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Topic: Bank robbery

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  BANK SECURITY: check fraud, bank fraud, counterfeit, fraud prevention, BSA, money laundering, bank robberies, ...
Be on the lookout for the individuals pictured in our collection of bank robbery suspect photos from banks robbed in the last month..
Bank robberies are up this year in New York City (for more info, check out the BOL Security Blog).
Bank robberies, regardless of where perpetrated, always rely on intimidation and threats.
www.bankersonline.com /security/robberypage.html   (939 words)

  BBC NEWS | Business | Are penalty charges bank robbery?
His bank pointed out that these charges were fair and within the terms and conditions of his contract.
So Stephen went through his bank statements from the past six years (the legal maximum period of time that money can be reclaimed in the UK) and filed a claim at the small claims court.
The Office of Fair Trading has already forced banks to reduce their penalty charges for credit cards to a maximum £12, and it has now opened an investigation to establish what the real costs of current account penalty charges are.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/6169539.stm   (1134 words)

 Bank robberies
When Pilsen State Bank in Lincolnville, Kan., population 225, was robbed by two armed men in October 2001, bank president Kurt Spachek was eating lunch in a room away from the main banking area and didn't know what had happened until it was over.
When Spachek's bank was held up again in March 2002 by a single robber, who Spachek believed was one of the guys from the October robbery, the man ordered Spachek and four employees into a bathroom.
Bank robberies in small cities and towns increased by more than 35 percent from 1996 to 2001 and by almost 20 percent in rural areas.
www.bankrate.com /brm/news/chk/20020607a.asp?prodtype=bank   (785 words)

 Developing A Comprehensive Bank Robbery Prevention Program
Robbery is a threat that must continuously be reviewed because in addition to its potential for high loss, it is one of few threats which also carries with it the possibility for personal injury.
While the potential for robbery attacks cannot be totally eliminated given the nature of banking, none-the-less, these stated protection objectives can be met to a high degree based upon analysis, planning, training, preparation, and expenditures where needed.
The typical bank robber is likely to be a young, repeat offender male, who is unemployed, and statically, non-white as opposed to white.
www.kennish.com /robberythreat   (1291 words)

 Four are indicted in bank robbery - The Boston Globe
Last week, four people were indicted in connection with a Lawrence bank robbery in January in which the alleged wrongdoers did their deed dressed as ninjas.
The indictments follow a lengthy investigation into the robbery that involved the FBI and the Boston Bank Robbery Task Force, a partnership of the FBI and state and local police.
With their insight into the bank's schedule, they were able to determine when an armored truck would deliver a large sum of cash and know how long it would be before it could be secured in a vault.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2006/06/29/four_are_indicted_in_bank_robbery   (529 words)

 BANKERSONLINE.COM -- the premier resource for financial services professionals on the Internet! bank operations, bank ...
Whether you're looking for a new job in financial services, or you've got a position you need to fill, BOL Career Connect is the place to go.
With more than 50,000 banking jobs listed from all over the country, you can pick the place you dream of moving to, and check the list of local listings.
BOL Learning Connect for in-depth training from seasoned banking experts.
www.bankersonline.com   (554 words)

 Bank Robbery
I suppose the bank who thought this one up actually believed they would help boost morale in these trying times by giving Americans a way of showing their patriotism every time they slap down the plastic to buy something.
Bank of America, the No. 3 bank in the country, agreed to pay $125 million in fines and $250 million to reimburse investors, while Fleet said it would pay $70 million in fines and $70 million in restitution.
In short, the banks knew exactly what they were doing, and they are as much to blame for the economic storm coming as the consumers who used their credit.
www.writingshop.ws /html/bank_robbery.html   (5845 words)

 Bank Robbery in Criminal Law - Associated Content
Bank robbery is a less common crime than it was twenty years ago.
The most successful of all the bank robberies, however, are “takeover” bank robberies in which several criminals storm a bank at the same time and threaten the lives of everyone inside.
Bank robberies are also often successful when they are an “inside job”, which means that someone employed at the bank is in on the scam, usually one of the managers.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/71919/bank_robbery_in_criminal_law.html?page=2   (571 words)

 Why most bank robberies are on Friday
If you are really worried about being in a bank during a robbery, it would be a good idea to avoid going to the bank on Friday mornings between 9 a.m.
According to the FBI, more bank robberies happen on Fridays than any other day, and the most popular time for banks to be robbed is between 9 a.m.
to 11 a.m., it's the beginning of the banking day, and it's perceived that there's still a lot of money in the bank as opposed to the end of the day in terms of hard cash.
www.bankrate.com /brm/news/chk/20020607b.asp   (267 words)

 Welcome to the South Carolina Bankers Association!
None of us want to experience a bank robbery, but with the Bank Robbery Reward Program, we can work with the proper officials to see that the criminals come to justice and are punished for their crime.
The South Carolina Bankers Association's Bank Robbery Reward Program, first implemented in 1975, continues to effectively generate public involvement in the solution of commercial bank and thrift robberies in South Carolina.
The purpose of the Bank Robbery Reward Program is to reduce and deter crimes against South Carolina financial institutions, and to stimulate public assistance in providing information to assist federal and local law enforcement agencies in the investigation and solution of crimes against financial institutions.
www.scbankers.org /article.asp?article=84   (691 words)

