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Topic: Bakool

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Background The objective of this report is to provide an overview of the food, nutrition and health situation in Bakool, Gedo and Bay Regions of Somalia, the humanitarian response thus far, to outline existing problems and to provide recommendations for action.
Bakool, Bay and Gedo regions are located in the north western part of southern Somalia.
There is no hospital in Bakool, while the referral hospital in Baidoa functions on a skeleton basis only, due to lack of support.
www.who.int /disasters/repo/5855.doc   (4367 words)

 Critical Review of the District Councils
The Baay and Bakool regions were the ones most seriosuly affected by the consequences of the civil war in 1992.
The Bakool region's GM also incorporates the chiefs of the Daarood and other non-Merifle clans that inhabit that area and this is reported to have met some resistance from the GM of Bay region.
There are currently in the Bay and Bakool regions a number of groups that have a very distinct influence on the course of events in the regions.
www.netnomad.com /irrepo.html   (6001 words)

 Assessments: East Africa Drought, Monthly Food Security Update for Somalia Jun 2001, Situation Reports: Somalia, ...
Additional pressure has arisen in Bakool as pure pastoralists have migrated in, to avoid poor security and declining pasture in neighboring Gedo where poor rainfall was also reported.
TT are gradually depreciating in Huddur, Bakool's main market (from 130 kg of sorghum per local goat in March to 94 kg in June), but are still more favourable to goat sellers than last year (40 kg in June 2000).
As in Bakool, TT are still much higher than last year at the same period when they were in the range of 50 kg due to higher sorghum prices.
www.reliefweb.int /w/Rwb.nsf/480fa8736b88bbc3c12564f6004c8ad5/5d1b98d3aeb0291ec1256a85004f6165?OpenDocument   (5637 words)

 [No title]
There is no hospital in Bakool, while the referral hospital in Baidoa (the capital of the Bay region) functions on a skeleton basis only, due to lack of support.
During the prolonged dry jilaal period from the end of 1999 until late April Gedo, Bakool and parts of Bay Regions (and Northern Hiran) were considered the worst drought-affected areas of Southern Somalia, accounting for over half of the people in need of food assistance.
Only in Bakool free food was distributed in July to some 10,000 families, consisting of 50 kg of cereals and 10 kg of pulses (yellow split peas) per family.
www.who.int /disasters/repo/5875.doc   (5264 words)

 Geedi oo odayaal dhaqameedka Bay iyo Bakool ugu baaqay in ay ka hortagaan weerarada lagusoo qaadayo Ciidamada ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Geedi oo odayaal dhaqameedka Bay iyo Bakool ugu baaqay in ay ka hortagaan weerarada lagusoo qaadayo Ciidamada Ethiopian-ka.
However, the Somali journalist Abdul Rahman said the island's plain that the disturbances are still limited and large, He pointed out that due to the non-arrival of aircraft from Nairobi to the city airport khat because of the control of the Islamic courts.
R/Wasaare Geedi oo kulamo kula qaatay Baydhabo odayaal kasoo jeeda Bay iyo Bakool ayuu ka dhaadhiciyay in dowladda FS ay dooneyso deeganada gobolladaasi in dhamaan gacanta loosoo galiyo.
www.markacadey.net /2006/news/nov/23_11_06_002.html   (385 words)

 7. Somalia
The most severely-affected are the poor agro-pastoralists in the regions of Bay, Bakool and parts of Gedo.
In the "bread-basket" regions of Bay and Bakool, yields were significantly lower than normal.
An inter-agency assessment of Bay and Bakool in late August/early September predicted that without adequate and immediate assistance to 300,000 persons (before the deyr rains) there will be mass displacement and severe food shortages.
www.unsystem.org /scn/archives/rnis28/ch14.htm   (2252 words)

 Bakool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bakool (Somali: Bakool; Arabic: باكول‎ Bākawl) is a region (gobolka) in central Somalia.
Bakool like Gedo, Bay, and most parts of Middle Juba (Jubbada Dhexe) regions used to be part of the old Upper Region which was subdivided in the mid 1980's by the then military regime.
This page was last modified 09:55, 10 December 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bakool   (93 words)

 FAO/GIEWS Special Report on Somalia - September 97
Bakool region is situated between Shebelle and Juba rivers, to the border with Ethiopia; it comprises Xudur, Tayeglow and Wajid districts, the major agricultural areas in the region.
Bakool being one of the major pastoral areas in the country, the livestock economy has been contributing significantly to the household economy through exports and local marketing of live animals and their products.
In this context, the particular difficulties of forward planning in an extremely volatile environment such as the one prevailing in Somalia must be borne in mind.
www.fao.org /docrep/004/w6254e/w6254e00.htm   (7515 words)

 Situation Reports: East Africa Drought, OCHA Somalia: Drought Newsletter No. 2, Contributions: Somalia, OCHA Somalia: ...
In some areas of Bakool, families are reportedly spending between 70 to 80% of their income on water.
Some 700 MT of WFP relief food have arrived in Wajiid for distribution in Bay and Bakool, and preparations are being made for the use of 5,000 MT of humanitarian food borrowed from Sudan to be distributed in Middle Juba and parts of Gedo regions when the food arrives.
Partners in the agriculture sub-sector are analyzing the cereal seed deficit in Bay, Bakool, Hiraan, Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba, and Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.
www.reliefweb.int /rw/RWB.NSF/db900SID/LSGZ-6LNEEY?OpenDocument   (2460 words)

