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 Baden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1952 Baden was merged with Württemberg-Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern (southern Württemberg and the former Prussian exclave of Hohenzollern) to form Baden-Württemberg.
The inhabitants of Baden are of various origins, those to the south of Murg being descended from the Alemanni and those to the north from the Franks, while the Swabian Plateau derives its name from the adjacent German tribe (Schwaben) living in Württemberg.
The greater part of Baden belongs to the basin of the Rhine, which receives upwards of twenty tributaries from the highlands; the north-eastern portion of the territory is also watered by the Main and the Neckar. /wiki/Baden   (1796 words)

Baden was terribly devastated during the Thirty Years' War (1618–48), and the towns of Pforzheim, Durlach, and Baden were destroyed during the expansionist wars waged by Louis XIV of France in the late 17th century.
Accordingly, in 1803 Baden was made an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire and in 1806, upon the empire's dissolution, a grand duchy and a member of Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine.
Baden as a unified state was recognized as a sovereign member of the newly formed German Confederation by the Congress of Vienna in 1814–15. /gbrown/philosophers/leibniz/BritannicaPages/Baden/Baden.html   (593 words)

In Baden, by the order of the Grand duke, the candidate for the archiepiscopal see was elected by free vote of the assembled deans (1822), but their choice of Wanker, a professor of theology in Freiburg, was condemned by the pope as canonically invalid.
By the Peace of Pressburg (1805), and the accession of Baden to the Confederation of the Rhine (1806), Baden was still further enlarged by the former possessions of Austria in the Breisgau, the city of Constance, and other territories, whereby substantially the present boundaries were established.
Ecclesiastically the territory of the present Baden was divided into six dioceses: Constance, Speyer, Strasburg, Worms, Mainz, and Wurzburg; moreover the Bishops of Bamberg were wealthy landed proprietors Henry II having bestowed on them Crown-lands in the Ortenau, as well as placing the abbeys of Ettenheimmunster, Gengenbach, and Schuttern under their jurisdiction. /cathen/02194a.htm   (5917 words)

 Mowry Baden
Baden is perhaps best known for his 'envelope spaces', a genre which he describes as "alternative spaces that function within the confines of a conventional gallery yet envelope the visitor in a self-contained structure".
Baden's early works which are specifically tailored to his body and are exhibited in art galleries are deterministic while the later works which account for other types of bodies and are exhibited on public streets are stochastic, combining a selective process with random elements.
In summary, the technological effects of Baden's sculptures are the testing process and the manner in which the participant is constructed as a subject, i.e. /mercer/248.html   (1962 words)

 CyberNet Denis: Baden
The earliest known inhabitants of Baden were the Alamanni, who fell under the domination of the Frankish Empire in the 5th century.
Before it was incorporated into the Land (state) of Baden-Wuttemberg, Baden generally covered the the area of the Black Forest and areas northwest of Stuttgart.
Baden became an administrative unit of the Third Reich in 1935. /~denis/related/location/european/baden.htm   (388 words)

 Baden on
Margrave Charles Frederick of Baden, raised to the rank of elector at the beginning of the 19th cent., joined the Confederation of the Rhine in 1806 with the title of grand duke and by 1810 had acquired, with the aid of Napoleon I of France, the entire state of Baden.
Baden Baden, between the horse races, the turf of the track is repaired by the local population, enabling them to earn some extra money.
Stretching from the Main River in the northeast across the lower Neckar valley and along the right bank of the Rhine to Lake Constance (Bodensee), the former state of Baden bordered on France and the Rhenish Palatinate in the west, Switzerland in the south, Hesse in the north, and Bavaria and Württemberg in the east. /html/B/BadenG1er.asp   (918 words)

 Decorations of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Baden was relatively quiet after these upheavals, and enjoyed a degree of stability under one of the longest serving monarches of the 19th century.
Baden grew by 1810 to 15,000 square kilometers with a population of almost one million.
The Margraviate of Baden (Markgrafschaft Baden) was established on April 27, 1112. /~david.danner/militaria/baden3.htm   (1137 words)

 Baden-Baden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From the 14th century down to the close of the 17th, Baden-Baden was the residence of the margraves of Baden, to whom it gave its name.
In 1931, the town of Baden-Baden was officially given its double name (a short form for "Baden in Baden", i.e.
The town was named Baden (without the repetition) in the Middle Ages. /wiki/Baden-Baden   (419 words)

