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Topic: Bad (song)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Bad (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The song was one of his signature songs, and one of five number-one hit singles from the album of the same name.
The song was originally intended as a duet with longtime rival Prince.
The video for the song was directed by Martin Scorsese and featured an appearance by a then-unknown Wesley Snipes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bad_(song)   (259 words)

 Bad Boys (Wham! song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The song was an energetic but endearing tale of a rebellious teenage lad's struggle against his parents who are concerned about his late-night activities.
Bad Boys became the biggest hit from the debut album, although it would be usurped by Wake Me Up Before You Go Go in 1984, which became the first of four UK #1 singles the duo would enjoy.
George quickly denounced Bad Boys as a song he hated, stating it was "like an albatross round my neck".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bad_Boys_(Wham!_song)   (188 words)

 Threepenny: Marcus, Stories of a Bad Song
Songs like that were "lies that life is fl and white," he sang that year.
They made a storm; they took the song's rage into the realm of abstraction, until the end, when there was nothing left but drum taps, silence, and a single voice, letting you imagine that this was all that was left, after the war.
It became clear that, beyond new wars, what has kept the song alive is its melody, and its vehemence: that final "I hope that you die." It's the elegance of the melody and the extremism of the words that attract people—the way the song does go too far, to the limits of free speech.
www.threepennyreview.com /samples/marcus_w06.html   (2044 words)

 bad debt - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about bad debt
Bill or debt which has not been paid and is most unlikely to be paid.
Bad debts eventually have to be ‘written off’ on the profit and loss account.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /bad+debt   (128 words)

 Bad Songs - SFCommunity Message Board
Man, I've written a ton of horrible songs, but I think its like someone said in the post about writing exercises...you may find a gem of a riff or a hook...so in that respect I don't think there is a bad song.
I'm not ever sure if a song idea is worthy of attention until I get part of the way through it, and then i'm faced with the dilema of setting it aside, tossing it or because I've invested time in it, finishing it.
I suppose if a person is going to bother to write a song, he/she owes it to themselves to try to make it as good as it can possibly be, even if the idea may not seem worthy in the beginning.
www.songwriterforums.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=4302   (1871 words)

 A song so awful it hurts the mind. By Hua Hsu
But some 40 years after the critic Susan Sontag made this and other observations on the good, the bad, and the in-between, the times have a-changed: Irony and camp have recast taste as an ethical shell game and we feel no guilt celebrating things that are, in the parlance of VH1, Awesomely Bad.
There are bad songs that offend our sensibilities but can still be enjoyed, and then there are the songs that are just really bad—transcendentally bad, objectively bad.
Instead, file sharers and intrepid radio programmers were the ones who more or less discovered the song and pushed it toward hit status, eventually forcing the label to respond with a proper single release.
www.slate.com /id/2131640   (841 words)

 Why I Am A Song Writer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
A song is words or poetry with a melody, accompanied by a single instrument.
There are plenty of theories as to why average or bad songs make it to the radio.
There are bad television shows, bad movies, and bad restaurants that make it because they LOOK good.
www.soloperformer.com /songwriter/whywrite.html   (1471 words)

 The Story of Bob Marley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
In the clear Jamaican sunlight you can pick out the component parts of which the myth of Bob Marley is comprised: the sadness, the love, the understanding, the Godgiven talent.
And although it is sometimes said that there are no facts in Jamaica, there is one more thing of which we can be certain: Bob Marley never wrote a bad song.
Jamaica has produced an artist who has transcended all categories, classes, and creeds through a combination of innate modesty and profound wisdom.
www.bobmarley.com /life/story   (280 words)

 RealityTVTalk Forums - The RTVT Roundtable Discussion: Bad Song Choices + Lack of Likeability=No Votes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Either they are picking songs that they butcher or they are picking safe songs that they can sing in their sleep.
She is trying to show versatility in her song choices but what it is actually doing is working against her because she is making poor song choices which are showing that she is not as great a singer as some of the others.
I think a combination of self-confidence, the depth of emotion he conveys with his songs, and the way he connects with his audience is the foundation for his success so far.
www.realitytvtalk.com /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12389   (9336 words)

 Sorted magAZine - Bad Religion
Brian Baker, Bad Religion's guitarist since 1994, discusses the welcome return of the man he replaced, the tracks he doesn't like on the new album and how the elders of Californian punk rock are content to let the newer bands hog the limelight.
Brett Gurewitz, co-founding member of the band is back, they've returned to Epitaph, the label that loves them best and that they have always called home and their latest album, "The process of belief" is, after a few years of forgettable releases, a fine return to form.
Bad Religion also managed to include Ireland in their tour plans this time around with an outstanding show in Dublin's Ambassador Theatre being a fine way to mark their Irish debut.
sortedmagazine.com /Features.php3?nID=222   (1359 words)