 Banadir City:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Bayaan maanta kasoo baxay kulan ay masuuliyiinta Maxkamadda ku yeesheen magaalada Muqdisho ayaa lagu booriyay dadweynaha ku dhaqan Bay iyo Bakool in ay qeyb ka qaataan dadaalada lagu doonayo in dalka loga saaro ciidamada Ethiopian-ka ee soo galay,waxaana bayaankaasi oo qodobo fara badan ay ku qornaayeen laga codsaday dadweynaha in ay ku Jihaadaan Ciidamada Ethiopian-ka.
Sidoo kale Masuuliyiinta Maxkamadda Al Bayaan waxaa ay ku eedeeyeen dowladda FS in dalka ay usoo jiideen cadow shisheeye sida ay sheegeen waxaana ay uga digeen dowladda Ethiopia in ay mar marsiimo kaga dhigato dhibaateynta shacbiga difaacitaanka dowladda FS.
''Dowladda FS hadii aysan amniga deeganada Bay iyo Bakool sugi karin oo aysan cadwoga ka difaaci karin waxaan ka codsaneynaa in ay isaga guurto si deg deg ah''ayaa lagu yiri bayaanka kasoo baxay Maxkamadda,waxaana sidoo kale ku qornaa''Ciidamada Ethiopian-ka waa in ay isaga baxaan gobollada haatan ay joogan ee Bay,Bakool,iyo Gedo''.
www.hamarey.com /2006/news/october/25_10_06_009.shtml   (462 words)

 International Notes Rapid Nutrition Evaluation in Drought- Affected Regions of Somalia -- 1987
Children under 110 cm tall (corresponding, in a normal population, to approximately 60 months of age) were surveyed in three drought-affected regions of the country (Bakool, Bay, and Gedo) that had not been recently surveyed and in one region (Hiraan) that had been partially surveyed by government or private voluntary organizations.
Evidence of recent undernutrition (less than 80% of the median weight-for-height) (1,2) was found in 11.5% of the children in Bakool; 12.7% of the children in Hiraan; 15.0%, in Gedo; and 23.5%, in Bay (Table 1).
Night blindness was most prevalent in Bakool, where 7.0% of the children were reported to be affected and where three children with Bitot's spots** were observed in one village.
www.cdc.gov /mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00001049.htm   (1204 words)

 Bulletin No. 06/02 – Horn of Africa
The drought is abnormally severe in the Gedo region, the lower and middle Juba and parts of the Bay and Bakool regions.
Eight rainwater catchments are currently being upgraded in Bakool and Bay.
Bakool region: A total of 5,000 animals have been slaughtered; the meat has been distributed to 30,000 people.
www.icrc.org /Web/Eng/siteeng0.nsf/iwpList578/6B116FBCBAEE309DC125714700339729   (1331 words)

 Somalia: Khartoum meeting is on the verge of collapse as six people are killed Bakool province   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Khartoum talks which have not yet officially opened already frightens the Somali civilian population who have had no national government for the last 16 years as both Somalia’s rivaling parties came up with conditions over the initiation of the talks.
The fighting came as the autumn rain down-poured in many parts of Bakool province, southern Somalia, where the two sub-clans, that are members of Rahanweyn tribe, fought over the wet pastoral land.
Historically Somalia’s clan wars were based on pastoral lands and water wells that are always hard for the Somali rural communities to achieve or travel long distances to reach one.
www.shabelle.net /news/ne1631.htm   (476 words)

 SOMALIA: Food Security Assessment Unit report 1998.12.15
The areas of most concern continue to be Bay, Bakool and the rainfed areas of Hiran and Gedo.
In Bakool only light showers were received which resulted in the failure of crops to germinate.
Lack of health facilities in Bay and Bakool was also the main reason for th is problem.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Hornet/irin-som_121598.html   (2522 words)

 Bakool Region Map: Ceel Barde (El Barde) — Xudur (Hudur) | Somalia Google Satellite Maps
You are in Bakool (Somalia), administrative region of level 1.
If you would like to recommend this Bakool map page to a friend, or if you just want to send yourself a reminder, here is the easy way to do it.
Expedia is the long-standing web leader in online delivery of everything you need for researching, planning, and purchasing a whole trip in Bakool.
www.maplandia.com /somalia/bakool   (611 words)

 8. Somalia
The most recent reports for Bay and Bakool show that prices for staple food are high and employment opportunities are limited.
Food aid deliveries in central and Southern Somalia (Bay, Bakool, Gedo and Lower Shabelle regions) are likely to be reduced in the coming months because of increased insecurity in these areas (FSAU - 16/06/99; WFP - 18/06/99).
Note that high levels of wasting were recorded earlier in the year in Bay and Bakool.
www.unsystem.org /scn/archives/rnis27/ch09.htm   (1556 words)

