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Topic: Base conversion

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  PlanetMath: base conversion
Perhaps the simplest way to explain base conversion is to describe the conversion to and from base 10 (in which everyone is accustomed to performing arithmetic).
We will begin with the easier method, which is the conversion from some other base to base 10.
This is version 9 of base conversion, born on 2002-09-24, modified 2005-03-18.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/BaseConversion.html   (588 words)

 Base Conversion and Counting
Conversion from binary to decimal using decimal arithmetic is accomplished by simply summing the powers of 2 corresponding to 1s in the binary number.
Conversion from decimal to binary using decimal arithmetic is accomplished by repeated division of the decimal number by two.
Conversion between binary and bases which are powers of 2(such as octal or hexadecimal) requires no arithmetic computation.
www.ee.scu.edu /classes/1999fall/elen21/supp/baseconv.htm   (621 words)

 Free Apps - Conversion Tools A-M
Base Converter is a simple application which converts numbers between three different bases - Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary.
A utility which allows the conversion of a number in any base (2 to 36) to the equivalent in any other base.
The Conversions it can do are growing all the time, it now includes conversions of distance, time, area, degree (temperature), weight, and computer memory size (KB, MB, GB, bits, Bytes).
products.engineering.com /community/freeapps/freeapps_conversion1.htm   (732 words)

 Conversion of Number Representations
This is important to remember, particularly because many texts show conversion from radix-a to radix-b being done one way, and conversion from radix-b to radix-a being done another, the implication being that the methods of conversion are fundamentally asymmetric.
When working on a particular problem, the conversion method selected is generally chosen on the basis of the number system in which it is most convenient to do arithmetic.
When doing conversions by hand, then, we try to select a method that allows the use of decimal arithmetic, though using binary computation is sometimes convenient.
deimel.org /comp_sci/conversion.htm   (1487 words)

 Data and media conversion
Data conversion is the process of changing data from one format to another, or migrating data to and from various formats.
Conversion is used to change data to the correct format to work with the system and software specified by the customer, or to convert data from an original application format to a more accessible form.
Data base conversion is needed to change any files saved in an out-of-date database to a more modern data base program.
www.essdatarecovery.com /datatech.asp   (447 words)

 base conversion
To operate the calculator, enter the base 10 number and the base for conversion.
A number in a system with base N may only consist of digits that are less than N. For base 10, the largest digit is 9.
The algorithm can be implemented recursively to create a string representing the number M in base N. A recursive implementation avoids the difficulties caused by producing a sequence of digits in the reverse order.
home.att.net /~srschmitt/script_number_bases.html   (236 words)

 Implementation of a base conversion algorithm
Along with the binary, the science of computers employs bases 8 and 16 for it's very easy to convert between the three while using bases 8 and 16 shortens considerably number representations.
Note however that the string produced by the conversion algorithm is obtained in the wrong order: all digits are computed first and then written into the string the last digit first.
With each invocation of the Conversion function, computer creates a new environment in which passed values of M, N, and the newly computed S are stored.
www.cut-the-knot.org /recurrence/conversion.shtml   (944 words)

 Base Conversion Method
On this page we look at a method to convert whole numbers and decimals to another base.
Base conversion of whole numbers is fairly easy if you use remainders.
Convert 1208 to base-26 (base 26 is fun because it is the Alphabet, and for simplicity I will use A=1, B=2, etc, and use Z for zero)
www.mathsisfun.com /base-conversion-method.html   (341 words)

 Base conversion divisibility test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The base conversion divisibility test is a process that can be used to determine whether or not a certain (positive) natural number a can be divided evenly into a larger natural number b.
It is the general case for the well-known test for divisibility by nine.
This is a special case of the general rule, made easy because no base conversion is necessary since 9 + 1 = 10, and we already use base 10.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Base_conversion_divisibility_test   (340 words)

