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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 Bailey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bailey is the outer wall of a castle, or the area within these walls.
The Old Bailey is the Central Criminal Court in London, England.
Bailey was also a USA automobile manufacturer using rotary engines in its cars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bailey   (148 words)

 Derek Bailey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bailey was also part of a trio in Sheffield with Tony Oxley and Gavin Bryars called 'The Joseph Holbrooke Trio' (named after the composer, whose work they never actually played).
Although Bailey occasionally made use of 'prepared' guitar in the 1970s (e.g., putting paper clips on the strings, wrapping his instruments in chains, adding further strings to the guitar, etc), often for Dadaist/theatrical effect, by the end of this decade he had, in his own words, 'dumped' such methods [2].
Bailey argued that his approach to music making was actually far more orthodox than performers such as Keith Rowe of the improvising collective AMM, who treats the guitar purely as a 'sound source' rather than as a musical instrument.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Derek_Bailey   (1480 words)

 The Bailey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bailey, or The Peninsula, is an historic area in the centre of Durham, England.
Bailey is often used to refer to this whole area - for example, University College, based in Durham Castle, is often labeled a 'Bailey College'.
North Bailey continues on, and is flanked by three Durham University colleges, as well as numerous university subject departments.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Bailey   (462 words)

Bailey was entrusted with liquidating stock that belonged to Duboc, referred to as “the Japanese Stock.” Upon liquidation, Bailey was then to transmit the proceeds to the United States.
Bailey sent a second letter to Judge Paul on January 21, 1996, a copy of which was sent to the U.S. Attorney's Office, threatening to seek an order to invade the attorney-client privilege in an attempt to defeat Duboc's position that the stock was held in trust.
Bailey was required to use the stock to maximize Duboc's forfeitures to the U.S. Government in the hope that Duboc would receive a reduction of sentence for his cooperation.
www.mass.gov /obcbbo/bd01-093.htm   (4892 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online: BAILEY COUNTY
Bailey and twenty-one other counties newly formed at the time were attached to Jack County for judicial purposes.
In 1881 jurisdiction of Bailey County was transferred from Jack to Baylor County; then, in 1887, to Hale County; and in 1892 to Castro County.
It has been said that Bailey County "is one of the few areas in the United States that can produce varying crops such as cotton, wheat, corn, grain, sorghums, soybeans, castor beans, hay, peanuts, cabbage, lettuce, peas, and beans." About 40 percent of agricultural receipts derive from livestock.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/BB/hcb1.html   (1149 words)

Bailey's complaints that the referee and the Supreme Court of Florida refused to reopen the record to allow him to submit additional evidence, and his insinuation that the referee was biased against him, do not suffice to demonstrate any defect in the procedural fairness of the Florida proceedings.
Bailey contends that the evidence submitted in the Florida proceedings was insufficient to prove that he misappropriated client funds.[2] The chronology of events underlying the findings of violation is largely undisputed.
Bailey's dispute with the referee's conclusions centers on the inferences to be drawn from those facts, inferences that are ostensibly bolstered by additional evidence later adduced at the trial of his Federal contract claim, and legal arguments concerning whether the facts found amount to a misappropriation of funds.
www.mass.gov /obcbbo/8764.htm   (4520 words)

 Alice Bailey
A prolific writer on mysticism and the founder of an international esoteric movement, Alice Bailey was born on 16th June 1880, in Manchester, the daughter of an engineer.
And while the Alice Bailey stream has inspired many, it has not gone the way of lesser theosophic and new age teachings like Summit Lighthouse (which also with a series of masters, rays, and so on, derivative of AAB, via the "I AM" movement).
BLAVATSKY & ALICE BAILEY - from PROTOGONUS SPRING 1989 - The Pseudo-Occultism of Mrs.
www.kheper.net /topics/Theosophy/Bailey.html   (1050 words)

 Bailey Bridges, Inc. - Manufacture and Supply Portable Bridges
Additionally, Bailey’s experienced staff is available for field consulting on bridge applications and to assist in proper field assembly, installation and dismantling of Bailey bridges and in the installation of small to mid sized fixed pedestrian and vehicular bridges.
Bailey bridges are often installed by the cantilever launching method, in which the assembled bridge together with a “launching nose” is rolled out across the gap, without falsework or heavy equipment.
Bailey bridge components can be assembled in seven different configurations to efficiently accommodate a wide range of span and capacity requirements.
www.baileybridge.com   (508 words)

