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 Encyclopedia: Bandipur National Park
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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a national park of India in Wandoor on the Andaman Islands.
It is located in the Chamarajanagar district of southern Karnataka in south India, and is contiguous with the Mudumalai National Park in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, the Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, and the Nagarhole National Park to the northwest. /encyclopedia/Bandipur-National-Park   (2143 words)

 Indian Wildlife: Bandipur National Park - Tiger Reserve
Situated about 65 km from Mysore city in Karnataka, Bandipur National Park is a part of a larger continuos wildlife reserve that engulfs the Mudumalai sanctuary (Tamil Nadu), the Wayanad sanctuary (Kerala), and the Nagarhole National Park (Karanataka).
Bandipur National Park can be reached by road and the nearest railway station is Mysore.
The park was established in 1974 with an area of 87400 hectares. /npark/npbandipur.html   (190 words)

 National parks of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A total of 166 National Parks have been authorized, and plans are underway to complete the remaining scheduled parks, like the Kambalakonda National Park in Andhra Pradesh and the Anamudi Shola and Pampadum Shola in Kerala.
By 1970, India had 5 National Parks; while today she has 92 (as of May 2004).
The Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh parts of the Sanjay National Park are administered separately. /wiki/National_parks_of_India   (240 words)

 Indian wildlife tours travel, Indian national parks & sanctuary tours
It borders Bandipur National Park in Karnatka and Wynad sanctuary of Kerala.
Periyar is a scenic park comprising the watershed of a reservoir.
At the foothills of the Himalayas, visit the world famous Corbett National Park, where Project Tiger (conservation of Tigers) started. /wildlife.htm   (827 words)

 Welcome to Karnataka Wild life Sanctury
Bandipur is flanked by Karnataka’s Rajiv Gandhi National Park (Nagarhole) to its northwest, Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary to its south and Kerala’s Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to its southwest.
A temple perched atop Himavad Gopalaswamy Hill, the highest peak in the Bandipur range, is worth a visit.
Set against the picturesque backdrop of the enchanting Niligiri mountains with its mist-covered peaks, Bandipur was once the Mysore Maharaja’s private hunting ground. /html/attract/nature/wildlife/national_parks.htm   (230 words)

 Seasons India :: Bandipur National Park, Karnataka
Today, Bandipur National Park, together with the Mudumalai Sanctuary in the south, the Nagarhole National Park in the north-west and the Wynad Sanctuary of Kerala in the south-west, forms the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.
It is a part of a larger national park, which also includes the neighbouring wildlife sanctuaries, of Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Wynad in Kerala.
The other inhabitants of the Park are the muntjac, the tiny mouse deer, giant squirrel, slender loris, wild boar, langurs and macaques.The Park boasts around 250 species of birds, which include the Malabar trogan, the Malabar pied hornbill, the great black woodpecker, the Indian pitta and the green imperial pigeon. /travel/wild_bandipur_sea.htm   (541 words)

 Wild animals run over by negligence - Deccan Herald
Bandipur National Park is flanked by Nagarahole National Park to its northwest in Karnataka, Mudhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary to its south in Tamil Nadu and Wyanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala to its southwest.
The running over of a deer at Bandipur National Park, which falls in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, has reinforced the concern of wildlife conservationists that wild animals are becoming vulnerable to rash and negligent driving of vehicles plying on the national and state highways that pass through the park.
The region got the status of a national park in 1973 and an 872 square km area was declared as a protected area. /deccanherald/apr132004/spt2.asp   (1070 words)

 Bandipur National Park,Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary,Wildlife in Bandipur
Bandipur Park was expanded later in 1941 to adjoin the Nagarhole National Park, which lay towards its northern edge, and Wynad and Madumulai Sanctuaries, which lay towards its southern edge in the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu, respectively.
Nagarhole, Madumulai and Wynad National parks all lie in the vicinity of Bandipur forest.
Bandipur National Park is a beautiful forest reserve located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. /bandipur-national-park.html   (701 words)

 Welcome To Indian Wildlife
After the park was brought under the Project Tiger Scheme, the number of tigers have increased at a steady pace.
A Project Tiger Reserve with a core zone of 874.20, Bandipur lies on a hilly plateau with a n average elevation of 800 metres over the mean sea level.
With its location under the shadow of the Western Ghats, Bandipur is easily one of the finest habitats of the Asian Elephant. /mainsite/b2.asp   (268 words)

 karnataka wildlife sancturies, Nagarahole and Bandipur National Park, royal city of Mysore
Three tourism zones with facilities for wildlife tourism have been developed, one in Bandipur and two, called Nagarahole and Karapura, in Nagarahole National Park.
karnataka wildlife sancturies, Nagarahole and Bandipur National Park, royal city of Mysore
Interestingly, though Bandipur is one of the first nine Project Tiger Reserves set up 20 years ago, it is Nagarahole with its dense cover and large concentrations of prey species, that is the stronghold of the tiger. /wildlife/karnataka-forests.htm   (1225 words)

