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Topic: Batch file

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  Batch File Help
Batch files are files that allow MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows users to create a lists of commands and/or programs to run once the batch file has been executed.
For example, a batch file could be used to run frequently run commands, deleting a series of files, moving files, etc. A simple batch file does not require any special programming skills and can be done by users who only know DOS commands.
A good example of a batch file for someone who is more familiar with Windows or the MacOS is to think of a batch file as a shortcut in Windows or an icon on the MacOS.
www.computerhope.com /batch.htm   (1797 words)

 Help: Batch File Parameters
The command tail (everything on the command line after the batch file or alias name) is separated into individual positional parameters (also called parameters or batch variables) by scanning for the spaces, tabs, and commas that separate them.
Parameters that are referred to in a batch file, but which are missing on the command line, appear as empty strings inside the batch file.
For example, if you start a batch file and put two parameters on the command line, any reference in the batch file to %3, or any higher-numbered parameter, will be interpreted as an empty string.
www.jpsoft.com /help/batchparms.htm   (366 words)

 Batch file - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows, a batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interpreter.
A batch file is analogous to a shell script in Unix-like operating systems.
is a special batch file that is executed during the booting process.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Batch_file   (491 words)

 batch file commands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
If you invoke a batch file without using the call command (from within a batch file that is), control passes over to the new batch program and does not return.
When the echo command is enabled, subsequent batch file commands are displayed on the screen as they are executed.
Batch files are limited to handling 10 parameters (%0 - %9).
goforit.unk.edu /msdos/msdos19.htm   (975 words)

 DOS Batch Programming
Batch files are great for simple things, and the basics of batch programming are fairly easy to understand.
Batch files are also limited by the command-line environment they are trapped in.
This allows the data on the line to be passed as arguments to the batch file.
www.ericphelps.com /batch   (506 words)

 DDB: DOS Batch File Tutorial
A batch file is a series of commands that you might ordinarily issue at the system prompt in order to perform a computer operation.
With regards to batch files, a DOS "label" is a word or a series of numbers/characters used to identify a part of a batch file.
Since a batch file is just a series of commands, what is typed in the file would be echoed on the screen as DOS executes each of those lines, just as though you were typing each instruction at the command line.
www.chebucto.ns.ca /~ak621/DOS/BatBasic.html   (4240 words)

 Batch File Command Reference for Windows 2000
The first time the end of the batch file is encountered (after jumping to the label), control returns to the statement after the CALL statement.
This is useful for writing a batch file that performs the same operation on any number of parameters.
When the batch file is run, %0 is replaced by the name of the batch file, and the argument variables %1 to %9 are replaced by the corresponding parameters entered on the command line.
labmice.techtarget.com /articles/batchcmds.htm   (3445 words)

 Creating DOS Batch Files
Batch files are not programs, pre se, they are lists of command line instructions that are batched together in one file.
Batch files are the backbone of the Windows operating system, delete them and you've effectively disabled the OS.
Any valid DOS command may be placed in a batch file, these commands are for setting-up the structure and flow of a batch file.
home.att.net /~gobruen/progs/dos_batch/dos_batch.html   (2705 words)

 Batch File Commands -- Technical Notes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Replaceable batch parameters which are defined by the user when the batch is executed.
Loads and executes a batch file from within a batch file as if it were a external command.
When a second batch file completes, control is returned to the calling file.
www.evergreen.edu /biophysics/technotes/program/batch.htm   (1052 words)

 Computer Knowledge - Batch File Viruses
Batch files can be used to transmit binary executable code and either be a virus or drop viruses.
Secondly, if you see a batch file that is several thousand bytes long yet when you use the DOS command TYPE to display it to the screen you only see a few lines, that is another tip-off.
Batch file viruses are not common; but be aware they do exist and have been seen in the wild.
www.cknow.com /vtutor/BatchFileViruses.html   (669 words)

 Timo Salmi's Assorted Batch Tricks
Testing whether the file name is a bare file name like go.exe or includes a path like r:\progs\go.exe is quite a complicated task if one wants to allow wildcarded names like r:\progs\*.exe.
Consider a batch file example.bat with the following contents @echo This is a redirection test> test Running "example" will produce a file "test" with This is a redirection test The line has an eoln (end of line: ascii 13 + 10) at the end.
One hitch in using QBASIC in batch files is that ">" and "<" are not available, since their nature as batch redirection symbols is overrides their role as comparison operators.
www.macalester.edu /~fines/batch_tricks.htm   (12253 words)

 Batch File Commands
The simplest idea of how to write a batch file is: Figure out how you would type the commands at a DOS prompt, then type them, one per line, in a text file — and you’ve written your batch file.
Pick a name, populate it with the SET command by any means known to you (including having one batch file run a process that includes setting one, and then another batch file using it), then use it by placing the name between flanking % signs.
The GOTO command searches both forward and backward in the batch file; that is, it simply goes to the label location, regardless of where it is in the file.
aumha.org /a/batches.php   (1401 words)

