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Topic: Bandwidth

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  Bandwidth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bandwidth is a measure of frequency range, measured in hertz, of a function of a frequency variable.
Bandwidth is a central concept in many fields, including information theory, radio communications, signal processing, and spectroscopy.
The bandwidth of an electronic filter is the part of the filter's frequency response that lies within 3 dB of the response at the center frequency of its peak.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bandwidth   (856 words)

 Sum and Difference Frequencies, Sidebands and Bandwidth
Because of the existence of the sidebands, the frequency range or bandwidth necessary for radio transmission depends on the range of modulating frequencies.
Bandwidths are assigned for all types of broadcast communication and this imposes a maximum signal frequency which may be transmitted.
The bandwidths assigned to AM and FM radio are such as to limit the fidelity of music broadcasts in AM, but permit the luxury of stereo high-fidelity broadcasts by FM.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/audio/sumdif.html   (455 words)

 What Is Video Bandwidth?
Because the final bandwidth of several components connected together is less than the bandwidth of the "worst" component, we suggest purchasing equipment with a little more bandwidth than you think you need.
In my opinion, use of the term "bandwidth", beginning with "power bandwidth" back then, was just a way to let manufacturers advertise audio amplifiers as having so much power when at the lower end (bass requires more power output) the power was only guaranteed to be half of that (-3 dB).
If the net bandwidth of all the components and cables in the signal path is half that, the smallest picture detail reproduceable is about 1/960'th the screen width as opposed to 1/1920'th the screen width.
members.aol.com /ajaynejr/bandwid.htm   (3188 words)

 Tektronix: Oscilloscopes > Selection Guide - Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the most important single criterion in choosing an oscilloscope.
Oscilloscope bandwidth is the frequency at which a sinusoidal input signal is attenuated to 70.7% of the signal's true amplitude, known as the -3dB point.
Oscilloscope bandwidth is specified as the frequency at which a sinusoidal input signal is attenuated to 70.7% of the signal's true amplitude.
www.tek.com /Measurement/scopes/selection/bandwidth.html   (243 words)

 Bandwidth Explained
The amount of bandwidth a hosting company can provide is determined by their network connections, both internal to their data center and external to the public internet.
Bandwidth therefore is measured in bits (a single 0 or 1).
Bandwidth is the number of lanes on the highway and traffic is the number of cars on the highway.
www.findmyhosting.com /bandwidth.htm   (1377 words)

 Bandwidth Explained   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Bandwidth is the range of transmission frequencies a network can use.
For analog devices, the bandwidth is expressed in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz).
Bandwidth is measured in bits because packets of data can be different sizes.
www.kern-tech.net /bandwidth.htm   (336 words)

 Home Toys Article
Network bandwidth is just one part of overall system performance as shown in this hierarchy of potential bottlenecks, which is shown with the fastest components on the top and the slowest on the bottom.
When IBM introduced its PC in 1981 with a 300-baud dial-up modem option, that bandwidth was enough to display text at a rate faster than most people could read, and a mainframe screen of 24 lines of 80 characters (1920 bytes) took just 6.5 seconds to display.
Where bandwidth refers to network speed and is often measured by timing how long it takes to transmit a large file, latency measures delays between each transmission and is measured with network tools like ping and trace-route.
www.hometoys.com /mentors/caswell/aug02/bandwidth.htm   (3695 words)

 Bandwidth Reporting | Instant Bandwidth Reports | Bandwidth Reporting Tool :: NetFlow Analyzer
Granular detail into bandwidth usage gives better insight into the type of applications that are using bandwidth, and also helps in identifying unofficial applications using bandwidth.
Bandwidth usage per application gives you instant visibility into which applications are using up maximum bandwidth.
Bandwidth reports can be exported as PDF files and saved for future reference.
manageengine.adventnet.com /products/netflow/bandwidth-reports.html   (363 words)

