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Topic: Bandoeng

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Courant - pafg03.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Villard Razoux Schultz was born on 1 Mar 1885 in Bandoeng Indonesia.
Henriette Hortense Razoux Schultz was born on 16 Nov 1888 in Bandoeng Indonesia.
Robbert Lieve Jaspert Razoux Schultz was born on 8 Mar 1894 in Bandoeng Indonesia.
pages.sbcglobal.net /debionken/courant/pafg03.htm   (624 words)

 1948 Tjimahi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
In Bandoeng I went on Sunday morning to the famous Preanger hotel, where on a Sunday morning we enjoyed the pait musical (Dutch genever with snacks), with the still pre war entertainment of piano cello and violin.
Bandoeng is already some what cooler then Batavia or Soerabaja, but here you go to almost 2500 meter above sea level and it is really cold here.
I was to be transported by military plane from Bandoeng to Tjilitan.
home.tiscali.nl /sb137765/EngelsAutobio/E48_Tjimahi.html   (2638 words)

 Wavescan 372
The large colonial radio station in Bandoeng was by far the largest radio station operated by the Japanese authorities during the Pacific-Asia War, even larger than their home base at Nazaki in Japan with its three transmitters at 50 kw.
Station personnel in Bandoeng recorded off air the tuning signal, station announcements and other significant items from Radio Australia and then wove these segments into their own programming, with the intent of capturing unsuspecting listeners in Australia.
However, it is understood that the majority of the shortwave transmissions from the island of Java during this era were from Bandoeng, regardless of the callsigns in use.
www181.pair.com /otsw/Wavescan/wavescan372.html   (882 words)

 Eighty Years of Radio in Indonesia
The main communication station at Bandoeng began to relay broadcast programming on shortwave for the benefit of listeners throughout Indonesia, and as well as in Australia, other countries in Asia, and also back in Holland itself.
Radio Batavia, under the Bandoeng callsign PLE, conducted weekly music broadcasts on 15.93 metres, and transmitter callsigns PLE PLW and PMB took part in the famous round-the-world relay in June 1930, and again two years later.
These transmitters were frequently on the air also as intermediate stations for the relay of broadcasts from London and Holland to Australia and New Zealand.
radiodx.com /spdxr/80_years_indonesian_radio.htm   (1381 words)

 henkofholland mastermodelling military vehicles scale 1/72-1/76
The 1st Squadron, formed at the city of Bandoeng, and was made up of members from several branches of the Army, none of whome had any experience with armored vehicles.
The 2nd Squadron, also formed at Bandoeng, was formedby some members of the tank units who had been kept in reserve, as well asmembers of several other branches.
In the meantime the platoon which had stayed in Bandoeng was ordered to scout the "no-man's-land" between the retreating Dutch forces and the Japanese, 35 km west of Bandoeng.
henk.fox3000.com /NedIndie.htm   (1007 words)

 Interview with Franciscus J. Zantvoort, Royal Netherlands Navy
I got on a train going back inland and at the station Kroya, which is a junction of tracks in several directions, I noticed a long freight train ready to leave, loaded with sea mines and cases with airplane-parts.
I was told that I would be placed on a transport out of Bandoeng, I just got time to greet my mother, not realizing that that would be the last time I would see her.
I had no notion at the time of what else went on in Bandoeng; I was placed with a lot of others in a truckconvoy out of Bandoeng and soon realized from the direction we were travelling and the places we past, that we were on our way to the South-West coast of Java.
www.geocities.com /dutcheastindies/zantvoort.html   (2131 words)

 7 March 1942   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Bandoeng: The fight to save Java is over.
Displaying white flags, a convoy of cars led by the Dutch C-in-C, Lieutenant-General ter Poorten, is driving this evening to the Japanese occupied airport at Kalidjati, 25 miles to the north, to open negotiations for surrender.
Reporting on the last 24 hours it said that the situation in the west part of the island had become critical since the decision to surrender Jakarta by turning it into an open city two days ago.
www.angelfire.com /my/rememberww2/1942/03/07.htm   (840 words)