 The Donovan Bailey World Wide WebSite
Donovan Bailey has recently attended a couple of press conferences and has given insight into his recovering from injury as well as his track plans for the coming year and beyond.
Bailey says he is convinced he can return from his ruptured achilles tendon injury in time to race at the Pan-Am Games, get back on top and stay on top through the Sydney Olympics and through to the 2001 World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton.
Bailey has undergone a number of injuries and hasn't been at his prime this year, though he still has been running better than the average sprinter.
www.netspace1.com /donovanbailey   (307 words)

 DeFord Bailey
Bailey's impressionable years were spent around the rural communities of Newsom's and Thompson's stations, located near the railroad, where Bailey composed many of his tunes on the harmonica.
Bailey played a role in the naming of the "Grand Ole Opry." In 1926, the WSM Barn Dance followed an hour of symphonic music, and one evening its programming concluded with a selection by a young composer from Iowa reproducing the sound of a train.
Bailey denied that he refused to learn new tunes; he claimed that the audience and the director insisted on hearing the old tunes.
www.tnstate.edu /library/digital/bailey.htm   (704 words)

 The Bailey Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Lenora BAILEY was born on 14 Jul 1849 in Northampton, England.
Bailey, perhaps, unconsciously equates talent with the kind of youngster he once was He was one of those kids who spent more time drawing pictures in his notebook than paying attention to teacher.
Thelma Pointer BAILEY was born on 11 Jun 1902 in Arriola, Montezuma, Colorado.
bailey.aros.net /jsbailey/d27.htm   (18466 words)

 Songbirds: Mildred Bailey
Bailey’s relationship with xylophonist (and later, vibraphonist) Norvo began in 1931, when he joined the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, of which she was a star attraction (and one of the first female singers featured with a dance band).
In the litany of woe comprised of unreissued Bailey recordings, a critical gap lies in the eight sides Bailey and Norvo made in a mind-to-late 1940s reunion on the Crown label; Bailey’s style had evolved since then, and Norvo was moving toward a more "modern" sound than that heard on their earlier pairings.
Little is known, for example, about her first marriage, from which she retained the name Bailey (although it is believed that her husband trafficked in bootlegging and/or operated a brothel), and virtually nothing of the second, to someone named Stafford.
www.mrlucky.com /songbirds/html/oct99/9910_bailey.html   (1401 words)

 In Loving Memory of Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bailey is not a yorkie and therefore not eligible for assistance from our YTNR livershunt fund.
When it was time to have Bailey spayed she took her into the vet that the pet store told her she needed to go to.
I told Bailey that it was okay to leave momma and to close her eyes.
www.yorkierescue.com /livershunt/livermemorybailey.html   (715 words)

 PDN Legends Online: David Bailey
Bailey, almost as well-known for who he's slept with as for who he's photographed, has lived a life most of us only read about in the tabloids.
Over the years, Bailey has produced books, paintings, directed commercials, documentaries and feature films, and even served as model for Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni's classic film Blow-Up (1966).
of Bailey talking about specific images spanning his collection of images from the early '60s to the present day.
www.pdngallery.com /legends/bailey/intro.shtml   (280 words)

 Bailey, North Carolina
Bailey, in the heart of southern Nash County, located aprrox.
Bailey is located 13 miles west of Wilson, 25 miles from Rocky Mount, and 40 miles from Raleigh.
The Country Doctor Museum, located at 6629 Vance St in Bailey, this is the only nation's museum dedicated to the country doctors.
www.icity.net /cityguide/bailey.html   (318 words)

 C. W. Bailey, M. D.
Bailey has practiced medicine at Pleasant Plain continuously since September, 1899, and is now enjoying an extensive and lucrative patronage as the only physician of the town.
Bailey obtained his early education in the district schools of this county and later entered Birmingham Academy.
Bailey gives his political allegiance to the republican party and has served as republican central committeeman from Penn township for three terms or six years.
iagenweb.org /boards/jefferson/biographies/index.cgi?review=15891   (645 words)

 Bailey, Moleda Work Hand-In-Hand To Be The Best - IRONMAN.com
He was paraded in front of the TV cameras and the rest of the media as the man who would become the first wheelchair world champion at the Ironman.
Bailey was going as fast as he could, but couldn't stay close to the defending champion through the turn-around in Hawi.
Moleda knew that he and Bailey were in the midst of an incredible race, and he didn't want to spoil it by pulling away while his competitor was facing a bad-luck scenario.
vnews.ironmanlive.com /vnews/topstories/1117557350   (1527 words)

