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Topic: Barbary Lion

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Lion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Lion (Panthera leo) is a mammal of the family Felidae and one of four "big cats" in the panthera genus.
Lions are recurring symbols in the coat of arms of royalty and chivalry, particularly in the UK, where the lion is also a national symbol of the British people, and in Ethiopia, where it is a symbol of the Monarchy.
The Lion of Judah on the emblem of Jerusalem
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lion   (4311 words)

 Barbary Lion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is often considered to be the largest of the lion subspecies with males weighing between 400-650lb (181 to 295kg) and females 270-400lbs(120 to 181 kg), approximately the size of Bengal tigers.
The last known Barbary Lion in the wild was shot in the Atlas Mountains in 1922.
Although the Barbary is officially extinct, WildLink International had identified a handful of lions in captivity around the world that are descended from the original Barbary Lion, like the royal lions in Temara Zoo in Rabat, Morocco.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Barbary_Lion   (940 words)

 Lioncrusher's Domain -- Lion (Panthera leo) facts and pictures
The lion has 30 teeth, and uses them to kill their prey by one of three ways: smaller prey is killed by snapping its neck bones, medium sized prey by severing the throat, and large prey is held by the throat and suffocated.
Male lions often roar in a low rumble that starts out with a few low moaning grunts, which is a display of territoriality to indicate to other lions that a pride lives in the area, and to stay out.
Lions have a complex greeting ceremony, in which the lions moan softly to one another, swing their heads from side to side, and have their tails raised high, which often is draped over the other lion's back.
www.lioncrusher.com /animal.asp?animal=59&page=2   (3543 words)

 Jungle Eyes Wildlife Sanctuary - Lions
Barbary lion - Panthera leo leo; extinct in the wild.
Barbary lions were kept by Roman emperors, who ordered the capture of literally thousands of individuals to fight in the gladiator arenas.
Lions are recurring symbols in the coat of arms of royalty and chivalry, particularly in the UK, where the lion is also a national symbol of the British people.
www.jungledomain.org /lions.htm   (2241 words)

 Barbary Lion
Lions are the dominant carnivores in their habitat and will drive away competitors or even kill them.
As of the time of this writing, the Barbary lion has never been tested and compared to these results, and may in fact be a third and distinct lion sub-species.
Lions have a uniformly tawny coat, and the shades of it may vary from light to dark.
www.bigcatrescue.org /lion.htm   (1963 words)

 Recently Extinct
It is these lions that figure in stories such as Daniel and the Lion’s Den, as well as historical events such as the lions unleashed on victims within the roman coliseum.
lion was the largest subspecies of lion, weighing from 500-600 lbs for males and between 300-350 for females, roughly twice the size of the African lion.
It was more compactly built than other lions, and had a thicker mane which extended underneath the belly, similar to the Asiatic lion, but extending further and covering through to the groin, as well as extending across the back through the shoulders and forming fetlocks on the front legs.
www.bluelion.org /recently_extinct.htm   (918 words)

 Extinct Lion and Tiger Species
The last stronghold for the Barbary was the Atlas mountains in Morocco, where they lasted until the last one was killed in 1922 rendering the species extinct in the wild.
There are Barbary lions in captive breeding programs which are undergoing DNA testing to verify the purity of their origin (it is estimated there are less than 30 in captivity).
It is known that the Barbary Lion was kept by Roman Emperors and literally thousand were taken from their homes to Italy to serve as gladiator's rivals.
www.tigerhomes.org /animal/curriculums/barbary-lion-pc.cfm   (346 words)

 EXN.ca | Discovery
Because many of these lions that are in captivity are old, she has already started to cross-breed what she and others feel are indeed Barbery lions.
The task of deciding which lions are Barbary and which are not will be made easier when the DNA fingerprint becomes available.
While Moroccan officials are eager to see the lion back in its habitat, and is indeed setting aside thousands of hectares of protected land, the area is now quite different from when the lions once roamed it.
www.exn.ca /Stories/1999/10/27/59.asp   (805 words)

Barbaries, also known as Nubian lions, used to prowl widely in North Africa, which was then forested terrain.
In Aesop’s fables, it would have been a Barbary lion that spared Androcles in the arena, out of gratitude to the Greek slave who earlier removed a thorn from his paw.
Although the Barbary Lion has been classified as extinct since the 1920’s, a handful of lions in captivity around the world that are descended from the original Barbary are being studied for possible breeding and reintroduction.
www.cattales.org /Jambo.html   (385 words)

