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Topic: Base of lung

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

 Lung Cancer - oncologychannel
The bottom, or base, of each lung extends down to the diaphragm, which is the major breathing-associated muscle that separates the chest from the abdominal cavity.
Lung cancer is sometimes called "bronchogenic cancer," or it may be described by its particular histologic type, that is the type of tissue that is diseased.
Lung cancer is the leading category of cancer death in men, and - since the late 1980s - it has surpassed breast cancer as the leading category of cancer death in women. /lungcancer   (1588 words)

An X-ray study showed chronic bronchitis and emphysema, with post-inflammatory scarring of the left lung base.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and cardiac disease and disorders, the causes of the veteran's death, were not incurred in or aggravated by active service, were not proximately due to or the result of a service-connected disability, or can lung cancer or heart disease be presumed to have been incurred therein.
The earliest evidence of a lung disorder contained in the claims folder at the time of the veteran's death is January 1986 hospital records which show that the veteran was admitted with a variety of cardiac and pulmonary disorders, including pulmonary hypertension, emphysema, and superimposed bronchitis. /vetapp/files3/9421681.txt   (1588 words)

 Position- and Base Pair-specific Comparison of p53 Mutation Spectra in Human Tumors: Elucidation of Relationships between Organs for Cancer Etiology
Second, as previously suggested by DNA adduct studies, aromatic amines are a major risk factor for bladder cancer (15), whereas carcinogenicity of cigarette smoking for the lung appears to be based primarily on other carcinogens, such as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and nitroso compounds, and is strongly modulated by tumor-promoting aspects of smoking-associated toxicity (16).
Based on our analysis, for instance, the share among all mutations of the hot spot mutation CGT to TGT in codon 273 ranged from 0.4% in head and neck tumors to 10.6% in the brain.
In colon tumors, 63% of the base pair changes were reported to be G to A transitions; the G to T transversion contributed only 9% (1). /members/1998/106p207-211lutz/lutz-full.html   (3852 words)

 Speakers Kit on Women & Girls, Tobacco, & Lung Cancer
Zang and Wynder conclude that this gender difference cannot be explained by differences in base-line exposure, smoking history, or body size, but is likely due to the higher susceptibility to tobacco carcinogens of women.
The lung cancer epidemic is primarily attributable to cigarette smoking, which is responsible for at least 80% of the disease in women and 90% in men.
A recent study by Zang and Wynder confirmed earlier findings that the odds ratios for major lung cancer types are consistently higher for women than for men at every level of exposure to cigarette smoke. /wgtlc/trends/p34.php   (3852 words)

 Dynamic Lung Volume Tracker and Controller
Because scanning of the lung requires several breathhold maneuvers to complete an apex-to-base due to long image acquisition times and cannot be performed in one continuous breathhold, volumetric images are highly dependent upon patient cooperation and is subject to errors caused by patient repeatability and fatigue due to hyperinflation efforts.
Prior to scanning, the desired lung inflation level at which to perform scanning is input to the software and when the desired level is reached, the expiratory path is occluded and imaging begins.
For acquisitions at multiple lung volumes, duration of scanning often exceeded an hour or more and it was initially found that appreciable condensation did indeed occur. /nlm/volcon/volctrl.html   (1104 words)

 Iron Lung Events - Trail Series
The event that started it all - a 10 and 20 km trail race through the trail system at the base of North Vancouver's Mount Seymour; Extremely difficult single track, lung searing ascents followed by lighting quick descents, fantastic volunteers and incredible views come together to provide the ultimate trail running experience.
The perfect event for the beginner trail runner - lots of dirt, a few rocks, some roots, and a climb that will sear your "tender lung." We will provide the first-time trail race participant with a safe, challenging, and fun environment for you to test your trail running legs.
Iron Lung Map - Iron Lung Route Description /trail_series/race_il.html   (320 words)

