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Topic: Bather load

  The Pools Factor: Does Your Community Have Enough Space?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The average combined bather load for the communities in the study was 1,092.
Bather load divided by population yields a percentage that shows the portion of a community able to use the community's pools at any given time.
Bather Load as a Percentage of Population (BLPP) ranged from 0.4% (Harvey Park District) to 14.8% (Palos Heights Recreation Department).
www.lib.niu.edu /ipo/1993/ip930719.html   (1447 words)

 Disinfection of Public Pools and Management of Fecal Accidents
Bather loads of this size require constant monitoring of disinfectant levels and the use of automatic chlorinators and pH/ORP controllers to.
Bather loads during weekends were typically high and the swim area lacked any appreciable circulation.
It was theorized that the outbreak was caused by direct bather contamination of the swim area which was caused by heavy bather load, inadequate restroom facilities, poor water exchange, and the absence of disinfection.
www.co.el-dorado.ca.us /emd/envhealth/disinfection.html   (3653 words)

 JCED Pool Inspection - Environmental Sanitary Code (Ch 3 Pools)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bathers or others shall not be permitted to tamper with such equipment, use such equipment for any purpose other than its intended use, or remove such equipment from its established location.
Bather load standards shall be maintained at all times as necessary to insure adequate safety of bathers and suitable pool water quality.
Bather preparation facilities shall be provided unless the public bathing place is intended to serve a residential development located around the lake.
jced.jocoks.com /swimming_pools/san_code/ch3_env_san_code.htm   (7239 words)

 Poolandspa.com - Info/Tips - Commercial Pools
One bather per 15 square feet of surface area in portions of the pool that are 5 feet deep or less.
When bathers leave the pool and the water level drops, water from the surge tank is pumped back into the pool.
Because bathers are likely to use the pool or spa immediately after servicing, it is important to make sure chemicals are not lingering in harmful concentrations at any point in the water.
www.poolandspa.com /page793.htm   (2611 words)

 PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 02-1633
The Department is proposing definitions for ''bather,'' ''bather load,'' ''maximum bather load,'' and ''rope and float line'' that are derived from established definitions adopted by the National Spa and Pool Institute.
The proposed rulemaking includes a provision that provides the pool owner/operator with the option to close portions of the water surface area with a rope and float line during periods when the bather load is low in comparison to the size of the pool.
Maximum bather load--The maximum number of bathers that the recreational swimming establishment is designed to accommodate, as defined in the plans and specifications submitted as part of the permit application using the guidelines set forth in the Department's publication, Public Bathing Place Manual.
www.pabulletin.com /secure/data/vol32/32-38/1633.html   (3372 words)

 Welcome to Taylor Technologies
While pools are generally in the 78° to 84° F range, spas run 96° to 104° F. Hot water, coupled with jet action, encourages the release of organic wastes and bacteria growth.
The load of organic wastes creates a high sanitizer demand, the amount of sanitizer needed to react with all contaminants before any disinfecting residual is available.
To protect bathers and minimize the cost of operation, it’s essential for owners and operators to understand the unique aspects of spa maintenance.
www.taylortechnologies.com /ChemistryTopicsCM.ASP?ContentID=31   (419 words)

 Bather in JobsletterB. Page 1
The unique Molly bather is considered by healthcare professionals to be the safest and most comfortable way to...
Bather load refers to the capacity of a municipal swimming bath, a water fountain, or similar facility.
Often bather load is dictated by the capacity...
jobs.seodors.biz /JobsletterB/Bather   (251 words)

 Pennsylvania Code
Bather preparation facilities shall be provided with separate dressing facilities, showers, lavatories, toilets and appurtenances for each sex unless the facilities are otherwise readily available to users of the public bathing place, except that dressing facilities and showers may not be required at bathing beaches.
Bather preparation facilities shall be designed and constructed so that good sanitation may be maintained throughout the building at all times and so that injury to the bather is reduced to a practical minimum.
Electrical wiring, where exposed and accessible to bathers, shall be in rigid conduit or electrical metallic tubing, and boxes, fittings and accessories used in damp or wet locations shall be installed and equipped in a manner that prevents the entrance of water.
www.pacode.com /secure/data/028/chapter18/chap18toc.html   (6850 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
Oxidation is the process by which bather load (contaminants) are removed from the water.
Ozone reacts with bather load and the result of the reaction is filterable precipitants.
Most chlorine is normally used up in reactions with bather load so its removal by ozone substantially reduces the amount of chlorine required.
www.mooseindustrialsurplus.com /pz_faq_moose.html   (1161 words)

 Section 820
3)         The bather load for wading pools shall be computed at 15 square feet of pool water surface for each bather.
5)         One bather shall be allowed for each 50 square feet of pool deck area in excess of the minimum  specified in Section 820.200(j)(1).
All appurtenances to the pool, such as diving boards and slides, shall be designed to carry the anticipated load.
www.ilga.gov /commission/jcar/admincode/077/077008200C02000R.html   (1858 words)

 PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 05-8
The Department believes that it is essential to ensure the safety of the bathers that there is a certified lifeguard available to act as a backup in the event that an emergency or other event occurs that removes the sole certified lifeguard from protecting the bathers.
These stakeholders considered a standard based on bather load to be unfeasible, especially for the operators of large recreational swimming establishments and the water park industry.
The complete definition of ''bather'' in the proposed rulemaking is, ''Any person using a recreational swimming establishment in the water or adjoining deck area for the purpose of swimming, water sports, or other recreational activity.'' This definition was taken from the National Spa and Pool Institute.
www.pabulletin.com /secure/data/vol35/35-1/8.html   (4799 words)

 UT Admin Code R392-302. Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools.
The local health department may exempt any bathers from the total number of bathers used to calculate the fixtures required in Subsection R392-302-25(1) who have private use fixtures available within 150 feet, 45.7 meters of the pool.
Required numbers of fixtures must be based upon 50 percent of the total number of bathers being male and 50 percent being female, except where the facility is used exclusively by one sex.
Water heaters and thermostatically controlled mixing valves must be inaccessible to bathers and must be capable of providing 2 gpm, 7.57 liters/per minute, of 90 degree F. water to each shower head for each bather.
www.rules.utah.gov /publicat/code/r392/r392-302.htm   (14042 words)

 Cover Story
Again, many factors need to be considered here, but if it is a small portable spa with a bather load of two or three, the homeowner can likely handle it if he or she is watchful and safety-conscious.
This depends on the size of the spa and the average daily bather load.
For example, with a 500-gallon hot tub that has a daily bather load of two, you would divide 500 by 3 and get 166.66.
www.poolspanews.com /2002/021/021guru5.html   (486 words)

 Key To Clean And Clear Spa and Hot tub Water
Once the floater is loaded with approximately 4 to 6 tablets it is then set in the water and is distributed through erosion.
Remember because of the high temperatures and heavy bather loads, spas require higher sanitizer levels, as well as heavier oxidizer doses to eliminate bather waste and maintain clear, sparkling water.
The floater is loaded with approximately 4 to 6 tablets; it is then set in the water and is distributed through erosion.
www.spacare.com /index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=12   (1704 words)

 028 Pa. Code § 18.1. Definitions.
Bathing beach—A body of natural water, impounded or flowing, of a size in relation to the bathing load that the quality and quantity, confined or flowing, need be neither mechanically controlled for the purpose of purification nor contained in an impervious structure.
Swimming pool—A body of water of a size in relation to the bathing load that the quality and quantity of the water confined must be mechanically controlled for the purpose of purification and contained in an impervious structure.
Wading pool—A body of water designed for use by children which is not deeper than 3 feet and of a size in relation to the bathing load that the quality and quantity of the water confined must be mechanically controlled for the purpose of purification and contained in an impervious structure.
www.pacode.com /secure/data/028/chapter18/s18.1.html   (775 words)

 # 881
Bathers shall be so routed that the crossing of street shoes and wet barefoot traffic is kept to a minimum.
For swimming pools with a bather load capacity of greater than 75, it is recommended that lifeguards be isolated from pool crowds by occupying elevated seats on stands high enough to give them complete and unobstructed views of persons in their assigned areas.
The bather load capacity shall be stated on the permit.
www.mahb.org /stateregs/swimmingpools.htm   (8908 words)

 Prozone Water Purification Systems. Prozone is a manufacturer of ozone generators for Pool an Spa systems for ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bather load can provide protective coatings to bacteria and viruses, making them harder to kill.
Spas are actually more difficult to treat because there is less water per bather and they are operated at higher temperatures.
Venturis are still used with the compressor to reduce the load on the units.
www.prozoneint.com /faq.php   (1175 words)

Pools with small bather loads will use up fewer chemicals than those with large bather loads and, of course, pools with covers that are closed after each use also will hang onto their chemical residuals much longer.
Pools with small bather loads will require fewer chemicals than those with large bather loads and, of course, pools with covers that are closed after each use also will hang onto their chemical residuals much longer.
How often that will be depends on bather load, location, weather, temperature, wind conditions, whether you use a cover and so on.
chipool.com /faq.htm   (3544 words)

 R392. Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services, Environmental Services., R392-302. Design, Construction and ...
An exemtion to this requirement may be granted by the department if it can be demonstrated that the safety of the bathers is not compromised.
The local health officer may exempt any bathers from the total number of bathers used to calculate the fixtures required in Subsection R392-302-24(1) who have private use fixtures available within 150 feet, 45.7 meters of the pool.
(3) Bather load must be limited if necessary to insure the safety of bathers and pool water quality as required in Section R392-302-26.
www.code-co.com /utah/admin/2000/r392302.htm   (13094 words)

