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Topic: Balmoral Castle

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  The Royal Residences > Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland is the private residence of The Queen.
Beloved by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Balmoral Castle has remained a favourite residence for The Queen and her family during the summer holiday period in August and September.
The Estate grounds, gardens and the Castle Ballroom are open to visitors from the beginning of April to the end of July each year, under the management of the Balmoral Estate Office.
www.royal.gov.uk /output/page560.asp   (101 words)

  Balmoral Castle - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BALMORAL CASTLE (Gaelic, "the majestic dwelling"), a private residence of the British sovereign, in the parish of Crathie and Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on the right bank of the Dee (here spanned by a fine suspension bridge), 9 m.
The property formerly belonged to the Farquharsons of Inverey, from whom it was acquired by Sir Robert Gordon, whose trustees disposed of the lease in 1848 to the prince consort, by whom the whole estate was purchased in 1852 and bequeathed to Queen Victoria.
The castle is built of granite in the Scots baronial style, with an eastern tower loo ft. high commanding a superb viewBallochbuie and Braemar to the W., Glen Gairn to the N., Lochnagar and the beautiful valley of the Dee to the S. On Craig Gowan (1319 ft.), a hill 1 m.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Balmoral_Castle   (260 words)

 Balmoral Castle and Estate, online shop, gift shop, holiday cottages, fishing, scotland
Colt Cottage 1 is situated in close proximity to the Castle, near the Estates Office and Stables.
Access is by the public road to Balmoral and thereafter by the private Estate road.
Colt Cottage 2 is situated in close proximity to the Castle, near the Estates Office and Stables.
www.balmoralcastle.com /balmoral_availability.htm   (475 words)

 Balmoral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Balmoral Avenue is a large road which intersects the Lisburn Road and the Malone Road.
Balmoral Castle: one residence of Queen Elizabeth II
Balmorals (and a similar hat called a General Service cap) were worn as field dress by Scottish and Commonwealth soldiers, though sometimes also with more formal uniform, though the glengarry is generally used for the latter purpose.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Balmoral   (253 words)

 Angeltigerlily's Aberdeen Castles
The castle has remained in the family by direct descent since the 14th century.Fine collections of armour, furnishings, paintings and tapestries are to be seen in it.
In 1644 the Castle was occupied by the Marquess of Montrose, and was again garrisoned by Claverhouse in 1689.
At the end of the 18th century, the Castle was renovated, all the turrets and parapets being removed and the whole turned into a plain Georgian mansion house.
www.usedbooks-websitedesign.com /Castles.html   (997 words)

 Attractions near Balmoral Castle on AboutBritain.com
Glamis Castle is the family home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne and has been a royal residence since 1372.
Balvenie is a castle of enclosure first owned by the Comyns, with a curtain wall of 13th century date.
The castle is one of the finest in Aberdeenshire and is the largest, most elaborate Scottish castle built on the traditional 'Z' plan.
www.aboutbritain.com /AttractionsNearBalmoralCastle.asp   (364 words)

 A TourUK Guide To Balmoral Castle Aberdeenshire
The pleasant, wooded countryside was ideal for a holiday retreat and the drier climate of this part of Scotland was recommended by the Queen's physician.
The result was a picturesque castle with towers, turrets and crenellations.
The proportions of Albert's new castle are not altogether satisfying and the Great Tower with its turrets is top-heavy.
www.touruk.co.uk /castlesscot/castle_Balmoral.htm   (187 words)

 Uktravel.com - Castle Guide
Balmoral castle was built in the 15th century and has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852.
The castle was built from granite from the neighbouring quarries of Glen Gelder, which produced a near white stone.
The original castle was demolished and the position of the front door of the old castle is marked by a plaque on the front lawn.
www.uktravel.com /castlecontent.asp?timeID=Balmoral   (202 words)

 Medivial Castles - free pictures, posters, history, jokes, movies, music and video downloads of Palace of Versailles, ...
The best view of the castle and a 45m waterfall is from the nearby Mary's Bridge (Marienbruecke), which spans a deep gorge.
Windsor Castle is an official residence of The Queen and the largest occupied castle in the world.
The next five years were spent restoring the Castle to its former glory, resulting in the greatest historic building project to have been undertaken in this country in the twentieth century.
ring.mithec.com /side/castles.html   (2229 words)

