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Topic: Baseball bat

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  Baseball Bats
Not all baseball bats with the same brand names are made of the same materials from year to year.
Metal baseball bats significantly outperformed wooden bats according to a recent study by a group of Brown University bioengineers, confirming a belief widely held by players and coaches.
Metal bats were introduced in the 1970s as a cost-saving alternative to wooden bats that were prone to break.
www.baseballcorner.com /batguide.asp   (2206 words)

 Baseball bat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal rod used in the game of baseball to hit the ball after the ball is thrown by the pitcher.
Formerly, bats were hand-carved to a template obtained from a fixed number of calibration points; today, they are machine-turned to a precise metal template: these templates are kept in the bat manufacturers' vaults; for example, Babe Ruth's template, which became understandably popular among major-league players, is B43 in the Louisville Slugger archives.
Baseball bats may be also used as a weapon: see club (weapon).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Baseball_bat   (918 words)

 Baseball Bat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
However baseball players made their own bats, and, as a result, many different sizes and shapes were used.
Knowing that bats with a larger barrel have a better hitting surface, players continued to have their bats made larger and of any length.
If a player was to grasp the bat up on the handle (choke up on Lajoie bat, with or the bat), he could use the shoulder in place of the knob and, again, enhance his grip and control.
members.aol.com /bmussill/baseball_01.html   (2507 words)

 The Evolution of the Baseball Bat
If a player was to grasp the bat up on the handle (choke up), he could use the shoulder in place of the knob and again enhance his grip and control.
The bats were made from the best quality ash and came in four styles: length, 33 1/2 inches, shoulder 3 inches from end; length 34 inches, shoulder 3 inches; length, 35 inches, shoulder, 5 inches; and length 35 inches, shoulder, 1 3/4 inches.
Greater bat speed and distance on batted balls is the result of weight distribution and the ability to make the aluminum bats stiffer and lighter with a balance spot closer to the handle.
www.stevetheump.com /Bat_History.htm   (7576 words)

 eBay Guides - Baseball Bats Buying Guide
Baseball bats used at the high school and college level cannot have more than a -3 ounce weight-to-length ratio.
Lighter and stronger than wood, aluminum bats are designed to increase baseball bat speed and power, sometimes called "pop." Manufacturers blend aluminum with a variety of different metals to reinforce the baseball bat.
Stronger and lighter than high-grade aluminum, graphite baseball bats are either made of a graphite-fiber composite material or have an aluminum core with graphite lining.
pages.ebay.com /buy/guides/baseball-bats-buying-guide   (1251 words)

 Vibration of Baseball Bats
A freely supported baseball bat exhibits several flexural bending modes of vibrtation which are similar to those of a free-free beam.
A hollow aluminum or composite bat, however, is able to vibrate with another class of mode shapes in which the hollow cylindrical barrel of the bat oscillates.
In well designed bats this first hoop mode shapes is as wide (long) as possible and the location of maximum displacement corresponds to the node of the first bending mode (indicated by the red dot).
www.kettering.edu /~drussell/Demos/batvibes.html   (861 words)

 Halfbakery: Carbon-Fibre Baseball Bat
Of course, in baseball, the bat would probably not be hollow.
In cricket, the bat is swung to store kinetic energy and then some of this energy is transferred to the ball when hit.
As the bat is the energy storage device, its weight is useful (KE = mass x square of velocity) as a useful amount of kinetic energy can be stored without having to swing the bat at the speed of sound.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Carbon-Fibre_20Baseball_20Bat   (829 words)

 How To Choose A Wood Baseball Bat at Baseball Articles
Bats from Brett Brothers even have a fiberglass boa wrap covering the lower 18 inches of the bat to further prevent breakage at the handle.
Baseball in general is not rocket science, but is rather the dogged pursuit of learning the correct mechanics and then duplicating them hundreds and then thousands of timesÂ…correctly.
This is the bat brand or label that is found at the beginning of the barrel in the sweet spot area.
www.baseball-articles.com /woodbat.html   (3285 words)

 eBay - Baseball Bat Buying Guide on eBay
Lighter and stronger than wood, aluminum bats are designed to increase bat speed and power, sometimes called "pop." Manufacturers blend aluminum with a variety of different metals to reinforce the bat.
Stronger and lighter than high-grade aluminum, graphite bats are either made of a graphite-fiber composite material or have an aluminum core with graphite lining.
Bats used on the high school and college level cannot have more than a -3 ounce weight-to-length ratio.
pages.ebay.com /buy/guides/baseball-bat-buying-guide   (1132 words)

