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Topic: Balaam

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  JewishEncyclopedia.com - BALAAM
But notwithstanding the previous permission, God's anger is kindled at Balaam as he goes; and the angel of the Lord with a drawn sword in his hand shows himself accordingly to the ass, which refuses to proceed along the road despite Balaam's efforts to urge it.
Balaam's intention was to curse the Israelites at this moment of wrath; but God purposely restrained His anger in order to baffle the wicked prophet and to save the nation from extermination (Ber.
Balaam, according to J, is requested by the messengers of Balak to come and pronounce a curse against the Israelites, of whose growing power the Moabite chief is not unreasonably in dread.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=161&letter=B   (2932 words)

  Balaam - LoveToKnow 1911
Balaam, the son of Beor, was a Gentile seer; he appears in the history of the Israelites during their sojourn in the plains of Moab, east of Jordan, at the close of the Forty Years' wandering, shortly before the death of Moses and the crossing of the Jordan.
It is often supposed that the name of the king of Edom,4 Bela, son of Beor, is a corruption of Balaam, and that, therefore, one form of the tradition made him a king of Edom.
The chief significance of the Balaam narratives for the history of the religion of Israel is the recognition by J and E of the genuine inspiration of a non-Hebrew prophet.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Balaam   (2120 words)

Balaam is said (Numbers 22:5) to come from "the land of the children of Ammo" (D.V. reads "Ammon").
Balaam with his cruel conduct towards the ass and told him that it was the action of the ass which had saved his life.
Balaam is that it is an historical narrative in the ordinary sense.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02214b.htm   (1460 words)

 Balaam: Christian Resource Centre (Bermuda)!
Balaam’s home was in the city of Pethor in the region of Amaw (v 5, RSV) on the Euphrates River.
Balaam’s first message consisted of a declaration that Israel was different from all other nations and that God had blessed them (vs 7–10).
It is of interest to know that Balaam, several centuries later, was still remembered as a prophet of divine messages and curses in approximately the same area in which he had been active according to the Bible.
www.nisbett.com /people/bp-balaam.htm   (756 words)

 Balaam, Son of Beor - Is there any evidence to prove the existence of the prophet, Balaam? - ChristianAnswers.Net
Balaam goes on to relate a vision concerning impending judgment from the gods, and enters into a dispute with his listeners.
Balaam was from Pethor, near "the river" (Num 22:5), in "Aram" (Num 23:7; Dt 23:4).
Balaam evidently was well known as a "cursing prophet," for Balak specifically summoned Balaam for the purpose of cursing Israel (Num 22:6).
www.christiananswers.net /q-abr/abr-a014.html   (1113 words)

 Balaam and His Talking Donkey
Balaam was responsible for the death of 24,000 Jews.
Balaam knew the request was improper, but at the same time, he wanted to find a way to compromise his standards as a prophet for fame and fortune.
In the case of Balaam, the Momentum Discipline was symbolic in that the donkey was forced to the ground and Balaam lacked momentum to continue his forward movement.
www.biblenews1.com /balaam/balaam.htm   (6184 words)

 The Man-Made Church: Balaam's Way
Balaam's concern is not that somebody wants him to do evil, his concern is that these people have taken with them the fee for divination.
But Balaam indirectly tells Balak that this fee is actually not adequate for the serious situation his country is in and considering that the future of his country is in his, in Balaam's, hands.
Balaam was called son of Beor and Beor was an Edomite (Genesis 36:32) and Esau (that is, Edom) (Genesis 36:19) was Israel's brother and therefore family of God.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/fpreuss/en2/en217.htm   (11066 words)

Balaam replied that he could not be tempted by reward but that he would speak what the Lord would reveal.
Balaam did not see the angel, but the donkey Balaam was riding saw him and shied away into a field.
The "doctrine of Balaam" mentioned in Rev. 2:14 was the teaching of the mercenary prophet to abandon godly separation and character in favor of worldly corruption and conformity.
www.realtime.net /~wdoud/topics/balaam.html   (621 words)

D. Balaam took money from Balak, Numbers 22:7, Deuteronomy 23:4-5, and this would appear to be his primary motivation for all of his actions.
Balaam said he could not be bought for all of Balak's silver and gold, but he ended up being bought for a sum considerably less than that.
Balaam was crazy to think that he could go to Balak and not get into trouble, crazy to think that he could get the money without doing wrong.
www.slsoftware.com /study/html_outlines/Way_Of_Balaam.html   (1130 words)