 Wildlife Tours in Karnataka,Wildlife in Karnataka,Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka
The Bandipur National Park is one of the fifteen Tiger Reserves in the country, launched under the Project Tiger scheme during 1973.
Bandipur National Park- 100 kms, Madikeri- 93 kms, Mysore- 96 kms.
Nestling at the foothills of the Nilgiris, the Bandipur National Park was formed by extending the Venugopal Wildlife Park which was set up in 1931 by the Mysore Maharajas. /south-india/wildlife-in-karnataka.htm   (469 words)

 Bandipur updates
Yatheesh Kumar, Divisional Forest Officer, Bandipur National Park, said that Namma Sangha had received a overwhelming response from the villagers in the periphery of the national park.
Therefore, the BNP launched the project to distribute alternative cooking fuel to the villagers to reduce the demand for firewood inside the park.
The response to BNP's ambitious project of providing alternative cooking fuel to villagers living on the park borders in order to reduce pressure on the park, has been overwhelming as the villagers are waiting with money to get the alternative fuel. /140305f.htm   (1130 words) agents and tour operators in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka
The National Park abounds in many of India& rarer and endangered animals; Cheetal or spotted deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Black Buck, Chinkara, fore horned antelope, Gaur (the largest of the world’s wild oxen), Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Leopard and the Royal Bengal Tiger.
The park and surrounding forests have a rich and varied bird life; hornbills, partridges, golden orioles, blossom headed parakeets, golden eagle, falcons, hawks and sun birds.
The park is undulating and situated in the Vindhya Range of hills, which stretch across central India. /tour/cityfacts.htm   (5643 words)

 Kamat Research Database - Bandipur National Park - Bengal Tiger
There were only eleven tigers in Bandipur National Park when the count was taken for the first time in the year 1972.
After independence it was converted into Bandipur National Park with a total area of eight hundred and seventy four square kilometers under its jurisdiction.
Bandipur Tiger Reserve is situated at a distance of 224 kilometers from Bangalore. /database/articles/bandipur.htm   (504 words)

 Indian Wildlife: Nagarhole National Park
Continuation of Bandipur National Park and situated about 80 km from the city of Mysore with an area of 57,200 hectares, the park was established in 1974.
The park has a larger population of elephants and tigers than that of Bandipur.
Accommodation is available at forest rest houses at Nagarhole, Kalhalla, Murkal and Trithimathi. /npark/npnagarhole.html   (194 words)
The Bandipur National Park is situated at the confluence of Western and Eastern Ghats, serving as a central link in the seasonal migration of elephants from Mudhumalai Sanctuary and Satyamangalam forest division in the east and south east to Nagarahole National Park and Waynad Sanctuary in the west and north west.
It was later named as Bandipur National Park in the year 1985 extending over an area of 874.2
The entire national park is an uninhabited large chunk of dry decidious forest serving as catchment to number of rivers and streams which have been dammed for irrigation purposes.   (243 words)

 Bird Watching Tours, Bird Watching in South India, South India Bird Watching Tour
Bandipur National Park is one the many reserves located within the forest belt between the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Mountains.
Mysore, Belur, Bandipur National Park, Ooty, Kumarakom, Cochin
It was declared a National Park in 1974 and is one of the original 9 tiger reserves under the watchful eye of "Project Tiger". /BirdWatchingTour/BirdWatchinginSouthIndia.htm   (1509 words)

 The Hindu : Karnataka News : Survey says Bandipur is nest to over 300 species of birds
The other major threat to the bird population in Bandipur stemmed from the practice of collecting dead wood for fuel by the villagers, cattle grazing inside the national park, which led to the clearance of the upper cover of grass that was crucial for ground nesting birds.
With the first showers lashing Bandipur National Park, the forests are a witness to breeding activity of birds much to the delight of the naturalists.
Flanked by Mudumalai sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, Wynad sanctuary in Kerala and adjacent to Nagarahole national park, Bandipur serves as a central link in the seasonal migration of elephants and harbours one of the richest wildlife areas in India. /2004/07/02/stories/2004070203050500.htm   (777 words)

 Bandipur National Park
Bandipur National Park is a dense forest located in southren part of india.
Bandipur is around 220 Km from Bangalore and only 50 Kms from Mysore which comes in the way.Mysore is a good place for stop over.Gundelpet is the closest town.
There are three cottage resorts just at the boundry of the Forest Park.One is in the Park itself and is run by Forest Department, Other one a Karnataka Toursim department hotel at the boundry of the park and there is the third one which is privately managed.It is advisable to get reservation for weekends beforehand. /encyclopedia/bandipur_national_park   (281 words)