 X BAT - Professional Baseball Bats
We always keep bats in stock in the most popular Models in sizes 32", 32.5", 33", 33.5" and 34" which can be shipped the same day to arrive to you in 2 days.
Each bat is made to each individual's choice of model, length, weight, color combinations and name personalization and therefore are not suitable for sale to any other person.
While no two baseball bats are exactly alike, they will be consistent to the prototypes.
www.xbats.com /customerservice.asp   (509 words)

 How to Buy a Baseball Bat - eHow.com
Particularly for the recreational baseball player, the size and weight of a bat is far more important than whether the bat has a nitrogen chamber situated inside (see many of the TPX bats).
There are many things in baseball that a batter cannot control, such as what the pitcher is throwing, the umpire, what happens after the ball leaves my bat, etc. However, having the right equipment is one thing you can control.
For instance, don't use an expensive metal bat in the batting cage or for batting practice, because it won't last long at all.
www.ehow.com /how_10083_buy-baseball-bat.html   (1105 words)

 Buying a Baseball Bat
Choosing a baseball bat can be a time consuming activity these days.
The bottom line principle when it comes to making a baseball bat is the stronger the aluminum or composite material used to make it, the thinner the walls of the bat can be.
As new alloys are developed by the worlds largest metal provider ALCOA, the baseball bat industry is quick to pick up on the new technology, always looking for the alloy that is going to provide the thinnest walls with the greatest amount of durability.
www.cheapbats.com /bats/buying-a-baseball-bat.html   (417 words)

 Physics and Acoustics of Baseball and Softball Bats
My interest in the physics of baseball bats began in 1998 when I was setting up a laboratory experiment for my students and decided to have them look at the vibrational behavior of a youth baseball bat.
I have been able to correlate the vibrational frequencies of bat barrels to measured performance, and have signicantly contributed to an understanding of the trampoline effect in a hollow bat.
Baseball Research Center - This lab, run by Dr. James Sherwood and his graduate students at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, tests and certifies every single baseball bat used by NCAA college and Major League Baseball teams.
www.kettering.edu /~drussell/bats.html   (1487 words)

 Jeremy's Baseball Bat
A baseball bat which Jeremy could take to the baseball diamond in the park at the end of the street.
But Jeremy was still thinking about a brand new baseball bat and he didn't think that he liked what his father had given him for his birthday.
At the championship game,all of the parents were sitting in the stands at the baseball diamond in the park.
ali.apple.com /edres/parents/playgrd/jbat.shtml   (2715 words)

 BaseBall Bat Racks
A selection of furniture grade baseball bat racks baseball holders and baseball bat and ball displays are available from Baseball Bat Racks.
All baseball bat racks, baseball bat display holders, baseball displays, baseball holders, and ball bat and glove displays are hand made from your choice of oak or cherry wood.
These baseball bat display cases are great baseball accessories for baseball equipment and make handsome bat storage racks, the Baseball Bat Racks page will provide you with a listing of available designs.
www.baseballbatracks.com   (339 words)

 Baseball Bat Buyers Guide
Although they are heavier and break more easily than aluminum bats, wooden bats have traditionally been used in baseball on the professional level.
Remember though, heavier bats are more durable because of their density.
Picking a shape: Fast taper bats (271, 110, 72) tend to be better bats for the beginner, and usually last longer than slow taper bats.
www.baseballbat.net /basbatbuygui.html   (213 words)

 Barnstable Bat - wood baseball bats-birch,ash,maple pro stock
The highest quality materials are used to make these wood baseball bats.
The baseball bat buyers guide is a great resource when choosing a new bat.
Learn how to care for your new bat as well as the history of the baseball bat.
www.baseballbat.net   (137 words)

 Custom Wood Baseball Bats by X Bats
This is a good bat for someone looking for a lighter baseball bat in the -3 range.
All X Bat softball bats are made from the same hard maple that over 200 Major Leaguers say is the hardest wood baseball bat made anywhere today.
As you know, X BATS are one of the most popular wood baseball bats being used at all levels of baseball, including the Big Leagues.
www.xbats.com   (820 words)