 Balmoral Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Balmoral Castle, painted by Queen Victoria in 1854 during its construction.
Balmoral Castle is a large mansion situated in the area of Aberdeenshire, Scotland known as Royal Deeside.
Balmoral Castle also known as 'Chateau Balmoral', is also the adopted name of one of the oldest fraternity houses in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Balmoral_Castle   (633 words)

 Uktravel.com - Castle Guide
After Henry I died, the castle was given to his second wife, Adeliza of Louvain, and in 1138 she married William D'Albini II and took up residence at Arundel.
The Castle returned to the D'Albini family under Richard Coeur de Lion and several 'fines' were paid to the Crown for the family to retain possession.
Arundel castle was claimed by the Royalists and between 20th December 1643 and 6th January 1644, it was beseiged by General Sir William Waller.
www.uktravel.com /castlecontent.asp?timeID=Arundel&offset=0   (1230 words)

 The DiCamillo Companion - Database:  History, Gardens, Movies
Balmoral was the property of Anne Gordon and her descendants until 1798, when the Estate was sold to the 2nd Earl of Fife.
The original 15th century Balmoral Castle was deemed too small and a new castle was built 100 yards to the north of the original castle.
Balmoral is the summer holiday home of the Royal Family and is not open to the public when the family is in residence.
www.dicamillocompanion.com /Houses_hgpm.asp?ID=132   (323 words)

 Balmoral Castle, royal deeside, Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Balmoral Castle was built in the 15th century.
She saw it for the first time in 1848, and was not disappointed, describing it as " a pretty little castle in the old Scottish style"...
However the castle proved to be "too small", and Prince Albert bought the freehold in 1852 as a present for Victoria.
www.scotland-calling.com /forts/balmoral.htm   (192 words)

 High times in the Highlands | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Balmoral Castle, retreat for the British royal family, sits in the rugged Scottish Highlands.
As Balmoral Castle drew nearer, the rugged landscape changed again, making way for dense pine forests, small stone bridges and the bubbling River Dee that gives its name to the region, Royal Deeside.
Balmoral is open daily to visitors from late March until early August.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20051023/news_1t23balmoral.html   (475 words)

 Braemar Guide :: Estates :: Balmoral Castle and Estate
The original Balmoral Castle was purchased by Prince Albert in 1852.
This castle was demolished as it was too small and the present building was designed under the Prince's supervision.
When Queen Victoria died in 1901, Balmoral Estates passed, under the terms of her will, to Edward VII and from him to each of his successors.
www.braemarscotland.co.uk /estates/balmoral.htm   (493 words)

 Scottish Castles including Edinburgh Castle, Stirling, Balmoral, Bothwell and more
Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull, built in the 13th century for the MacDougalls, is a splendid example of an ancient Scottish castle.
Balmoral Castle started life as a 16th century tower house and it was not until 1853 that William Smith was commissioned to build a castle in the Scottish Baronial style.
Edinburgh Castle is the most prestigious Scottish castle and was built high on a hill, with spectacular rock face, to deter invaders.
www.victorianhotel-glasgow.co.uk /html/castles.htm   (388 words)

 balmoral castle.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Castle in build very simple, from stone, mortar and wood but in the same time is the most heavily fortified structures ever created.
All the castles built on 12th and 13th century, the living quarters of it invariably had one basic element.
In the earliest castles the family slept at the extreme upper end of the hall.
castle.taclale.info /vacations/balmoral_castle.html   (367 words)

 Balmoral Beach -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Balmoral Castle - one residence of Queen Elizabeth II
A balmoral, named for the Scottish village and castle, is also an unbrimmed cap consisting of a band, a loose crown, and a short length of exposed ribbon.
in 1854 during its construction]] Balmoral Castle is a large mansion built by Queen Victoria in the Scottish baronial style on the River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, current (as of 2004) summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II, who stays there for 12 weeks from August.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/14/balmoral-beach.html   (1248 words)

 Relax at Easter Corrie and tour the Scottish Castle Trail
Beautifully restored Corgarff Castle dates from 1537 and is the place where Margaret Forbes and her family were burned to death in 1571 during a clan feud.
Balmoral Castle has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852.
The castle grounds, ballroom and coach house exhibitions are all open to the public.
www.eastercorrie.com /castles_touring.php   (257 words)

 Balmoral Castle Crathie Ballater Aberdeenshire Grampian Scotland Scottish
Balmoral Castle is the site of a 16th century square tower house, with a walled courtyard but it was replaced in the construction of a 19th century baronial mansion.
The castle has been Scottish home of the royal family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852.
Balmoral Castle is located west of Crathie, off the B976.
www.castleuk.net /castle_lists_scotland/44/balmoralcastle.htm   (121 words)