 Wavescan 389
The five radio stations in the five countries were located at Bandoeng in Indonesia, Singapore in Malaya, Bangkok in Thailand, Shanghai in China, and Nazaki in Japan.
This clandestine programming was on the air from a transmitter that had been installed at Bandoeng some 10 years earlier, and it was on the air in pre-war days under several callsigns, though perhaps the best known was the callsign PLE.
All of these freedom broadcasts from Bandoeng in Indonesia, noted initially on 9380 kHz, were heard closing with a recording of the well known march, "Liberty Bell." These shortwave signals were heard by many international radio monitors in Australia and New Zealand, as well as by the government monitoring station near Melbourne in Victoria.
www181.pair.com /otsw/Wavescan/wavescan389.html   (748 words)

 The conquest of Java Island, March 1942
Late that night however orders were received by the Dutch commander from Bandoeng that the Dutch KNIL Regiment taking part in the attack was to be withdrawn and used to stop the advance of the Japanese 230th Infantry Regiment (Shoji Detachment) rapid movements who had landed at Eretanwetan and were threatening Bandoeng.
The two forces began to converge on Bandoeng from the west and north when unexpectedly at dawn on 8 March, they were notified of the Dutch's proposal to surrender.
Having decided to continue its penetration of the region to the north of Bandoeng, the Shoji Detachment ordered the Wakamatsu Unit to attack and pursue the Allied forces stationed to thewest of the main highway, while the Egashira Unit was to attack and pursue the Allied forces stationed along the main highway.
www.geocities.com /dutcheastindies/java.html   (19697 words)

 Pacific War 1941-1945: Re: Vesting Bandoeng, George Eller at 2/24/2005 04:20
I think the fact that the bulk of the forces under MacArthur and Ter Poorten were inferior to those of the Japanese emphasized the need to minimize their deficiencies and maximize their advantages.
Felix, on another message, commented, "Prior to the ABDA train of thought, the Dutch strategy had been one of combined arms off Java, with a last stand at the Preanger position." I am a little baffled as to where this position was located.
I have examined one map which shows Bandoeng within a district called "Priangan" which is bordered by Buitenzorg, Batavia, Cheribon and Banjoemas.
www.f16.parsimony.net /forum27947/messages/6106.htm   (720 words)

The staff-platoon stayed in Bandoeng for a short while and was then split up and divided over the platoons and squadrons of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment.
In the afternoon of 23rd January 1950 a reinforced battalion was directed to Bandoeng to lend assistance to the maintaining of order and peace during and after the withdrawal of the revolting armed troops under the well-known Captain Raymond Westerling, and to petrol in the town to reassure the civil population.*)
This detachment remained stationed in Bandoeng until the repatriation of the Squadron to the Netherlands.
home.planet.nl /~cwolther/hist41e.html   (1622 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
In that thime some repairs were made to the Electra on some of the "long distance" parts that had been causing them problems earlier on the trip.
Finally on June 27th Amelia and Noonan were able to leave Bandoeng and at that tiem were headed for Port Darwin, Australia.
At Darwin the direction finder in the plane was repaired and all of the parachutes were packed up and shipped home because they supposedly would be of no use over the Pacific.
www.assumption.edu /acad/ii/Academic/history/Hi113net/default3.html   (735 words)

 Brewster Buffalo: in Dutch service
On the 28th two of the Dutch Brewsters were shot down and the air base Samarinda II evacuated.
The number of Buffaloes who fought on Malakka and Borneo were with help of the spare planes brought back to 20 and placed on Bandoeng and Buitenzorg, (east and west Java) The pilots, who just left the flying-school came after long wandering at the end of January at Tjililitan air base.
Around 31 January 12 Buffaloes were placed at Bandoeng, 8 at Buitenzorg and 11 at Tjililitan.
www.warbirdforum.com /dutch2.htm   (1494 words)

 Japanese POW Camps - Page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Finally after the third disembarkation, we were marched to the station where we boarded the train for Bandoeng in Central Java.
Because of its high elevation, Bandoeng was a popular place of residence for the Dutch as a cool change of climate from the hot and humid regions along the coast.
Although the two Australian battalions and one American field regiment put up remarkable resistance to the determined invading Japanese, the ‘writing was on the wall’ well before the final capitulation on March 8, 1942.
homepage.powerup.com.au /~gbk/pow3.htm   (769 words)

