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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  ANDRE NORTON ORG: Balrog Award (1979)
The Balrogs were regarded as the greatest of Elf-banes in the First Age, and of all Morgoth's servants, the Balrogs were the most feared creatures.
The Balrog of Khazad-dum remained in the mines even when a great Dwarven army destroyed the last army of the Orcs of the Misty Mountains in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs at the Battle of Azanulbizar.
The Balrog's last act in the confrontation was to lash out at Gandalf and so drag him down into the depths with it, but the wizard's sacrifice purchased time for the rest of the Fellowship to escape from Khazad-dum before the Orcs could replace the bridge.
www.andre-norton.org /awards/balrog.html   (1041 words)

 Do Balrogs have wings? | J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings | Do Balrogs fly?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
The Balrog detected Gandalf's spell as he tried to block the exit from the Chamber of Mazarbul, and the Balrog itself began a counter-spell, according to Gandalf.
The Balrog survived the cave-in and rejoined its army, which converged with the Company of the Ring in the Second Hall of Khazad-dum by an alternate route.
The wings were either shielded by the darkness or formed by the Balrog on the spot or else the darkness (or part of the darkness) was reshaped by the Balrog to take on the form of wings (and thus BECAME wings).
www.xenite.org /tolkien/do-balrogs-have-wings.html   (3119 words)

  The Barrow-Downs
They expressed their horror and dread of this place, even long before it was occupied by the Balrog, by the name of 'Moria', which means 'The Black Chasm'.
The dwarves deserted Khaza-dûm after King Durin VI and his son Náin I were slain by the Balrog in 1981 TA, and in later years, Moria became a settlement for many of Sauron's minions.
At the Bridge of Khazad-dûm near the eastern gate, the Company encountered the Balrog, whom Gandalf took on in a duel which was dominated by their great magical powers.
www.barrowdowns.com /theme-moria.php   (818 words)

 Toybiz...We Want a Balrog!! Petition
The Balrog, shown at Toyfair 2002, looked to be a super addition to an already popular and outstanding line-up.
The Balrog will be shown again at Toyfair 2003 with the hope of being picked up by retailers at that time.
No indication as to whether the 'new' Balrog will have the electronic or action features, but likely they will be dropped to further reduce the price point of the figure.
www.petitiononline.com /balrog/petition.html   (372 words)

 GreenBooks.TheOneRing.net™ | Special Guest | Every Time A Bell Rings A Balrog Gets Its Wings?
If the Balrog were dead before he struck the mountain, Tolkien would not have written, "…he fell from the high place, and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin…" because he would have met his ruin already.
But the Balrog did come through the door after it countered Gandalf’s shutting spell, and the fact that it was able to able to grab the door’s iron ring suggests that the Balrog had hands that were appropriate for a much smaller creature.
Yet the argument that Balrogs are approximately 14 feet tall is compelling, and because I accept it, it is difficult for me to believe that Tolkien, a master of narrative, would not highlight the most salient feature of the Balrog: its disproportionate, airliner-sized wings.
greenbooks.theonering.net /guest/files/080101.html   (5963 words)

 Gollum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In The Lord of the Rings, Gollum met and started following the Fellowship of the Ring in Moria, and was spotted and heard by Frodo Baggins (cousin and heir of the hated Bilbo) and earlier Gandalf on several occasions.
On January 15, 3019 T.A., the Fellowship was divided when Gandalf disappeared while fighting a Balrog.
It is unknown how he crossed the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, but he came with them to Lórien without their knowing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gollum   (3013 words)

 Encyclopedia of Arda: Balrogs
The Balrogs were apparently first encountered by the Elves during the Dagor-nuin-Giliath in the first year of the First Age.
Balrogs were spirits of fire - their hearts were of fire, we are told, and they carried whips of flame.
The Balrog that Gandalf fought in Moria, for example, at first gave no hint of his fiery nature apart from the flames that issued from his nostrils.
www.glyphweb.com /arda/b/balrogs.html   (4071 words)

 Balrogs - About J.R.R. Tolkien's Balrogs
The Balrogs served Melko, the god of evil, in the mythology for England.
Martinez wrote another essay about Balrogs a few years ago that talks about the history of the Balrog wings argument.
Tolkien used Balrogs in both mythologies but the Balrogs in the first mythology were different from the Balrogs in the Middle-earth mythology.
balrogs.4mg.com   (729 words)

