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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  Basel II: Revised international capital framework
In addition, the Basel II Framework is intended to promote a more forward-looking approach to capital supervision, one that encourages banks to identify the risks they may face, today and in the future, and to develop or improve their ability to manage those risks.
The efforts of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to revise the standards governing the capital adequacy of internationally active banks achieved a critical milestone in the publication of an agreed text in June 2004.
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued a press release indicating that the calibration of the Basel II Framework (ie, 1.06 scaling factor for credit risk-weighted assets under the internal ratings-based approaches) will be maintained.
www.bis.org /publ/bcbsca.htm   (717 words)

  Basel - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Basel (French Bâle), city in northern Switzerland, capital of the half-canton of Basel-Stadt, on the Rhine River.
Basel, Confession of, in ecclesiastical history, designation applied to two pronouncements of doctrinal belief in the Swiss Reformed Church.
Basel, Council of (1431-1449), the most troubled of the ecumenical councils of the Middle Ages, still not recognized as legitimate (at least in its...
encarta.msn.com /Basel.html   (99 words)

  Basel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basel became the focal point of western Christendom during the 15th-century Council of Basel (14311449), including the 1439 election of antipope Felix V.
In 1495, Basel was incorporated in the Upper Rhenish Imperial Circle, the bishop sitting on the Bench of the Ecclesiastical Princes.
Geo-politically, the city of Basel functions as the capital of the Swiss half-canton of Basel-Stadt, though several of its suburbs form part of the half-canton of Basel-Landschaft or of the canton of Aargau.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Basel   (1513 words)

 Basel-Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This led to the separation of the canton Basel-Landschaft from the city of Basel on 26 August 1833.
The nine municipalities of the Arlesheim district used to belong to the diocese of Basel.
In 1792 French troops occupied the district and in 1793 the lands were annexed by France, which explains the linguistic switch of the Family of the House of Basel's name from "von Basel" to "de Bâle", since Arlesheim holds their manor.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Basel-Country   (889 words)

 Basel. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Divided by the Rhine, the city consists of Greater Basel (Grossbasel, left bank), which is the commercial and intellectual center, and Lesser Basel (Kleinbasel), where industry is concentrated.
Basel is a major economic center and the chief rail junction and river port of Switzerland.
Although expelled from the city, the bishops continued to rule the bishopric of Basel (including Porrentruy and Delémont, which in 1815 became part of Bern canton).
www.bartleby.com /65/ba/Basel.html   (441 words)

 AllRefer.com - Basel, Switzerland (Swiss Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It is bounded in the N by the Rhine River (which becomes navigable in the canton) and in the S by the Jura Mts.
Divided by the Rhine, the city consists of Greater Basel (Grossbasel, left bank), which is the commercial and intellectual center, and Lesser Basel (Kleinbasel), where industry is concentrated.
Basel is a major economic center and the chief rail junction and river port of Switzerland.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/Basel.html   (508 words)

 Basel, Switzerland, Pictures
Basel (French Bâle), city in northern Switzerland, capital of the half-canton of Basel-Stadt, on the Rhine River.
The city of Basel is surrounded by a rich agricultural region where fruit trees and grapevines are cultivated and cattle are raised.
In Basel are the Münster, consecrated as a cathedral in 1019 and as an abbey church in 1528, and the first Swiss university, founded in 1460 by Pope Pius II.
www.greatestcities.com /Europe/Switzerland/Basel_Bale_city.html   (329 words)

 Basel Committee (Basle Committee)
Responding to the cross-jurisdictional implications of the Herstatt debacle, the G-10 countries (the G-10 is actually eleven countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States) and Luxembourg formed a standing committee under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
The Basel Committee’s new proposal was adopted in 1996 as an amendment to the 1988 accord.
Basel II largely achieves European regulators' objectives of addressing shortcomings in the original accord's treatment of credit risk, incorporating operational risk and harmonizing capital requirements for banks and securities firms.
www.riskglossary.com /articles/basle_committee.htm   (2015 words)

 FRB: Speech, Olson--Basel II--May 16, 2005
Basel I presents an opportunity for banks to retain balance-sheet positions that are of higher risk than their regulatory capital charge and to shed those of lower risk.
Basel II is intended to close this gap by more directly linking riskiness of assets to their corresponding regulatory capital charge and to reduce, if not eliminate, the incentives to engage in capital arbitrage.
Basel II also creates a link between regulatory capital and risk management, especially under the advanced approaches, which are the only ones expected to be applied in the United States.
www.federalreserve.gov /boarddocs/speeches/2005/20050516/default.htm   (2926 words)