 Uktravel.com - Castle Guide
Several ascended the throne as minors and were taken advantage of as was the son of Mary Queen of Scots, who was both James VI of Scotland and James I of England.
She sent ship loads of troops and arms and it is told that the castle was bombarded day and night by five battalions.
Their is a lot to see at Edinburgh castle: · The Scottish United Museum · The Garrison which lives there and is involved in the World famous Edinburgh s Tattoo held at the Castle every September · The Esplanande, the approach to the castle where the tattoo is held every year.
www.uktravel.com /castlecontent.asp?timeID=edinburgh&offset=0   (841 words)

 castles castle trails Grampians Balmoral castle Royal Deeside Highlands Scotland
In her Majesty's absence, the castle is shown to visitors only on the presentation of a written order.
The castle itself, which is of light Scotch granite, was erected by the Prince Consort at his own expense.
Near by is the Crathie Church, where the Queen attends divine service; and a mile and a half away is Abergeldie Castle, a favourite "Shooting-box" and summer residence of the Prince of Wales.
www.lochkinord.com /attractions/balmoral.htm   (252 words)

 Balmoral Castle, The Official Scottish Residence of HM the Queen
Balmoral Castle, The Official Scottish Residence of HM the Queen
Built in the 15th century, Balmoral Castle and the original estate were purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852, but as the original castle was considered too small, a new castle was constructed on the site about 90 metres (100 yards) north from the old building.
Farming is difficult because of the nature of the ground and the climate; 110 hectares are farmed in hand and 77 hectares are let to neighbouring farmers.
victorian.fortunecity.com /benjamin/235/balmoral.html   (643 words)

 Balmoral property information
Balmoral Castle and estate on the upper Dee is the personal holiday home of the Queen, the estate having been purchased, together with the old castle by the Prince consort for £31,500 in 1852.
Queen Victoria and her family first came to Balmoral in September 1848 eleven months after the death of the last tenant.
John had a grand time at Balmoral while the royal family and Sir James were enduring persistent rain and mist at Ardve- rikie.
www.classifieds.uk.com /balmoral.htm   (494 words)

 Scottish Castles and Palaces, Castles in Scotland
Ballindalloch Castle is the much loved family home of the Macpherson-Grants, and one of the few privately owned Scottish Castles to be lived in continuously by its original family.
Balmoral Castle is one of the most photographed in Scotland, so bring your camera.
Stirling Castle was a childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots and its defenses such that even Sir William Wallace and Robert The Bruce did not oust its English occupiers by force.
www.scottishtours.com /Castles.htm   (1127 words)

 Balmoral Castle
They are scattered from one end of the massive 55,000-acre manor to the other, and range from a nondescript bungalow just moments from the castle, to a stately old hunting lodge miles away, nestled in a glen with sweeping views of Loch Muick.
The five cottages of Balmoral Castle - ranging from a two-bedroom bungalow to a nine-bedroom lodge - are generally available to rent from March 25 to Nov. 11.
The castle isopen tovisitorsfrom the beginning of April to the end of July, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
www.traveltraveltravel.com /brit_balmoralcastle.htm   (1364 words)

 Balmoral Castle on AboutBritain.com
The woodland near the castle is said to have reminded Prince Albert of Thuringia in his own Country.
Balmoral Castle is off the A93 between Ballater and Braemar.
The impressive fortress of Braemar Castle was built in 1628 by the Earl of Mar on the site of an even older habitation.
www.aboutbritain.com /BalmoralCastle.htm   (587 words)

 Royal Deeside, Scotland : Balmoral Castle
Though relatively modern it is clearly in the style of a 'Scottish' castle.
When the Royal Family is in residence, and the castle and grounds are closed, many tourists watch as the family attend Sunday service at nearby Crathie Kirk.
Gradually Balmoral is extending its welcome to the public.
www.royal-deeside.org.uk /RDattract/balmoral.htm   (259 words)

 Ballater & Balmoral
Opposite bridge leading to castle's main gate is Crathie Church, built 1895, place of worship for the Royal Family.
Built 1628 and largely rebuilt as residence in 18th century, castle has barrel-vaulted ceilings, underground prison, star-shaped curtain wall and central tower with spiral staircase.
Remains of 15th-century castle on island in loch surrounded by deep pine and juniper forests.
www.scotland247.co.uk /ballater-balmoral2.htm   (1171 words)

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