French fl/death metallers BALROG, who feature in their ranks two former members of GARWALL and two current members of MISANTHROPE, have inked a two-album deal with the French label Holy Records.
The group's second full-length CD, "Bestial Satanic Terror", was recorded at the MF and BST studios in France and is scheduled for relase on February 21, 2006.
The accuracy of the information contained herein is neither confirmed nor guaranteed by Roadrunner Records, and the views and opinions of authors expressed on these pages do not necessarily state or reflect those of Roadrunner Records or its employees.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /BLABBERMOUTH.NET/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=45377   (770 words)

 balrog immolation
One of the peculiarities of the balrog is that one to immolate itself.
In Lords of middle earth Balrog description, the immolation gives the balrog: 102 in constitution, 120 in presence and aditionnal fire criticals of equal severity when he strikes.
In LotR film Balrog immolates in front of Gandalf (remember when fire comes out in the bridge), in that case was only to make an impression, but if you are near it affects you.
www.ironcrown.com /ICEforums/index.php?topic=1646.0   (1310 words)

 NECA Balrog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
The Balrog figure includes sound and the flames on his back "glow" with LED lights inside.
The Balrog action figure statue is a very limited edition piece and
The Balrog Epic Scale figure WILL NOT BE available in any chain store like Spencer Gifts, this item will only be available through the internet.
www.daviesgeneralstore.com /balrog.html   (88 words)

 Sideshow Collectibles.com - The Lord of the Rings - The Balrog Statue
The crouching Balrog is constructed with heavyweight polystone, hand painted and stands at an astounding 13.5" tall.
The Balrog Statue is limited to only 1,000 pcs worldwide.
I went with the Cave Troll and was blown away by that, but in retrospect I'm bummed I didn't go with this Balrog statue.
www.sideshowtoy.com /cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=lotre&item=8706R&type=store   (369 words)

 The Balrog
In its right hand was a blade like a stabbing tongue of fire; in its left it held a whip of many thongs.
One of the great debates among Tolkien fans is whether the balrog's wings were real or metaphorical.
As expected, the balrog looks quite a bit like John Howe's paintings of it.
www.theonering.net /~middleearthtours/balrog.html   (390 words)

 Essays on Tolkien Topics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Webmaster's note: Conrad Dunkerson's "Truth About Balrogs" essays are intended to be unbiased presentations of all sides of those questions, and it is my opinion that they do an admirable job of it.
However, a perfectly unbiased treatment is impossible, so it is worth reading their Appendix to make yourself aware of his potential prejudices.
Moreover, because the question of Balrog wings is so very contentious, it may be worth reading some other discussions of that topic for balance.
tolkien.slimy.com /essays   (833 words)

 [No title]
The 4th Limited Edition release in Gentle Giant's Lord of the Rings range - The Balrog.
The great Balrog of the mines of Moria was the first great test for the Fellowship of the Ring.
Of the denizens of Moria, the ancient Balrog had no equal.
www.play.com /Gadgets/Gadgets/PROD/3-/2024340/Lord_Of_The_Rings_The_Balrog_Mini_Bust/Product.html   (375 words)

 The Balrog
For more than three years I used to write the Balrog adventure column for
Future Publishing’s Amstrad Action and in a moment of insanity I decided to HTML them and put them on the web for posterity!
Moria (featuring the Balrog): Excellent text only roguelike RPG.
www.stuartwhyte.btinternet.co.uk /BALROG/BALROGMA.HTM   (168 words)

 The Coming Soon! Boards - What's on Your Mind: The Saga
You should...When im president there will be a bowl pack in every bowl...A shot in every glass...A naked woman in every bed...And Simpsons on every channel...It will be a glorius time
If you're ever president of the US then I'll never go near the place
Balrog and thor.........~ you 2 need to get a room
www.comingsoon.net /forums/printthread.php?t=6144&page=1289&pp=40   (529 words)

 New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock ST-SZ
The musical range of the individual cuts is quite a bit more diverse than the Splitting Ions CD.
The King Crimson influences are definitely still there for some cuts, especially in "Contortions of the Balrog" and "The Abduction of the Adolescents" which also appear in their live versions on the Splitting Ions CD.
"Balrog" especially is a fantastic piece, the spirit of Robert Fripp is obviously energizing this Balrog.
www.gepr.net /st.html   (13542 words)

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