 Accumulation of the Oxidative Base Lesion 8-Hydroxyguanine in DNA of Tumor-Prone Mice Defective in Both the Myh and Ogg1 DNA Glycosylases -- Russo et al. 64 (13): 4411 -- Cancer Research
Levels of DNA 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-oxodG) in lung and small intestine of wild-type and base excision repair-defective mice.
Accumulation of the Oxidative Base Lesion 8-Hydroxyguanine in DNA of Tumor-Prone Mice Defective in Both the Myh and Ogg1 DNA Glycosylases -- Russo et al.
of the miscoding oxidized base 8-hydroxyguanine (8-oxoG; Refs. /cgi/content/full/64/13/4411   (2245 words) About Benjamin H. Krokosky: Reviews
Momsen invented the Momsen lung and the diving bell and pioneered the use of inert gas along with Oxygen as a diving mixture.
Although subs of the day did not actually go that deep (Maas makes the point that the sailors could be trapped in water no deeper than the distance from Home to Second Base), when misfortune occured there was nothing anyone could do until Swede Momsen came along.
In this enjoyable nonfiction account, Peter Maas tells the story of Swede Momsen's life's work in making it possible to rescue trapped submariners; and how this work was successfully applied to the unfortunate sailors on the Squalus in 1939. /gp/cdp/member-reviews/A1FCKFFRIU733?_encoding=UTF8   (2245 words)

 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Graduate Study in the Biomedical Sciences - University of North Dakota
Protection of lung cells against oxygen damages using the DNA base excision repair genes Fpg and hOgg1.
We have also established lung cells expressing the DNA repair protein, human 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (hOgg-1) with various vectors and achieved reduction of hyperoxia toxicity by overexpressing BER proteins.
M Wu, S Tang, R Zang and H Yu: Selective killing of tumor cells in vitro by an immunotoxin composed of ricin and a monoclonal antibody against Ia antigen. /bimd/text_wu.htm   (2245 words)

 The New One-Armed Swordsman (1971)
Also joining the cast is another Shaw Bros. favorite; Ti Lung, who plays an old friend of Lo's and who likewise ends up joining in the fight against the nanchaku-wielding master who brags that it is impossible to beat him because it would take three swords to combat his weapon.
The base of the film is a weak structure that seems somehow, someway, gradually grow stronger as the action builds in a staggering upward momentum.
Clinging on to this tower of swordplay, while simultaneously trying to sweep the script under the rug is star David Chiang who portrays the one-armed one and charismatic and sharp co-star Ti Lung. /Tokyo/Gulf/1857/tnoas.html   (2245 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Clearing the Smoke: Assessing the Science Base for Tobacco Harm Reduction (2001)
Acute lower respiratory illness in childhood as a predictor of lung function and chronic respiratory symptoms.
However, most of the studies used sensitive indicators of lung function, and the physiological significance of small changes in lung function to COPD is not established.
The conclusion of this study was that the decline in lung function attributable to smoking was twice as great when living in a polluted environment. /books/0309072824/html/500.html   (7646 words)

 Iron Lung Events
The event that started it all - a 10 and 20 km trail race through the trail system at the base of North Vancouver's Mount Seymour; Extremely difficult single track, lung searing ascents followed by lighting quick descents, fantastic volunteers and incredible views come together to provide the ultimate trail running experience.
The perfect event for the beginner trail runner - lots of dirt, a few rocks, some roots, and a climb that will sear your "tender lung." We will provide the first-time trail race participant with a safe, challenging, and fun environment for you to test your trail running legs.
Not for the faint of heart, this 20km trail race will challenge the most seasoned of trail racers - technical single track, lung searing ascents, quad thrashing descents, and the requisite amazing scenery. /qs/page/600/577/-1   (328 words)

 Abnormal Density at Left Lung Base -- Answer
On PA view, plain film demonstrates a left-sided triangular density of the medial left lung base.
The aortogram shows a large, anomalous vessel originating from the infradiaphragmatic portion of the aorta supplying the abnormal density at the left lung base.
The finding of an abnormal vascular supply is indicative of a pulmonary sequestration. /content/1999/00/40/54/405441/ans1.html   (75 words)

 American Lung Association of Hawaii
The American Lung Association of Hawaii (ALAH) strives to reach this goal by delivering customer-driven quality programs to fight lung disease, developing the financial base to support these activities, and engaging the commitment of our board, staff, volunteers and customers.
The heart of the American Lung Association of Hawaii's mission is to help people with lung disease and breathing problems and to raise the awareness of individuals on how to prevent lung disease or how to deal with a lung disease on a daily basis.
Research programs supported by the American Lung Association of Hawaii help to develop new ways to reduce suffering from lung disease for individuals and the general public.   (323 words)