Balaam was a heathen diviner who lived at Pethor, a city of Mesopotamia.
Balaam was hired by Balak, king of Moab, to curse Israel.
Balaam advised the Israelites to commit fornication, the effect of this was a plague.
latter-rain.com /Israel/balaam.htm   (382 words)

Balaam was hired by Balak, king of Moab, to curse Israel.
Balaam advised the Israelites to commit fornication, the effect of this was a plague.
Behold these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord...
www.latter-rain.com /Israel/balaam.htm   (382 words)

 Balaam (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
When the Israelites were encamped on the plains of Moab, on the east of Jordan, by Jericho, Balak sent for Balaam “from Aram, out of the mountains of the east,” to curse them; but by the remarkable interposition of God he was utterly unable to fulfil Balak's wish, however desirous he was to do so.
Though Balaam could not curse Israel, yet he suggested a mode by which the divine displeasure might be caused to descend upon them (Numbers 25).
The “doctrine of Balaam” is spoken of in Rev.
christiananswers.net /dictionary/balaam.html   (256 words)

 Balaam (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
When the Israelites were encamped on the plains of Moab, on the east of Jordan, by Jericho, Balak sent for Balaam “from Aram, out of the mountains of the east,” to curse them; but by the remarkable interposition of God he was utterly unable to fulfil Balak's wish, however desirous he was to do so.
Though Balaam could not curse Israel, yet he suggested a mode by which the divine displeasure might be caused to descend upon them (Numbers 25).
The “doctrine of Balaam” is spoken of in Rev.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/balaam.html   (256 words)

 Martin Rowe - Balaam
Balaam is a prophet who is summoned by the princes of Moab and Midian to come and curse the Israelites, who are encamped on their borders, asking for access to the Promised Land on the other side of the River Jordan.
At this point, Balaam's eyes are opened and he sees the angel of the Lord, who tells him that he is lucky the donkey veered off the path or the angel would have killed him.
Balaam, however, is killed in battle a few chapters later, having been accused of perverting the Israelites by making them worship false gods.
www.martin-rowe.com /balaam.php   (385 words)

 The Doctrine of Balaam
Balaam left the notion open that he could be bought by not forthrightly condemning the messengers for this evil request.
Balaam was out of his mind because he loved the wages of unrighteousness.
Balaam was a false prophet who used God’s word to cast stumbling blocks before the children of Israel.
www.southsidecoc.org /Balaam.htm   (1217 words)

 The Prophecies of Balaam (Part One)
Balaam son of Beor is definitely an oddball among the prophets.
Balaam means "devourer of the people" or simply "devourer" or "destroyer," a fitting name for someone whose livelihood depends on cursing various people(s).
Balaam was indeed standing in a high place of Baal at the time (Numbers 22:41), and evidently, from this height he could see the whole camp.
cgg.org /index.cfm/fuseaction/Library.sr/CT/PW/k/790/Prophecies-Balaam.htm   (2353 words)

 Balaam and the Rewards of Divination (Page 44 in biblicalbookss)
Balaam couldn't help thinking about the reward, and by the next morning he became so obsessed with the idea of becoming a rich man, that he was determined to pronounce a curse upon Israel and receive the rewards for his divination.
Balaam went with the princes of Moab, and as soon as Balak was told that the men were in sight he went out to meet them.
Balaam went to the place where Balak and the princes of Moab were waiting by the burnt sacrifices, and he said, "Your majesty, you have brought me out of Midian and have asked me to curse and defy the Children of Israel.
members.aol.com /biblicalbookss/Page44.html   (1978 words)

 The "Error" of Balaam
Inerrantists try to resolve the discrepancy in the images of Balaam as he is depicted in the two testaments by quibbling that Balaam did not end the matter at this point but invited the delegation to spend the night with him while he inquired of Yahweh a second time.
It is true that the story claims that Balaam made the second inquiry, but it also states that Yahweh told him on this night that "if the men are come to call you, arise and go with them, but only the word that I speak to you--that you shall do" (v:20).
Inerrantists argue that Balaam's "error" was in going with the Moabite delegation after Yahweh had told him not to go, but the story clearly states that on the occasion of the second delegation's visit, Yahweh told Balaam to go.
www.infidels.org /library/magazines/tsr/1997/6/976front.html   (1016 words)

 The Oracles of Balaam
Balaam reiterates that he will only be able to speak the things that God would have him speak.
Balak is so mad at Balaam now that he smacks his fist into his hand and fires him, without pay.
Balaam just blurts out what God puts in his heart to say: These words are true, and this is a vision of the future.
home.att.net /~leon_v.smith/lessons/oraclesofbalaam.htm   (938 words)

