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Topic: Band Sergeant Major

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

  Command Staff
Sergeant Major David W. Keller was appointed Band Sergeant Major of The United States Army Field Band of Washington, DC, in March 2002.
From 1989 to 1992, Sergeant Major Keller was assigned to the 214th Army Band at Fort McPherson, Georgia, as Double Reed Section Leader and Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge of Supply.
Sergeant Major Keller's military awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Good Conduct Medal, the Army of Occupation Medal (Berlin), and the National Defense Service Medal.
www.army.mil /fieldband/pages/home/command_staff.html   (1493 words)

Garrison Sergeant Major A Garrison Sergeant Major (GSM) in the Trooping the Colour.
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Sergeant Bluff is a city located in 2000 census, the city had a total population of 3,321.
Sergeant Major Merire Police Sergeant Major Merire from Gomema village in Markham Valley near Lae was a member of the Ro...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/sergeant.html   (485 words)

Major Indoor Lacrosse League The Major Indoor Lacrosse League was the forerunner to the 1997 at the time the NLL was for...
Major term The major term is the predicate term of the conclusion of a end term (meaning not the middle term).
Violin Concerto in E major (Bach) The Violin Concerto in E major by J. Bach (BWV 1042) is a concerto in 3 movements:...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/major.html   (2227 words)

 SGM Rick Gerard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Sergeant Major Rick Gerard was appointed to the position of Band Sergeant Major in September of 2002.
Sergeant Major Gerard returned to active duty and the Military Academy Band in July of 1981.
Sergeant Major Gerard’s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters.
www.usma.army.mil /band/bios/gerard.htm   (181 words)

 New York Trip   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
After setting up the equipment the band took their places and on the Duke of York’s arrival the UK and USA national anthems were played to a audience of world media and gathering general public, a loud round of applause went up, this was to set the tone for the afternoon and following days.
In the confusion, misinformation was rife and the crew thought the Whitehouse had been struck and their president dead, eventually of course they learnt of the real facts but that did not help relieve much of the helplessness and grief they felt for their lost colleagues.
The final day of the tour comprised of the band and a pipes’ performing a marching display for the general public in Byrant Park and much mention was made of the upcoming UK with NY festival that our tour was ushering in.
www.coldstreamguardsband.co.uk /newyorka.htm   (815 words)

 ARMY Article: Sounding Off at USMA, September 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The band's notable contributions in the past are destined to be matched in the future, as it prepares for the auspicious USMA bicentennial in 2002.
Band members here are O2S, a military occupational specialty designation so unfamiliar that recruiters often have to look it up in the regulations.
The importance of the band as a public relations showpiece of West Point, especially in the era of hyperscrutiny and drawdowns, cannot be overestimated.
www.ausa.org /www/armymag.nsf/(all)/FB78A397F94AE2CF85256AAE0049EF3C   (1027 words)

 SGM Rick Gerard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Sergeant Major Rick Gerard was appointed to the position of Band Sergeant Major in September of 2002.
Sergeant Major Gerard returned to active duty and the Military Academy Band in July of 1981.
Sergeant Major Gerard’s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters.
www.usma.edu /band/bios/gerard.htm   (181 words)

 United States Marine Corps - 15th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
From March 1995 to May 1998, Sergeant Major Estrada served as Sergeant Major for 2d Battalion, 1st Marines, BLT 2/1, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA; and deployed with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) and 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) to the Western Pacific and the Arabian Gulf.
In May, 1998, Sergeant Major Estrada assumed the duties as Sergeant Major for Recruiting Station Sacramento, CA in the 12th Marine Corps District, Western Recruiting Region.
Sergeant Major Estrada assumed his current post as the 15th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps on 26 June 2003.
www.marines.mil /sgtmaj/smmc15   (535 words)

 Warrant Officer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Warrant officers were generally introduced throughout the British Army under Army Order 70 of 1915, although Regimental Sergeant Majors and a few other appointments (beginning in 1879, when Conductors of Stores and Supplies were warranted), had been warranted before that time.
WO2s wear a crown on the lower sleeve, surrounded by a wreath for Quartermaster Sergeants (for all WOIIs from 1938 to 1947).
WO2s holding Sergeant Major or Corporal Major appointments are often referred to as the "Sergeant Major" or the "Corporal Major", but WO1s are only ever referred to using their full appointment or its abbreviation (the "RSM" or the "Garrison Sergeant Major", for instance).
www.pineville.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Warrant_Officer   (2445 words)

 Maple Leaf Brass Band - Members
The Maple Leaf Brass Band is a diverse group, ranging in age from 14 to 72.
In 1966, he joined the Band of the Welsh Guards and served for 24 years as one of the solo cornetists and leader of the dance band.
She was a member of the Governor General's Foot Guard Regimental Band from 1983 to 1986 and again from 1990 to the beginning of 2002.
www.mapleleafbrassband.org /members.htm   (3408 words)

