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Topic: Barbecuing

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  Electric barbecuing cooker - Patent 6279462
The barbecuing cooker according to claim 1, wherein the surface of the rear reflecting plate(30) is coated with nonstick ceramics.
The barbecuing cooker according to claim 1, wherein the gear wheel(70) is formed, along its circumference, with an annular tongue bent at right angle outwardly, said annular tongue being formed with teeth at fixed intervals so as to engaged with a driving gear(90).
The barbecuing cooker according to claim 1, wherein the barbecuing cooker is provided with a basket(130) which is fabricated of wire gauges and is formed with projecting loops(131) on opposite sides for receiving the spits(80) and a basket(130) is provided with a cover(132) fabricated of wire gauges.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6279462.html   (2693 words)

 Barbecuing - Mahalo
Barbecuing is a type of cooking that is done on a grill.
Most people barbecue meat like beef, pork, chicken or fish, but there are many things that can be cooked on a grill.
There are two main types of barbecue grills, the charcoal grill and the gas grill.
www.mahalo.com /Barbecuing   (198 words)

 Barbecuing- FREE Barbecuing Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
A Vinegar Barbecue - On the coastal plain of north carolina, whole-hog barbecuing is a community event where vinegar-based sauces are king.
Barbecuing is an integral part of summer entertaining...
The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland); 6/22/2002; 123 words; BARBECUING is the sign of summer month, but some of the best barbecues are held in the pouring rain, as I discovered last week.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Barbecuing   (1293 words)

 Go whole hog on barbecuing
In the nineteenth century, barbecue was common fare at church events and private parties.
Politicians found that hosting barbecues was an easy way for different classes to mix and a relatively inexpensive way to lobby for votes.
Barbecue is cooked by indirect heat, meaning the heat source is not directly under the meat.
www.lakeoswegoreview.com /features/story.php?story_id=118237992689646200   (1165 words)

 Barbecuing - Recipes Wiki
Barbecue, (also spelled barbeque, or abbreviated BBQ) is a method of cooking food with indirect heat and smoke, or the end-result of cooking by this method.
The word 'barbecue' is often used to refer to a casual party, usually outdoors or with an outdoor theme and usually with food that has been barbecued or grilled.
Some forms of barbecue are barely distinguishable from grilled meats; most involve tougher cuts of meat, requiring hours of cooking over low heat that barely exceeds the boiling point of water.
www.cookbookwiki.com /Barbecuing   (535 words)

  Barbecuing & Grilling - Barbecuing Tips & Techniques
The word "barbecue" refers to a method of cooking or social gathering where the carcass of an animal is roasted whole.
Man, (or Woman, depending on who was doing the cooking at that time) has used the barbecue method for cooking food ever since he or she figured out how to finally get the first coals started.
If you are planning to take your barbecue on trips to the beach or when you go camping, then you would want a smaller compact type like a Hibachi or a small brazier.
www.cooking-italian-food.com /barbecuing.htm   (653 words)

  Cooking with Gas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Barbecuing is a method of cooking with the dry heat of a wood fire at a temperature of between 180F and 250F.
Barbecuing is a method of slow cooking, and meat may require 12 hours or more to cook.
Barbecue restaurants cook with gas because the cost of doing so is much less than fueling the smoker entirely with wood or charcoal.
new.cbbqa.com /articles/CookingWithGas.html   (842 words)

barbecue • barbie • bbq • bannock • bread
barbecue • cookoff • fall festival • green beans • ashland
barbecued vegetables • barbecue • vegetarian barbecue • portobella mushrooms • red bell pepper
www.suite101.com /reference/barbecuing   (1340 words)

 Top 5 barbecuing best bets
This allows for the flavour of the sauce to soak into the meat and helps reduce your prep time the next day.
Sirloin is a good steak for family cooking because one steak may feed the whole family.
When barbecuing vegetables, cut into large chunks and place them directly on the grill.
www.chiff.com /a/barbecue-tricks.htm   (234 words)

 What do we mean when we talk about barbecue…
As we all know it, the word “barbecue” defines both a method and an apparatus for cooking food, often meat, with the heat and hot gases of a fire, smoking wood, or hot coals of charcoal and may include application of a marinade or basting sauce to the meat.
In Texas, meanwhile, barbecue is often eaten with no sauce at all so as not to distract from the natural flavor of the meat in question (which, in Texas, is generally beef, however chicken is also common, a meat not often found barbecued in other states).
Other barbecue competitions are held in virtually every state in the United States during the warmer months, usually beginning in April and going through September.
www.barbecuing.net   (495 words)

