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Topic: Bathurst Island

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Canadian Arctic - Bathurst Island
Bathurst Island is the largest island of the Bathurst Island Group — a grouping that also includes the smaller offshore islands of Cameron Island, Île Vanier, Massey Island, Alexander Island, Helena Island and many smaller islands and islets.
Greatest elevations are found in the far southeastern corner of the island where Peaked Hill rises to a height of 376 m and in the Stokes Range (380 m) — situated at the northern end of the central peninsula formed by May Inlet (on the east) and Erskine Inlet (west).
Almost completely separating the southern half of Bathurst Island from the lands to the north, the bay penetrates through the Bracebridge Inlet and the mouth of the Caledonian River to reduce the islands width to just 25 km, where the Polar Bear Pass traverses the island to Goodsir Inlet on the east coast.
www.oceandots.com /arctic/canada/bathurst.htm   (538 words)

Bathurst Island lies 80 kilometres to the north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea and has been the home of the Tiwi Islanders for thousands of years.
The summer high temperature for Bathurst Island is approximately 34 °c.
The winter high temperature for Bathurst Island is approximately 33 °c.
www.australianexplorer.com /bathurst_island.htm   (279 words)

 Bathurst Island: the Tiwi Islands, NT
Bathurst Island: the Tiwi Islands, NT The Tiwi Islands are, apart from Tasmania, the largest islands off the Australian coast.
Bathurst island, the smaller of the two, lies to the west and is about 2070 square km.
Bathurst Island Catholic Mission was established in 1911 by a French missionary, Father Gsell, of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.
www.ozoutback.com.au /postcards/postcards_forms/tiwi_bathurst_is/index.htm   (405 words)

 Bathurst Island
Its physiography is greatly influenced by a geological structure of relatively undisturbed sedimentary strata.
The island's form is a low-relief plateau, sloping to the south and west, with few parts higher than 330 m in elevation.
Parry named the island for Henry Bathurst, 3rd earl of Bathurst, longtime British secretary of war and the colonies in the early 19th century.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1SEC816639   (187 words)

 Melville Island - Northern Territory - Australia - Travel - smh.com.au
Bathurst and Melville Islands are known as the Tiwi Islands.
King sailed between Bathurst and Melville Islands and was the first European to discover the dangers of the changing tides in the narrow Apsley Strait.
Like Bathurst Island in 1978 the ownership of Melville Island was formally handed back to the Tiwi people and today the island is run by the Tiwi Land Council.
www.smh.com.au /news/Northern-Territory/Melville-Island/2005/02/17/1108500201646.html   (579 words)

 Canadian Arctic - Cameron Island
Cameron Island is the northernmost and second largest of the chain of satellite islands, that form the western boundary to the Bathurst Island group.
The island is located 3.75 km northwards, across the Arnott Strait, from the slightly larger Île Vanier.
Elevations throughout most the island are low (20 m to 60 m); highest elevations are found in the southeast where the folded terrain that characterises the islands to the south and southwest comes to an and on Cameron Island.
www.oceandots.com /arctic/canada/cameron.htm   (181 words)

 The Bathurst Lighthouse on Rottnest Island
The Bathurst Lighthouse was built as a result of shipwrecks culminating in the the "City of York" disaster in 1899.
The tower is on the north east cape of Rottnest Island.
It is the subsidiary light to the Main Rottnest Island Lighthouse in the centre of the island.
www.lighthouse.net.au /lights/WA/Bathurst/Bathurst.htm   (280 words)

 History of Banjul
British had to find an alternative to James Island, which was situated on the river, to better control access to the river and enforce the Slavery Abolition Act.
That same year Bathurst was put on a more formal footing when it was incorporated and administered under the authority of the Governor of Sierra Leone.
By the middle of the 19th century the local population of Bathurst was 4,000 as well as 190 colonialists.
www.accessgambia.com /information/banjul-history.html   (1052 words)

 Bathurst Island – FREE Bathurst Island Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
Bathurst Island 7,609 sq mi (19,707 sq km), in the Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut Territory, N Canada.
The cosmopolitan nature of the Bathurst Island fauna at the genus-level reflects...
Consisting of Bathurst Island and the much larger Melville Island to the east across the...
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-BathrstICan.html   (844 words)

 Institute for Advanced Field Education
Unless the wolves on those islands suffer a total die-off or all of them abandon those hunting grounds this year for more productive areas elsewhere, it is quite possible that the Peary caribou (and muskoxen) on some or all of the south-central Queen Elizabeth Islands could be extirpated in the not too distant future.
The presence of viable pups in summer 1996 indicates that wolves within the Bathurst Island complex were still experiencing favorable conditions (abundant carrion) despite a major overall reduction in the size of the live prey base.
In summary, it is premature to conclude that the presence of calves among the Peary caribou of the Bathurst Island complex is an optimistic omen for the survival of this population.
www.muskox.com /news/news27.html   (1195 words)