 Base Closures and Conversion
Ironically, a review of past base closure experiences indicates that communities are often able to transform these bases into economic development assets, reaping greater returns in jobs and economic opportunity than the purely military functions generated in the regional economy.
For the 1988 and 1993 base closures the OEA has awarded over $120 million in grants, with OEA grants typically ranging from $500,000 to $2 million each- although one $52 million grant was specially awarded by congressional appropriators to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.
Since the decision to close a base gives a community at least one or two years to plan its response to the closure, advance planning is crucial to mitigate the economic effects and to evaluate the comparative advantages of alternative civilian purposes.
www.webcom.com /ncecd/baseclosures.html   (2439 words)

 Base Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
One algorithm for converting a base 10 number to base b involves repeated division by the base b.
The remainder from this division is the units digit (the rightmost digit) in the base b representation of the number (it is the part of the number that contains no powers of b).
The convert method returns a string representing the base b number, hence for example in the base case when the remainder is what is to be returned it must be converted to a String object.
cs.roanoke.edu /~cpsc/AW/labs/ch11/BaseConversion.html   (451 words)

 Keystream Base Conversion and Random Bit Unbiasing
People working with simulation problems on computers have developed techniques for base conversion that are simplified because they do not need to take this constraint into account.
A question which may occur, based on the claim that Peres unbiasing is perfect, is whether or not it may be used as a form of data compression when applied to an input bitstream.
Our problem is that C(bits) is defined based on passing a single cell of the Peres algorithm over the string of bits, and this is only defined for a string composed of an even number of bits.
www.quadibloc.com /crypto/mi060305.htm   (3380 words)

 Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Systems, Base Convertion
Please note that the number of digits in any base (radix) N is exactly the same number N. For example, in the binary (N = 2) system there are two digits: 0 and 1; in the decimal (N = 10) there are ten of them: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
Here, at one stage of conversion I use a built-in function parseInt which does not seem to return whenever this condition is violated by the very first digit.
Representation of a number in a system with base (radix) N may only consist of digits that are less than N. (The converter works this way: first type a number in the base you wish to convert from.
www.cut-the-knot.org /binary.shtml   (604 words)

 Wayne Alan Heiser: Base conversion
It seems clear we all want to be involved with the redevelopment of military bases to be closed in California, but exactly what we would do, and the details of how, when, and by whom are still undecided.
A partially "sustainable" plan that is implemented is better than a completely sustainable one that is not, because the bases are already there, and something, "good" or "bad", will be done with them.
The bases do not exist in ideal isolation; they are part of a wider system which itself must be made more sustainable.
www.mindspring.com /~wheiser/wah/uenote.htm   (1155 words)

 MSA-Base Faq - OpenOffice.org Wiki
In Base (OOoBase) this is not the case at all.
You are free to use Base as the front end to a HSQLDB database in server mode.
In Base each user would have their own ODB file and each of these would be connected to the shared data server.
wiki.services.openoffice.org /wiki/MSA-Base_Faq   (1567 words)

 Math Lair - Base Conversion
Converting a number from a base other than base 10 to base 10 is fairly simple.
Converting a number from base 10 to another base is slightly more involved, but isn't complicated.
A similar process can be used to convert from an arbitrary base to another, but often it's just easier to convert the number from the original base to base 10, and then to the new base, simply because it's easier for us to think in base 10.
www.stormloader.com /ajy/baseconv.html   (231 words)

 OpenOffice.org Forum at OOoForum.org :: View topic - Group security permissions - conversion from MS Access
Given to the tight integration of Base to the other modules in the OOo package it is possible to use a mixture of Base / Writer or Base / Clac to generate reasonably rich reports, but this would require the use of scripts (macros), versus the report designer capablilites of MSA.
There is also no way for an embedded Base database to be used by third party report generators at the moment - this however is not the case when one moves to a server backend.
I was simply stating that under Base you can issue commands directly to the backend, in the SQL window, that would allow you to manipulate these security settings in the backend.
www.oooforum.org /forum/viewtopic.phtml?p=177106   (2661 words)