 PHYB 401 - Respiration
d) moving the lower limit of West Zone 2 toward the base of the lungs
5. The lungs of a premature infant have inadequate surfactant.
b) intimate association of the lungs with diaphragm and chest wall /classes/phyb/phyb401bb/Resp97.htm   (1394 words)

As we saw when we investigated the Chinese Neolithic, Shantung was the home of the Lung-shan Culture while the region of Yueh was the base of the Liang-chu Culture.
It may be that Lang-yeh represented a gateway for the holdover traditions of the very ancient southeast coastal tribes into mainstream Chou culture.
The fact that Lang-yeh was in some way a meeting ground between the two very different traditions of Ch'i and Yueh may have bearing on the rise of the fang-shih traditions. /~p374/030.html   (1394 words)

 Ancient Civilization of the Old World: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley and China
Therefore, my discussions will not be outlines of your text, but rather will (A) develop the critical issues, and (B) bring in new information recently discovered, which will allow us to modify certain hypotheses, develop more dynamic models, or enlarge the cultural data base.
Emphasis will be given to the evidence that represent the basic historical achievements of each culture during the successive stages, from the emergence of human beings to the formation of Old World civilization.
The course grade will be based on the four exams: Exam I (25 points), Exam II (25 points), Exam III (25 points), and Exam IX (25 points). /~anthro/courses/312.html   (1394 words)

 Battery "E" 60th CA  (AA)
However, Corporal Chelseg L. Hall, gun commander of one of the gun sections went back into the pit to secure his gun, and returning to cover was hit in the back by a stray flying fragment which pierced his lung and he died within 5 minutes from the internal hemorrhage.
However, through the alertness of the various light sections their plan was nipped in the bud and they too dropped their bomb load in the water.
Word was received early on the morning of December 8, 1941, of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and the battery was alerted at once for possible surprise attack before dawn on the Harbor Defenses of Manila Bay. /ca/btty_erie/e.htm   (6050 words)

 Helping you find asbestos attorneys twentynine palms cheap
Asbestos lawyers twentynine palms help, advice, and ideas plus asbestos and lung asbestos attorneys Twentynine Palms.
Offers up to date information on Asbestos Lawyers Twentynine Palms for all your needs.
Offers up to date information on Asbestos Attorneys Twentynine Palms for all your needs. /personal-injury-attorney/asbestos-attorneys-twentynine-palms.html   (273 words)

 Radiology In Ped Emerg Med, Vol 5, Case 14
There is an isthmus of pulmonary tissue which extends from the right lung base across the midline behind the pericardium and then fuses with the left lung base.
Discussion Pulmonary sequestration (PS) as first described by Rektorzik in 1861 is a mass of accessory lung tissue with an anomalous arterial supply.
It is now thought that there are many "variants" to the pulmonary sequestration spectrum (8,9) which include: scimitar syndrome, horseshoe lung, cystic adenomatoid malformation, and pulmonary arteriovenous fistula/malformation. /medicine/pediatrics/pemxray/v5c14.html   (273 words)

 XI. Splanchnology. 1e. The Lungs. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body.
The base ( basis pulmonis) is broad, concave, and rests upon the convex surface of the diaphragm, which separates the right lung from the right lobe of the liver, and the left lung from the left lobe of the liver, the stomach, and the spleen.
It presents a deep concavity, the cardiac impression, which accommodates the pericardium; this is larger and deeper on the left than on the right lung, on account of the heart projecting farther to the left than to the right side of the median plane.
The right lung usually weighs about 625 gm., the left 567 gm., but much variation is met with according to the amount of blood or serous fluid they may contain. /107/240.html   (273 words)

 RT Article
The knowledge base of a respiratory therapist about basic lung function is so extensive that there may be a tendency to show up at a classroom, pull out the lungs, and begin talking.
The lungs are suspended from a framework of PVC plumbing pipes that are easily connected to a bellows-type raft pump that inflates the lungs.
Many students will associate smoking with lung cancer, but they may not know what cancer is, and they almost certainly will not be aware of the effects of carbon monoxide and nicotine on heart function or fetal development. /Articles.ASP?articleid=R0407D06   (1536 words)