 Pool Care
Other factors, such as climate and bather load, and poor water chemistry will add these invaders to your pool.
The chlorine level must be closely watched, as it will fluctuate due to climate and bather load, and the constant introduction and reintroduction of bacteria, living organisms, ammonia, and other contaminates to your pool water.
This is why chlorine levels must be tested and adjusted often –2 to 3 times per week under normal conditions and use, and almost daily during periods of high heat and humidity, as well as after any rainfall, winds, or heavy bather loads.
www.waterworksoftexas.com /pool_care.htm   (3470 words)

 Spa Know How
A common load in a spa would have one person in 100 to 400 gallons of water.
Consider this: two bathers in a 400-gallon spa are roughly equivalent to 150 people in a 30,000-gallon pool.
A common standard for public spas is one bather per one square meter of surface area.
www.webfootleisure.com /poolschool/spaknowhow.html   (996 words)

 902 KAR 10:120. Kentucky public swimming and bathing facilities.
Plans and specifications on public swimming and bathing facilities constructed by the state or political subdivision, or on facilities designed for a bather load of 100 or more, shall be prepared by an engineer or architect registered in the State of Kentucky and comply with the provisions of KRS 322.010 and 323.010.
Openings shall be covered by a proper grating which is not removable by bathers without the use of tools, and which cannot entrap their fingers.
Openings of the grating shall be at least four (4) times the area of the main outlet pipe and have sufficient area so that the maximum velocity of the water passing through the grate does not exceed one and one-half (1 1/2) feet per second at maximum flow.
www.lrc.state.ky.us /kar/902/010/120.htm   (11036 words)

 [No title]
Many other contaminants added by bathers are also difficult for ozone to oxidize.
I must mention one last reason why you should not rely solely on ozone to care for spa water: Ozone generators put out a fixed amount of ozone regardless of the bather load, and this may not be enough to keep up with the biological load.
A high bather load may use up the chlorine or bromine residual right away as well, but you can always add some extra chlorine or bromine to take care of the additional contamination.
www.tmisaltpure.com /techsupport/documentation/library/1Published_Articles/2An_Ozone_Assist.doc   (785 words)

 Spa Maintanence
In the case of a commercial spa that may handle an average of 25 bathers a day, the amount of TDS from human sweat alone could be as much as 50 ppm every day.
And don't forget, bathers also bring with them residual soap, deodorant, hair spray, suntan lotion, body oil, hair gel, laundry detergent, hand lotion, cosmetics and other personal-care substances - all of which can contribute to the build up of TDS.
For example, a 1,200-gallon commercial spa with an average bather load of 25 people a day should be drained after 16 days of use:
www.insparation.com /TDSpage2004.htm   (658 words)

 DEL Ozone - Frequently Asked Ozone Questions - Pool and Spa - Sizing
However, let's say it's a basic pool wherein the filtration runs 10 hours a day, the pool is outdoors, the bather load is normal, and the weather is pretty average.
If your pool runs less than 10 hours a day, the bather load is high, and the weather is hot/humid, step it up to a Total Eclipse 4.
If the pool is indoor, or runs more than 10 hours a day, you could comfortable stay with the Eclipse 4 or Total Eclipse 2, and may even be able to reduce the size to a regular Eclipse 2.
www.delozone.com /faq-pool-sizing.html   (181 words)

 Cover Story
If a bromine/ozone system is used, you’ll pay several hundred dollars for the ozonator, but in the long run, you will use less bromine and end up saving money.
Vessel size and bather load play a role, though.
How often will again depend on spa size, bather load and air temperature.
www.poolspanews.com /2002/021/021guru6.html   (452 words)

 DuPont Oxone®
Bather load: the number of persons in the pool/spa water at any given moment or during any stated period of time.
Bather load influences the amount of chemicals required to clean the pool: more people = more waste = more chemicals.
Breakpoint chlorination: the addition of a sufficient amount of chlorine to water to destroy the combined inorganic chlorine present.
www.dupont.com /oxone/glossary.html   (619 words)

 When to Drain Your Hot Tub - The Spa Depot
bather load, you can easily determine the estimated number of days between necessary water changes with the simple equations below:
Divide this result by your Bather Load, which is the average number of bathers per day.
The final result is the estimated number of days between water changes recommended for a properly maintained spa or hot tub.
www.spadepot.com /spacyclopedia/draining.htm   (506 words)

 City of Las Cruces - Headlines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The City of Las Cruces Recreation Section has announced that hours and/or bather loads have been adjusted at the three City pool facilities to lessen the load on the filtration systems.
Recreation swim times will not be affected by the new hours, and consumers still will have several daily opportunities to use the pool facilities.
Bather Load Not to exceed 200 persons (incl.
www.las-cruces.org /news/news_item.asp?NewsID=89   (191 words)

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