 Barbecuing and Cancer Risk - ASHE Homefamily.net
Barbecuing is one of the great pleasures of summer.
However, research suggests that barbecuing may also increase the risk of some forms of cancer if certain precautions are not taken.
When grilling, keep the temperature as low as possible, limit the cooking time and use lean meat so there is little, if any, smoke produced from dripping fat.
www.homefamily.net /index.php?/categories/foodnutrition/barbecuing_and_cancer_risk   (541 words)

 Backyard barbecuing is getting big. Literally. : Home & Garden : Evansville Courier Press
Traditional roasts were cooked over pits, but today serious cooks use professional roasters, massive barbecues, often mounted on trailers, that resemble oil tanks and offer far greater temperature control.
Barbecue purists argue for the low-and-slow method, which calls for cooking over indirect heat at about 225 degrees for as many as 20 hours.
Bill Eason, owner of The Little Red Pig Championship Barbecue in Marshville, N.C., loves roasting hogs, but says the sight of them is a turnoff to many of his customers.
www.courierpress.com /news/2006/jul/03/backyard-barbecuing   (1071 words)

 Well? What Is Barbecuing? Low And Slow With Wood.
There are others who'll tell you that barbecuing is slow-cooking large pieces of meat (just about has to be pork), using indirect, wood fired heat.
Authentic barbecue is low temperature cooking, using an indirect heat source (has to be wood), for hours and hours.
Barbecuing - When the word barbecuing is used, it'll most often refer to the indirect grilling method.
www.bbq-fyi.com /what-is-barbecuing.html   (662 words)

 Grilling & Barbecuing: How to Barbecue Meat | Quamut: the go to how to
Barbecuing takes a long time—two hours to barbecue a chicken breast or fish and 4–12 hours for most other foods.
The mop, or mopping sauce, is a liquid mixture applied to meat as it barbecues in order to provide flavor and moisture during the long hours of smoking.
If you’re barbecuing on a grill, apply the mop as quickly as possible so you don’t let out too much heat when you lift the grill’s lid.
www.quamut.com /quamut/grilling_and_barbecuing/page/how_to_barbecue_meat.html   (521 words)

Barbecuing has become an essential part of the British Summertime but it’s origins are further afield.
The barbecue is covered which, in turn, reduces flare-ups that will char the outside.
If a gas barbecue is used, it won’t need as much in terms of preparation and getting the temperature right, as a charcoal Barbie.
www.theeveninginn.com /recipearticledisplay.aspx?article=8&name=Barbecuing   (1618 words)

 Outdoor Barbecuing forSmall and Large Groups
Outdoor cookery or barbecuing to feed small and large groups is one of the most popular activities for 4-H and civic fundraisers, and for supporting educational meetings, church functions and field days.
Barbecuing and charcoal broiling are dry heat methods of cooking.
Barbecuing for large groups is usually done over an open pit or in a large portable metal grill, with a wood or charcoal fire.
pubs.caes.uga.edu /caespubs/pubcd/b1039-w.html   (5929 words)

 Carrabbas Italian Grill
Barbecuing cooks food over a low and indirect heat, using the smoke to cook, as well as flavor the food.
With barbecuing make sure that your cooking vessel is pretty well sealed and then vented to optimize your cooking times.
Barbecuing cooks the food slow and if done right can add tons of flavor to your meat or fish.
www.carrabbas.com /meet_cookingtechs_grillbbq.asp   (170 words)

 Barbecuing vs. grilling | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News
In some cases, barbecuing is used to describe a social gathering and cooking outdoors.
Barbecuing requires the use of special equipment to slow-cook meat, using wood smoke to add flavor.
Primarily, the distinction between barbecuing and grilling is the heat level and the intensity of the radiant heat.
www.woai.com /guides/outdoor/grilling/story.aspx?content_id=b6253a0d-2f92-4b7f-809d-c17a5d8fa750   (505 words)

 Grilling vs. barbecuing: Lovin' it by degrees
You can grill using your barbecue and barbecue using your grill, but barbecuing and grilling are two different cooking methods.
Barbecue takes its sweet time at a low temperature over several hours, until the meat is so tender it falls from the bone.
Barbecuing tends to use tough cuts of meats or large roasts, such as pork shoulder, spareribs and brisket, which are marinated or covered in a rub, then cooked at a temperature between 225 to 250 degrees.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /food/135676_bbq20.html   (1055 words)