 Tongue Cancer Answers
The oral tongue and the base of the tongue comprise the whole tongue but it is important to know that they develop from different embryonic tissue and really are somewhat dissimilar.
Like the oral tongue, the base of tongue (or posterior 1/3) can also grow several types of cancers, but again, squamous cell carcinoma is the most common and we will direct our comments with that in mind.
While it may technically feasible to surgically remove some base of tongue cancers, it is our opinion that most can and should be treated by radiotherapy. /tongue_cancer.htm   (1279 words)

 Valley Fever Vaccine Project of the Americas
Amphotericin is also given by "spinal tap" into the spinal fluid at the base of the brain of patients who develop valley fever meningitis, and it is used to irrigate valley fever abscesses in bone and "soft tissues".
The drainage of valley fever abscesses in soft tissues and in bones and joints, or the removal of bone infections (osteomyelitis) is also performed fairly commonly in areas where valley fever is prevalent.
Valley fever also can produce cavities in the lung - areas where the lung tissue has been completely destroyed by the valley fever infection - leaving a rounded hole in the lung that may be partly filled with fluid. /primer.htm   (1279 words)

 :: wbc ::
Kuo Lung Hsu: strike 1, ball 1, ball 2, ball 3, drilled to the left field wall, foul, strike 2, walk Szu Chi Chou: strike 1, strike 2, stands for strike 3,
Chih Kang Kao: strike 1, strike 2, ball 1, ball 2, pass ball, ball 3, Kuo Lung Hsu to second, walk Chiang Ho Chen: strike 1, linned to left field for a double, Chih Kang Kao to third, Kuo Lung Hsu
Kuo Lung Hsu: strike 1, strike 2, ball 1, looks at strike 3, /wbc/live_stats/stats7.html   (1279 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Pulmonary artery [EncycloZine]
It then branches into two pulmonary arteries, which connect to the base of each lung.
Pulmonary hypertension occurs alone and as a consequence of a number of lung diseases.
In the human heart, the pulmonary trunk begins at the base of the right ventricle. /Pulmonary_artery   (1279 words)

 BASE Jumping - Sky diver hurt in leap off MacKay - BASE is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span and Earth
The resident of Ontario, Canada, was taken to Alaska Regional Hospital with broken bones in his legs and pelvis and a collapsed lung, police said.
Kenneth Kell, 32, of Ontario, was taken to a local hospital with two broken legs, a broken pelvis and a collapsed lung, the Anchorage Police Department said.
Two women who were at the East Fourth Avenue site with Kell to watch him jump, told police he was an experienced sky diver but had little practice with what is called base jumping, parachuting off of structures. /cms/printer_210.shtml   (1279 words)

 MIR Teaching file case mb004
Multiple foci of abnormal I- 131 MIBG accumulation are seen medially in the right lung base corresponding to pulmonary nodules seen on CT. There are also multiple other foci seen in the left lung base, the liver and the right humerus.
It is currently primarily used in the diagnosis and staging of pheochromocytoma and neuroblastoma.
I-131 MIBG is an analog of norepinephrine and is taken up selectively by the adrenal medulla, the sympathetic autonomic nervous system, and tumors derived from these tissues. /mb004te183.html   (244 words)

 Shan: Over 1,600 Shan refugees fled to Thailand in April
As the SPDC Sergeant was about to shoot the other villagers, a group of SPDC troops came and controlled him, and took him to the base of LIB524.
Lung Lek was left alone at his house by other members of his family who had gone to work at their farm.
In February 2004, a 59-year-old villager was accused of being an agent of the Shan resistance and tortured to death by the SPDC troops of LIB332 in Murng-Pan township. /news_detail.php?arg=47&par=719   (244 words)

 MIR Teaching file case vq024
Such shunts result when non-ventilated regions of lung continue to remain perfused secondary to failure of the usual reflex vasoconstriction associated with hypoventilation.
In this patient, the decreased left lung base ventilation was thought to be secondary to an obstructing mucous plug.
The lung distal to this obstruction continued to receive blood flow, causing non-oxygenated blood to enter the systemic circulation and resulting in hypoxia. /vq024te167.html   (244 words)

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