 College Band Band Sergeant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Flight Sergeant Stephen Penny was born in Hull, East Yorkshire in 1957 and began playing the piano at the age of nine, and the french horn at the age of eleven.
In 1977 he was posted to the Band of the Royal Air Force Germany, enjoying memorable tours with the band to such places as Denmark, Switzerland and Austria and many of the great concert venues across Europe.
Following his promotion to Flight Sergeant in October 2001, he took up his present position as Band Sergeant of the Band of the Royal Air Force College at RAF Cranwell.
www.rafmusic.co.uk /college_bs.htm   (230 words)

 WMB - History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
With the reorganization of the Canadian Militia in 1970, the Windsor Regiment Band became the Windsor Militia District Band.
From 1974-1975, the Band was under the direction of Lt. John Gimpel (a former Navy Chief from HMCS Hunter) followed by CWO Grant Peiffer of the former RCEME Band.
The WM Band is also a regular participant in the annual Greater Hamilton Tattoo (Copps Coliseum) and continues to perform throughout Southern Ontario and occasionally in the Southern Michigan region.
home.cogeco.ca /~wmb/history.htm   (656 words)

 The Band Today
The Band serves as the regimental band of The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own), a Canadian Forces Reserve Armoured Reconnaisance regiment in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
In fulfilling these roles, band members find that the Band meets their own needs as a community music group, much like other community bands or orchestras.
From the member's perspective, the main difference is that, as a military band, marching and drill are sometimes called for.
www.geocities.com /BCRegtband/TheBandToday.html   (455 words)

 RMC Band celebrates 50th Anniversary
Master Warrant Officer Doug Craft, Band Sergeant Major, says the RMC band demands a lot from the cadets but they consistently rise to the challenge.
Founded in 1953, the Band was the result of an initiative by a few cadets who wanted to establish the old Scottish tradition of the Pipes and Drums at RMC.
From a small number of dedicated musicians in the earlier years of its history, the RMC Band has flourished, extending its ranks to include a Brass and Reed Band, a Highland Dancers, and a Choir.
www.rmc.ca /news_avis/030228band_e.html   (312 words)

 The Black Watch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
He was appointed Pipe Major of the Army Apprentices College in 1994 and took over as the Pipe Major of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) in 1998.
Bandmaster Cooper led the Band for the Installation of the Gouverner of Edinburgh Castle and public duties at Holyrood House.
His responsibilities as Assistant Band Sergeant Major include the positions of Information Technology Systems Manager and Unit Security Officer and in the absence of the Band Sergeant Major he is responsible for the management of the band.
www.koger.sc.edu /black.html   (1727 words)

 Courses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The aim of the Band Sergant Major Course is to equip senior Non-Commissioned Officers with both advanced managerial and administrative skills and furthering their general musicianship training to enable them to perform the role of Band Sergeant Major.
The Royal Military School of Music run one Band Sergeant Majors course each year, which lasts for three weeks.
The aim of the Band Sergant Course is to give Non-Commissioned Officers the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their administrative, managerial and musical duties within the bands.
www.army.mod.uk /schoolarmymusic/courses.htm   (636 words)

 band profiles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In 1986 I was made Band Sergeant Major and in 1994 I was appointed the position of Bandmaster.
The band has gone from strength to strength over the last decade and this is due to the hard work put in by all members of the organisation.
I joined this band in 1997 as an instructor for the brass section, and after about 3 years, took over the Part time conducting and training of the band, sharing alternate rehearsal time with 'Max' in Preparation to his retiring from the band.
www.royalbritishlegionbandromford.co.uk /profiles.html   (1648 words)

 CJI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Band Commanding Officers details are to be given using Annex A to these instructions and returned to the RMSM by 17 Jan 03.
It is emphasised therefore, that pre-Course preparation is regarded as part of the Course itself and it is essential that individuals work to a planned schedule of preparation and are given personal assistance in developing the various skills required.
A consolidated list of the current TOs for the Band Sergeant Major Course are attached at Annex C to these Instructions.
www.britisharmytraining.mod.uk /trainwiththebest/music/cji   (2655 words)

 Cleveland and North Yorkshire
The Silverwood Band is a community reed band (as distinct from a brass band) and was formed over twenty years ago with the committed aim of providing musicians, young and old, with the opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience on the concert platform.
Originally formed as the Redcar Silverwood Band under the guidance of Mr Alan Waller it dropped "Redcar" from its title as more musicians from a wide area of Teesside became members and the rehearsal venue was changed to the Institute at Nunthorpe.
The Silverwood Band’s Musical Director is Crawford Hall, a former professional musician and band sergeant major with the Welsh Guards and a respected teacher and accomplished trombonist.
www.nowandthenmag.co.uk /band   (577 words)