 Baden Powell
Baden Powell was born in the town of Varre-e-Sai (State of Rio de Janeiro) on August 6, 1937, first child of Adelina Gonçalves de Aquino and Lilo de Aquino and was named after the founder of the Boy Scouts, Robert Thompson Baden Powell, of whom Mr.
Baden Powell was considered one of the world's best contemporary acoustic guitar players and one of the most expressive composers of 20th century Brazilian popular music.
In 1966, Baden went to Europe and became well known with the song Samba de Bençao which was part of the original soundtrack of French filmmaker Claude Lelouch's Un Homme et Une Femme. /baden.html   (754 words)

 History of Baden, Wuerttemberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Karl Friedrich (1738/46-1811) reunited Baden in 1771 and inaugurated countless reforms in accordance with the principles of Englightened Despotism.
As a result of the referendum of December 6, 1951, Baden was absorbed into the new state of Baden-Württemberg on April 25, 1952.
As a result of a referendum held on the Dec. 6th 1951 both zones and the French zone of Baden were merged into the state of Baden-Württemberg. /reg/BAD-WUE/hist.html   (1246 words)

 Deutsche Wappen - German Civic Heraldry - BADEN
The arms of Baden are used in many Civic Heraldry of towns and municipalities, such as Baden-Baden, Durmersheim, Eichstetten, Emmendingen, Eppingen, Ettlingen, Malterdingen, Neuenburg, Pforzheim, Sasbach, Schopfheim and many more.
The Markgraves of Baden are descendents of the Zähringer dynasty, that were named after the castle Zähringen near Gundelfingen.
At first the Baden arms were placed on a quartered shield of Badenweiler, Rötteln, Badisch-Breisgau and Neuenburg (now Neuchâtel in Switzerland). /int/dld/baden.htm   (652 words)

 The Thermal Springs (History)
Baden has been a health resort and spa town for 2,000 years.
The healing waters originate as deep as 3,000 metres, reaching the surface at a temperature of 47° C. The thermal springs have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. /xml_3/internet/en/application/d409/d433/f434.cfm   (149 words) - Baden-Baden, Germany (German Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It was the residence of the margraves of Baden until the early 18th cent.
Its hot mineral springs were used by the Romans, and remains of Roman baths have been found in the city. /encyclopedia/B/BadenBad.html   (175 words)

 Baden Street Settlement of Rochester, New York - About Us
The mission of Baden Street Settlement is to improve the quality of life of adults, children and families of neighborhood residents; to pursue the elimination of the causes of poverty; and to reduce the level of negative social problems associated with being poor and disadvantaged.
Baden Street Settlement works cooperatively and collaboratively with other concerned agencies to meet the needs of neighborhood residents - the majority of whom today are low-income African and Hispanic Americans.
Baden Street Settlement is part of the northeast "Neighbors Building Neighborhood" initiative of the City of Rochester. /about.html   (411 words)

 Grand Duchy of Baden
The stamps of Baden were superseded by the stamps of the German Empire on 1 Jan, 1872 but the old stamps were good until 25 Mar., 1872.
The postal administration of the Grand Duchy of Baden was asked whether they wished to join the postal convention of April 6, 1850 between the kingdoms of Prussia and Austria.
With the approval of the assembly, the Duchy of Baden then sought out a printer who then could, in a most expeditious and economical manner, print the stamps. /~adeptmoron/BadenA.html   (241 words)

 European Poker Tour
Situated at the mouth of the romantic Helenental, on the banks of the Schwechat, Baden boasts of a Kurhaus, fifteen bathing-establishments, a parish church in late Gothic style, and a town-hall.
Baden is surrounded by c.120 vineyards and has about 70 wine pubs ("Heurige").
A unique Biedermeier Palais from 1820, 26 km south of Vienna, located in the heart of the spa city Baden. /casinobaden.html   (523 words)

 St. Louis Neighborhoods
Baden residents enjoy a thriving commercial district, affordable and diverse housing, and a strong presence of institutions and services.
Furthermore, Baden's sense of community is based also on the neighborhood organizations that have been established by its residents.
Baden's Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the business interests of the community. /baden   (366 words)

 Baden - german wine regions - german wine - GERMANWINE.DE - wine from Germany
Baden is the southernmost of Germany's wine regions, a long, slim strip that extends from near Heidelberg in the north to Lake Constance (Bodensee) in the south.
Whereas Germany's per capita consumption of wine is 32 bottles per year, each citizenof Baden averages 53 bottles - a tribute to their winemakers.
Germany's third largest wine region, Baden, is also its most diverse. /english/d_reg/r_baden.htm   (179 words)

 Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen Kreiswappen) - BADEN-BADEN
To distinguish the arms of the city from those of the Duchy and State of Baden, the city often used a mural crown, but this was never officially approved.
During the 13th century the town received city rights and became the capital of the County of Baden, since 1535 of the branch Baden-Baden.
The village became around 1100 a possession of Hermann II of the Zhringen family, who named himself after the town, Count of Baden. /int/dld/b/badenbad.htm   (223 words)

 World Cup 2006 Germany City Guide :: Baden-Baden
Baden Airpark is the nearest airport, only 15km (9 miles) west of the town, but is mainly domestic.
The double name Baden-Baden is an abbreviation of 'Baden in Baden', or 'Baden in the state of Baden'.
Until 1931 the town was plainly named Baden. /soccerphile/wc2006/city_guide/baden-baden.html   (909 words)

 Baden K-9, Mike McConnery, Trainers and Breeders of German and Dutch Shepherds, Malinois, Airedale
Baden is a registered trademark by Baden K-9, and any cases of infringement will result in legal action.
Baden offers a variety of courses and seminars for civilians, military and law enforcement needs.
Baden is a registered trademark by Baden K-9 Incorporated.   (796 words)

 Baden Powell MP3 Downloads - Baden Powell Music Downloads - Baden Powell Music Videos
In that year, his O Mundo Musical de Baden Powell was awarded with the Golden Record in Paris and he presented himself at the Jazz Festival in Berlin, Germany, with American jazz guitarists Jim Hall and Barney Kessel.
Baden Powell is a Brazilian musician with a solid international reputation.
Solitude on Guitar was recorded the next year in Germany and in 1974, he recorded in Paris the live LP Baden Powell (Barklay/RGE), and in 1975 recorded the LP Baden Powell Trio & Ópera de Frankfurt. /Baden-Powell/artists/39193/biography.html   (1299 words)

 Baden Powell Brazilian Music Discography -- Slipcue E-Zine
At any rate, this collaboration between guitarist Baden Powell and bossa poet Vinicius De Moraes is incandescent and timeless; the music leaps out at you, as vibrant now as it was all those years ago.
An uneven debut, which showcases the young Baden Powell, a little reckless and untamed himself, bracketed by the ill-fitting pop-samba arrangements of Monteiro de Souza and his band.
Acoustic guitarist Baden Powell (1937-2000) was an integral member of the early bossa nova scene... /music/brazil/badenpowell.html   (1802 words)

 Baden-Württemberg: Our State
The majority of citizens resident in the three states of Württemberg-Baden, Württemberg-Hohenzollern and Baden voted in favour of a merger on December 16, 1951.
The foundation date of Baden-Württemberg on April 25, 1952, marked the beginning of an unprecedented ascendancy for the fledgling state in the Southwest of Germany, which the author Theodor Heuss referred to as a "Model of German possibilities".
Baden-Württemberg is the only one of Germany's federal states to have evolved on the basis of a referendum. /en/Our_State/86236.html   (707 words)

 Baden - Experience - Enjoy - Relax
Take some time to visit us in Baden, located in idyllic surroundings on the Limmat River, with a picturesque, pedestrian zone in the old town.
We would be pleased to fulfil your wellness needs with various packages such as "Römisch Baden" (Roman bathing), "Schweizerhof Verwöhnungstag" (a day luxuriating at the Hotel Schweizerhof), "Weekend-Wohlfühl-Package" (weekend wellness package), "Theater Weekend", "Ausruhetage" (leisure days).
Still your longing for pleasant relaxation, cultural activities and great shopping in Baden. /xml_3/internet/en/application/d409/f438.cfm   (150 words)

Baden along with the name of the province -- the Baden region of Germany.
Well, think of it like "New York, New York" where one reference is to the city, the other to the state or province, and it makes sense that the city of Baden-Baden is a combination of the city name of
On the other hand, given the city's reputation as a premier spa resort town, the double name may very well have been played up as a point of emphasis. /places/de/baden_wuerttemberg/baden_baden.htm   (685 words)

 Wil Baden (Neil Bawd) in Hospital
Wil Baden, aka Neil Bawd, tool designer and Forth sage, was admitted to Hoag Hospital Memorial Presbyterian in Newport Beach CA on Thursday, 12-Apr-2001.
Neil Bawd is the alter ego of Wil Baden.
Jocelyn Baden have lived in the same city, at the same address, with the same phone number, area code, and zip code. /hazel/dad   (2069 words)

 Baden - National Parks International Shopping at
The romantic city of Baden, with its many historic buildings, entices the spa guests and tourists into exploring the pleasant life of a small town.
Baden is known for the thermes and wellness.
Baden has very nice coffees where you also can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. /national-parks-international/baden   (204 words)

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