A monsoon stranded them in Bandoeng, repairs were made on the long distance equipment, and Amelia caught Dysentary.
It was'nt until June 27 before Amelia and Noonan were able to leave Bandoeng for Port Darwin, Australia.
At Darwin the direction finder was repaired, and the parachutes were packed and shipped home, because they would be of no value over the Pacific.
www.ebrainsweb.com /birdy/kim/deadguy/aeold.html   (668 words)

 BBC - WW2 People's War - Dutch girl? - U827496
I was born in the Dutch East Indies in Bandoeng, now known as Bandung in Indonesia.
We were first interned in Bandoeng and then moved to Kampong Makassar, near Batavia (Djakarta).
Unfortunately we were caught in the middle of a battle, at night we could see the bullets like gigantic fireflies.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/ww2/U827496   (543 words)

 Amelia Earhart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Repairs were made on some of the "long distance" instruments which had given trouble previously.
It was June 27 before Amelia and Noonan were able to leave Bandoeng for Port Darwin, Australia.
At Darwin the direction finder was repaired, and the parachutes were packed and shipped home...they would be of no value over the Pacific.
www.mtlakes.org /hs/acad/tech/thinkquest01/FLIGHT/amelia_earhart.htm   (546 words)

 From: Batavia
(a) Aviation headquarters ----- in the army ----- ----- at Bandoeng.
The first Bandoeng air force is at Malang in western Java, and the second air force seems to have charge of eastern and central Java (its symbol is "LFX").
(e) There seem to be supply depots at each of the flying fields at Soerabaja and Bandoeng; and assembling and repair of planes are done at these places.
www.ibiblio.org /pha/timeline/411025bx2.html   (546 words)

 F. Springer: Bandoeng-Bandung (Bandoeng-Bandung)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
That gives Springer the opportunity to quickly use his great knowledge of the business world to sardonically sketch the jovial business group.
The unexpected meeting in a Bandung taxi with his former friend Otje (who still speaks the old fashioned Dutch that was spoken in what was then Bandoeng) is for ‘old fellow’ Chris an uncommonly emotional event.
Otto Blanchet, his full name, was badly let down by Chris after the war and has stayed poor his whole life.
www.nlpvf.nl /Book/book.php?Book=376   (590 words)

Cav 5 Bandoeng (horse-mounted), Capt Raden Tenggono Soerjobroto
Bandoeng Arsenal fitted them out with each two 7,7 mm air-cooled
With these cars a Training Unit (Oefn/Pau M.H.) was formed in Bandoeng with two Platoons.
www.overvalwagen.com /KNILCavalry.html   (691 words)

 Competition from KLM, 1931   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The postcard is backstamped at Bandoeng on 22 December.
Instead, the Pelikaan flew the return mail leaving Bandoeng on 26 December and arrived back in Amsterdam on 30 December setting a new record time for the route.
The card has the special Pelikaan Bandoeng postmark of 26 December and the 30 December Amsterdam arrival mark.
www.nzstamps.fsnet.co.uk /air/external/klm.html   (1085 words)

 GEMILANG 148: Bandoeng. De Stad op de Hoogvlakte!
Eerste Indische Jaarbeurs te Bandoeng, 17 Mei tot en met 5 Juni 1920.Bandoeng, "Bandoeng Vooruit", 1920.
27 BANDUNG ROAD-CONGRESS-NEDERLANDSCH INDISCH WEGENCONGRES Nederlandsch-Indisch Wegencongres [gehouden te] Bandoeng Juni 1924, Technische Hogeschool.
Covers Bandoeng, Tjimahi, Batavia, Singapore, Lonyu, Hintok Mountain March 1943, Tarsau, Chungkai and Nakom Patom.
www.antiquariaten.com /gemilang/catalogs/c00931.htm   (2975 words)

 Terminal Juara Liga Bilyar Nasional 2002 - Kamis, 19 Desember 2002
Sebelumnya di semifinal, Terminal mengalahkan Waroeng Bandoeng 3-2, sedangkan Jakarta menghentikan langkah XBC Tangerang 3-2.
Terminal mengalahkan Jakarta dan Waroeng Bandoeng, sedangkan XBC merontokkan perlawanan Ghraria (Bandung) dan Zoom (Jakarta).
Sementara, Jakarta dan Waroeng Bandoeng, yang sebelumnya pernah dikalahkan Terminal, akhirnya berhasil pula masuk semifinal.
www.kompas.com /kompas-cetak/0212/19/or/54554.htm   (362 words)

