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Topic: Battle of Alesia

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  List of battles 1400 BC-AD 600
Battle of Himera The Carthaginians under Hamilcar are defeated by the Greeks of Sicily, led by Gelon of Syracuse.
Battle of Sellasia Defeat of Cleomenes III of Sparta by Antigonus Doson of Macedon and the Achaean League
Battle of Herdonia Hannibal destroys the Roman army of the praetor Gnaeus Fulvius.
www.starrepublic.org /encyclopedia/wikipedia/l/li/list_of_battles_1400_bc_ad_600.html   (4725 words)

  Battle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A "battle of encounter" is a meeting engagement where the opposing sides collide in the field without either having prepared their attack or defence.
A "battle of annihilation" is one in which the defeated party is destroyed in the field, such as the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile.
Battles are almost invariably named after some feature of the battlefield geography, such as the name of a town, forest or river.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle   (2727 words)

 Reference for Battle of Alesia - Search.com
This battle was fought by the army of the Roman Republic commanded by Julius Caesar, aided by cavalry commanders Mark Antony, Titus Labienus and Gaius Trebonius, against a confederation of Gallic tribes united under the leadership of Vercingetorix of the Averni.
Alesia was the last major engagement between Gauls and Romans, and marked the turning point of the Gallic Wars in favour of Rome.
The siege of Alesia is considered one of Caesar's greatest military achievements, and is still one of the classic examples of siege warfare and circumvallation.
www.search.com /reference/Battle_of_Alesia   (3047 words)

 Alesia - MSN Encarta
Alesia may refer to: the city of Alesia in Gaul; the Battle of Alesia; the Alésia station in the Paris Métro; rue d'Alésia, Paris; le Carrefour Alésia, popular name for Place...
The Battle of Alesia or Siege of Alesia took place in September 52 BC around the Gallic oppidum of Alesia, a major town centre and hill fort of the Mandubii tribe.
Alesia served as the last rallying point of Gallic nationalism against Roman aggression because of its geographical location and defensibility.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_762507648/Alesia.html   (224 words)

 Battle Of Alesia - Free English Encyclopedia from Turkcebilgi
The Battle of Alesia or Siege of Alesia was a conflict fought in September 52 BC around the Gallic [[oppidum]] of Alesia, a major town centre and hill fort of the Mandubii tribe, situated probably at [[Chaux-des-Crotenay]] ([Jura).
This battle was fought by the army of the Roman Republic commanded by Julius Caesar, aided by cavalry commanders Mark Antony, Titus Labienus and Gaius Trebonius, against a confederation of [Gallic tribes united under the leadership of Vercingetorix of the Averni.
Alesia was the last major engagement between Gauls and Romans and marked the turning point of the Gallic Wars in favour of Rome.
www.turkcebilgi.com /ansiklopedi/english/Battle_of_Alesia   (2875 words)

 Alesia – FREE Alesia Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
Alesia was born February 11, 1966 in Toppenish...
Alesia was born and reared on the West Side.
Alesia Barrow Matias was motivated to write the essay because she was not quoted in the first story about the panel's discussions...
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Alesia.html   (735 words)

 hampton roads   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Battle of Aboukir Bay The Battle of Aboukir Bay, also known as the Battle of the Nile, was a naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars between Great Britain and France, in which Admiral Horatio Nelson...
Ravine Battle of Hadrianople Battle of Halhin Gol Battle of Halidon Hill Battle of Hamel Battle of Hampton Roads Battle of Harlaw Battle of Harlem Heights Battle of Harper's Ferry Battle of Harpers...
The Guns of the Monitor A turret gun of the Monitor, an XI-inch Dahlgren The battle in Hampton Roads between the Monitor and the Merrimack (AKA CSS Virginia) on March 8, 1862, was considered a...
hamptonroads.fainhampton.com /thebattleofhamptonroads   (956 words)

 List of battles 1400 BC-600 AD
Battle of Asculum (89 BC)[?] The Roman army of C. Pompeius Strabo decisively defeats the rebels in the Social War.
357 Battle of Strasbourg (357)[?] Julian expels the Alamanni from the Rhineland
447 Battle of the Utus[?] Attila the Hun is defeated by the East Romans in an indecisive battle
www.fastload.org /li/List_of_battles_1400_BC-600_AD.html   (4497 words)

 The Gallic Wars
The Gallic Wars were a series of War s fought between the Romans and the people of Gaul during the mid- First Century BC, culminating in the Battle Of Alesia in 52 BC which resulted in the expansion of the Roman Republic across Gaul.
Caesar took his forces across the Rhine in 55 BC in a punitive expedition against the Germans, though the Suebi, against whom the expedition was mounted, were never engaged in battle.
Their tactics were effectively confined to charging their opponents ''en masse'', and their lack of cohesion made them incapable of any sophistication in battle.
www.seattleluxury.com /encyclopedia/entry/The_Gallic_Wars   (1228 words)