 Motte Bailey
The main enclosure was the bailey, defended by a ditch, bank and palisade, with a timber gate or gate tower; the bailey contained all the residential buildings, presumably timber-framed, required by a lordly household, at least in the first generation.
To this was added the motte, usually to one side with direct access to the open country, the whole looking like a figure of eight, with the area of the bailey larger than that of the motte.
The motte itself was a great mound of earth, usually artificial, though sometime part-natural, with its own ditch and bank about the base and thus separated from the bailey, from which it summit was reached usually by an inclined and stepped timber bridge.
www.castles.org /architecture/architecture_8.htm   (180 words)

 Petfinder PetNotes
Bailey is a seven-year old boxer who needs to find a home.
Bailey is being fostered by a person who was contacted when a family walked into a veterinary office to put down their boxer "Bailey " to sleep, simply because they did not want her anymore.
They have children and grandchildren and could not be bothered with Bailey.
search.petfinder.com /petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=5415857   (182 words)

 Cain & Cain Co. ~ Walla Walla, Washington ~ Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bailey fills the need for low frequency reinforcement for our high efficiency designs.
What drives one in the first place to single driver systems could well be the one note bass emanating from so many bass systems one encounters.
The tactile and colorful bass only horns and their variants provide is the goal of the Bailey.
www.cain-cain.com /bailey   (642 words)

 Bailey's Guide Services
Bailey's Guide Services has 30 years of hunting experience and 20 years of guiding and assisting in bear hunts with an excellent success rate.
Bailey's Guide Services can provide up to 6 hunts per season.
Bailey's Guide Services provides hunting and guide services in Bayfield and Douglas Counties bordering Lake Superior.
bailey.hintzmandesign.com   (95 words)

 Beetle Bailey!
Thank you for your support of the U.S.O. The USO is tabulating all the donations from fans of Beetle Bailey who received the special flag tribute print as thanks for their USO donation.
Beetle Bailey creator, Mort Walker has made available to the U.S.O. a full color 8-1/2"x11" print of his salute to the American flag.
The drawing is based on words that originally appeared in the July 4th, 1976 BEETLE BAILEY bicentennial strip.
www.beetlebailey.com   (284 words)

One of Sammy's current sires is BAILEY'S REBEL (Kittles Casper X Kittles Sissy), the sire of RSR'S BODACIOUS.
BAILEY'S DEISEL WILLIE (Masher / Williamson bloodline) is a big, strong, 100 pound, stocky built male.
A daughter of Bailey's Rambo RY X Samantha Logan, SOPHIE is a BIG female.
members.aol.com /rsrfarm/Bailey/Bailey.htm   (384 words)

 Old Bailey Insight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Judges were forced to carry nosegays of flowers to hide the unpleasant smells from the cells, a tradition that still continues today.
The fl-cloaked figure is believed to have been wrongly accused of being a highwayman and was hanged and buried in lime on the site where the court now stands.
The 1834 Act established the Old Bailey as the principal court for London and the South east circuit.
www.old-bailey.com /history.html   (431 words)

 Grog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The range of the gerund is not known, though it is believed to live mostly in small country communities.
It is entitled "Grog in the Woods" and is a moving story of adventure and GCSE coursework.
The characters Grog and Granite, the illustrations and text of the story are the copyright of Greg Bailey.
www.stocton.org /grog.htm   (170 words)

Bailey's criminal career was a long one, known to have begun in 1918 when he started running whiskey along the Missouri River.
Harvey was no piker and was even more successful at robbing banks then John Dillinger himself.
Harvey Bailey was the "bank robber" in the 1920's, walking off with over one million dollars during that time.
www.geocities.com /harveybailey2002   (100 words)

 William Bailey
There was nothing nostalgic or narrative about Bailey's work.
Its calm arrays of pots, jugs, eggs, and bowls make up an ideal form-world, Platonic in its removal from "the itch of desire." Nothing spills out, thrusts forward, or wants to be touched or possessed - the traditional solicitations of still-life painting, most materialistic of arts.
William Bailey, paintings and drawings: March 30-April 24, 1987
www.artchive.com /artchive/B/bailey.html   (277 words)

 Alice A. Bailey
Without in the least losing any of her very human qualities and involvement, her soul took up its commitment to her Master, and her personality provided full cooperation in the field of her accepted service.
Towards the end of her life Alice A. Bailey somewhat reluctantly agreed to attempt her own autobiography.
What finally decided her to write about her life was a letter from a friend who, she says, felt deeply that "I would really render a service if I could show people how I became what I am from what I was.
www.lucistrust.org /lucispub/aab.shtml   (176 words)

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