 An American barbecue pilgrimage. - By David Plotz - Slate Magazine
Barbecue is one of the last bastions of local prejudice in American life: Every state in the South—and some in the Midwest—thinks its barbecue is the first, most authentic, and best in the nation.
In the height of summer barbecue season, there are half a dozen contests around the nation every weekend, some drawing hundreds of teams that compete to make divine pork shoulder and brisket with a perfect smoke ring (the pink outer layer that develops in a well-smoked piece of beef).
Today, she is half of a championship barbecue team called "Tom and Josh's Orgasmic Slabs." She and her partner enter 22 competitions a year, spending $500 and up per competition and driving their Lang 84 mobile smoker hundreds or thousands of miles every weekend to compete.
www.slate.com /id/2118542/entry/2118537   (1731 words)

 CBC News Indepth: BBQ
Barbecuing may be a casual pastime, but its aficionados can be sticklers for accuracy.
Barbecue, the sticklers say, involves cooking meat at low temperatures for long periods of time with specialized equipment like a smoker or a barbecue pit.
No less an authority than the Canadian Barbecue Association puts it bluntly: "Barbecue is not what you cook on, or the dish itself, but rather the method of cooking!" So now you know.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/bbq   (812 words)

 All about grills, grilling, barbecuing
In fact, it is quite possible to barbecue with an everyday stove and not have one open flame in sight.
Cooking something on a gas or charcoal grill is not barbecuing, it is grilling.
True barbecuing is the use of rubs and sauces, usually, but not always, tomato based.
www.inmamaskitchen.com /grill_barbecue_BBQ/cookout.html   (4270 words)

 .: Albany Democrat-Herald :. Archives
Barbecuing is done using indirect heat at much lower temperatures Naug said.
As a result, it takes longer for meats to cook, but the wait is well worth it, said Judy Weiker, who along with her husband, Roy, were the Smokin' Papa's team.
Cruse, who honed his barbecuing skills while he was in college, claims to be a master when it comes to barbecuing with charcoal.
www.democratherald.com /articles/2005/08/29/people/people03.txt   (847 words)

 Posts from the Barbecuing Category at Slashfood
While there are many barbecue books that focus on the main course, some mention side dishes only in passing, if at all.
It is a weekend of picnics and barbecues, which means that hot dogs and hamburgers will be popping up on everyone's menus.
Food hacks can be simple or complex, and this miniature tabletop grill made with a USB hookup tends towards the complex end, however it is the perfect experiment for anyone who ever felt that their inability to have shabu shabu while typing was making their life less fulfilling.
www.slashfood.com /category/barbecuing/page/2   (2732 words)

 Grilling & Barbecuing: Grilling vs. Barbecuing | Quamut: the go to how to
Barbecued food is best when cooked with a specially designed cooker called a smoker, though you can also barbecue using charcoal grills or even get barbecue-like results using a gas grill.
Barbecuing also involves burning natural woods or other materials to produce smoke that flavors the meat.
Barbecuing large tough cuts of meat—such as pork shoulder, ribs, or brisket—at low temperatures over a long period of time tenderizes these foods without drying them out.
www.quamut.com /quamut/grilling_and_barbecuing   (357 words)

 Raining Outside? Try Indoor Barbecuing!
The upside to using this kind of indoor barbecuing grill is that is cooks your food faster as it simultaneously cooks both sides.
There are a variety of rich, bold flavors that characterize a good barbecue dish and these you can definitely get from a good marinade, dry rub or barbecue sauce.
InsaneChicken boasts of having the hottest barbecue sauces, marinades, and bbq rubs made from the freshest ingredients and finest chili peppers.
www.insanechicken.com /blog/index.php?print=90   (534 words)

 Feature - Safe grilling tips ensure enjoyable summertime fun
Use long-handled barbecue tools including long-handled salt and pepper shakers designed specifically for grilling.
Avoid barbecuing in a garage or other closed area due to weather.
After barbecuing, close the lid on the grill, close the vents and allow the coals to cool overnight, or douse the fire thoroughly with water.
www.luke.af.mil /news/story.asp?id=123031269   (514 words)

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