1955 1st Bandoeng Conference - Afro-Asian conference opens
1944 Willy Derby, [Dieben], singer (Hello Bandoeng), dies
1916 1st national congress of Sarekat Islam at Bandoeng Java
www.brainyhistory.com /topics/b/bandoeng.html   (39 words)

 ELEONORA JACOBA LANS was born in a village north of Bandoeng,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
ELEONORA JACOBA LANS was born in a village north of Bandoeng,
ELEONORA JACOBA LANS was born in a village north of Bandoeng,a city in the mountains of West Java in the Dutch Indies colonies.
I fervently believe in this emotional personal bond and dedicate this page to my mother's loving memory.
www.angelfire.com /art/anak/eleonora.html   (326 words)

 18 avril 1955 : le Tiers Monde se réunit à Bandoeng   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Une conférence réunit du 18 au 24 avril 1955 à Bandoeng (ou Bandoung), sur l'île de Java, la plupart des États pauvres d'Asie et d'Afrique.
A Bandoeng se retrouvent la Chine de Mao et Chou En-lai, l'Inde de Nehru, l'Égypte de Nasser, le Cambodge de Sihanouk,...
À Bandoeng, le yougoslave Tito, l'Égyptien Nasser et l'Indien Nehru revendiquent leur «non-alignement», à égale distance des deux superpuissances, les États-Unis et l'URSS.
www.herodote.net /histoire04180.htm   (420 words)

 Overvalwagen Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
August 14 2004, 3:55 PM Staff Car of Automobile Coy in Bandoeng 1922.
August 16 2004, 5:53 PM You are correct, the pic is from Bandjir,a book on this Corps with lots of automotive pictures.
August 19 2004, 7:44 PM Staff Car of Automobile Coy in Bandoeng 1922.
www.network54.com /Forum/thread?forumid=330333&messageid=1092413382   (1125 words)

 Records for De ballade "Njai Soemoer Bandoeng"; eene Soendasche pantoenvertelling. (in MARION)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Records for De ballade "Njai Soemoer Bandoeng"; eene Soendasche pantoenvertelling.
De ballade "Njai Soemoer Bandoeng"; eene Soendasche pantoenvertelling.
De ballade "Njai Soemoer Bandoeng"; eene Soendasche pantoenvertelling door C.M. Pleyte...
js-catalog.cpl.org /MARION/%2BBALLADE/1dff30007100/0   (56 words)

 Stamps, Collectable/Collectible Stamp Collections - Geoffrey Flack's Fine Stamps & Postal History
This cover was sent free of postal charges by a former POW in Bandoeng Java, It has a circular date stamp of 26th March 1946.
DUTCH EAST INDIES: 1946 P.O.W. cover from J M Carst Ex POW-Civilian Internee Hospital 0-8, Bandoeng, Java to Captain A Morzer, Netherlands Embassy Washington USA.
Sent from a hospital in Bandoeng, it has Bandoeng circular date stamps of 21st March.
tibetanpost.com /tpost.php?op=subsection&id=75   (460 words)

 Hélène Tromp - Photo shot in 1930 or one or two years later. Possibly in Bandoeng   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Hélène Cato Tromp - Photo shot in 1930 or one or two years later.
This was the "Hélène Cato Tromp" who was head of the Hollandsch-inlandsche school (Dutch-indigenous school) in Bandoeng (former Dutch East Indies) and who temporarily took care of the upbringing of (among others) my grandmother Theodora Tromp.
Click here to read more about those years.
photos.charlesvermeulen.com /118.html   (71 words)

 Cumberland Family Software
M Gerolf Bouwman Birth: 23 Apr 1917 Bandoeng
F Johanna Bouwman Birth: 1919 Bandoeng Death: 1953 Breukelen
M Hendrikus Bouwman Birth: 1920 Bandoeng Death: 1943 Birma spoorweg
www.xs4all.nl /~bbouwman/stamboom/fam00003.html   (176 words)

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