In the Battle of Alesia, Caesar decided to starve out the defenders and built a fortification around the city, and manned it with 60,000 Roman legionaries.
The inhabitants of Alesia were forced to leave the town together with their wives and children.
After Vercingetorix surrendered at Alesia, he was imprisoned in the Tullianum in Rome for five years, before being publicly displayed in Caesar's triumph in 46 BC.
dba.spearhead1944.com /Gallic/webpage/Gallic.htm   (618 words)

 Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar
Aside from the Battle of Alesia (the second part) you'll be able to choose the order of your battles.
In many ways they are very different games but comparing the battles in RTW with those in TS: JC shows that this game is the choice for those gamers who want a more authentic feel to their battles.
You can rotate the battle scenes and change the angle of view which is a nice touch as it allows you to view the battle from different perspectives.
www.deafgamers.com /05reviews/tsjc_pc.htm   (1283 words)

 The Battle Of Alesia
Alesia had food sufficient for thirty days, but thirty days passed, and still the siege held firm.
Between the walls of Alesia and the Roman palisade lay the emaciated corpses of women and children.
Above them were the bodies of warriors cut down by the legions, and beyond them, piled around the outer fortifications, stretching away from Alesia for miles, were innumerable corpses, the limbs of horses and humans horribly tangled, their bellies swollen, their blood fertilising the muddy fields, the slaughter-ground of Gallic liberty.
www.angryharry.com /es_battle_for_Alesia.htm   (3050 words)

 Battle of Alesia
The Battle of Alesia or Siege of Alesia was a conflict fought in September 52 BC around the Gallic oppidum of Alesia, a major town centre and hill fort of the Mandubii tribe, situated probably at Chaux-des-Crotenay (Jura).
Labienus sided with the Optimates ("the good men"), the conservative aristocratic faction in the civil war, and was killed at the Battle of Munda in 45 BC.
The old warrior goes on at great length about the battle of Gergovia, but when asked about the battle of Alesia, he gets mad, saying that "no one knowsh where Aleshia ish!", his Gaulish pride preventing him from mentioning the battle where Vercingetorix lost to Julius Caesar.
www.geocities.com /jorgenpfhartogs2/Battle_of_Alesia.html   (2528 words)

In 58 BC at the Battle of Bibracte, Julius Caesar's armies defeated the Helvetii 16 miles south of the fort.
This battle was fought by the army of the Roman Republic commanded by Julius Caesa...
Battle of Alesia, Battle of Alesia - Prelude, Battle of Alesia - Siege and battle, Battle of Alesia - Aftermath, Battle of Alesia - Issues in historical reconstruction of the events
www.experiencefestival.com /aedui   (2414 words)

 Battle Index
Abydos, battle of, 322 B.C. Aclea, battle of, 851 (England)
Adys, siege of, 256 B.C. Adys, battle of, 256 B.C. Aegates Islands, battle of the, 241 BC
Amorgos, battle of, July 322 B.C. Ancyra, battle of, 240 or 239 B.C. Ancre, battle of the, 13-19 November 1916
www.historyofwar.org /battleframe.html   (221 words)

 GMT Games - Alesia
Instead, The Siege of Alesia presents a massive siege assault, with Caesar besieging Vercingetorix's Gauls, and the Gallic relief force attacking Caesar.
Featuring assualts on the ramparts of Caesar's fortifications from within and without, Alesia is a tense game between both sides as they try to guess what the other will do, and then try to outlast the ferocity of the attack and defense.
Another highlight of Alesia is the detailed fortification terrain effects, from the 25 miles of double walled ramparts, to the accurate placement of redoubts, to the extensive moats, spikes, traps, and pits with which Caesar circled both walls, the game's Gardens of Death.
www.gmtgames.com /p-161-alesia.aspx   (491 words)

 Archaeology in Burgundy, Alesia and Vercingetorix leader of the Gauls
The Battle of Alésia in 52BC was a decisive turning point in the history of France
Alise-Ste-Reine is situated on the steep slopes of Mont Auxois.
However, two other places in France lay claim to being the site of the battle and from 1991-1998 further excavations were carried out to prove whether this site was authentic or not.
www.burgundytoday.com /historic-places/archaeological-sites/alesia.htm   (400 words)

 Great Commanders : Documentary : Napoleon Bonaparte : Austerlitz : Napoleonic Wars : Review : Julius Caesar : Alesia : ...
For Caesar it is the siege of Alesia and his clash with Vercingetorix, Grant's efforts in the Wilderness win him a place and, of course, Austerlitz is Bonaparte's greatest success.
Utterly politically motivated and ruthless, Caesar's career up to the Battle of Alesia is recorded and you get to know a huge amount about how the man thought and worked.
His decisive battle at Alesia - where he was trapped between an enemy fortress and a massive relieving army - is one history's most interesting clashes.
www.napoleonguide.com /doco_gcvol1.htm   (521 words)