Bandwidth is communications power--the capacity of an information channel to transmit bits without error in the presence of noise.
Blocking such bandwidths until recently was what is called in the optics trade the "electronic bottleneck." The light signals had to be converted to electronic pulses every 35 kilometers in order to be amplified and regenerated.
In today's world of bandwidth scarcity, arrays of special-purpose microprocessors constantly use their hard-wired computer cycles to compensate for the narrow bandwidth of existing channels and to make up for the small capacity of the fast, expensive memories where the data must be buffered or stored on the way.
www.seas.upenn.edu /~gaj1/bandgg.html   (8024 words)

 VoIP Bandwidth Calculator
This reduces total bandwidth to 35% of what it would have been without silence suppression (this reduction typically ranges from 35% to 50%).
This is the number of unidirectional channels, so for the total bandwidth used for media during a simple two-way call, you would specify 2 in this field.
Average bandwidth is the same as Maximum bandwidth except when the silence-suppression checkbox is checked, in which case it is lower.
www.packetizer.com /voip/diagnostics/bandcalc.html   (514 words)

 bandwidth - a Whatis.com definition
In this usage, bandwidth is expressed in terms of the difference between the highest-frequency signal component and the lowest-frequency signal component.
Since the frequency of a signal is measured in hertz (the number of cycles of change per second), a given bandwidth is the difference in hertz between the highest frequency the signal uses and the lowest frequency it uses.
This kind of bandwidth is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps).
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci211634,00.html   (313 words)

 Extron Electronics
Bandwidth has struck the information age, or perhaps the information age has struck bandwidth, like a baseball hitting a plate glass window.
Bandwidth requirements on bid specifications or purchase orders for high-resolution video display systems will pique the interest of anyone who wants to buy, sell, or install one.
Bandwidth is bought and sold by cable television providers and given away by the FCC and required on purchase contracts for video distribution systems, but what exactly is it that is bought or sold or needed?
www.extron.com /technology/archive.asp?id=vidband   (226 words)

 Bandwidth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The bandwidth of the ordering is then defined as the maximum of the individual bandwidths.
For these orderings, the bandwidths of the nodes (in order) are 6, 6, 1, 4, 1, 1, 6, 6 giving an ordering bandwidth of 6, and 5, 3, 1, 4, 3, 5, 1, 4 giving an ordering bandwidth of 5.
If more than one ordering produces the same bandwidth, then choose the smallest in lexicographic ordering, that is the one that would appear first in an alphabetic listing.
acm.uva.es /p/v1/140.html   (244 words)

 Article: Bandwidth and 'Unlimited' Bandwidth - BuffyGuide.com
Bandwidth is the term used to measure the amount of data being transferred from your web space.
Obviously, the larger the download, the more bandwidth is used, and thus the less hits you can have for that amount of bandwidth.
This is where a host allows you all the bandwidth you want, providing that you do not offer mp3, zip, tar, exe, and a number of other file types that are usually larger than standard HTML and graphics.
www.buffyguide.com /webmasters/whatisbw.shtml   (1100 words)

 Bandwidth Analogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Bandwidth is defined as the speed at which data flows through a specific transmission line.
In the case of streaming media, bandwidth is more specifically defined as how fast the streaming data can flow through our network of computers.
The first idea is to make the roadway larger (increasing bandwidth), which would allow the vehicles more room to drive (a larger pathway to transfer data through.) The second idea would involve reducing the size of the vehicles (compressing the files into smaller versions), which would speed up data transfer.
academic.udayton.edu /streaming/2_StreamingAtUD/analogy.htm   (324 words)

 Web Page Design for Designers - Editorial November1998
Unfortunately, bandwidth size is frequently limited by the connection speed available to clients, and a simple server upgrade won't solve the problem.
The original meaning of the word bandwidth referred to radio bands and how many stations could be crammed close together into certain 'bands' of the electromagnetic spectrum without interfering with one another.
Bandwidth is rarely a problem in print unless you try to reproduce more colours that the printing press can handle or you have to use five point type to make the copy fit a given area.
www.wpdfd.com /editorial/wpd1198.htm   (2558 words)

