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Topic: Baht

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

The baht (symbol ฿, ISO 4217 code THB) is the official currency of Thailand.
The present decimal system, in which one baht = 100 satang, was introduced in 1897 by king Chulalongkorn.
Originally the term Baht was a weight unit of about 15g, and was adopted because one Tical was equivalent to 15g of silver.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/th/THB.html   (156 words)

 Baht speculation 'rampant'
Thaksin came out yesterday to quell speculation, insisting that the baht would not hit Bt47 to the dollar as rumoured, and that the country was unlikely to face another financial crisis.
Whenever the baht has fallen in the past, authorities have supplied a ready-made answer, saying, for example, that Bt40-Bt42 against the dollar would be an appropriate rate.
Bandid also said the baht's recent weakness was in line with a weakening of currencies throughout the region in the wake of the yen's slump.
members.tripod.com /thanong/04042001.htm   (760 words)

 How the baht was 'attacked'
If the baht rose in value, the seller of the contract made money; but if it fell, the buyer profited because, again, he could repay the contract with cheaper baht.
When the baht came under assault, aggravated further by capital flight, the Bank of Thailand was obliged to intervene directly in the spot market.
A baht attack to the tune of US$10 billion on May 14, 1997 meant that roughly Bt260 billion, based on the exchange rate of Bt25 per US dollar, would have been immediately drained from the system.
members.tripod.com /thanong/11282001.htm   (660 words)

 Thai baht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Baht is also a unit of gold measure and is used commonly in jewellers and goldsmith in Thailand, 1 baht = 15.244 grams.
The Baht was floated and halved in value, reaching its lowest rate of 56 to the Dollar in January 1998.
The 10 baht coin is very similar to the two–euro coin in size, shape and weight and likewise consists of two different alloys.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Baht   (976 words)

 Baht&Sold Thailand // View topic - Thai Baht hits highest point in seven years
The baht, which is trading at a seven-year high, opened yesterday at 37.01 to the dollar and strengthened to as much as 36.98 before closing at 36.99.
According to the central bank, the baht had a reference rate of 37.01 baht to the dollar on Thursday, representing an increase of 1.38% from the end of September and 10.83% from the end of 2005.
In contrast, the baht has gained 1.89% against the euro over the past month and 4.37% from the end of 2005, while the baht is up 2.2% against the Japanese yen over the past month and 11.4% for the year to date.
www.bahtsold.com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=484   (1357 words)

 Thai Money: Baht
The 1 Baht coin is silver and comes in three sizes, the 5 Baht coin is silver with a copper edge, and the 10 Baht has a copper center and a silver border.
Baht also comes in paper, which is called a Baht note.
Baht notes are much easier to differentiate because their values are labeled.
www.angelfire.com /tx6/thailand0/thaimoney.htm   (162 words)

 BOT steps in as baht goes higher
The Bank of Thailand (BOT) is considering easing rules for overseas investment to counter the rising value of the baht as it continues to intervene in the currency, which has shot up to a near seven-year high at Bt36.88 to the US dollar.
Dealers said the baht was expected to move in the range of Bt36.50 to Bt37 against the greenback next week.
However, she said the current baht level was still in line with the movement of regional currencies.
www.nationmultimedia.com /2006/10/28/business/business_30017349.php   (630 words)

The Collapse of the Thai Baht in 1997
Identify the main factors that led to the collapse of the Thai baht in 1997.
This led to the sharp decline in the baht’s value and the Thai debt bomb exploded, resulting in further decline in the baht’s value.
www.rh.edu /~stodder/BE/Thai_Baht_Rajan_Nischal.htm   (1916 words)

 BAHT - British Association of Hand Therapists
The British Association of Hand Therapy (BAHT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance and promote the study and general knowledge of the treatment of the hand.
BAHT offer a number of awards and bursary schemes for members to encourage travel and research in field of hand management and rehabilitation.
BAHT has strong links with the British Society of Surgery to the Hand (BSSH), the International and European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy IFSHT and EFSFT and other hand therapy organisations throughout the world working to promote evidence-based hand management and rehabilitation.
www.hand-therapy.co.uk   (238 words)

 Seattle University -
Seattle University's College of Education and Matteo Ricci College work together to offer the BAHT as the strongest possible training for students who will go on to seek their certification through a master’s degree in teaching (MIT) or its equivalent.
BAHT students can earn guaranteed provisional deferred admission to Seattle University's highly selective MIT program during their junior year.
Students with such preparation (e.g., BAHT and MIT) normally are paid approximately $5,000 more per year for the first ten to fifteen years of their careers; $5,000 more, that is, than teachers who enter the profession with only a bachelor’s degree.
www.seattleu.edu /academics/mrc/bahtmit.asp   (110 words)