It was here, or rather behind and above the town, on the flat-topped hill of Mont Auxois, that the Gauls, united for once under the leadership of Vercingétorix, made their last stand against the military might of Rome at the Battle of Alésia in 52 BC.
Julius Caesar himself commanded the Roman army, surrounding the hilltop town with a huge double ditch and earthworks and starving the Gauls out, bloodily defeating all attempts at escape.
The battle was a great turning point in the fortunes of the region.
france-for-visitors.com /burgundy/canal-de-bourgogne/alesia.html   (366 words)

 Reference for Battle of Gergovia - Search.com
The Battle of Gergovia took place in 52 BC in Gaul at Gergovia, the chief town of the Arverni.
The battle was fought between a Roman Republic army, led by proconsul Julius Caesar, and Gallic forces led by Vercingetorix.
His sieges of Vellaunodunum, Genabum and Noviodunum on route caused Vercingetorix to leave off his siege and march to meet Caesar in open battle at Noviodunum, which Caesar won.
www.search.com /reference/Battle_of_Gergovia   (842 words)

 New World Celts
The next major battle at Gergovia resulted in a victory for Vercingetorix because Caesar was too anxious and had attacked instead of besieging and starving the city in standard Roman fashion.
The Battle of Sherifmuir in 1715 saw Rob with mixed allegiances as the Duke of Argyle took the government side against the Jacobites and he was forced to miss the battle.
This battle was a major turning point as it finally subjugated the Norse presence in Ireland who were henceforth considered subordinate to the Kingships of Ireland.
www.newworldcelts.org /celtic_warriors.htm   (3183 words)

 Burgundy: Introduction - France.com
To the east, the mountainous region of the Jura is a tranquil land of deep valleys and waterfalls.
The Battle of Alesia (52 BC) was turning event of the Gallic Wars, as it marked the last major engagement between Gaulish and Roman armies.
A hillside indicator shows the presumed battle lines, and the whole area is a must-stop for diehard fans of Roman history.
www.france.com /docs/130.html   (552 words)

 Part 2, Vercingetorix and Battle of Alesia
Allowing the Celts, in their battle furor, to engage the Romans in a pitched hand-to-hand battle, Caesar slowly began to encircle them in a pincer movement.
He began a hasty withdrawal -- and this was to be his fatal mistake - towards Alesia, where he and his army planned to hide behind its walls.
The helpless and unwanted members of Alesia were left to die of exposure and starvation - one by one -- as both armies looked on from their respective positions.
members.aol.com /skyelander/vercin2.html   (1938 words)

 The Wargamer - Press Releases: Gallic Wars
One of the most famous episodes in ancient history was when Julius Caesar led the disciplined Legions of the Roman Republic against the mighty warriors of Celtica, Belgica, Germania and Britannia.
You can be Caesar, a confident general who is prepared to gamble when the stakes are high, or Vercingetorix, the great Gallic commander able to fuse the different Gallic tribes into one nation in their fight against Rome.
The battles can be viewed in either 3D, 2D zoom-in (plan view) and 2D zoom-out (strategic view).
www.wargamer.com /articles/HPSBruffellGW   (691 words)

 Rising Hegemon: "A weapons supermarket-type cache"
Operation Wolverine Alesia is a joint operation designed to deny terrorist sanctuary along Route Tampa, the military designation for Iraqi Highway One, leading into Baghdad from the south.
The operation is named after a Roman battle led by Julius Caesar against the Gauls in 52 B.C., where the conquering force surrounded the enemy at the fortifications of Alesia in modern-day eastern France and defeated the defenders through siege warfare.
The battle of Alesia marked the turning point in the Gallic Wars.
rising-hegemon.blogspot.com /2007/02/weapons-supermarket-type-cache.html   (243 words)

 Julius Caesar
When the decisive battle eventually came, the Nervii fought heroically, and the battle for some time hung in the balance, but eventually they were defeated.
Some soldiers, either weary from battle or panicked by fear, who sought to flee were grabbed by the throat by Caesar and forced back to their positions.
Caesar avoided a pitched battle with some difficulty, whilst waiting for Mark Antony to join him with the second army in spring 48 BC.
www.roman-empire.net /republic/caesar.html   (4236 words)

 General Historical Topics 2 quiz -- free game
Taking place in 218 BCE and sharing its name with a battle in the same region that took place during the Revolutionary Wars (fought in 1799), this battle was fought between Captain Sempronius Longus (commanding the Roman army) and General Hannibal Barca (commanding the Carthaginian army).
Attila's attempt to defeat the Western Roman Empire culminated in 451 CE in a massive battle involving upwards of 100,000 men.
Theodoric was killed in the battle, but Aetius was able to secure victory against the hitherto invincible Hunnic hordes.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz/quiz2118601842268.html   (531 words)

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