 Balaam the Prophet
Thus, "Balaam bar Be'or" is said in the inscription to be a "seer of the gods" and is the one to whom those gods reveal their intentions in "visions of the night."
Balaam is informed in a dream that the people are about to be punished by darkness, drought and other natural disasters, and he must urge the people to placate the angry divinities.
All these details might help explain why Balaam, ostensibly speaking in the name of the same god, but representing a religious world-view diametrically opposed to Jewish moral values, came to be regarded as such a serious threat to the Biblical ideals of spirituality.
www.ucalgary.ca /%7Eelsegal/Shokel/950705_Balaam.html   (774 words)

 The story of Balaam
On the surface, the contact of the Israelites with Balaam, found in today’s Torah reading, is one of the brighter incidents in the entire history of the forty-year trek through the desert.
The commentators are unhappy that Balaam does not repeat God’s original order to the second group but agrees to consider their offer overnight as well.
When I said that the story of Balaam resonates with me, it is because for much of my life I have had vivid dreams—dreams that included readings from the Bible or conveying the sound of an unambiguous voice— clearly telling me how to live my life.
www.uscj.org /canadian/ottawaasc/Balaam.htm   (1444 words)

 Parashat Hashavuah - from Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is because Balaam might have then claimed to be merely a sorcerer, who in fact does not need charms, so to prevent Balaam using this as an excuse for an argument or a 'copout', the elders came prepared with their own charms.
Alternatively, Balaam realised that the Jews were blessed through their observance of the Shabbat, therefore he intended to undermine this by building seven altars, and offering seven rams and seven bulls on them.
Similarly Balaam, as we are told, was blind in one eye and lame in one leg, and therefore had to have Balak offer the sacrifices for him, while he supervised.
www.dvar.org.il /parashot/Bamidbar/balak.html   (2200 words)

 Numbers 24
24:2 And Balaam lifted up his eyes, and he saw Israel abiding in his tents according to their tribes; and the spirit of God came upon him.
Balaam says "his king shall be higher than Agag." But Balaam couldn't have known about Agag since Agag didn't live until the time of King Saul.
God, who is as strong as a unicorn, will eat up the nations, break their bones, and then pierce them through with his arrows.
www.skepticsannotatedbible.com /num/24.html   (805 words)

 Bible Story on The Life of Moses ~ Balak Sends for Balaam
Balaam gave lip service to God, but he was very attracted to wealth and power, not things a Godly person should desire.
Balaam was so furious that he forgot to be astonished that the donkey spoke.
Balaam had them build seven altars and sacrifice seven bulls and seven rams and he went off to consult God; he still had hopes of some reward.
www.antelope-ebooks.com /RELIGIOUS/STORIES/moses19.html   (1699 words)

Balaam was a diviner living in Pethor, a city in Mesopotamia (Deuteronomy 23:4), which was thought to belong to the Midianites (Numbers 31:8).He possessed knowledge of the true God, and acknowledged that his superior powers as a poet and prophet were derived from God, and were his gift.
Balaam appeared to have misgivings about the lawfulness of their request; therefore, he invited them to stay overnight that he might know how God regarded it.
This greatly enraged Balaam who smote the ass with a stick, which caused the animal to question him as to the cause for the beating.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/b/balaam.html   (743 words)

 Balaam: By God's Permission or Not?
They came to Balaam and said: "This is what Balak son of Zippor says: Do not let anything keep you from coming to me, because I will reward you handsomely and do whatever you say.
Balaam was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him.
In his view, Balaam was just your run-of-the-mill pay-for-prophecy diviner; and his seemingly pious remark to the Moab princes that he would have to ask God what to do was just a tactic.
www.tektonics.org /af/balaamnum.html   (998 words)

And elsewhere it is said, that Balaam, the wicked, gave counsel to Balak, the son of Zippor, to cause the Israelites to fall by the sword; he said to him, the God of this people hates whoredom, cause thy daughters to commit whoredom with them, and ye shall rule over them.
The Samaritan Chronicle says that this counsel pleased the king, and he sent into the camp of Israel, on a sabbath day, twenty four thousand young women, by whom the Israelites were so seduced, that they did everything they desired them, which was just the number of those that were slain, (Nu 25:9).
On his left hand he sees the dark waters of the Dead Sea with its fl and desolate shores, which were recognized among all the eastern tribes as a monument of God's wrath against the impious and ungodly.
philologos.org /bpr/files/b002.htm   (681 words)

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