 Bank robbery suspects' getaway car found - Boston.com
A police and FBI manhunt was on for the three masked robbers, blamed for the shooting death of a teller at the small community bank and the wounding of a security guard and 73-year-old customer.
Their maroon getaway car was found abandoned several miles from the bank, said FBI special agent Tom Simon.
Officials said Tuesday's holdup may be connected to a similar heist May 10 at a nearby bank.
www.boston.com /news/nation/articles/2007/05/23/1_killed_2_hurt_in_chicago_bank_robbery   (441 words)

 Wanted bank robbery suspects
San Jose Police Robbery Detective Pham reports that on 3/27/06 at about 4:15pm, a bank robbery occurred at the Bank of the West located at McKee Rd. and White Rd. The suspect approached the teller and gave her a hand written note demanding money.
During the robbery, suspect’s mask slipped revealing a partial area of his face, indicating he was a white male, narrow faced and red, possibly sunburned.
The bank had just closed and employees were counting the money when the suspect used a key to open the locked doors.
www.fugitive.com /f-bank-robbery.html   (2975 words)

 City of Mountain View - Bank Robbery Training
For these reasons, MVPD offers robbery training for local banks, and other financial institutions, to prepare employees for what to do during and after a robbery.
Mock robberies are conducted to give your employees the feel of a real robbery.
The training begins with an introduction to bank robberies and a discussion of the risks.
www.ci.mtnview.ca.us /city_hall/police/business_concerns/bank_robbery_training.asp   (324 words)

 America's First Bank Robbery
Bank officials were certain that the man who changed the locks had made an extra key.
Even after the confession, the bank and law officers stubbornly insisted that Lyon was involved in making a false key to the vault; he would languish several more weeks in the prison until the charges were dismissed.
The Bank of Pennsylvania appears to have moved to Carpenters' Hall shortly before the robbery following a failed attempt to burglarize its office in the city's Masonic lodge on Lodge Alley.
www.ushistory.org /carpentershall/history/robbery.htm   (1753 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
At the time it occurred, the Santa Claus Bank Robbery was one of Texas' most infamous crimes and led to the largest manhunt ever seen in the state.
Blassengame and her daughter entered the bank while the holdup was in progress.
Hill pleaded guilty to armed robbery, took the stand on his own behalf, and in March was sentenced to 99 years in prison.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/SS/jbs2.html   (1655 words)

 The Bristol Press - Bank robbery suspect eludes police, K-9 unit in Forestville search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The suspect was described by employees of the 26 E. Main St. branch of the Bank of America as being a man in his mid-30s who wore jeans, a long-sleeved denim button-down shirt over a white T-shirt, dark sunglasses and a baseball-style hat, said Lt. Thomas Grimaldi.
The amount of money reported stolen in the robbery is not being released, he said, as it is a crucial key to the investigation.
Bank employees told police the suspect acted as though he had a weapon, although none was shown -- nor did the robber verbally threaten to use one during the robbery, Grimaldi said.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=17097665&BRD=1643&PAG=461&dept_id=10486&rfi=6   (485 words)

 E-mail tips police to 'bizarre' bank robbery - CNN.com
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- A Miami Beach bank robbery Tuesday turned "bizarre," police said, after an alleged robber was arrested -- apparently unarmed -- and a man claiming to be his brother-in-law phoned threats to the bank.
At that point, a bank employee got a call from someone threatening to shoot people if the person in police custody was not released.
The suspect in the bank robbery is not a United States citizen, Hernandez said, but he would release no further details, saying that the FBI, who is taking over the criminal investigation, did not want the suspect's name released.
www.cnn.com /2007/US/03/27/florida.bankrobbery/index.html?eref=rss_topstories   (537 words)

 THE KEARNEY BANK ROBBERY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
To set the scene of this 1934 event, the bank involved was the 3-story building at the southeast corner of the intersection of Central Avenue and 21st Street.
Then realizing that the bank's large front windows would readily show people on the street the row of all the hands sticking up over the top of the partition, the robbers told them to keep their hands down and their eyes straight ahead toward the partition wall.
They were suspected in bank robberies in Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, but it is not known whether they were the robbers of the Kearney bank.
bchs.kearney.net /BTales_199411.htm   (1352 words)

 Torrance Bank Robbery Lawyers - South Bay Embezzlement Defense Attorneys - Bank Fraud - California Bank Robbery - ...
McGregor & Ernenwein is a skilled bank robbery defense and criminal defense law firm located in the South Bay area of California.
Our South Bay bank robbery defense attorneys have a variety of legal strategies, as well as valuable legal advice to provide you during this difficult time.
South Bay Bank Robbery Defense Attorney Disclaimer: The California bank robbery, embezzlement, bank fraud, Federal crime defense, or other legal criminal defense information available on this site should not be interpreted to be formal legal advice, nor the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship.
www.california-federal-crimes-attorneys.com /bank_robbery.shtml   (396 words)