 The Staff Band of the RAMC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Surgeon Major Grier was also a persuasive administrator and in 1897 had succeeded in ensuring that the Band would survive by getting 600 Officers of or connected with the Corps to pay an annual subscription to Band funds of Five Shillings.
The First World War was as difficult for the Band as for all units of the Regular Army at that time, and in 1918 war and demobilisation had reduced the Band to four members.
January 1939, the Band was taken over by the Army Council; and was officially recognised with a permitted establishment which included the appointment of a serving Bandmaster- Warrant Officer Harry Johnson.
www.worldmilitarybands.com /ramc.html   (1935 words)

 THE FINAL INSPECTION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Sergeant Major Woodrow English is trumpet soloist for the U.S. Army Band, "Pershing's Own" in Washington, D.C. English is the Army Band's solo bugler for ceremonies in Arlington National Cemetery.
A graduate of the Peabody Conservatory and Kent State University, he was the curator of the Taps Bugle Exhibit http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/tapsproj.htm at Arlington National Cemetery from 1999-2002.
He has been a member of the United States Air Force Band since 1985 and is considered the country's foremost authority on the bugle call Taps.
www.geocities.com /heartland/oaks/1308/inspection.html   (211 words)

 Warrant Officer biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The only appointments held by this rank were Platoon Sergeant Major, Troop Sergeant Major and Section Sergeant Major.
WO2s are often referred to as Sergeant Major, Corporal Major, Quartermaster Sergeant or Quartermaster Corporal (or Q) as appropriate, but WO1s are only ever referred to using their full appointment or its abbreviation (RSM White or Garrison Sergeant Major Black, for instance).
The three most senior warrant officer appointments in the British Army are generally considered to be, in descending order of seniority, the Conductors, the Academy Sergeant Major and the Garrison Sergeant Major, London District, although there is some debate about their precedence within the army.
chief-warrant-officer.biography.ms   (1386 words)

 band drum major uniforms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Gilliland as the drum major and fifteen new uniforms were purchased.
The first uniformed attire worn by the band was a white shirt and blue pants or skirts...
Sixty-five band uniforms, one drum major uniform, and uniforms for the dance...
www.drumsearch.net /drums/band-drum-major-uniforms.html   (772 words)

 ESSEX POLICE: Essex Police Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In 1996, the Band was successful in securing a Lottery grant from the Arts Council of England and Wales to assist with the replacement of instruments.
In 2005 the Band have been invited to play at the Backnang Strassenfest (street festival) as guests of the local Twinning Association as Backnang is the twin town of Chelmsford.
The Chairman of the Band is Liam Brigginshaw, Assistant Chief Officer, Essex Police.
www.essex.police.uk /pages/comact/m_band.htm   (702 words)

 academy army major sergeant state united   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Sergeant, United States Army From a contemporary press report: Retired Command Sergeant Major of...
He graduated from the Sergeant’s Major’s Academy in June 1997, was promoted to Sergeant Major...
She was the first woman to serve as class president at the United States Sergeants Major Academy...
major.bargain1.info /academy-army-major-sergeant-state-united   (370 words)

 Sergeant Major USMC Artillery Detachment - Fort Sill, OK
Sergeant Major O’Connell enlisted in the Marine Corps in October 1977 and attended recruit training at Parris Island, South Carolina.
Sergeant Major O’Connell’s personal decorations include: The Meritorious Service Medal, The Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (with Gold Star in lieu of second award), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and various Service and Unit Awards.
Sergeant Major O’Connell is married to the former Linda Kaftal and they have three children; Brandon, Meghan, and Cara.
sill-www.army.mil /USMC/DetHQ/sgtmaj_page.htm   (513 words)

 III MEF Band - Drum Major   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Gunnery Sergeant Steele of Appleton, Wisconsin graduated Hortonville High School in May 1984 and studied trumpet for the next two years at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin.
He was promoted to Sergeant in March, 1993 and served as Platoon Sergeant and leader of the Show Band until his return to the Armed Forces School of Music for the Section Leader Course.
Assuming duty as Drum Major, III Marine Expeditionary Force Band in January 2003, he remains an active musician in both his current unit and the local community.
www.iiimef.usmc.mil /band/dm.htm   (276 words)

 Sergeant Major Milton Holland -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Sergeant Major Milton Holland, 1st Sergeant James H. Bronson, 1st Sergeant Robert Pinn, and 1st Sergeant Powhatan Beaty of the...
Sergeant Major Milton Holland earned the Medal of Honor at the Battle of...
Sergeant Major Holland was one of 22 African-Americans to receive the...
www.major.fajf.com /index.php?k=sergeant-major-milton-holland   (1012 words)

 Humberside Police Concert Band - David Crowther MD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
He was recruited into the army in 1976 as a musician after a number of joint concerts in Halifax featuring the school band and several military bands.
In 1994 after the re-organisation of military bands he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and joined the Normandy Band of the Queen's Division in Catterick, North Yorkshire.
He was subsequently appointed Band Sergeant Major of the Normandy Band and has led the band on numerous tours abroad and has been privileged to perform in front of Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Garden Party and on numerous other Royal occasions.
www.humberside.police.uk /Band/BandMD.htm   (238 words)

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