 Batch File Examples
Here is a sample batch file you might use to periodically back up and clear a word processing data disk.
The batch file is called BAK.BAT and is also on the word processing data disk in drive B:.
The batch file is then deleted from A: and a termination message shown.
www.cknow.com /tutorcom/batch05_examples.htm   (654 words)

 Batch File Converter Description
Converted files can then be copied, moved, or imported into a document storage system.
To extend document support to other file types, or upgrading to support a new version of the file, requires simply installing the application capable of viewing and printing the file.
The converted files are then created in the outbox directory, and stamped with a formated string.
www.conversionserver.com /Batchconv_Description.asp   (474 words)

 What is batch file? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Batch files are useful for storing sets of commands that are always executed together because you can simply enter the name of the batch file instead of entering each command individually.
Many operating systems use the terms command file or shell script in place of batch file.
A well built resource for batch file information, including a repository of utilities for making batch files more capable and a lengthy discussion of the powerful new extensions to the WINNT command language.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/B/batch_file.html   (212 words)

 PC World - Pain-Free Windows Tweaks
This batch file culls everything from Recent Documents that lacks one of the extensions you specify beforehand, such as.doc,.xls, and.txt (as in the example here).
In Windows 98 or Me, each line of the batch file should contain the command to launch a particular program or file, as in c:\quickenw\qw.exe or "c:\my documents\finances.xls" (the quotes are required because of the space in the file path).
This batch file changes your resolution to 640 by 480 (at 32-bit color depth), launches a program, and waits until you exit before returning to your original settings.
www.pcworld.com /howto/article/0,aid,111111,pg,6,00.asp   (770 words)

 Fusion 13 -- Batch File Development
Then save your new batch file to the filename of your choice, but DO NOT forget to specify that your file will have the '.bat' file extension.
One of the most basic and functional batch files to create is one that transfers data from one place to another (very useful when automating a data transfer, or creating a backup script).
Remember, that unless you set the permissions on the newly created file (covered in later submissions) that the new file will be readable (and writable) by all others.
computing.fusion13.com /DOSStuff/BatchFiles.shtml   (510 words)

 Help: Batch File Commands
Some commands are particularly suited to batch file processing.
The loop can be based on a counter, or on a conditional expression, strings, or files.
Your copy of the command processor includes a sample batch file, in the file EXAMPLES.BTM, that demonstrates some of the things you can do with batch files.
www.jpsoft.com /help/batchcmds.htm   (306 words)

 Starting and stopping Domino with a batch file
This tip shows you how to create a batch file to start and stop your local Domino server on Windows NT, 2000, or XP.
Create desktop shortcuts to run the batch file and stop or start the server.
To create a batch file, use a text editor, like Notepad, to create a file, then copy the following code to the file.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/lotus/library/ls-StartStopBatch   (486 words)

 Skipjack Batch File Methods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The response to this type of file is File Successfully Uploaded or File Failed Uploading.
This type of file upload is to facilitate the offline creation of multiple recurring payment schedules.
Before requesting the response file, consider requesting the status of the batch file, BatchFileStatusRequest.
www.skipjack.com /resources/Batch   (666 words)

 Batch Cleanup
These free files are part of a detailed series of articles on system maintenance; as the series progresses, these files are being enhanced, improved, and extended.
All files are fully documented in accompanying articles, and/or in internal comments you can read with any text editor, such as Notepad.
These files have been run successfully on tens of thousands of systems, but it is your responsibility to ensure that these files are OK to run on your specific system.
www.langa.com /cleanup_bat.htm   (312 words)

 NetworkingFiles.com - Batch File
For batching documents as retainable lists which can be automatically printed in document sequence
Batch Fax to PDF is a fax to pdf converter
Batch resize, rename, add captions, convert, create thumbnails...
www.networkingfiles.com /Batch/Batch.htm   (71 words)

 Quick Batch File Compiler.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Quick Batch File compiler convert your batch files into actual program (EXE format) in one click.
Content of your batch file will be encrypted and protected from changes.
Hides contents of a batch file from viewing.
www.abyssmedia.com /quickbfc/index.shtml   (98 words)

 Vernon Frazee: BATch file Links
Detecting Windows from a batch file Vol 15, #6, 19 April 96
Elegant uses of the FOR command Vol 15, #14, 1 August 96
Batch Utilities & Tools for the DOS box
www.comp-air.com /vfrazee/batch   (166 words)

 Batch File Compiler
Hides the contents of your batch file from viewing and change.
We spend countless hours to make sure our compiler and generated compiled batch files are
The screen shot below shows many extra functions in the batch file.
www.bdargo.com   (147 words)

 Batch It! download and review - batch image file processor from SnapFiles
It can also add image frames, and apply several image effects and convert between PCX,GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF.
Be the first one to rate Batch It!
View the Top Rated, Most Popular and Latest programs in our Graphics and Photo category
www.snapfiles.com /get/batchit.html   (133 words)

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