 Thai AirAsia Credit Card - Terms & Conditions
AA Baht is accumulative, and shall be valid for 2 years (“Effective Period”) from the month of the relevant transaction, expiring at the end of the corresponding month if not used by the Cardholders according to these Terms and Conditions.
The total valid AA Baht accumulated by a Cardholder at the end of a particular period shall be reported in the Statement of Account, which may also contain other details of AA Baht as the Company may from time to time solely decide.
AA Baht is not exchangeable for cash, not transferable to any person(s) and may only be used by a Primary Cardholder in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
www.airasia.com /creditcard/th/enTnC.htm   (1004 words)

 Thai AirAsia MasterCard
The AA Baht is accumulative, and shall be valid for 2 years (“Effective Period”) from the month of the relevant transaction, expiring at the end of the corresponding month if not used by the Cardmembers according to these Terms and Conditions.
The total valid AA Baht accumulated by a Cardmember at the end of a particular period shall be reported in the Statement of Account, which may also contain other details of the AA Baht as the Company may from time to time solely decide.
The Primary Cardmember may use all or part of the valid AA Baht accumulated for a Redemption for any number of Seats, so long as the AA Baht used is sufficient to fully satisfied the amount of AA Baht required to redeem all of the Seats.
www.airasia.com /creditcard/th/tncEn.htm   (974 words)

 Year-End Ecnonomic Review 2002
The raising of the tax deduction to 50,000 baht has been applied retroactively to any life insurance policy that will mature in more than 10 years and which was issued after Jan 1, 2002.
Industry sources noted that the issuing of 305 billion baht in government savings bonds in August, offering 4-6% returns to investors, was another factor that hindered life insurance growth in that seven-month period.
Premiums in the sector are set to rise between 5.3% and 8.7% to 64-66 billion baht in 2003, according to the research division of Thai Reinsurance Plc.
www.bangkokpost.net /yearend2002/insurance.html   (1596 words)

 Case Study - 1997 Thai Baht Devaluation
Major Thai banks were undercapitalized, leading to government warnings in March to ten banks to increase their capitalization, and, in April, a Moody's downgrade of the long-term senior debt and deposit ratings of five Thai financial institutions.
Furthermore, the U.S. dollar was appreciating significantly, which meant that the Baht appreciated as well, since it was pegged to a basket of currencies, of which the U.S. dollar was the primary component.
The depreciation of the Baht meant that the cost of Thailand's external debt and the cost of imported goods and services increased in terms of the Baht.
www.erisk.com /Learning/CaseStudies/ref_case_thaibaht.asp   (529 words)

 BAHT Accreditation
BAHT Educator points can be accrued by lecturing on BAHT validated courses.
If you are planning to host or run a BAHT validated course your application form needs to be submitted to the BAHT Education secretary at least 2 weeks prior to a meeting to allow time for the members to distribute and consider the application.
The committee have written a document to assist BAHT members with accurate referencing utilising the Harvard method when the complete any case studies or written papers for their BAHT points.
www.hand-therapy.co.uk /accreditation.html   (572 words)

 Future Shock for Thai Business as Baht Floats
For more than a decade, the baht was pegged to a secret basket of major currencies and remained one of Asia's most stable currencies.
Daily volatility was limited to a band of just two sathang — two one-hundredths of a baht — on either side of the central rate.
Two days after the baht was floated, Siam Cement centralized the currency operations of its eight divisions for the first time, the executive said.
www.iht.com /articles/1997/07/17/baht.t_8.php   (670 words)

 The Raw Story | Thai baht hits nine-year high
Bangkok- The Thai baht hit a nine-year high against the greenback Tuesday, reaching 35.16 to the dollar by midday for the first time since October 1997, foreign exchange traders said.
Foreign exchange experts said the baht had appreciated against the dollar more than the currencies of its neighbours because the Thai currency had "underperformed" in recent years.
She said the September 19 coup in Thailand had only temporarily slowed the appreciation of the baht this year.
rawstory.com /news/2006/Thai_baht_hits_nine_year_high_12122006.html   (196 words)

 Thai Bank Tightens Restrictions on Baht - International Business Times -
Short-term speculative activity has been one of the factors behind the baht's rise to an eight-year high last week, she said.
The baht, which was trading Monday at around 35.90 to the U.S. dollar, has gained about 14 percent to the dollar since the beginning of the year.
Foreign exchange traders said the tighter restrictions had been anticipated by the market and were not expected to stem the baht from rising.
www.ibtimes.com /articles/20061204/thailand-baht.htm   (625 words)

