please note that the Ski Area Boundary and the U.S.F.S. Permitted Area are indicated on the map.
Rescue in the backcountry, if available, is provided by Bannock or Caribou County Search and Rescue and is often time-consuming and costly.
www.pebblecreekskiarea.com /inout.html   (138 words)

 NZ Backcountry Skiing
New Zealand's varied mountains offer a world of backcountry skiing / ski touring opportunities, and backcountry skiing has been growing in popularity in recent years, as more and more people seek adventure and variety in their skiing experiences.
This book is the first guidebook published about New Zealand backcountry skiing, and it covers the principal skiing areas from the central North Island to Southland, with suggested trips, historical notes, local contacts, access information and route descriptions.
Whether you are an experienced skifield skier keen to try out the backcountry, a mountaineer keen to try skiing, an established New Zealand backcountry skier looking for somewhere new, or a foreign ski mountaineer wanting to see what New Zealand has to offer, this book will help you plan your next ski adventure.
www.clearwatertarn.co.nz /New_Zealand_Books/nz_travel_books_nz_adventure_books/nz_backcountry_skiing_12001_1.html   (208 words)

 Amazon.com: Backcountry Skiing Utah (Backcountry Skiing): Books: Tyson Bradley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Guides the reader from the urban backcountry of the Wasatch Front to spectacular desert destinations in Zion and Bryce, with detailed maps and information on backcountry equipment, techniques, and safety.
Backcountry ski guide, avalanche-safety instructor, and author Tyson Bradley supplies information on sixty-five tours with hundreds of descents across Utah, from the Wasatch Mountains just outside Salt Lake City to the remote Tushar Mountains.
Inside you'll find: easy-to-use statistics for tour length, vertical relief, and the level of required fitness; the best time of the year to ski different routes; a trip-rating system to aid in planning; the essential equipment needed for alpine touring, telemarking, and snowboarding; maps, elevation profiles, and photos.
www.amazon.com /Backcountry-Skiing-Utah/dp/0762710675   (727 words)

 Backcountry Skiing: General Info and Disclaimer
Backcountry ski mountaineering is physically demanding, requires specialized skills, and it's pretty gear-intensive too.
Preparing you for backcountry ski trips is far beyond the scope of this web site.
Note: Backcountry skiing has many inherent hazards; the winter and spring backcountry can be deadly to the unprepared, or to some of the well-prepared who are merely unlucky.
www.bobskiing.com /skiinfo.htm   (1201 words)

 Alaska Backcountry Adventures, Heli Skiing in Valdez Alaska
Your perfect helicopter skiing and snowboarding package is assured only with the flexibility offered by Alaska Backcountry Adventures.
ABA was the first to fly skiers in to the mountains of Valdez and it's location was chosen for the proximity to the best skiing and snowboarding in the state which is why at ABA you can fly to better terrain and longer runs for less money.
Choose to ski or snowboard all day or take just one run and enjoy our sun filled deck, the choice is yours, this is your perfect vacation.
www.alaskabackcountry.com   (803 words)

 Bariloche, Patagonia: backcountry skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Ski touring involves ascents and descents between valleys.
Backcountry skiing to Refugio Frey in Catedral Mountain: This mountain lodge is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by granite spires whitened by the snow and with usually clean deep blue sky.
We could say that is one of the best places to ski with great ridges and good snow for touring ski.
www.andescross.com /english/backcountry-skiing.htm   (434 words)

 Vail SnowCat Skiing
Ski, Snowboard or Telemark on Ptarmigan Pass, Resolution Bowl and the famous 10th Mountain Division training grounds.
Nestled deep in the heart of the White River National Forest near Vail, Colorado is Vail Snow-Cat Skiing.
At the end of a deep powder day, the natural beauty of pristine mountains is complimented by the warm ambience and the cozy comforts of Vail and Beaver Creek resorts.
www.vailsnowcat.com   (182 words)

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