 Basel, Council of on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BASEL, COUNCIL OF [Basel, Council of] 1431-49, first part of the 17th ecumenical council in the Roman Catholic Church.
The Council of Constance had seen the rise of the conciliar theory, the doctrine that the ultimate authority in the church rests upon the general council, to which the pope must be subject.
The allegiance of most temporal rulers was still given to Eugene; although the reforms of Basel were adopted by the French at Bourges and incorporated into the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges, the council was not itself approved.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/b/basel-c1o.asp   (780 words)

This page on Basel, rewritten in March 2006, goes beyond a travelogue and includes the personal experience of an experienced European traveler harkening to the days when he was a novice.
Basel was one of the "original eight" travelogues on this website when I originally launched it back in May of 2001.
Basel was one of the first "long-distance" trips I elected to take from Heidelberg, Germany -- roughly a 150-mile straight drive, leaving very early on a Sunday morning and getting back that night.
www.tompgalvin.com /places/ch/basel.htm   (996 words)

 Basel Rough Guide Switzerland Basel Bale Basle Bâle Switzerland Schwiz Schweiz information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You might expect BASEL (Bâle in French, and often anglicized to Bâle), situated on the Rhine exactly where Switzerland, Germany and France touch noses, to be the focal point of the continent, humming with pan-European energy.
It’s true that Basel’s voters are the most fervently pro-European of all Switzerland’s German speakers but, somehow, the close proximity of foreign languages and cultures has introverted the city rather than energized it: Basel’s a curiously measured place, where equilibrium is everything.
Evidence of such murky banking practice was received with shock, anger and disbelief in Basel and around the country, and has yet to be fully accepted.
switzerland.isyours.com /e/guide/basel   (567 words)

 Basel : Introduction | Frommers.com
At the entrance to the Swiss Rhineland, Basel is the capital of the half-canton of Basel-Stadt.
Other notable Basel residents were the painter Holbein the Younger, who made portraits of Erasmus; the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who taught at the University of Basel; Theodor Herzl, who addressed the first Zionist World Congress here in 1897; and Jacob Burckhardt, a native, who achieved fame with his history of the Italian Renaissance.
Basel, which is also a banking and industrial center, is headquarters of the Bank for International Settlement.
www.frommers.com /destinations/basel/0163010001.html   (534 words)

 Basel Action Network (BAN)
What is important is for the Basel Convention to inform the POPs treaty negotiators in a balanced and accurate manner as to the Basel Convention's limitations and cease embellishing the Basel Convention's ability at this stage of its development to ensure best practices for POPs destruction.
Likewise the Basel Convention must accept that the most environmentally protective thing is likely to be legally binding and specific criteria for POPs destruction within the POPs treaty which could then be transposed into the Basel Convention.
We call on the Parties to the Basel Convention to work together with the POPs Convention to elaborate a set of legally binding criteria that are more specific and rigorous than those elaborated in the Basel Convention for this most serious problem of persistent organic pollutants.
www.ban.org /Library/popsbasel.html   (1397 words)

 OCC: LEGAL AND REGULATORY   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In June 1999, the Basel Committee, established by the central bank Governors of the Group of Ten countries at the end of 1974, issued a proposal for a New Capital Adequacy Framework to replace the 1988 Basel Capital Accord.
The complexity and cost associated with implementing Basel II in the United States may effectively limit its application to those banking organizations that are able to take advantage of economies of scale and absorb the costs associated with the proposed enhanced risk management practices that would be required of Basel II banking organizations.
Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan told a House subcommittee today that the Basel II capital framework is intended not only to align capital requirements more closely to the complex risks inherent in large, internationally active banks, but to require those institutions to substantially improve their risk management systems and controls.
www.occ.treas.gov /law/basel.htm   (831 words)

 Basel's New Balance - CFO Magazine - December Issue 2003 - CFO.com
The Basel Committee itself does not actually have any authority to impose capital-reserve requirements on the world's banks; instead, it formulates broad supervisory standards and recommends best practices, which it then turns over to regulatory authorities in its 13 member countries for implementation.
The Fed also expects the next 10 largest banks to opt in, partly for competitive reasons and partly because Basel II is expected to offer a better, more-sophisticated methodology than Basel I. In Europe, by contrast, the European Union Commission has decided to apply the capital-adequacy directive to all financial institutions, including brokerages and broker-dealers.
Basel II compliance also will require changes to banks' public disclosures and the regulatory review of their capital adequacy.
www.cfo.com /article.cfm/3011059/2/c_3046603?f=insidecfo   (700 words)