 Thailand: The Plight of Burmese Migrant Workers - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Initially he worked in a bakery, making only 300 baht per month; then he got a job in an ice factory where he was paid 2,000 baht per month and provided with a place to live.
In this precedent-setting case, 18 of the workers were awarded 1,170,000 baht in compensation from the Nakhon Sawan Labour Court in October 2004 in the first-ever court victory for Burmese migrant workers in Thailand.
On 30 January 2005 a representative of the Nasawat Factory offered 20,000 baht to each of the 217 workers, which is only 4,340,000 baht in total, far short of the 16 million baht granted by the labour court.
web.amnesty.org /library/index/ENGASA390012005   (9463 words)

 Nightspots offer 20 Baht Grope - Phuket Thailand
She made around 1,600 baht a night working in a border club but the owner took half so she had to work late in other places to make up the difference.
Twenty baht was not enough, as she had to be touched by many men each day.
She put 40 baht into her piggy bank every day, to save for the future.
www.phuket-info.com /forums/29707-post1.html   (551 words)

 ADB Issues Debut Thai Baht Bonds
MANILA, PHILIPPINES (18 May 2005) - ADB issued today its debut Thai baht bonds in the domestic capital market of Thailand, with a principal amount of THB4 billion and a bullet maturity of five years.
Priced at par, ADB's baht bonds carry a semiannual coupon of 3.87% per annum and were priced at a spread of 17 basis points over the five-year Thai Government Security.
ADB's baht bond issue represents many firsts in the Thai capital market: first issue by a foreign entity; first supranational issue; and first issue rated triple-A by Fitch, Moody's, and Standard and Poor's.
www.adb.org /Media/Articles/2005/7574_Thailand_Baht_bonds   (566 words)

 Thailand Gold Jewelry - Thai Baht Gold Rings
This makes Thai Baht gold ring a great way to invest in gold and also have an object of beauty which can be worn and admired.
Thailand Baht gold rings are a great investment since its consistent gold weight makes it a very safe alternate currency that has real value worldwide.
Selling a Thai Baht gold rings is like selling money and we do not cancel orders or make refunds when the Thai Baht gold ring, bracelet, chain or necklace has been delivered to common carrier for shipment to your location.
www.thaigoldjewelry.com /thaibahtgoldrings1001.html   (488 words)

 AsiaMedia :: THAILAND: Post reports 16.3 percent profit rise
She was confident of maintaining the 62% growth seen in the second quarter, with new programme lineups for its free TV channels, such as Channel 7.
The company said yesterday that revenue in the first half was still up by 12.8% year-on-year to 3.218 billion baht, but second-quarter revenue of 1.46 billion baht was down 9.9% from a year earlier and by 16.4% from the first quarter of this year.
It posted a net loss of 34 million baht in the second quarter, compared with a profit of 582 million in the same period last year.
www.asiamedia.ucla.edu /article.asp?parentid=50843   (975 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Thai deputy PM calls for cooperation in tackling baht volatility   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
He said the baht had strengthened continuously and moved in the same direction with currencies of neighboring countries partly because of the capital inflow from the United States.
The former BoT chief conceded that all parties were quite concerned about the fluctuation of the baht, but it is still believed that the Bank of Thailand will manage to supervise it.
The strengthening of the baht had fueled private sector costs of hedging against currency exchange rate risks, he added.
english.people.com.cn /200612/14/eng20061214_332621.html   (249 words)

 Weak Baht or strong Baht? - Orient Expat
a few baht is not gonna hurt anybody in our standard, wait till it hit 45 to 50 and we'll talk about it.
Baht 42/US$ is probably the maximum you can expect and only for a short time.
An excellent example in my mind, air port service charge, used to be Baht 250 and went overnight up to 500 with a nice explanation, that foreigners won't realize, as it still would be US$ 10.00.
www.orientexpat.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=2353   (1024 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Thai new health minister to change Thaksin's 30-baht scheme
Mongkol, who was appointed as member of a post-coup interim cabinet led by Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont on Oct. 8, said on Thursday that the 30-baht (0.8 U.S. dollars) healthcare scheme must be renamed, citing that it was what the Thaskin's Thai Rak Thai party employed as marketing logo.
The minister said doctors at hospitals that joined the 30-baht scheme have to waste time on writing accounts for collecting the 30 baht which means almost nothing to the hospitals.
To solve the shortage of funds besetting the scheme, Mongkol promised to increase the budget subsidy per head from 1,695 to 2, 089 baht, as has been suggested by the National Economic and Social Advisory Council (Nesac) in a study conducted two years ago.
english.people.com.cn /200610/13/eng20061013_311620.html   (418 words)

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