 Welcome banadir.com
The FAO has warned that the food supply in southern Somalia is deteriorating rapidly, describing the situation as "very alarming".
Despite a favourable harvest in February, some 650,000 people were faced with severe food shortages with Bakool, Gedo, Bay and Hiran Regions worst affected, an FAO report released this week said.
An international journalist who visited Wajid in Bakool this week, told IRIN he met women whose young children and babies had died from hunger over the last few weeks.
www.banadir.com /somalisituation.htm   (199 words)

 WFP - Drought in the Horn - Somalia
The crisis is being exacerbated by the fall-out from a decade of violent conflict and the prolonged period of dry weather, which stretched from the end of 1999 to late April.
The looting of food aid by one clan militia earlier this year led to the temporary suspension of food distribution in the Bakool region.
From January-April of this year, WFP distributed over 4,000 metric tons of food aid in Somalia with the bulk destined for Bay, Bakool and Gedo regions.
www.wfp.org /newsroom/in_depth/Somalia.html   (401 words)

 MSF-USA: Field News 09/09/2005 - Saving Lives in An Abandoned Land
Now, all that's left of the peacekeeping efforts of the 90s is the rusted machine-gun shells and burned-out army vehicles that litter the environs of the health center.
Her job is to supervise three health posts, one of which is here in the village of El Garas, 30 miles away from the Xuddur health center.
Regina also does nutritional screenings in the more remote areas of the Bakool region as well as training the local staff at the health posts.
www.doctorswithoutborders.org /news/2005/09-09-2005_1.cfm   (1673 words)

 [No title]
While 700 MT are being distributed in Bay and Bakool, WFP field staff has started travelling to various regions for community mobilization and sensitization.
In Bakool region, UNICEF has supported the community in the rehabilitation of a borehole in Kurta village (30 km south of Wajid), which is providing water to over 9-10,000 people in and around the village.
UNICEF is installing pumps and generators for a borehole in Geliyai, and has selected two shallow wells for rehabilitation in the Wajid area, for the use of IDPs, pending agreement with the local authorities.
www.radiobuuhoodle.com /droughtnews.htm   (1791 words)

 MSF Around the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
It is a scene that repeats itself every month in the tiny village of Istorte in Somalia's Bakool region.
Now, all that is left of the peace keeping efforts of the 90s is the rusted machine-gun shells and burned-out army vehicles that litter the environs of the health centre.
Her job is to supervise three health posts, one of which is here in the village of El Garas, 45 kilometres away from the Xuddur health centre.
www.msf.org /msfinternational/invoke.cfm?component=article&objectid=DE35A225-E018-0C72-0982B97BDC25E821&method=full_html   (1706 words)

 Somali Red Crescent Society of Baidoa Branch
For instance, Baidoa branch covers Bay and Bakool regions; Mogadishu branch; Banadir, Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle regions..
As there is no government in the country, the society has been relying on outside donors for its support for the last ten years.
The prize of the standing commission is provided once in every four years to the best national society (in terms of services rendered) out of the number of national societies in the world.
www.arlaadinet.com /somali_red_crescent_society_of_b.htm   (693 words)

 Bakool, Somalia Travel Guide | TravelPost.com
Be the first person to post a blog entry about Bakool, Somalia
Be the first person to upload a photo of Bakool, Somalia
All places in Bakool (can be a long list)
www.travelpost.com /dir/AF/Somalia/Bakool/SO001   (32 words)

 Garowe Online - Somalia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The private meeting was attended by Somali lawmakers from Bay and Bakool regions and chaired parliamentary Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan.
Even though both President Abdullahi Yusuf and Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Gedi have previously apologized for the tragic incident, tensions have been high in Baidoa with one Cabinet minister threatening to remove government troops "by force" if they did not withdraw from the city peacefully.
Bay and Bakool regions are the traditional homeland of Somalia's Digil and Mirifle clans.
www.garoweonline.com /stories/publish/article_4964.shtml   (200 words)

 SOMALIA: UNCT Somalia Monitor 1998.12.23
In addition, a new shipment of food consisting of 825 Mt. of dry foods and 250 crates of cholera medicine, has also arrived at the port of Merka, for onward distribution to the hungry countryside and affected areas respectively.
In response to an emergency appeal of US $18m million, launched by the agencies of the UNCT last November, the European Commission (EC) Somalia unit, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Italian government made generous contributions covering nearly two-thirds of the appeals revised requirement.
Thirty-seven doctors and health practitioners from Bay and Bakool regions participated in the workshop.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Hornet/irin_122398.html   (975 words)

 International Medical Corps | Somalia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
IMC currently supports 129 health clinics in the Bay, Hiraan and Bakool regions, addressing the health needs of more than 800,000 people.
IMC provides health care services in three maternal child health clinics in Bakool, and two clinics in Hiraan region of the Central South Zone of Somalia.
Since the implementation of a basic emergency obstetric care center in Huddur (Capital of Bakool region) in September 2004, 60 women with obstetric emergencies have been treated at the center.
www.imcworldwide.org /loc_somalia.shtml   (584 words)

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