 Bat Speed -- Baseball Hitting Forum
The baseball swing has undergone an amazing transformation in homerun and slugging power over the last few years.
This website shows why some baseball and softball hitters produce more power and bat speed than other hitters with equal athletic abilities, and dismisses the adage that "great hitters are born." The rotational hitting concepts presented here contradict the "weight shift and extension" theories of old.
Your understanding and execution of rotational batting mechanics is essential to succeed at higher competition.
www.batspeed.com   (296 words)

 How to Grip a Baseball Bat - eHow.com
When you pick-up a baseball bat there are several key parts in mastering the how to of gripping a bat in order to be a successful hitter.
The umpire should be able to take the bat out of your hands as you prepare for the pitcher to deliver the baseball.
Bring the bat back on your shoulder, and then get in your stance with the hands in the launch position that is most comfortable for you.
www.ehow.com /how_10084_grip-baseball-bat.html   (616 words)

 Hoosier Wood Baseball Bat: Woodforce
This result is accomplished by gluing three separate types of wood together: the twenty-three inch handle of ash, the seven inch barrel or "sweet spot" of hickory (a normal ash bat has a 3-inch sweet spot) and three or four inches of maple on the end.
Two Hoosier bats are in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
Sammy Sosa used a Hoosier bat when he hit home runs number 64, 65 and 66 in 1998, while Lance Johnson used a Hoosier bat when he collected 200 hits in back-to-back seasons in the American and National Leagues.
www.baseballtips.com /hoosier.html   (418 words)

 CheapBats.com :
2007 Easton Stealth Baseball Bat CNT LST7 Youth Baseball Bat -13
In the Sixties our employees picked up the batted balls by hand, and we sold batting gloves and wood baseball bats out of a shed.
Today we are one of the largest operating batting cage facilities in the world, and without a doubt the longest running.
www.cheapbats.com   (251 words)

 Wooden Baseball Bat
The end result is a true, wooden baseball bat with that unique pop as heard in all professional league baseball games.
However, a 34" bat generally weighs 32oz while a 32" model weighs 28 oz.
Though most leagues and organizations allow wooden bats, be sure that a bat made of Maple is permissible before use.
www.weplay.com /wooden/baseball/bat   (305 words)

 MaxBat Youth Wood Baseball Bat
After years of using metal bats, many leagues are switching back to wood.
All custom MaxBat maple bats are made from the best wood, to the high standards today's professional baseball players.
Bats are cupped to achieve durability and desired weight.
www.maxbats.com /pages_maple_bat/youthmodel.html   (154 words)

 The Batter's Box - Baseball and Softball Sporting Goods
Dig in for a full line of DeMarini, Worth, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Miken, Mizuno and Easton Baseball Bats and Softball Bats, Rawlings, DeBeer, Jugs, Atec, Markwort and More.
The maple and ash wood baseball bats used by more MLB players is Louisville Slugger
The Batter's Box, Inc. has been a trusted retailer of baseball and softball sporting goods and equipment since 1998.
www.aluminumbats.com   (229 words)

 Louisville Slugger 2006
Even before the rule that says three strikes mean you’re out, Louisville Slugger was already perfecting the bats that would write the history of the game.
In college baseball, Louisville Slugger TPX has totally dominated the game, earning seven national championships in the past decade.
Whether your game is baseball, fastpitch or slowpitch, you’re swinging the best there is when you swing Louisville Slugger–the brand that’s turned players into legends since 1884.
www.slugger.com   (190 words)

 MaxBat Baseball Bats | Wood Bat Company
Baseball bats from MaxBat are the hardest maple bats in the game.
MaxBat is one of the most popular bats in professional, amateur and youth baseball worldwide.
Join the countless baseball players who go to the plate with MaxBat: baseball bats you can trust.
www.maxbats.com   (111 words)

 The Abominable Baseball Bat by X.J. Kennedy on Baseball Almanac
The Abominable Baseball Bat by X.J. Kennedy on Baseball Almanac
Career top hundred lists, single season top hundred lists, and a year-by-year breakdown for walks taken by hitters are online at the Baseball Almanac.
Career top hundred lists, single season top hundred lists, and a year-by-year breakdown for walks issued by pitchers are ALSO online at the Baseball Almanac.
www.baseball-almanac.com /poetry/po_abom.shtml   (165 words)

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