 1914 Sedro-Woolley Bank Robbery
This bank in the corner of the Wixson Hotel at the intersection of Ferry and Metcalf streets was soon to become the scene of the biggest robbery in the history of Sedro-Woolley.
Susie Alverson was headed to her mother's house east of the bank when she heard the shooting began but she headed back to her home a half block away when she realized where the sounds came from.
This bank robbery is reenacted by the Loco Players every year as part of the Founders Days celebration in Sedro-Woolley, conducted annually on the second weekend of September.
www.stumpranchonline.com /skagitjournal/S-W/Gen/1914S-WBank.html   (6657 words)

 Bill targets bank robbery rate - The Washington Times: Business - March 31, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The original bill would have established bank robbery as a crime separate from other robberies and increased the maximum prison sentence from 20 years to 30 years.
In the District, bank robbery is prosecuted under federal law with a maximum penalty of 20 years, or 25 years if a dangerous weapon is used.
The fewest bank robberies were in Garrett, Calvert, Caroline, Somerset and Worcester counties, all of which had no bank robberies last year.
www.washingtontimes.com /business/20050330-102211-6839r.htm   (644 words)

 Bank robbery suspect captured- NOLA.com
A neighborhood man allegedly fleeing from an Uptown bank robbery was captured Friday around midday after buying a change of clothes at an Oak Street store and trying to carjack a customer who had just come out of a nearby hardware store, police and neighbors said.
Jerome Scott, 32, of 2024 Joliet St., was being held on a federal bank robbery charge in connection with the robbery of the Whitney National Bank on South Carrollton Avenue near Plum Street.
After robbing the bank, a man police later said was Scott entered the Super 10 dollar store in the 8200 block of Oak Street, picked out a change of clothing and left a $50 bill on the counter, said Vincent Walker, a store employee.
www.nola.com /news/t-p/metro/index.ssf?/base/news-20/1172906259292410.xml&coll=1   (561 words)

 Santa Claus Bank Robbery
Blasengame charged her way with her daughter to the bookkeeping office of the bank, announcing "They are robbing the bank." She saw the door that led out the bookkeeping office into the alley.
As the robbers were gaining entrance into the vault of the bank, the three Officers were preparing for the gun battle that would take place.
The robber's blue sedan left the bank heading South and would soon be followed by citizens enraged from the events at the bank.
www.ciscotx.com /ciscopd/santaclaus.html   (1470 words)

 Police release image from bank robbery in Wilton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
There were about seven employees in the bank at the time; no customers were inside and no one was injured in the robbery, according to police.
This is the second robbery reported in south Wilton in the past three weeks — Maggie Moo's ice cream shop in the Gateway shopping center reported an armed robbery two weeks ago — and the third south Wilton robbery since October of last year.
It is the second bank robbery in the past nine months, coming on the heels of a May 2006 robbery in Georgetown.
www.acorn-online.com /news/publish/wilton/Police_release_image_from_bank_robbery_in_Wilton.shtml   (475 words)

 Historic Robbery
One of the most dramatic and colorful events ever to occur in Northwestern Colorado was the attempted robbery of the Bank of Meeker.
The lightning-like promptness with which the robbers were disposed of was a tribute to the pioneer residents of Meeker and notice to the world that frontier men were without fear-- and shot fast and straight-- when the occasion required.
A short time before the Meeker Bank robbery the famous Butch Cassidy gang had staged the successful robbery of the Montpelier, Idaho bank, and had bragged on their return about how easy it had been.
www.fnbrockies.com /robbery.cfm   (576 words)

 Cool cop nabs bank robbery suspect
Mickle is a suspect in a robbery of the Tempe Bank of America at 1801 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe police public relations Officer Brandon Banks said there are no indications that Mickle is involved in a string of 12 bank robberies this year in Tempe.
In addition to the one Tempe bank robbery, Mickle is now a suspect in three in Mesa and two in Chandler, police say.
www.azcentral.com /arizonarepublic/tempe/articles/0625t-bank25Z10.html   (529 words)

 CNN.com - Bank robbery suspect: 'It went to hell' - Sep. 27, 2002
One robbery suspect said, "It went to hell in the bank," according to police investigating one of the deadliest bank robberies in the United States.
The suspects had cased the branch of the U.S. Bank in Norfolk on several occasions two weeks prior to the robbery, Hecker said.
Authorities said Zach was apparently upset because he had stopped one of the suspects a week before the robbery, but botched a background check on the man's gun.
archives.cnn.com /2002/US/Central/09/27/bank.slayings   (1009 words)

 PPPD Bank Robbery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
He and an accomplice, Emeregildo Roman, were arraigned in federal court today at 4:00 PM for three bank robberies committed in 2005.
Robbery charges for the Fifth Third bank of Pinellas Park are pending and forthcoming.
The bank was not open for business at the time of the robbery so there were no other customers inside.
www.pinellas-park.com /Departments/Police/07_13_2006_-_bank_robbery_-_band-aid_bandit.asp   (665 words)

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