 Barbary Lion News
Barbary lions, extinct in the wild since the 1920s, may make a comeback thanks to scientists in Britain.
Saffi's father is Kabir, known to descend from the Barbary lions owned by the king of Morocco when the last known Barbary in the wild was shot in the 1920s.
A full-grown male Barbary lion is said by historians to have weighed more than 500 pounds, compared with less than 400 pounds for today's male African lion.
www.bigcatrescue.org /barbary_lion_news.htm   (1086 words)

 BARBARY LION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Barbary (Atlas, Nubian) lion (Panthera leo leo) was the largest and was found throughout Northern Africa from Morocco to Egypt.
There may have been a closer relation between the Barbary lions of Northernmost Africa and the sub-species of Asia, than between the Barbary lion and the rest of the African sub-species.
The Barbary lion first became extinct in Tripoli in 1700, then in Tunisia in 1891, Algeria in 1899, and finally, the last Barbary lion in the wild was killed in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 1922.
www.il-st-acad-sci.org /mammals/cat1002a.html   (783 words)

 Barbary Lion or Cape Lion? Meet TIGER TOUCH exotic feline sanctuary's own Rocky the Lion, brought to you by Foothill ...
Lions have 30 teeth at adulthood, and these teeth are specific for cutting through the tough skin and tendons of their prey, as lions do not chew, but rather swallow their meals in chunks.
Unlike cheetahs, lions are actually much slower than most of the prey they hunt to survive, and therefore, they have to master the art of surprising their prey.
Lions are generally thought to be the only members of the cat family to form social groups called prides in which a number of females and a male or two demonstrate remarkable cooperation.
www.hdw-inc.com /ttrocky.htm   (2956 words)

 Recently Extinct Animals - Species Info - Barbary Lion
It is the largest of the lion subspecies with males weighing between 230 to 270 kg and females 140 to 160 kg.
Barbary expert Dr Yamaguchi is thus attempting to discover the characteristics of the Barbary sub-species using the latest DNA techniques.
These Barbary lions lived in the Brussels Zoo, then located in Leopold Park, right under the walls of the present-day Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, that died there and, fortunately, found their way into the collections and the public display of the museum belong to that remarkable form.
www.petermaas.nl /extinct/speciesinfo/barbarylion.htm   (3248 words)

 The Barbary and Cape Lions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The passing of the European Lion left the later-to-come Roman Empire with a bit of a problem…they needed someone to feed the Christians to, and, since they were busy logging in North Africa anyway, the Barbary got the job.
The last Cape Lion seen in Cape Province was killed in 1858, but the last of the species was hunted down in Natal by one General Bisset in 1865.
The lions that turn out to be the long-lost Cape or Barbary subspecies will, hopefully, be put into breeding programs for possible re-introduction into their home territories…or what's left of them anyway.
users.aristotle.net /~swarmack/nslions.html   (851 words)

 BBC News | Africa | Extinct lion set for comeback
The Barbary, distinguished from ordinary lions by its thick fl mane and belly hair, was always a royal beast.
The lions were so unused to the world outside their cages that they were frightened of grass and too nervous to drink water from pools in their enclosure.
One lion died, and Lente Roode was left with a 12-year old male - Giepie - and a female - Sharon.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/382080.stm   (521 words)

 Online edition of Sunday Observer - Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
"Is there a Lion in you?" Lion, the biggest of cats, has always inspired awe and admiration in humans from childhood storybooks to adulthood beer brands.
This is the tale of the Barbary Lion (Panthera leo leo), the largest lion sub-species ever to walk the earth, which has today become a folklore.
These lions brought from Africa to Rome in hundreds and hundreds were none other than the imposing and grand Barbary Lions.
www.sundayobserver.lk /2005/11/06/fea37.html   (603 words)

 SIGHTINGS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The researchers are planning to excavate lion bones from under the Colosseum in order to find a genetic fingerprint of a true Barbary lion and then begin a selective breeding program to revive the animal.
Once indigenous to Northern Africa, the last wild Barbary lion was thought to have been shot by a hunter in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco in the 1920s.
Historical records suggest that Barbary lions from the Atlas Mountains were imported into the Roman Empire, where they were used in gladiatorial contests in the Colosseum and fed with Christian martyrs.
www.rense.com /politics4/glad.htm   (393 words)

 [No title]
Barbary lions are frequently described as huge animals, with the males possessing the most well-developed manes amongst all lions.
It is, however, doubtful whether captive Barbary lions, usually captured as cubs and kept in menageries during the 18th or 19th centuries, attained the full body size.
Earlier morphological studies of museum specimens proposed that the Barbary lion was a distinct subspecies among the eight of the modern lion (Mazák, 1970; Hemmer, 1974; Mazák, 1975).
www.zoonews.ws /IZN/321/IZN-321.htm   (18721 words)