 Residential Computing: University Park | Bandwidth FAQ
Bandwidth usage is automatically collected as your data is passed to and from the Internet.
If your computer is always on and is consuming bandwidth while you are sleeping, the next time the program runs you could receive a violation notice.
Answer: The bandwidth consumption page is not intended to give students a real time view of their usage.
www.rescom.psu.edu /pages/bandwidthfaq.htm   (4382 words)

 Ars Technica: Understanding Bandwidth and Latency - Page 1 - (11/2002)
This article aims to give you a basic grasp of the complex and subtle interaction between bandwidth and latency, so that the next time you see bandwidth numbers quoted for a system you'll be able to better understand how those numbers translate into real-world performance.
In this view bandwidth is seen as an intrinsic, fixed property of the transmitting medium itself, a number that's unaffected by the vagaries of the transmitters at either end of the medium.
The peak bandwidth of a bus is the most easily calculated, the largest (read: the most marketing friendly), and the least relevant bandwidth number that you can use to quantify the amount of data that two components (i.e.
arstechnica.com /paedia/b/bandwidth-latency/bandwidth-latency-1.html   (1151 words)

 ZyTrax Multicast Router - Bandwidth Features
All bandwidth properties may be configured on a Time of Day and/or Day of Week basis.
All bandwidth properties may be configured by Time of Day and/or Day of Week.
The user may define the bandwidth properties using three Time of Day slots per 'Physical Route' each slot runs until completion at which time it is superceded by the next slot that meets the criteria e.g.
www.zytrax.com /features/bandwidth.htm   (2168 words)

 What is Bandwidth? - - Online Features - Darwin Online for Informed Executives
January 17, 2001 — In the parlance of computer jocks, bandwidth describes the amount of data a network can transport in a certain period of time.
In other words, bandwidth is a capacity for rate of transfer, usually expressed in bits per second.
Many networks today are based on a technology called Ethernet, which has a standard bandwidth of 10Mbps (10 million bits per second); in one second, 10 megabits of data can move through any given spot on the network.
www.darwinmag.com /learn/curve/column.html?ArticleID=65   (559 words)

 NetLingo.com Dictionary of Internet Terms: Online Definitions & Text Messaging
It also refers to the range of frequencies (not the speed) or the measured amount of information that can be transmitted over a connection: the higher the frequency, the higher the bandwidth and the greater the capacity of a channel to carry information.
For an analog channel, it is dependent on the type and method of modulation used to encode the data.
You may hear bandwidth described as the amount of time it takes a Web page to fully load (although this is incorrect) or as the amount of traffic on a Web site (this is also incorrect, but widely used).
www.netlingo.com /lookup.cfm?term=bandwidth   (244 words)

 Bandwidth Daemon Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Bandwidth Daemon is an advanced network bandwidth monitor program for Windows 2000/XP.
Rather than counting the bandwidth from all packets, Bandwidth Daemon passes each packet through filters to determine if it should be counted.
Bandwidth Daemon has a built in web server, and all administration is done through a web based interface.
www.grofsoft.com /bwd/overview.html   (337 words)

 Bandwidth Usage
The full 28.8 Kbps is not available because bandwidth is required for noise, data loss, and packet overhead.
You also need to consider bandwidth required by other clips in the presentation.
The bandwidth your presentation actually requires, however, depends on the total size of the image files and the presentation length.
service.real.com /help/library/guides/realpix/htmfiles/bandwdth.htm   (1655 words)

I AM One of the biggest problems with bandwidth theft is that a lot of people don't fully understand just what bandwidth is or the effects of bandwidth theft on the Internet.
The analogies I may use are not exact, but are intended to compare bandwidth and bandwidth theft to situations everyone can relate to.
Keep in mind this means the length of time it takes you to write the letter as well as everytime that letter is read by the person you sent it to and by anyone they may have forwarded it to.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Pines/4210/bandwidth.html   (833 words)

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