 Bathurst Island - Northern Territory - Australia - Travel - smh.com.au
Bathurst Island lies 80 km to the north of Darwin across the Beagle Gulf and covers an area of 2 600 sq.
In 1818 Phillip Parker King, the son of NSW Governor Philip Gidley King, explored the island and named it after Lord Bathurst, who, at the time, was the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies (an unusual combination of portfolios).
The history of Bathurst Island took a fascinating turn with the arrival of German missionary and bishop Francis Xavier Gsell.
www.smh.com.au /news/Northern-Territory/Bathurst-Island/2005/02/17/1108500201592.html   (683 words)

 Police internet site
Police in the community: The Nguiu Police District is Bathurst Island, the smaller of the Tiwi Islands of Bathurst and Melville.
Bathurst is a is an Alcohol Restricted Zone under the Liquor Act, however police still deal with alcohol related incidents as liquor is permitted at licensed clubs or by permit.
Bathurst Island, the home of the Tiwi people for thousands of years was first sighted by Europeans in 1644 when Abel Tasman passed by on his way from Batavia.
www.nt.gov.au /pfes/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&p=57&m=22&sm=48&crumb=33   (592 words)

  Britannica Online Service :: Search
island in the Timor Sea, Northern Territory, Australia, separated from Melville Island to the east by Apsley Strait.
Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl, Baron Bathurst of Battlesden, Lord Apsley, Baron of Apsley
Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, 3rd Earl, Baron Bathurst Of Battlesden, Lord Apsley, Baron Of Apsley
www.britannica.co.kr /boltitles/b/b14.html   (1775 words)

  Bathurst Island (Arctic) - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Bathurst Island (Arctic), roughly triangular island of the Parry Islands, Nunavut Territory, northern Canada, in the south of the Queen Elizabeth...
Bathurst Island (Australia), island of northern Australia, located in the Timor Sea, and part of the Northern Territory.
Bathurst Island: NU: 16 042: 54: 13: 0: Prince Patrick Island: NT: 15 848: 55: 14: 0: King William Island: NU: 13 111: 61: 15: 960
encarta.msn.com /Bathurst_Island_(Arctic).html   (273 words)

 Bathurst Island (Australia) - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Bathurst (Australia), city in southeastern Australia in the state of New South Wales.
Bathurst Island lies 80 kilometres to the north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea and has been the home...
Bathurst Island lies 80 kilometres to the north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea and...
encarta.msn.com /Bathurst_Island_(Australia).html   (247 words)

 Tiwi Islands: Darwin Australia: Northern Territory Official Travel Site
The area of both islands combined is 8000 square kilometres and Melville Island is in fact, Australia’s second largest (after Tasmania).
The Tiwi people have lived on the Islands for thousands of years and their lives have been greatly influenced by the Catholic mission that was built on Bathurst Island in 1911.
Their work is displayed at a gallery on Bathurst Island and can be visited during the day tour.
en.travelnt.com /explore/darwin/tiwi-islands.aspx   (539 words)

 MCTEX December Summary
By 1500 CST the Bathurst Is. complex had re-oriented into a north south aligned complex which was propagating to the west off the island.
To the north and west of the Tiwi Islands, a narrow south west to north east oriented cloud band was evident.
At 1600 CST the island convection was in a state of decay although new convection did develop over waters to the south of Apsley St. By 1600 CST an extensive cirrus anvil remained over the islands.
www.bom.gov.au /bmrc/wefor/research/mctex_dec.htm   (3702 words)

 Bathurst Island Fishing Tours - Cannon Charters, Mothership fishing, Darwin, Northern Territory, Top End, Kimberley, ...
Bathurst Island is located 80km North of Darwin in The Arafura Sea and is the smaller of the Tiwi Islands.
Bathurst Island is home to the majority of the Tiwi Aboriginal people.
The main settlement on Bathurst Island is Nguiu.
www.cannoncharters.com.au /tours_bathurstisland.php   (205 words)

 New Parks North - Nunavut - Northern Bathurst Island - Tuktusiuqvialuk
The eastern portion Bathurst Island is an area of high mineral potential.
The CLARC conducted a community plebiscite in June of 2004 which showed that a majority of residents are in favour of establishing a national park on Northern Bathurst Island.
The plebiscite question made it clear that approval to advance toward establishment of the park would not mean approval of the government’s proposal for a special management area.
www.newparksnorth.org /bathurst.htm   (316 words)

 Bathurst Island Mourns Charlie The Horse - HorsePoint Australia
Bathurst Island, NT, locals have farewelled Charlie the horse in a special ceremony and burial at Nguiu.
Charlie was the descendant of horses bought to Bathurst Island by missionaries in the 1930’s and for the last ten years he has been the only horse on the Island.
Local Eustace Tipiloura told the ABC that residents had tried to take Charlie to another island several times so that he could be with other horses but each time he swam back to Bathurst Island.
www.horsepoint.com.au /portal/alias__horsepointau/tabID__3435/ArticleID__2910599/DesktopDefault.aspx   (410 words)