 Book Of Bad Songs
Mixed in with all the hate mail, though, were letters of agreement, and a consensus list of "bad songs" began to grow.
One song stood out and was declared The Bad Song, but, just for fun, I'll give you a chance to guess by not revealing the title until the end of this piece.
Of course, the song was a HUGE hit, you could really slow dance to it, it was probably responsible for millions of babies, and Randy Owens could buy me and sell me a few thousand times.
members.aol.com /vocal10/art/badsngs.html   (1224 words)

 Gaming FM Forums - Bad Song (Donkey Kong Country - Super NES - Stage)
The song only played maybe 2 seconds of sound and the rest is silence.
The song is listed as lasting 2:31 but apparently it's 2 seconds of song followed by 2:29 of silence.
The tracks of mostly silence are kind of a pain though, especially when you are looking for a tune but are unsure of the title.
www.gamingfm.com /forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4154   (284 words)

 Does a bad Beatles song exist?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
For one, their bad song(s) can be simply one that is less than their usual standard (if you are of an opinion that their usual standard is/was any good).
To end this explanation, the only definition for "bad" that doesn't fit in this survey is that of a slang word that means "good", which by the way I don't think is used much anymore.
There are some Beatles songs that I like more than others, and it's probably fair to say that they included some throwaway material on their albums that even they would consider lower quality.
surveycentral.org /?x=x&V=8967&ReSort=1   (3862 words)

 Punknews.org | Bad Religion - New America
This was before the return of Brett Gurewitz (although he did write one song on this album with Greg Graffin) and this was when Bobby Schayer was still the drummer, and it was also their last release on a major label.
the last bad religion album that i liked every song on was generator...the last bad religion album that i thought was good was recipe for hate...in my opinion, i'm looking forward to their new one in august
Bad Religion is the only fucking band that still matters to this day no matter what anybody says.I personally love this album and I think it's one of their best
www.punknews.org /reviews.php?op=albumreview&id=342   (1852 words)

 A+E Interactive: Bad day for "American Idol": And the worst is Bucky Covington (but Lisa Tucker will probably get the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
A "gospel" song is one thing, but this was an "open your book to pg 43 and sing along" spiritual...bad choice.
As for "Suds In The Bucket" this was a very successful country song, so to anyone who hasn't heard it, then it is your loss that you are not familiar with what is on country radio...just as those of us who are not familiar with Stevie Wonder music were a little lost on his night.
She'd chosen songs that didn't do justice to her voice & in turn, did not move her audience, nor her viewers, two weeks in a row.
blogs.mercurynews.com /aei/2006/03/bad_day_for_ame.html   (3712 words)

 Prindle Record Reviews - Bad Religion
Most of the songs sound to me like Greg and the gang (I enjoy saying that quite a lot) were TRYING to make something slow, but just wrote some of their usual fast punk and slowed it down to half speed.
Despite the fact that Bad Religion had been around over 20 years, had different guitarists, been cursed with shitty drummers until this album(Brooks Wackerman is actually good), and is even now using effect pedals(I hear that delay), every song Bad Religion has ever done is exactly the same.
In my opinion TESF is probably the worst of bad religion i'v heard but im not ready to abandon such a fantastic band on the basis of this, everyone stop complaining and pray its not too long till the sceptical quick to call sellouts have another new BR album to tear apart.
www.markprindle.com /badrelia.htm   (13867 words)

 Songs that clash with the ads they're in. By Seth Stevenson
The rest of the song is, of course, an anti-war, anti-government, anti-rich folk statement.
It appears the original theme of the song was lost on the advertising firm and Sixpence None the Richer; the song (originally performed by the La's) is about the exploits of a heroin addict.
A prominent feature of the song is the phrase 'can't get no worse' during the chorus, seeming to express the British propensity for simultaneous optimism and pessimism.
www.slate.com /id/2120229   (1606 words)

So here's the story about this BAD SONG We Love: Dave was at a club with his friend, Antonia "Woman" Kokoska who did not give the P.A.T.s the rights to her name, so she'll remain anonymous.
And secondly, it was supposed to be a bad song made to be funny.
This BAD SONG We Love is something that Sam's dad will admit he loves.
www.angelfire.com /on2/thepats/badsongs.html   (499 words)

 bad song - Christina Aguilera Tribute Forum
I love the song but you are saying what you are thinking so I respect that but A song for you is great.
After all Stripped was totally different from her debut album n then she just got new fans or it was her fans who had to adapt, grow or whatever you wanna call it.
My opinion of this song was that the piano work was excellent, the beat was perfect and exactly what i was looking for.
www.christina-a.net /forum/showthread.php?t=668   (896 words)

 The Bad Song Contest IV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
For example, the Bob Dylan song "Lay Lady Lay" would have easily won the Worst Overall Song, with 17,006 votes, except that I had to disallow 17,004 votes on the grounds that they were cast by my Research Department, Judi Smith, who tabulated the votes and who HATES "Lay Lady Lay."
To win, a song had to be known well enough so that a lot of people could hate it.
Other tremendously unpopular songs, for their lyrics or overall badness, are: "Muskrat Love," "Sugar Sugar," "I'm Too Sexy," "Surfin' Bird," "I've Never Been to Me," "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida," "Afternoon Delight," "Feelings," "You Light Up My Life," and "In the Year 2525" (VIOLENT hatred for this song).
www.lovedungeon.net /humor/dave/the_bad_song_contest_iv.html   (701 words)