 Ernst & Young Slovak Republic - Media - Press Release - Basel II   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Processes and systems will significantly change, along with the way risks are managed, signifying a new era and fresh dynamic in the global financial services market place, according to the results of the poll of over 300 banks.
Our survey indicates that senior banking executives are beginning to appreciate the long-term impact of Basel II on their own organizations and banking as a whole,” Patricia Jackson, Partner at Ernst & Young UK and former member of the Basel Committee, said.
Worryingly, the majority of respondents cited Pillar I challenges, which should be well advanced by now, as a key focus for 2006 alongside those challenges presented by the implementation of the other two pillars.
www.ey.com /global/content.nsf/Slovak_Republic_E/2006_EY_Basel_II_Press_Release_EN   (742 words)

 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Regional Economist: Basel II Will Trickle Down to Community Bankers, Consumers
Enter Basel Il Under Basel II, capital requirements are more risk-sensitive than they are under Basel I because banks are required to assess the riskiness of their own portfolios.
Mortgages, however, receive a risk-weight of 0.5 under Basel I, but the Basel II bank has proved to its supervisor that a 0.25 weight is appropriate.
The third challenge that Basel II may present for non-adopters is that bank supervisors may one day decide to apply the best practices from Basel II-potentially including some of the quantitative techniques-to all banks.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3678/is_200504/ai_n13617026   (1486 words)

 The Hindu : Magazine / Environment : Return of the salmon
The symbol of the river's recovery is the mighty salmon — which swims again in its waters after a lapse of half a century.
Electrofishing for salmon in the Birs tributary of the Rhine in Basel.
Along Basel's Birs and Ergolz rivers (Rhine tributaries), the cantonal authorities are currently spending 5 million Swiss francs on restoring the rivers by, among other things, demolishing the old concrete banks and creating natural banks.
www.hindu.com /mag/2004/12/12/stories/2004121200260200.htm   (1192 words)

 BASEL - LoveToKnow Article on BASEL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Stadt or Bale Ville, including, besides the city of Basel, the three rural districts (all to the north of ~he Rhine) of Riehen, Bettingesi and Klein 1-hiningen (the latter now united to the city).
The total area of this half canton is I3~7 sq.
Silk ribbon weaving, textile industries and the manufacture of tiles are carried on.
14.1911encyclopedia.org /B/BA/BASEL.htm   (420 words)

 Arrivals to Basel Switzerland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Basel has two train stations straddling three countries.
The huge Basel SBB is the main one, most of it in Switzerland, although all trains from France terminate in an area known as Bâle SNCF which is in French territory; you’ll have to go through passport control to reach the station proper.
The two branches of Basel tourist office (061/268 68 68, www.baseltourismus.ch) are at Schifflände 5 (Mon–Fri 8.30am–6pm, Sat 10am–4pm), and inside the main SBB train station (June–Sept Mon–Fri 8.30am–7pm, Sat 8.30am–12.30pm & 1.30–6pm, Sun 10am–2pm; Oct–May Mon–Fri 8.30am–6pm, Sat 8.30am–12.30pm).
switzerland.isyours.com /e/guide/basel/arrival.html   (521 words)

 Basel - offizielle Webseite des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Der Adventszeit wird in Basel bekanntlich besondere Beachtung geschenkt: Mit einer liebevoll dekorierten Altstadt, der längsten Weihnachtsstrasse Europas, einem stimmungsvollen Weihnachtsmarkt und vielen Konzerten und Veranstaltungen für Gross und Klein.
Mit Investitionen von insgesamt 350 Millionen Franken soll das Messegelände in Basel bis zum Jahr 2012 durch ein Projekt des Basler Architekturbüros Herzog and de Meuron eine markante Modernisierung erfahren.
Nach umfangreichen Abklärungen soll der Bau 1 das neue Roche Hauptgebäude in Basel werden.
www.basel.ch   (439 words)

 Basel Agreement
The Issue The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Waste (hereafter referred to as the "Basel Convention" or "Convention") is the first global attempt to regulate and monitor the international transport of hazardous wastes.
In the end, the Basel Convention produced twenty-nine articles and six annexes that regulate, from cradle to grave, all hazardous wastes that are to be shipped across national borders.
Basel provides for extensive regulation of the movement of wastes which will prove beneficial in guaranteeing safe and proper disposal.
www.american.edu /projects/mandala/TED/basel.htm   (1403 words)

 Basel travel guide - Wikitravel
The Basel SBB station is south of the town center and the Basel Badischer Bahnhof (abbrev Basel Bad Bf) is to the north in Kleinbasel.
Basel is also emerging as a software cluster, particularly in the field of enterprise web software, with companies such as Day [60] (Communique CMS), Obtree [61] (now owned by OpenText), Things Prime [62] (Generic Applications), and Obinary [63] (Magnolia CMS), all having their headquarters in Basel.
Basel is a cosmopolitan city because of its university and its industry, and proximity to the borders of France and Germany.
wikitravel.org /en/Basel   (12562 words)

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