 Factorials, Permutations and Combinations in JavaScript
Numeric values are usually represented as a sequence of digits, each of which implies some amount of a base to a particular power.
We thus interpret "256" in "decimal" (base 10)as being two hundreds (base 10 to the second power) plus five tens (base 10 to the first power) plus six ones.
For bases above 10 it is necessary to use more than our usual 10 numeric digits, and it is convenient to use alphabetic letters.
www.ciphersbyritter.com /JAVASCRP/PERMCOMB.HTM   (442 words)

 neecher.net: HP-48 Base Conversion Directory Documentation
It requires a number in base 10 in level 3, the destination base represented by a number between 2 and 62 in level 2, and a positive real number in level 1 indicating the number of digits to be calculated to the right of the decimal point of the resulting number.
It requires the number in the form of a string in level 2 and the base of that number represented by a number between 2 and 62 in level 1.
Because the Base Conversion Directory was developed for and only tested on the HP-48SX, the issue may be a compatibility problem if you are trying to use the directory on anything other than the HP-48S series (the newer HP-48G series, for example).
satomusic.com /neecher/hp48/base.html   (832 words)

 v4.x Upgrade to v5.0   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
When the conversion is executed again, it will start at the place from which it was interrupted, except that it will ask a few questions to find the information that is stored about where it left off.
As a general rule of thumb, the amount of space required to perform the conversion is equal to half of the space currently consumed by the ADB and IDB for each product to be converted as well as the full amount of space taken by the GDB.
These files are created by the conversion script and used by the rollback and clean-up scripts as well as the conversion script (when it needs to find where it left off when the user breaks out of a conversion).
www.bell-labs.com /project/sablime/v50/dbconvert.html   (2247 words)

 Base N to Base N Conversion
I know how to convert from any base to any other base but to do so I usually have to go through base 10 with the exception of base 2 to base 16 and vise-versa.
If you're converting between two bases that are both powers of the same number, then it's possible to do it in 'chunks' because there are locations that have corresponding 'orders'.
Generally, there is no need to convert numbers to base 10 in order to do base conversion, but, since we're familiar with arithmetic in base 10, that's our normal tendency.
www.physicsforums.com /showthread.php?t=83577   (482 words)

 Loring Air Force Base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Loring Air Force Base is a former United States Air Force base located in Aroostook County, Maine, treated for statistical purposes by the United States Census Bureau as a census-designated place.
As of the 2000 census, the base had a total population of 225.
Loring Air Force Base in Maine was the closest base in the continental United States to the Soviet Union east of the Ural Mountains, to Europe and to the Middle East.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Loring_Air_Force_Base   (1120 words)

 Sherline Horizontal Milling Conversion
Alignment bars are provided with the conversion so that once the base and column are mounted and squared up, they can be quickly and accurately remounted in the future.
The conversion plate itself has a fl anodized finish for durability and is mounted of four rubber feet for quiet operation.
The mill's vertical column base should be modified by cutting off 2" (50.8mm) from its height to lower the spindle in relation to the table.
www.sherline.com /6100inst.htm   (1239 words)

 Ambleweb Base Convertor
The binary (base 2) system consists of two numbers 0 and 1 - When 1 is reached a new column is created.
Due to the rapid growth of computer dependence, Base 16, Hexadecimal - is to replace the standard Decimal system in the future.
They have only ever used base 6 for all their calculations, they can use their fingers to count on but they struggle with the whole idea of 6, 7, 8 and 9, because they have never existed on "Hexa" as single digits....
www.amblesideprimary.com /ambleweb/baseconvert/baseconvert.htm   (726 words)

 Wurtsmith Air Force Base Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Faced with the impending closure of Wurtsmith Air Force Base due to military downsizing, Iosco County and the Charter Township of Oscoda secured Federal and State funds to undertake a major conversion project.
The conversion diversified the local economy, integrated Township and base facilities, and created new revenue for nearby local units of government.
Over 200 control points on and around the base were fixed using GPS technology with an accuracy of one centimeter.
www.wadetrim.com /profile/hst_prj_wurtsmith.htm   (369 words)

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