 DiscoverIndia- Mysore
Bandipur :Situated 80 Kms from Mysore, the Bandipur national Park is one of the most beautiful wide life centers in the country.
Nesting in the foothills of the Nilgiris, the Bandipur National Park was formed by extending the Venugopal Wildlife Park, set up in 1931 by the Mysore Maharajas.
Bandipur has been chosen by the WWF for their project tiger scheme to protect tigers. /discoverindia/mysoretuskar.htm   (508 words)

Bandipur National Park is around 250km from Bangalore and around 100km from Mysore.
The national park is on the Ooty road around 30 minutes drive from Gundlupet.
Bandipur is close to its adjoining wildlife sanctuaries – Mudumali in Tamilnadu and Muthanga in Kerala. /2005/10/visit-to-bandipura-national-park.html   (1373 words)

 Bandipur-Tusker Trails
Bandipur Sanctuary is interconnected with the Nagarahole National Park in the North, the Mudumalai National Park in the South and Wayanad Sanctuary in the West.
Bandipur National Park is one of the best sanctuary for viewing and photographing wildlife.
Bandipur-Tusker Trails: Tusker Trails is located in Bandipur Wildlife Reserve, Off Mysore (Karnataka, India). /packages/adventure/bandipur-tuskertrails.html   (235 words)

 Tourism of India - Special Feature
Bandipur National Park:About 80 km south of Mysore on the Mysore-Ooty road, this 865 sq km wildlife sanctuary was the Maharaja's private hunting ground.
Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary:Adjoining the Bandipur National park, this is on the way to Udhagamandalam (formerly Ooty).
Nagarhole National Park:Sprawling over an area of 641 sq km in the picturesque district of Coorg and Mysore, the park is home to an astonishing abundance of wildlife, especially the Asiatic elephant. /misc/newswgparks.htm   (365 words)

 birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is a tiger reserve with an area of 900 square km.
The story of this national park is one of the sweetest success stories for the environmental NGOs of India who fought tirelessly for decades to close down mining operations of a large mining corporation in the core area and replant the area destroyed by their activities.
A 250sq km national park (the final declaration of its status is pending) that lies in the Western Ghats adjoining Goa state and the Dandeli National Park. /links_geo/asia/india_karnataka.html   (2637 words)

 Protecting the tree cover - Deccan Herald
The Namma Sangha is at Bandipur, Bandipur National Park, Gundlupet Taluk, Chamarajnagar district, Karnataka-571126.
According to him, there are 150 villages dotting the periphery of Bandipur National Park in which around 1.5 lakh people and an equal number of livestock exist.
“The park is not free from human pressure despite being demarcated from the outside world,” points out Bandipur Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) Yatish Kumar. /deccanherald/feb102004/spt4.asp   (993 words)

The national park lies at the heart of an extensive forest at the confluence of the Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills.
There are 27 villages within 3km of the national park, all of which have a detrimental effect, another two villages were moved out of the park in 1976.
Date and History of Establishment Created a national park in 1974. /sites/pa/0556v.htm   (1439 words)

 Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka, South India, India
Situated within the Koodogu (Coorg) and Mysore districts of Karnataka, the Nagarhole National Park with 643.39 sq km.
The sanctuary was later extended to its present size in 1974 by combining the Mysore forests and Nagarhole Sanctuary.
Home » India &; Wildlife India &; South India &; Wildlife » Nagarhole National Park /tsiindia/wildlife-india/nagarhole-national-park.html   (372 words)

 Association for Tropical Biology : 2001 Meeting : Field Tours
I Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur National Park
I Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur National Park :
The vegetation in the Mudumalai and Bandipur ranges from semi evergreen forest in their western reaches to moist and dry deciduous forest to dry thorn forest eastward. /atb2001/fieldtours.htm   (1199 words)

 Kaziranga, Kaziranga National Park in India, Kaziranga National Park Tours,Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Safari,Wildlife in Kaziranga,Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary,Kaziranga National Park,Travel to Kaziranga
The Kaziranga National Park is situated in the northeastern state of Assam in India on the southern bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River.
The Kaziranga National Park is one with a difference for apart from enjoying the sight of rhinos, you will also get the opportunity to encounter its other natural inhabitants, the mammoth pachyderms, deer and herds of wild bufallo, wild pigs, otters, tigers and leopards.
Kaziranga, Kaziranga National Park in India, Kaziranga National Park Tours,Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Safari,Wildlife in Kaziranga,Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary,Kaziranga National Park,Travel to Kaziranga /wildlife-tours-of-india/india/kaziranga.html   (661 words)

 Mahim Nature Park
The Park's facilities are designed for the use of varied learning approaches without faulting the classroom and chalk-and-talk methodology.
The Park sits on a 5-meter deep garbage fill which reclaimed part of the creek.
The Education Centre building is in the shape of the energy-giving Sun which radiates rays of knowledge interacting with the other elements. /mahim.htm   (1216 words)

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