 Gen Info
It was believed that the Barbary Lion was extinct in the early 1900s.
Only two sub species of lion possessed the lush dark belly fringe that extends throughout the groin with a golden halo around the royal face, becoming their most identifiable trait.
The smaller Cape Lion was found through southern Africa from the Cape of Good Hope to the province of Natal.
www.spfdbus.com /Barbary_Lion/info.htm   (1204 words)

 Zion Wildlife Gardens
Zion, born in 1999, is arguably the tamest Barbary lion in the world.
They are such a good looking animal that the Romans used the Barbary lion in their gladiatorial contests.
The white lion is not albino, nor is it a separate subspecies, but is an African tawny lion with a recessive gene.
www.zionwildlifegardens.co.nz /animals.html   (479 words)

 Barbary Lion - Panthera leo leo - Largest Lion Subspecies
Barbary Lion - Panthera leo leo - Largest Lion Subspecies
They were more heavily built than today's lions weighing over 500 lbs and reaching 9-11 feet in length.
It is known that the Barbary Lion was kept by Roman Emperors and literally thousand were taken from their
www.tigerhomes.org /animal/barbary-lion.cfm   (331 words)

 Page Graphics
Unlike the plains dwelling lion of today, the Barbary Lion occupied the woodlands of the
The last known Barbary Leopard, which was in captivity in the US, passed away early in 1999.
In Algeria, it became extinct primarily due to hunting, as the hunting of these lions was so encouraged that the 2 great lion-hunting tribes were not only exempt from having to pay taxes, but they were paid liberally for their skins.
www.barbarylion.com /Barbary2.htm   (560 words)

 Kingdom of the Barbary Lions
Eleven lions that had once belonged to the deposed Emperor Haile Selassie were languishing in a half-forgotten zoo.
The males had the dark full-length manes of Barbary Kings, and the lionesses had the squared faces of Barbary Queens.
Through The International Barbary Lion Project, managed by WildLink, Kay is preparing to breed a new generation of Barbary Lions to return to the wild.
www.tigertouch.org /barbary/history5.html   (382 words)

 APE - Animals, People and the Environment: Press Release for Kay and Ken Hill (WildLink)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
We are currently running one of the most exciting scientific projects in the field of conservation which will ultimately see the re-introduction of a sub species of Lion extinct in the wild since the 1920's - the Barbary (Atlas) Lion.
The Barbary Lion project will form the basis for the talk.
During the talk Kay will explain how sub-species can be defined using DNA testing, the history of WildLink's and other Barbary Lion projects, and the future awaiting the Barbary Lion.
www.ivu.org /ape/releases/relAug99.htm   (257 words)

 Sarabi, A Barbary Lion Thought to be Extinct
Lioness, Sarabi, carries 14 of 17 Barbary Lion DNA markers.
Barbary Lions were believed to have been extinct.
However, a SMALL handful of Barbary Lions have been found.
www.spfdbus.com /Barbary_Lion   (250 words)

 Barbary Lion
View barbary lion pictures and find hunting information on the web.
There are about 15,000 species in the wild nowadays and just about ten years ago about 50,000 of these animals could be found in the wild.
Today these animals are restricted to the savanna, open expanses and grassy plains of Africa.
www.gotexoticsonline.com /barbary-lion/barbary-lion.shtml   (141 words)

 Justgiving - The Barbary Lion Project
The reason I am doing this is so that I can raise £10,000 in sponsorship for The John Aspinall Foundation.
These funds will enable The Barbary Lion Project to continue at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.
Port Lympne is proud to be the only collection in the UK breeding the Barbary Lion and we hope to return some of these lions to their natural habitat.
www.justgiving.com /petethompson   (238 words)

 Antique print: picture of Lion of Barbary - Felis leo barbaricus
Antique print: picture of Lion of Barbary - Felis leo barbaricus
Genuine antique print of Lion of Barbary from Brodtmann.
The images on this web site are copyrighted and have visible and hidden digital watermarks.
www.finerareprints.com /print_detail.html?stock_no=10752   (336 words)

 Art Poster Wood Framed Print - Lion: Barbary - Artist: Friedrich Specht- Poster Size: 18 X 14 - SHOP.COM
Art Poster Wood Framed Print - Lion: Barbary - Artist: Friedrich Specht- Poster Size: 18 X 14
This Poster is framed using a Black wood frame with no matte.
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p39804659   (220 words)

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