 The Bad Song Contest II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
In a recent column I noted that certain songs are always getting played on the radio, despite the fact that these songs have been shown, in scientific laboratory tests, to be bad.
Person A may hate a particular song, such as "Havin' My Baby" by Paul Anka (who I suspect i also Neil Sedaka), and Person B might love this song.
In fact, to judge from the reader reaction, the public is a lot more concerned about the issue of song badness than about the presidential election campaign (which by the way is over, so you can turn on your TV again).
www.lovedungeon.net /humor/dave/the_bad_song_contest_ii.html   (595 words)

 Punknews.org | New Bad Religion MP3!
If anybody has followed them you know this lead off track is not the best song but more importantly their is never a 'best song' on a BR album, they function as wholes.
The song is being a bit overated simply because its finally a good pretentionless back on epitaph BR song, foo sucka.
Bad Religion should just call it quits since the only good thing they've ever put out is that computer song on the last cd.
www.punknews.org /article.php?sid=2160   (1765 words)

 Not PC: The Bad Song Survey
Dr Sally Jo Cunningham has embarked on a New Zealand survey of what people hate about songs "as part of research on music information retrieval." Story here.
I am far too young to remember their heyday, but they couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and sound like they are trying to clean out their sinuses by honking.
The Bad Song Survey And I've just remembered a candidate for the Most Embarassing Live Performance of a Crap Song I've ever seen.
pc.blogspot.com /2005/04/bad-song-survey.html   (1128 words)

 WFMU Worst Song Contest Page!
Our criteria for the nominees: the song can't just be bad, because bad songs can be mighty entertaining.
Bad, hackneyed melodies, insipid or dopey lyrics, overblown production or horrifying keyboard solos are all assets here.
Novelty songs don't count, as they constitute a different, distinct brand of putridness.
www.wfmu.org /WSC/S/wscmaster.html   (305 words)

 Really bad song lyrics
As a result, they could have very well been parody or some other rational behind their song that is not apparent when I happen to catch them on the radio.
In songs (as well as hymms and choruses) the context of the author's intent is important (unless, of course, the song is just intended to have fun and make us feel good such as Tutti-Fruti).
I understand that the song, "In the Garden" is written from the point of view of Mary when she recognized Jesus was alive again.
www.worldmagblog.com /blog/archives/016064.html   (2537 words)

 Strong Bad Sings - Homestar Runner Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
STRONG BAD: {singing} Somebody told me that you were so stupid, but I didn't believe them, but now I believe them.
The song "Who is the Guy That Wins All the Contests?" is a reference to the song Strong Bad sings to himself in A Jumping Jack Contest.
Many of these songs are remade and featured on the CD Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits.
www.hrwiki.org /index.php/Strong_Bad_Sings   (1137 words)

 Alex Mak   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Here are the factors that I use to determine if I like a song.
Jacky Cheung's otherwise pretty good song - "Love you more each day", but then had to add Uh -Oh in it, makes it not as great.
The song writer don't seem to understand triplets are accents that is to be used in 1 measure or 2.
www7.brinkster.com /alexcmak/badsongs.html   (548 words)

 Where should I report bad song titles?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
In the list its called "Midday City" but in the credits of the OVA its listed as "Dancin' With A Demon", the Japanese title is correct though.
I guess that must be the name they gave to the English verson of the song, while Midday City is the translation of the Japanese title.
Other examples are "Men of Destiny," the 2nd opening song from "Gundam 0083," and "Adesso e fortuna" the opening song for the OVAs of "Record of Lodoss War."
www.animelyrics.com /forum/topic_show.pl?pid=1365   (309 words)

 Bad Songs of the Seventies
I'm not saying that there weren't ANY good songs during the 70s but there was just a truck-load of waste back then.
Also, the 1970's definitely didn't have a monopoly on shitty music- there was tons of crap unleashed on us in the decade before and after and now also (there's a future article there somewhere).
I've bolded some of the major offenders, which doesn't mean I 'like' the others better but only that some of the songs are a higher grade of crap than the other manure here.
www.furious.com /perfect/badsongs.html   (1965 words)

 Bad Songs- Comments
Here's a list of songs I don't think were on the list: Basketball Jones, The bitch is back, Play that funky music white boy, every single disco song that was made.
Although there were a few songs on the list I disagreed with, I would never expressly write and obscene or full of expletives note just to tell you that my opinion differed from yours.
Return with us now to the land of Bad Songs of the '70's or immerse yourself in less happy comments.
www.furious.com /perfect/badsongs3.html   (3554 words)

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