 Melville Island: the Tiwi Islands, NT
Melville Island: the Tiwi Islands, NT The larger of the Tiwi Islands, 6220 square km, Melville lies east of Bathurst across the Apsley Strait.
The island was also regularly visited by Malay or Macassans who would come regularly to collect "trepang" or "beche-de-mer", a sea slug much prized as food (an as an aphrodisiac) by the Chinese.
Near Milikapiti are the ruins of the first settlement on the island: Fort Dundas, founded in 1824, but abandoned five years later because of hostility of the Tiwis.
www.ozoutback.com.au /postcards/postcards_forms/tiwi_melville_is   (416 words)

 Cyclone Ingrid brushes Bathurst Island - Breaking News
The small community of Bathurst Island, north of Darwin, has emerged relatively unscathed from a violent encounter with Cyclone Ingrid.
The island's emergency services coordinator, Graeme Fregon, said Bathurst, in the Tiwi Islands 80km north of Darwin, had suffered infrastructure damage overnight but early inspections suggested the community had been lucky.
Neighbouring Melville Island, also in the Tiwis, was believed to have taken a stronger hit from the category three storm, but communication links have been cut, preventing any reports about the damage there.
www.theage.com.au - http: //www.theage.com.au/news/Breaking-News/Cyclone-Ingrid-brushes-Bathurst-Island/2005/03/14/1110649093342.html   (388 words)

 31 December 1942 - Crash of a Beaufighter near Cape Fourcroy, Bathurst Island
As it was not safe to either ditch in the sea or attempt a forced landing on the shores of Bathurst Island they decided to bail out as close as possible to the Cape Fourcroy lighthouse.
Wilkins landed in a swamp on Bathurst Island near the beach and Bill Byrnes landed in the ocean some distance from the shore.
Members of the island's Tiwi Land Council were not aware that the plane was in that location.
home.st.net.au /~pdunn/nt40.htm   (807 words)

 Tour Canada from space - Bathurst Island, Nunavut
Bathurst Island is a large island in the Canadian Arctic.
The accuracy of the DEMs produced at CCRS is comparable to that of a 1:50 000 scale map.
In the case of Bathurst Island, no 1:50 000 scale maps exist for the northern part of the island, and so CCRS has the most detailed topographic information available.
www.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca /resource/tour/27/index_e.php   (845 words)

 Bathurst Island, Northern Territory - About Australia
Bathurst and Melville Islands located approximately 80 kilometres north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea, make up the Tiwi Islands.
Nguiu is the largest of several Aboriginal communities on Bathurst Island.
While there is basic infrastructure and food stores in the community, traditional customs such as hunting from the land and the sea for traditional foods is still an important part of Tiwi life.
www.about-australia.com.au /northern-territory/darwin/destinations/bathurst-island   (411 words)

 Matilda Minerals
The Tiwi Islands, comprising Melville and Bathurst Islands, are located 50 kilometres north of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The islands cover 3000 square kilometres and have a permanent population of approximately 2000.
Matilda is currently exploring 16 prospects on Melville and Bathurst Islands and has identified good heavy mineral targets at several of them.
www.matildaminerals.com /siteContent/tiwi.htm   (476 words)

 Geomorphology: Chapter 2 Plate T-18
Structurally, Bathurst Island lies at the eastern terminus of the Parry Island fold belt, a unique 450-km long structural province consisting of uniformly folded broad synclines and narrow anticlines.
The younger Parry Island fold belt was formed by compressive forces in essentially a north-south direction during the Ellesmerian orogeny.
Strata exposed on the island consist of dolomite, limestone, shales, siltstone, and sandstones.
daac.gsfc.nasa.gov /geomorphology/GEO_2/GEO_PLATE_T-18.shtml   (752 words)

 Chapter VI: Burial and Mourning Ceremonies
In most respects the Melville and Bathurst people are closely allied to those inhabiting the Coburg Peninsula and the country south of this along the Alligator Rivers, and the existence of these remarkable burial and mourning ceremonies on the two islands is very difficult to understand.
The women during the ceremony on Melville Island, which was concerned with a dead lubra, had the upper halves of their bodies painted red and the lower yellow, the leading one, a comparatively young girl and sister of the dead woman, had, in addition, the whole upper half of her face painted fl.
On Bathurst Island, during a similar ceremony, the women stood to one side and, at intervals, while the men were running round, they passed across and back again on the side of the grave opposite to that on which the men were standing.
www.sacred-texts.com /aus/ntna/ntna08.htm   (8219 words)

 Caribou and muskoxen riddle
In October 1995, for example, there were reports that 100 or more Peary caribou suddenly bolted from Bathurst Island across the sea ice towards the tiny Inuit community of Resolute on Cornwallis Island, only to be greeted by the guns of hunters.
Miller so much doubted she could still be alive that when he flew north in the summer of 1995, he made a special trip to the island to find out.
This spurred their desperate attempt of abandoning the island or pawing for food beneath snow on sea ice.
www.yukonalaska.com /history/bl-muskox.html   (1123 words)

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